Chakra endocrine system

Endocrine System
Chakras/Energy Centers
First Chakra – Root – Protein
Color: Red Element: Earth Celestial body: Saturn Stone: Red Garnet or Pipe stone
Location: Base of spine, coccygeal plexus, legs, feet, large intestine.
Main Issue: Survival, safety, family, community, basic needs. Am I safe in the world? Goals: Stability, grounding, prosperity, right livelihood, physical health. Action: Stimulates all life force processes and our senses, stimulates growth hormones and stimulates the metabolism (liver stimulant). Malfunction: Obesity, bowel issues, sciatica, eating disorders, leg and knee troubles, bone disorders, frequent illnesses, inappropriate fearfulness, lack of confidence, inability to focus, spaciness, inability to be still, fear of others. Gland/Organs: Adrenal cortex and medulla. Hormones: Aldostérone, cortisol, DHEA, adrénaline, norepinephrine. Healing Color: Blue – Sodalite, (fifth chakra), sedative, diaphoretic, febrifuge, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, /Influence febrifuge, pineal stimulant, builds vitality. Treats: infections, hyperthyroid, burns, exhaustion, colic, inflamed gums, ulcers, back pain, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, hyperactivity. Herbs: Adaptogenic: black walnut, eluthero, queen annes lace, ashwaganda, rhodiola, licorice. Sedating: Linden, lemon balm, chamomile, saw palmetto, black cohosh, wild yam, st. johns wort, skullcap, chickweed. Stimulaing: rue, tansy, rosemary, wormwood, ginsengs, prickly ash, yarrow, garlic, ground ivy, angelica, stingimg nettle rt., dandelion, gention.
Second Chakra -- Naval -- Liquids (water)
Color: Orange Element: Water Celestial body: Moon Stone: Tiger Eye or Coral
Location: Abdomen, reproductive system, low back, hips. Main Issue: Sexuality, sensuality, emotions, hormones, change, telepathy and pleasure. Am I a part of? To have. To feel. Goals: Fluidity, pleasure and relaxation. Actions: Respiratory stimulant, lung builder, thyroid builder. Malfunction: Stiffness, sexual problems, isolation, emotional instability and numbness, pain, diarrhea, tension in the intestines, psychic exhaustion. Gland/Organs: Gonads/ovaries, placenta, skin, mammary, reproductive organs, kidneys. Hormones: Testosterone, estrogen, estradiol, esterone, progesterone, mammary, relaxin and inhibin. Healing Color: Indigo -- Lapis, (6th chakra), parathyroid builder and stimulant, thyroid depressant, /Influence astringent, emetic, immune stimulant, sedative, breast milk depressant, anti-spasmodic. Herbs: Adaptogenic: stingimg nettle rt. Redclover, sarsaparilla, licorice, rhodiola, black walnut, eluthero, queen annes lace, ashwaganda, Sedative: Passion fl, valerian, linden, motherwort, black haw, wood betony, blue vervain, skullcap, lobelia, st johns wort, Stimulating: peppermint, cayenne, gravel rt, boneset, yarrow, mugwort, ginsengs, rosemary,
Third Chakra – Solar Plexus/Lumbar -- Carbohydrates
Color: Yellow Element: Fire Celestial body: Mars, Sun Stone: Citrine or Amber Location: Solar plexus Main Issue: Empowerment, confidence, energy, power. Do I have my will? To act. Goals: Vitality, purpose and strength of will. Actions: Stimulates the nervous system, lymphatic system. Malfunction: Ulcers, timidity, domination, fatigue, digestive issues, depression, insecurity, distrustful. Gland/Organs: Pancreas, adrenals, skin, digestive apparatus. Hormones: Insulin, glucagons, secretin, cholecystolinin, digestive enzymes. Healing Color: Violet – Amethyst, (7th chakra), increases production of white blood cells, heals /Influence depression, migraines, parasites, black eyes, baldness and dandruff. Pituitary, pineal, brain, nervous system. Soporific, febrifuge, vasodilator, reduces body temp. (anti-pyretic), anti- malarial, heals sexual excess. Herbs: Adaptogenic: , chickweed, black walnut queen annes lace, stinging nettles, ho sho wu, rhodiola, licorice. Sedative: blue vervain, lobelia, linden, black cohosh, wild yam, st. johns wort, hops, wood betony, agrimony Stimulating: Dill, fennel, ginger, gentian, goldenseal, barberry, chickory, mugwort boneset, stingimg nettle, devils club, burdock, yellow dock, chickweed, black walnut queen annes lace, stinging nettles, ho sho wu, rhodiolalicorice.
Fourth Chakra – Heart – Vegetables
Color: Green Element: Air Celestial body: Venus Stone: Rose Quartz or Jade
Location: Heart area. Main Issue: Equilibrium, compassion, acceptance, discrimination (to love). Do I accept myself? Goals: Balance in relationship with self, self acceptance and compassion. Actions: Antimicrobial, stimulates tissue healing, pituitary stimulant, immune stimulant. Malfunctions: Loneliness, codependence, indecisiveness, paranoid, afraid of letting go and being free. Heart troubles, digestive issues, Gland/Organ: Thymus, Heart, Hormones: Thymosin, lymphocytes(white blood cells). Healing color: Green or pink – Jade, Rose Quartz, (5th chakra), heart issues, negativity, fatigue, /Influence breathing difficulties, insomnia, anger, cancer, paranoia, tension, immune issues, healing on all seven levels. Herbs: Sedating: blue vervain, lobelia, linden, black cohosh, wild yam, st. johns wort, hops, wood betony, motherwort, bugleweed, lemonbalm, chamomile, agrimony Stimulating: Ginger, gentian, goldenseal, barberry, chickory, mugwort boneset, bayberry, prickly ash, cayenne, yarrow, stingimg nettle
Fifth Chakra – Throat/Sound -- Fruits
Color: Blue Element: Ether Celestial body: Mercury Stone: Turquoise
Location: Throat area.
Main issue: Clear communication, creativity, resonance. Do I have a voice? Goals: Self expression, harmony with others, resonance with self and others. Malfunction: Inability to express ones needs appropriately, blocked creativity, thyroid issues, sore Throat, stiff tight shoulders and neck, scared timid, inconsistent, unreliable, weak, can’t Relax, can’t express thoughts or over bearing, like being hit over the head with there thought. Gland/Organ: Thyroid and parathyroid, nerves, eyes, muscles, bones, kidney. Hormones: Thyroxin andtriodothyroxin, calcitonin, parathyroid hormone. Healing Color: Red -- Red Garnet (1st chakra), depressed, fearful, debilitated, spaced out, ungrounded, /Influence digestive stimulant, dry skin, bladder infections, anemia, impotence, blood cleanser, stimulates all the senses, diaphoretic, protects and heals, skin from UV damage, liver stimulant, balances metabolism. Herbs: Adaptogenic: Reishi, rhodiola, black walnut, ashwaganda, queen annes lace, stinging nettles, Eluthero, chickweed. Sedative: blue vervain, lobelia, linden, black cohosh, wild yam, st. johns wort, hops, wood betony, motherwort, bugleweed, lemonbalm, chamomile, bladderrack, Stimulating: : Ginger, goldenseal, barberry, chickory, mugwort stingimg nettle boneset, bayberry, prickly ash, cayenne, yarrow, elecampane, yerba santa,
Sixth Chakra -- Third Eye – Seeing beauty
Color: Indigo Blue Element: Light Celestial body: Neptune Stone: Lapis Lazuli Main Issue: Intuition/Inner Vision Do I have clear perceptions and or perspectives? Goals: Psychic perception, imagination, clairvoyance. Malfunction : Headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, poor visual perception, arrogant, egotistical, manipulative, religiously dogmatic, nonassertive, overly sensitive to others feelings, Afraid of success. Glands/Organs: Pineal, pituitary, brain, ears. Hormones: Melatonin, follicle stimulating hormone(FSH), lutenizing hormone, prolactin, thyroid stimulating hormone, adrenal hormone, human growth hormone, melanocyte-stimulating hormone, oxytocin, antidiuretic hormone. Healing color: Orange – Coral, Carnelian (2nd chakra), Kidney weakness, constipation, cramps and /Influences spasms, stimulates lactation, tiredness and exhaustion, allergies, repression and inhibition, pregnancy, tissue stimulant, recalcifies the bones, antispasmodic, thyroid stimulant, strengthens lungs and stimulates respiration. Herbs: Adaptogenic: queen annes lace, ashwaganda, eluthero, rhodiola, stingimg nettle, Sedative: blue vervain, lobelia, linden, black cohosh, wild yam, st. johns wort, hops, wood betony, lemonbalm, chamomile, bladderrack, Stimulating: vitex, angelica, boneset, bayberry, prickly ash, yarrow, elecampane, yerba santa, ginko biloba, gotu kola, garilc cayenne,
Seventh Chakra – Crown – Top of Head – Feast for the eyes
Color: Violet Element: Thought Celestial body: Uranus Stone: Amethyst Location: Top of head Main issue: Understanding. All things are connected. Consciousness. Do I understand? Goals: Wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection. Actions: Spleen stimulant, sedative, promotes white blood cells, Malfunction: Lack of joy, catatonic, indecisive, migraines, frustration, depression, destructive to self and others, psychotic. Gland/Organ: Hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, nervous system, brain. Hormones: Melatonin, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), lutenizing hormone, prolactin, thyroid stimulating hormone, adrenal hormones, human growth hormone, melanocyte-stimulating hormone, oxytocin, antidiuretic hormone. Healing Color: Yellow – Citrine, (2nd. chakra), Stimulates motor function (will), heals nervous system, /Influence lymphatic stimulant, chologugue, sedates spleen, balances portal circulation, digestive Stimulant, Anthelmintics (worms, parasites). Herbs: Adaptogenic: Burdock, ashwaganda, eluthero, st johns wort. Sedative: Wood betony, linden, skullcap, passion fl, California poppy, Stimulating: mugwort, ginko biloba, gotu kola, ginger, garlic, cayenne, References: A ?Journey through Chakras By: Joy Gardener- Gordon The Seven Fold Journey By: Anodea Judith And Selene Vega Therapudic Herbalism By: David Hoffman Color medicine By: Charles Klotsche


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