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NUTRITION UPDATE: URINARY DIETS G. Thoni DVM Veterinarians have been using diet to manage lower urinary tract disease in their patients for over 50 years. Just as medicine and surgery have evolved with research and development, so has the use of nutrition to help treat animals with lower urinary tract disease. The original diets boasted low ash contents followed by low magnesium diets. Then came

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Personal Details Name: Peter Farrell Address: 1 Oak View, Santry, Dublin 9 Date of birth: 16/07/1984 Telephone no: 0879656890 Email : pixelpete.me@gmail.com Website: www.pixelpetedesign.com Profile Ambitious, driven, strong willed and determined. Able to work independently or assimilate easily into a team situation. Will work solidly and consistently within deadlines. St

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Il était une fois, en début d'année 2004, un jeune et bel athlète (selon lui) qui cherchait à planifier ses futurs vacances estivales. Pas d'objectifs précis en tête, mais l'envie de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau en tout cas. Bien sûr, le domaine sportif serai privilégié, cependant, ce ne serai pas du triathlon cette année. Passons donc sur l'épisode de Roth (distance Ironman)

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Gdansk, 13.03.2012 PP 19: Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science Gdansk, 13.03.2012 Characteristics of the deliverable according to detailed work plan Description according to project application: Renewable Energy Guide is supposed to foster processes to identify all necessary steps that need to be taken when developing new models for sustainable ene

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Dear Parent or Guardian, Please complete a separate release for each minor that will be participating in church activities. Please print all information. Student Personal Information: Parent/Legal Guardian Information: Insurance Information: Person other than parents to notify in case of emergency: Personal Permission and Medical Information: In the event of an emer

Therapia de pareja

Terapia de pareja Autor: Frank Margulies Psicólogo FSP especialisado en psicoterapia Zurich Las terapias de pareja pueden ser una solución para la pareja a fines de reducir tensiones en la relación y para aumentar la confianza mutua. Un prerrequisito es siempre la motivación de ambos. Mantener la armonía en una relación cuya característica es la proximidad e intimidad, no es na

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xlcentric.net General Information Nationality: Mexican - Spanish (European Union). Phone number: (44) 7766212430 (mobile) London, UK. Education Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts). Visual Effects Diploma. Universidad del Val e de México (UVM), Campus Lomas Verdes. BA, Science of Communications. Advanced Software Knowledge Nuke, Shake, Maya, Mocha, Photosh


L’ASPIRINE PLAN DE L’EXPOSE I. Historique II. Le composé 3. les formes galéniques 4. Quelques autres composés salicylés 5. Quelques aspects de la synthèse industrielle III. Mode d’action 2. Action de l’aspirine sur la cyclo-oxygénase 3. Aspirine : faits et perspectives 4. Elimination de l’aspirine au sein de l’organisme Actualité du médicamen

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TRAYENTA PROFISSIONAL DA SAÚDE TRAYENTA linagliptina APRESENTAÇÕES Comprimidos revestidos de 5mg: embalagens com 10 e 30 comprimidos. USO ORAL USO ADULTO COMPOSIÇÃO Cada comprimido revestido contém 5mg de linagliptina Excipientes: manitol, amido pregelatinizado, amido, copovidona, estearato de magnésio, Opadry ® Rosa (hipromelose, dióxido de titânio, talco, macrogol,

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The Denby Report on Vitamin B12 deficiency First Published Healthspan Feb 2010 Page 1 of 4 Vitamin B12 deficiency The B vitamins are a group of 6 water-soluble vitamins that work together in the body and are essential for growth and the proper development of a healthy nervous system; for body maintenance, food digestion and general metabolism. As they cannot be stored in the bod


PINELLAS COUNTY EMS MEDICAL CONTROL BOARD Thursday Dr. Paula Pell Dr. Hiten Upadhyay Mr. Brian Flynn Dr. Cecele Murphy Dr. Joe Namey MEMBERS ABSENT Karen Macauley, All Children’s Hospital Don Crowell, Pinellas County Legal Secretary Dr. Haire called the meeting to order at 9:55 a.m. There was a quorum. 2. Approval of meeting minutes from November 17, 2011 Dr. Haire motioned for


Psychiatric Bias and Bigotry in Mainstream Corporate Media by Don Weitz In a democratic system of thought control…[it is] necessary to take over the entire spectrum of opinion, the entire spectrum of discussion, so that nothing can be thinkable apart from the party line; not just that it be obeyed, but that you can’t even think of anything else. – Noam Chomsky, linguist and poli


Bei onkologischen Patienten kommt Angst häufig vor: 44% der Betroffenen berichten über Angst,23% über eine relevante Angst. Eine akute Belastungsreaktion (bis 4 Wochen) sowie eine Anpas-sungsstörung (bis max. 2 Jahre) sind die häufigsten Formen, die durch die Diagnose einer malig-nen Erkrankung ausgelöst werden. Panikstörung, phobische Erkrankungen sowie generalisierteAngsterkrankun


Open Journal of Statistics , 2012, 2, 48-59 doi:10.4236/ojs.2012.21006 Published Online January 2012 (http://www.SciRP.org/journal/ojs) Minimum MSE Weights of Adjusted Summary Estimator of Risk Difference in Multi-Center Studies Chukiat Viwatwongkasem1*, Jirawan Jitthavech2, Dankmar Böhning3, Vichit Lorchirachoonkul2 1Department of Biostatistics, Faculty of Public Health, Ma


FDA Warns Against Use of Budesonide Nasal On September 27, 2013, the FDA announced that it was recommending against the use of budesonide nasal irrigation solution from The Compounding Shop after confirming that the product may contain fungus. In mid 2013, PMSI alerted you about the voluntary recall of all sterile products from The Compounding Shop, a compounding pharmacy located in Florida, f



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Please fill out this form carefully and completely. Pasadena Surgery Center Bring to Pasadena Surgery Center on the day of surgery. Patient Name: _____________________________ Pro cedure # 1: ____________________________________________ Height: _____________ Weight: ______________ Pro cedure # 2: _________________________________ Are you allergic to latex?

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THERAPIE VON ÜBELKEIT UND ERBRECHEN Übelkeit und Erbrechen zählten früher zu den gefürchteten Nebenwirkungen der Chemotherapie. Durch moderne Ent-wicklungen ist das Erbrechen heute aber zu einer beherr-schbaren Nebenwirkung geworden. In Abhängigkeit von dem zeitlichen Ablauf von Übelkeit und Erbrechen nach einer Chemotherapie unterscheidet man drei Formen: - Das akute Auftreten vo

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Delaying The Onset and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease DELAYING THE ONSET AND PROGRESSION OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE INTRODUCTION Recently, the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology reviewed the evidence-based medicine published data on the costs and benefits of detecting dementia early. Based on this review, they recommended that persons with mil


Antimicrobial susceptibility of 51 Campylobacter strains isolated from diarrheic and diarrhea-free dogs. ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY OF 51 CAMPYLOBACTER STRAINSISOLATED FROM DIARRHEIC AND DIARRHEA-FREE DOGS* J.R. Modolo1, R. Giuffrida2, C.A. de M. Lopes3 1Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, UNESP/Botucatu, CP 524, CEP 18618-000, Botucatu, SP,The minimum inhibitory concentrat


consultations are short, and that patientsinimical forces so that we can all see themhealthcare systems struggle to afford. Stockdale, the American admiral, capturedconsultation is one of the purest examplesthe Hanoi Hilton between 1965 and 1973.12 RESOURCE SCARCITY love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Performed badly the consultation can be amoney has to be found for it. The British

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TUMS or NEXIUM July 11th, 2007 Timothy J. Gramatovich, CFA While the bond markets as a whole performed poorly, stocks took flight, launching them firmly into positive territory. We held together reasonably well in what is likely turning out to be the first phase of an overdue beating in bonds and loans. It has been a long time since we have seen discounts in what we feel are absolute

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Report available online: http://toxics.usgs.gov/pubs/OFR-02-94/index.html Water-Quality Data for Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and Other Organic Wastewater Contaminants in U.S. Streams, 1999- 2000 By KIMBERLEE K. BARNES, DANA W. KOLPIN, MICHAEL T. MEYER, E. MICHAEL THURMAN, EDWARD T. FURLONG, STEVEN D. ZAUGG, AND LARRY B. BARBER U.S. Department of the Interior Gale A. Norton, Se


T h e n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l o f m e dic i n eport-wine stains through greater vessel heating The Authors Reply: With ongoing research in and deeper vascular injury.2 The improved tech- medicine, investigating the 10-year follow-up re-nology targets the heterogeneity in blood-vessel sults of any medical treatment inevitably leads to sizes that is characteristic of port-wine st

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Marion Gierse - Fachrechnen für Pflegeberufe © Schlütersche GmbH & Co. KG, Hannover 15. Berechnungen im Zusammenhang mit pflegerischen Tätigkeiten 15.4 Berechnungen im Zusammenhang mit Infusionstherapien Anwendung finden hier u. a. folgende Formeln:• Bei der Verwendung von Normalsystemen (20 Tr./min):Infusionsdauer (Std.) * 60 Min./Std. Infusionsmenge (ml) = Tropfen/min * 3 *


Cost-effective drugs — WINTER 2010 what’s available? As more prescription drugs hit the Cost-effective drugs by health condition: A convenient chart for you Take control of your holiday stress level Just say “no” to pneumonia and the flu HIGH CHOLESTEROL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE bad cholesterol as well astriglycerides — fats in the blood —and is a


The role of hyperventilation - hypocapnia in theO papel da hiperventilação - a hipocapnia noAndras Sikter,1 Ede Frecska,2 Ivan Mario Braun,3A b s t r a c tObjective: The authors present a profile of panic disorder based on and generalized from the effects of acute and chronichyperventilation that are characteristic of the respiratory panic disorder subtype. The review presented attempts to in

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 - PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION AND USE PF 136 WHITE CREAM HARDENER Pro Form Products Ltd. 604 McGeachie Drive, September 2, 2008 Milton, Ontario Canada, L9T 3Y5 (800) 387-7981 (613) 996-6666 Repair product B3, D3B, C, F SECTION 2 - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS Proprietary 7732-18-5 7631-86-9 1317-65-3 SECTION 3 - PHYSICAL DA


Die Inzidenz des Harnstein- Nikotinkonsum, Stress, Klimaände- -ETAPHYLAXE rung…) und gesundheitsfördernde "ESTANDTEIL triellen Revolution und Faktoren (verbesserte medizinische zunehmendem Wohlstand einen Grundversorgung, Einsatz bildge-bender Verfahren, vor allem der zwei Phasen gliedern: Die erste oder auch akute Phase keit und einfacher Handhabung in (ambulant oder stationär


Psychotherapy Instead of Psychiatry? A No-brainerPsychotherapy as a science is a wide field. There are a number of comple-mentary modalities. Several schools of therapy emerged during SigmundFreud’s lifetime and after his death in 1939. Psychotherapy may be individ-ual or group therapy. In every form of psychotherapy, no matter whatmethod, the therapeutic relationship is the vessel for the tr

A pszichoterÁpia folyÓirat ötödik, jubileumi konferenciája:

Részletes program 2010. MÁJUS 14. PÉNTEK 9.00-17.00 Regisztráció Nyitó plenáris vitaülés: A pszichoterápiás klinikai képzőhelyek képzési filozófiája – a klinikai képzőhelyek vezető képviselőinek részvételével Harmatta János (Tündérhegy), Simon Lajos (SE Klinika), Koltai Mária (Pécsi képzőhely); Moderátor: Szőnyi Gábor Szekcióprogramok

The assessment of traumatic brain injury

Antidepressants and psychosexual dysfunction: Part 2 – treatment When antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction has been established and recognised as an important aspect of a patient’s well-being, failure to treat may lead to non-compliance and loss of faith in the psychiatrist. Nonetheless, psychiatrists may simply find themselves out of their depth or be re

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Pro-Life doctors Strategize on Saving Women's Lives The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) conducted its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. to strategize on the global reduction of maternal mortality in light of Millennium Development Goal #5 (reducing maternal mortality) and related pressure on governments to increase access to abort


Activa® Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a treatment for Parkinson’s disease that can improve some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Take this simple quiz to better understand if you might be a candidate for Activa DBS. Directions: Answer the following questions and consider the recommendations at the bottom of this quiz. 1) Do you experience troubling “off” periods (perio

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Artikelen over fantoompijn Van de inhoud van de meeste van onderstaande artikelen kan men via PubMed een samenvatting inzien. Zie www.pubmed.gov Acerra NE, Souvlis T, Moseley GL. Stroke, complex regional pain syndrome and phantom limb pain: can commonalities direct future management? J Rehabil Med. 2007 Mar;39(2):109-14. Review. Arena JG, Scherman SA, Bruno GM, Smith JD. The relations


QUAND LA MALADIE PEUT ETRE UN BIENFAIT, ET LA NORMALITE On considère généralement la maladie comme une souffrance. En psychologie, il convient déjà de relativiser : pour qu'il y ait souffrance, encore faut-il que la maladie soit reconnue en tant que telle par la personne. Mais une personne peut-elle apprécier sa maladie ? Certains psychotiques aiment leurs hallucinations ! Un maniaque (au

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Categoría: Crónica Autor (es): Juan Veledíaz Tipo de Medio: Proceso La mayoría eran jóvenes con no más de un año en el Ejército. Dos errores de su comandante –desviar el camino y dar mal las coordenadas, con un equipo de radio sin batería de repuesto– fueron los factores que provocaron la trágica muerte de un grupo de militares en Laguna Salada, Baja California, en el verano de 1996


Sildenafil CitrateGenerieke Viagra® is identiek aan Viagra en bevat dezelfde hoeveelheid van dezelfde werkzame stoffen. De werking van Generieke Viagra is dus volledig analoog aan de werking van Pfizer Viagra®. Ook bij Generieke Viagra kunnen dus dezelfde nevenwerkingen optreden zoals lichte hoofdpijn of blozingen van het gelaat. Het is een fabeltje dat de producent van Generieke Viagra deze bij


Effects of Psychologic Stress on Repolarization and Relationship to Autonomic and Hemodynamic Factors RACHEL LAMPERT, M.D.,∗ VLADIMIR SHUSTERMAN, M.D., PH.D., † MATTHEW M. BURG, PH.D.,∗ ‡ FORRESTER A. LEE, M.D.,∗ CHRISTINE EARLEY, M.S.,∗ANNA GOLDBERG, B.S., † CRAIG A. MCPHERSON, M.D.,∗ WILLIAM P. BATSFORD, M.D.,∗∗Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connect


La relation entre deux hommes issus de milieux différents : l'un, d'origine vivant en banlieue parisienne, qui vient de purger une peine de six mois de prison et l'autre, riche qui a engagé le premier commebien qu'il n'ait aucune a consacré un chapitre de son ouvrage autobiographique Le Second Souffle à sa relation avec Abdel Yasmin Sellou, sond'origine marocaine (algérienne?),


Nos. 2006-1213, -1313 Plaintiff/Counterclaim Defendant-Appellant, MERRELL PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., AND CARDERM CAPITAL L.P., Defendant/Counterclaimant-Appellee, On appeal from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in consolidated case Nos. 01-CV-3627 and 03-CV-0487, Judge Joseph A. Greenway, Jr. BRIEF OF PATIENTS NOT PATENTS, INC., AS AMICUS CURIAE IN SU

6è séance personnalité

TD OEM L1 6° Séance. Suite du cours de Nicolas Baltenneck B. ORGANISATIONS PATHOLOGIQUES DE LA PERSONNALITE. Introduction. Les organisations pathologiques de la personnalité sont des entités cliniques particulières car elles ne correspondent pas en tant que tel à un diagnostic psychiatrique mais caractérisent pour un individu, un mode relationnel considéré comme pathologique.

Highlights of the 66th annual scientific meeting of the american college of gastroenterology

Highlights of the 66th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology by Lawrence M. Prescott, PhD Las Vegas, Nevada was the venue for nearly 3,000 recent studies included new therapeutic approaches andgastroenterologists, research scientists, nurses, and othernovel agents for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux healthcare professionals attending the 66th


First Edition 2008 facts about. ANAL FISSURE possible, the split in the bowel lining at the anus a large amount infrequently. Oral tablets such as may be visible by parting the buttocks. Internal diltiazem and nifedipine can also be tried. All these examination by sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy agents (ointments and tablets) should be ceased at least 24 hours before using medicati

Canine hypothyroidism – diagnostic dilemma but judicious diagnostic testing

Canine hypothyroidism – can we diagnose it? Roger Powell MA VetMB DipRCPath Diplomate AVCP MRCVSPowell Torrance Diagnostic Services, Unit 2a, Manor Farm Business Park, Higham Hypothyroidism is generally accepted to be the most common endocrine disorder in dogs. Yet the diagnostic tests available for this disease remain varied and debated, confirmation and definitive diagnosis of the dise

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The Gyps vultures of South Asia are large on the internal organs as the almost birds with relatively unknown, foraging, vultures. Eliminating the possible causes patterns. Populations of Gyps vultures on of renal failure in birds the team found the Indian subcontinent were considered their culprit among the region’s recently to livestock on the Indian subcontinent. the same reasons that

Skin abrasions from asphalt, better know to cyclists as road rash, can be very serious if not taken care of promptly and properly

Note - As with all medical issues the best advice is to be seen by medical professionals. Skin abrasions from asphalt, better know to cyclists as Road Rash, can be very serious if not taken care of promptly and properly. When treated properly, Road Rash can heal very fast, cutting very little into your training. This article will help you in the care for these injuries. First, you will ne

Logical leaps and quantum connectives: forging paths through predication space

Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes: Papers from the AAAI Fall Symposium (FS-10-08) Logical Leaps and Quantum Connectives: Forging Paths through Predication Space Trevor Cohen1, Dominic Widdows2, Roger W. Schvaneveldt3, and Thomas C. Rindflesch4 1Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston3Depart


Garlic allergy is rare, but can cause a lot of discomfort for those allergic to it. People having garlic allergy break out in rashes after eating garlic. Diarrhoea, abdominal bloating and nausea are other symptoms related to garlic allergy. People find it difficult to avoid garlic as many food products contain garlic. Moreover, food manufacturers are not required to label garlic on the food prod


PROVINCIA REGIONALE DI ENNA Lavori di miglioramento sismico di parte dell’edificio scolastico “M.Cascio” di Enna, sede Istituto regionale d’Arte. L’anno duemiladodici il giorno undici del mese di settembre alle ore 09.00 nella sede della Provincia Regionale di Enna, in una sala aperta al pubblico, innanzi il sig Giovanni Battaglia responsabile dell’Ufficio gare e appalti, nella qu


Universidade Federal do Ceará Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação PIBIC 2012/2013 - Edital 01/12 Desenvolvimento e validação de métodos analíticos e estudo de estabilidade para avaliação de fosfomicina em matéria-prima e granulado A fosfomicina trometamol possui um amplo espectro antimicrobiano contra bactérias gram-positivase gram-negativas comumente associadas

Musique et sciences

Mercredi 3 décembre 2009 - 20H30 Où se cache le bonheur ? Avec la participation de : Sabine Châtelain , Docteur en Anthropologie, Chercheur associée au LASMIC (Laboratoire d'Anthropologie et de Sociologie Mémoire, Identité et Cognition sociale / Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis) Elisabeth Motte Florac , Maître de conférences, Université de Montpellier I, Facult

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25 APRILE: sul palco di Piazza Napoleone il progetto musicale "Rezophonic" 25 APRILE: IL PROGETTO REZOPHONIC SUL PALCO DI PIAZZA GRANDE Torna l’atteso appuntamento musicale per l’anniversario della Liberazione. In scena artisti di Bluvertigo, Le Vibrazioni, Movida, Prozac + e tanti altri Lucca - Il progetto “Rezophonic” è un’innovativa proposta discografica e all

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The new Wada anti-doping code comes into effect on 1 January 2004. There are some very significant changes that you need to know about: The major change relates to topical or inhaled corticosteroids. These are banned from Jan 1st 2004, but exemption to use them may be gained via the “therapeutic use simplified a. Topical corticosteroids are widely used for treating many medical conditions.


DuPont™ Perspective™ herbicide DuPont™ PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS Perspective™ HAZARDS TO H UMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS herbicide Harmful if swallowed. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. Dry Flowable For Non-Crop Use USER SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS USERS SHOULD: Wash thoroughly with soap and Active Ingredients By We

What supplements a powerlifter should (and should not) consider - powerliftingwatch.docx

What supplements a powerlifter should (and should not) consider Power Output Production The most direct and obvious supplement for a powerlifter would be something that simply increases power output and strength. Unfortunately, most supplements are either beneficial indirectly to strength (aiding in recovery from workouts or enhancing muscle protein synthesis) or there isn’t enough evide

Sleep disorders

SLEEP DISORDERS Nearly all of my head-injured patients have some form of a sleep disorder. This is rather confusing because people with head injuries can also have a fatigue disorder. You would think people with a fatigue disorder would want to sleep all the time or would sleep like rocks. You can, however, have both problems. First, let's recognize what happens with a typical sleep disorder

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SCAN-P 48:83 pH value of an aqueous suspension slurry form, the pH value is determined after dilution to a concentration of 100 g per kilogram of suspension. This SCAN-test Method specifies a method for determining the pH value of an aqueous suspension of a filler or pigment used in the production of paper. The Reagents Method is applicable to all kinds of fillers and pigments, Dis

Impact general secretary shay cody

IMPACT general secretary Shay Cody Croke Park Conference The contribution of staff to Public Service reform 30th June 2011 At the start of this process, public service staff felt victimised, isolated and demonised. A deliberate political strategy was adopted by certain commentators, politicians and media outlets to introduce a divide between private sector and public service workers by


Contoh Tindakan Pembetulan ( Corrective ) Dan Pencegahan ( Preventive ) Kementerian Bagi Tempoh 1 Januari Hingga 31 Disember 2012 Kementerian Ringkasan Isu Tindakan Pembetulan Tindakan Pencegahan bahawa tempat meletak Hospital Putrajaya lot tempat letak kereta. Jumlah tersebut (i) Melaksanakan perkhidmatan ‘shuttle van’ secara percuma kepada kakitangan, (ii) Mel


Multnomah County and AMR Clackamas County, Oregon Emergency Medical Services Patient Treatment Protocols Effective: February 1, 2008 CONTENTS Table of Contents Preface Section 00.000 Advance Directives and Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders .00.020Medical Control for Drugs and Procedures .00.040 Treatment . Section 10.000 Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reaction .10.

Feature 2 perg

A 2 percent rise in journal ad spending is hardly cause to celebratethe end of the downturn, but it is a welcome relief from the decreases MID-YEAR AD REVIEW of the past two years. Eugene May reports on the companies and products that have steadied the ship. STEADYING T he PERQ/HCI Journal Ad Review™ (JAR™) for the first half In the year-ago period,Wyeth was 2nd and Aventis h

Chronik einer sedierung

Walter Mette, berichtet wie seine Frau, vor allem infolge heimliche Sedierung, binnen weniger Monate zum vollständigen Pflegefall wurde. Lüneburg 2012: Nach 5-monatigen Aufenthalt im Heim fand ich meine, bis dahin sehr mobile Frau plötzlich in einem schockierenden, Schlaganfall ähnlichen Zustand im Rollstuhl sitzend vor. Auf Befragen erklärte mir die anwesende Pflegerin, dass dieses kein Sch


CHANGES OF IRON STATE AND LOCAL IRON ENVIRONMENT OF MALARIAL PIGMENT'S SUBSTITUTE IN PRESENCE OF CHLOROQUINE M.S. Walczak 1*, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska 1, A. Wolska 1, M. Sikora 2,3, A. Sienkiewicz 4, L. Suárez 5, A. Kosar 5, M.J. Bellemare 5 and D.S. Bohle 5 1Institute of Physics, PAS, Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland 2 Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Scien


DOBUTAMINE STRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAM BEING PREPARED FOR YOUR DOBUTAMINE STRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAM Your doctor has asked you to undertake a Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram. This is an important test in helping your doctor reach a diagnosis for you. To make sure your test provides the best results, we would be grateful if you would:• Bring along this form together with the referral that your doct

Constituintes químicos de cochlospermum regium (martius e schrank) pilger (bixaceae)

Anais do VIII Seminário de Iniciação Científica e V Jornada de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação UNIVERSIDADE ESTADUAL DE GOIÁS Constituintes Químicos de Cochlospermum regium (Martius e Schrank) Pilger (Bixaceae) *1ANTUNES, M. N.; 2LIMA, R. S.; 2OLIVEIRA, C. R.; 2PEREIRA, A. G.; 1. Laboratório de Bioquímica e Parasitologia, Fundação de Medicina Tropical do Tocantins (FMT-


Palliative Care Guidelines: Last days of life Palliative Care in the last days of life Introduction This guideline is an aid to clinical decision-making and good practice in person-centred care for patients who are deteriorating and at risk of dying. The patient may have a new life-limiting condition, and / or have one or more advanced illnesses. A decision will have been made that transf


Osteoporosis Canada statement on esophageal cancer and bisphosphonate use We are aware of a recent publication that reports on the association between oral bisphosphonate use and esophageal cancer1. We recognize that you might find these reports concerning. Osteoporosis Canada takes your concerns seriously and we will continue to be vigilant in order to inform you about the latest rese


GRUPPO PRODUZIONE PIANTE GRASSE LIGURIA DI PONENTEIl Gruppo ONLAGU produce cactacee e succulente che distribuisce a grossisti e vivaisti in Italia ed in Europa. Disponendo di una superficie coltivabile di 40.000 mq, al 80% sotto serra, ha una capacita' annuale di produzione di oltre 2 milioni di piante. A questa si aggiunge la superficie e la capacita' produttiva di partners siti nell'area dell'

Packing list

PACKING LIST The people we are ministering to in Mexico are more culturally modest than we are. For this reason, while we are in Mexico, we will respect their culture and comply with a very reasonable dress code. Please be aware that our worksites are in the midst of the community and the families we are building for will be at the

Candida questionnaire

CANDIDA QUESTIONNAIRE For each “Yes” in section A, make a note of the point score indicated, then add these together to obtain the total for that section. Do the same for sections B and C. At the end of the questionnaire add these three figures together to obtain the Grand Total. SECTION A: MEDICAL HISTORY 1. Have you taken tetracyclines or other antibiotics for acne for one mon

Cap. 7 la responsabilità del cristiano

• Introducción • -el testimonio de caridad no fuera sino dento de • - bajo la gúi de la revelación bíblica: las instituciones obra de la creación y bajo el influjo del pecado • -compromiso a expandir el espacio de las • -en la conciencia que verdad evangélica y práctica social no están en una relación inmediata • El proyecto histórico-concreto • el espacio del juici

Verjüngungs-tee_16 10 2013

Hohe Lichtenergie. Ganzheitliche Wirkkraft. Einzigartige Genusserfahrung. Pflanzen sind Ausdruck der Schöpfung und tragen Jahrtausende altes Wissen in sich. Bei unserem exklusiven Verjüngungs-Tee knüpfen wir an dieses alte Wissen an, das auf der ayurvedisch-tibetischen Lebenslehre beruht. Mit ihrer hohen Lichtenergie und ihrer ganzheitlichen Wirkkraft entstressen, beleben und verjüngen die



Dependncia qumica e transtornos do humor

TRANSTORNO BIPOLAR DO HUMOR E DEPENDÊNCIA DE SUBSTÂNCIAS PSICOATIVAS (1) Unidade de Pesquisa em Álcool e Drogas (UNIAD) – Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) (2) Programa de Doenças Afetivas (PRODAF) – Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) O transtorno bipolar e o uso indevido de substâncias psicoativas são doenças com alto potencial de limitação de autonom

Principales recursos literarios

PRINCIPALES RECURSOS LITERARIOS 1.- NIVEL FÓNICO Aliteración Repetición de un mismo fonema, o grupo de fone- - .Ta ñ e n m is dedos, mas, a lo largo de un verso o de una estrofa. A y m is die n tes resta ñ a n . Y m is u ñ as, veces es difícil identificar esta figura, ya que no sie- u n a a u n a, de a ñ il se va n ti ñ e n do. mpre es fácil decidir cuándo esta

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Laura Locatelli. Caso di positività del test antidoping effettuato in occasione del Campionato Europeo Master di Pilsen il 17.7.2012 In data 17 agosto 2012 la FIPL riceveva un avviso di “adverse analytical finding” (“non negatività”) del test in oggetto. Il referto circa la molecola rintracciata nel campione di urina analizzato presso il Laboratorio WADA di Colonia, riport

Motherbaby final _april 12_.doc

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. First published May 3, 2005 as doi:10.1210/jc.2005-0550 Transgenerational effects of posttraumatic stress disorder in babies of mothers exposed to the World Trade Center attacks during pregnancy Rachel Yehuda 1 Stephanie Mulherin Engel 2 Sarah R. Brand 1 Jonathan Seckl 3 Sue M. Marcus 4 Gertrud S. Berkowitz 2 From: 1Trau


Provera 100mg LPD Israel 21 January 2014 נ ונכותו תואירבה דרשמ י ע" עבקנ הז ןולע טמרופ" SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION 1 tablet contains 100mg medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA). PHARMACEUTICAL FORM 4. CLINICAL PARTICULARS 4.1 Therapeutic indications


SAFETY DATA SHEET Permethrin 25% WP Revision Revision date 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY Product name Permethrin 25% WP Hockley International Ltd Hockley House 354 Park Lane Poynton Stockport SK12 1RL Telephone 01625 878590 01625 877285 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Hazardous ingredients Symbols/Risk phrases


PROPUESTA DE ACUERDOS QUE EL CONSEJO DE ADMINISTRACIÓN DE PROSEGUR COMPAÑÍA DE SEGURIDAD, S.A. FORMULA A LA JUNTA GENERAL ORDINARIA DE ACCIONISTAS DEL EJERCICIO 2013 En relación con el primer punto del orden del día: Examen y aprobación de las cuentas anuales y del informe de gestión, tanto de Prosegur Compañía de Seguridad, S.A. como de su grupo consolidado de sociedades,

Intracranial arachnoid cysts

J Vet Intern Med 2005;19:772–774 Intracranial Arachnoid Cysts: Are They Clinically Significant? C. Duque, J. Parent, B. Brisson, R. Da Costa, and R. Poma I ntracranial arachnoid cysts constitute 1% of space-oc- white cell count of 18 cells/␮L (reference range, Յ3 cells/ cupying lesions in humans.1 The incidence of the con-␮L). Cytology of 200 counted cells identified 62% smallditio

(bhrt) supporting literature

(BHRT) Supporting Literature Chem Res Toxicol 1998 Sep;11(9):1105-11 The equine estrogen metabolite 4-hydroxyequilenin causes DNA single-strand breaks and oxidation of DNA bases in vitro. Chen Y, Shen L, Zhang F, Lau SS, van Breemen RB, Nikolic D, Bolton JL Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy (M/C 781), College of Pharmacy, The University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA.

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LYSHOLMGAARD HALF-WAY HOUSE HOUSE RULES Rules are important to make sure that we keep a good half-way house, and are made by the Danish Prison- and Probation Service to ensure that everyone in Lysholmgaard shows consideration towards each other. Please read the house rules carefully. Failure to abide by the rules may lead to your exclusion. 1: Your room, timekeepin

Lwwus_ajp_200650 505.51

Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome—A Comparison ofAssociation of the Medical Scientific Societies in Germany,Survey, and American College of Rheumatology CriteriaWinfried Ha¨user, MD,*w Sebastian Hayo,* Werner Biewer, MD,z Mechthild Gesmann, MD,yHedi Ku¨hn-Becker, MD,J Frank Petzke, MD,z Hubertus von Wilmoswky, MD,#Objectives: The survey and the Association of the Medical ScientificAlth


Die reife Haut Mit reichhaltiger Pflege schützen Mit zunehmendem Lebensalter ist eine reichhaltige Hautpflege beson-ders wichtig, denn die Haut wird mit den Jahren trockener. Zudem lässt die Durchblutung nach, sodass die Hautzellen schlechter mit Sauerstoff und Nährstoffen versorgt werden. Häufig stellen sich auch Pigment-flecken ein. PTA PROFESSIONAL D ie Talgdrüsen

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Modelo de bula Esta bula é continuamente atualizada. Favor proceder a sua leitura antes de utilizar o medicamento. Targifor ® FORMA FARMACÊUTICA E APRESENTAÇÃO Comprimidos efervescentes Caixa com 20 comprimidos efervescentes USO ADULTO COMPOSIÇÃO Cada comprimido efervescente contém: aspartato de arginina. 1,5 g excipientes q.s.p. 1 comprimido efervescente (car


Common grounds for referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF September 6th- 7th, 2010, Ede, Netherlands No. 3 Referenceability of NQFs Prepared by: Sigrid Nindl, Viktor Fleischer Workpackage description: (Please describe the objectives of the workpackage, the overall methodical approach envisaged for the implementation and the implementation steps foreseen at this point in time! Please use


LA MEMORIA DI SAN BARTOLOMEOquartiere di Trentoprogetto di Trento ASA – associazione di cultura fotograficain col aborazione con gli utenti del gruppo Facebook “San Bartolomeo, ricordi innocenti non solo reati”.e nar tra le Palafite sul pra' dela roza a lezer Voltaire o Carlo Marx . enventar che la rivoluzion la doveva partir da lì, magari dagli operai de le fabriche de via Fermi … tut


/Fakturierungen /Lieferungen 9. bis 14. GalExklusiv PHARMA HIT 155 Leaderpräparate ab 3 OP (nicht assortiert): Gültig für Bestellungen • Ihr Einkaufspreis Ex-factory +2,5% • Skonto bei Zahlung • Sie bezahlen: Ex-factory Gültig für alle umsatzstarken Packungsgrössen von: Bestellungen nimmt Ihr Distributionszentrum elektronisch, per Fax (031 858 70 49)


Position Description Peer Assistance Services, Inc. (PAS) is a community-based, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit Colorado corporation dedicated to quality, accessible prevention and intervention services in workplaces and communities, focused on substance use and related issues, guides all agency programming. Position Title: TASC Intake Coordinator Program (s) FLSA Status Date of Last


Three Good Things Happiness Interventions That Work: The First Results by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D. 4th May 2004 We now have evidence to suggest that counting your blessings, using your strengths regularly, and expressing gratitude can increase happiness and reduce depression. The Mission and the Method The mission of Positive Psychology, put simply, is to increase the tot


George H Elder, Richard J Hift, Peter N MeissnerPublic attention has been drawn to the acute porphyriasin the past few years by speculation that they affected thecharacter of George III and the creative genius of VincentAcute intermittent porphyriaAutosomal dominant; acute attacks only; no cutaneousvan Gogh. During the same period, there have beenmanifestations. Three families with homozygous

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OPEN ACCESS, MODERNITY, AND CULTURE CHANGE I fully support the open access reformation (OA). Still, a potentially enormous culture change is looming for developing nations in the form of the open access movement. Culture change can occur gradually or abruptly in incidents of social or natural catastrophes of climatological, biological, or geological events. Culture change in any form, especia


FIZIOPATOLOGIA HIPERTENSIUNII ARTERIALE Capitole: Mecanismele reglarii homeostaziei tensionale Hipertensiunea arteriala (HTA) 1. Definitia si clasificare 2. Formele etiopatogenice 3. Patogeneza HTA primare (esentiale) 4. Patogeneza HTA secundare I. Mecanismele reglarii homeostaziei tensionale 1. Definitii Tensiunea sau presiunea arteriala (TA/PA): Este forta pe care o exercit

Psf depliant nov 06 18164 ok.indd

Pharmaciens sans Frontières Luxembourg asbl M E D I C A M E N T S - Q U A L I T E - A C C E S S I B I L I T E 2, rue Louis XIV • L-1948 Luxembourg • Tél. (+352) 25 27 03 • Fax: (+352) 26 44 02 65 • E-mail: psflux@pt.lu Les Médicaments contrefaits : une épidémie silencieuse. Près de 400.000 morts depuis 2001 en Chine, trente L’évolution mondiale en mati

Lecture 34 woodward on manipulation and causation

This book defends what I call amanipulationist or interventionistaccount of explanation andcausation. According to thisaccount, causal and explanatoryrelationships are relationships thatare potentially exploitable forpurposes of manipulation andcontrol. (v)Manipulationist theory of causation (rough statement)“X causes Y ” means that manipulating or changing X wouldchange Y . The position

Applications for new human medicines under evaluation april 2013

Applications for new human medicines under evaluationby the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human UseApril 2013 This document lists information on applications for centralised marketing authorisation for human medicines that the European Medicines Agency has received for evaluation. It includes the international non-proprietary names (INN) and therapeutic areas for all new innovative medicin

(microsoft word - einverst\344ndniserkl\344rung_aktuell.doc)

Patienteninformationen zur Behandlung mit dem Fraktionierten CO2-Laser Wie arbeitet der Fraktionierte CO2 – Laser ? Der sog. Fractional-Laser der neuesten Generation ist hochmodern und computergesteuert. Dabei wird die Gesichts- haut nicht vollständig abgetragen, sondern es werden in einem engmaschigen Raster mikroskopisch kleine Löcher durch die Epidermis geschossen. Dies gewähr

Msm july06newfirst fnl3108.pmd

What Medicine Means To Me, Mens Sana Monographs, Vol. III:6, Vol. IV:1-4. CITATION: Malhotra S., Shafiq N. (2006), What Clinical Pharmacology Means To Us. In: What Medicine Means To Me (Ajai R. Singh, Shakuntala A. Singh Eds.), III:6, IV:1-4, p184-206. What Clinical Pharmacology Means To Us S. Malhotra* N. Shafiq** ABSTRACT Clinical Pharmacology is a specialty with many

Microsoft word - amann_atypika_fortschritte_2011-05-16-4

Atypische Neuroleptika und Deeskalation in der Behandlung der akuten Manie Benedikt Amann∗•, Ralf Wesuls♦, Dieter Naber∞ Heinz Grunze▪ ∗ Research Unit Benito Menni CASM, CIBERSAM, Santo Boi de Llobregat, •FIDMAG Germanes Hospitaláries Barcelona, Spain ♦ Insitut für Professionelles Deeskalationsmanagement (ProDeMa®), Windhof ∞ Psychiatric Department Eppendorf, University o


Diário da República, 1.a série — N.o 152 — 8 de Agosto de 2006 Decreto-Lei n.o 160/2006 Assim:Nos termos da alínea a ) do n.o 1 do artigo 198.o da de 8 de Agosto Constituição, o Governo decreta o seguinte:Tendo sido aprovado o Novo Regime do Arrenda-mento Urbano (NRAU), pela Lei n.o 6/2006, de 27 deFevereiro, importa publicar os diplomas necessários àsua completa aplicaç

What is take shape for life

General Information about Take Shape For Life What is Take Shape For Life? Take Shape For Life, a division of Medifast, Inc., is a nationwide network of Health Coaches and Health Professionals committed to and driven by a mission of making Optimal Health a Reality for the lives of millions of people across America. Take Shape For Life’s comprehensive approach seeks to promote health


Urologie • Andrologie Dr. Lock + Wieskerstrauch ] zur erektilen Impotenz | 1 Erektile Impotenz oder erektile Dysfunktion: Unvermögen des Mannes, den Geschlechtsverkehr aufgrund einer nicht aus- reichenden Versteifung des Gliedes zu vollziehen Die erektile Dysfunktion ist ein großes gesundheitliches Problem mit negati-ven Konsequenzen für den Patienten und seine Partnerin. Heute we


Sanford Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference PEP - PepsiCo May 29, 2013 11:00 AM ET It's your last meeting before lunch. I'm Ali Dibadj (ph), Bernstein's beverages and snacks and household personal products analyst. And we have with us today the CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, and Hugh Johnston, the CFO. They kick off a really great set of consumer packaged goods com

Microsoft word - clinical volunteer guide_updated october 17 2009 930am kbl

AU Adult Screening and Immunization Documentation Form 2009 H1N1 Influenza Monovalent Vaccination Program ******CLINICAL VOLUNTEER GUIDE******** (For Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, and Healthcare Students) Patient Information: Last Name: Please make sure the patient records their name. We will be filing records for each vaccination date and the records will be filed in a


Cours de terminologie médicale – AUTEUR : Dominique HérenPréparation au concours de secrétaires médicales en ligne MODULE DE PSYCHIATRIE Sommaire : • Liste des maladies psychiatriques • Les bouffées délirantes • La boulimie • Confusion • Démence • Délire • Dépression • Etats confusionnels • Les névroses • Paranoïa • Par

Microsoft word - 2012 08 16_intent to make preemption determination_for publication

BILLING CODE: 4810-AM-P BUREAU OF CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION 12 CFR Part 1005 Docket No. CFPB-2012-0036 Electronic Fund Transfers; Intent to Make Determination of Effect on State Laws (Maine and Tennessee) AGENCY: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. ACTION: Notice of intent to make preemption determination. SUMMARY: The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protect

Microsoft word - april chlamydia screening hand out.doc

 Chlamydia is a bacterial infection of the genital tract that spreads easily through sexual contact. You may not know you have Chlamydia because the signs and symptoms don’t show up right away, if they show up at all. Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. Each year, an estimated 4 million people in the United State

Routine cardiac care smo

Routine Cardiac Care First Responder Care 1. Routine Patient Care SMO. 2. Oxygen : If the patient has a known history of COPD, titrate oxygen to maintain a PaO2 level of 90-93%. Otherwise, 15 L/min via non-rebreather mask or 6 L/min via nasal cannula if the patient cannot tolerate a mask. 3. Initiate ILS/ALS transport as soon as possible. 1. Aspirin (ASA) : 324mg PO (4 tablet

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Pichler Bau+Plan GmbH – Werkstrasse 1 - 6714 Nüziders - Tel 05552/32100 Wohnungen “Auf der Letze“ in Feldkirch - Tisis Sehr geehrter Herr oder Frau Interessent! Es freut mich sehr, dass Sie sich für eine Wohnung in unser fertiggestellten Wohnanlage "Auf der Letze" interessieren. Mit dem Bau der Wohnanlage "Auf der Letze" können wir Ihnen jetzt Wohnungen anbieten, d


SIGMA-ALDRICH MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Printed: 08/14/2007 Date Updated: 01/26/2006 Version 1.7 Section 1 - Product and Company Information Product Name Tetracycline hydrochloride, meets USP testing specifications Product Number T4062 Brand SIAL Company Sigma-Aldrich Canada, Ltd Address 2149 Winston Park Drive Oakville ON L6H 6J8 CA Technical Phone: 9058299500 Fax: 9058299292 Emergency Pho


═════════════ Politické vedy / Studies ═════════════ FROM THE CONSTRUCTION OF SELF TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP, A CASE STUDY OF THE NEO-COUNTRYMEN Aurélie Clot* Since the 1970s, neo-countrymen represent a population that constitutes itself as “marginal”, according to the criteria of “marginality” defi


Pharmaceutical Fortnightly Focus Medicines Management Newsletter No.2 Publish date: 26/6/2013 Behind the headlines: High potency statins and link to new-onset diabetes (NOD)  A recent study published in the BMJ, which has been widely reported in the press, examined the risk of new onset diabetes in patients treated with different statins.  This population based retrospect


RTO Car Talk – November 14, 2003 Edition ********** ANOTHER BLACKOUT A week ago, Chile's national tx grid croaked, leaving most of the country without power for about three hours in the early evening. A big generating plant abruptly tripped off line, followed by a smaller second plant. The power coordinator and Transelec (the grid operator) were in "hectic talks", trying to figure out ho


1. WP5 Tasks & Deliverables2. Overview of parallel technology tools3. Parallel copora requirements4. Survey of language resources5. Work plan for t4-t146. Questions Input : parallel corpora produced in WP4 Output : language resources for MT in WP7/WP8 WP5.1 Sub-sentential alignment (DCU, ELDA, ILSP)WP5.2 Bilingual dictionary extraction (DCU, ILSP) • D5.1 ( t06 ): Report descr

January 2005.pdf

Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Health Law Project Statewide Help Line: 1-800-274-3258 On the Internet: www.phlp.org TTY: 1-866-236-6310 Medical Assistance to Change in Rural PA on March 1 Access Plus to Feature Disease Management, Require Referrals in 42 Counties Last year DPW decided for the foreseeable future not to expand HealthChoices (mandatory man-aged care for MA recipients) b

Make up mij

Clinical Psychology 1. Full title 2. Research group 3. Members Neil Aaronson, Anna Bartak, Gerly de Boo, Jos Bosch, Henk Jan Conradi, Corine Dijk, Marieke Effting, Thomas Ehring, Paul Emmelkamp, Arnold van Emmerik, Wouter Gomperts, Jan-Henk Kamphuis, Merel Kindt, Jaap Lancee, Alfred Lange, Katharina Meyerbröker, Nexhmedin Morina, Arjen Noordhof, Simon Rietveld, Agnes Scholing, Mar

Sweden packing suggestions

River Drybag Packing Suggestions 1. One drybag: for sleeping bag, pad and pillow, sheet (optional for hot nights), small tarp (optional), a roll-a-cot is the best! Roll-a-cot won’t fit in a dry bag. 2. One small day drybag cold weather gear bag (I don’t usually bring this for hot rivers like the Grand)- easily accessible during the day, splash jacket, splash pants, long underwear pants,


DERECHOS DE USUFRUCTO, USO Y HABITACIÓN. l. DERECHO DE USUFRUCTO Concepto del Usufructo. Según la celebre definición atribuida por JUSTINIANO al jurisconsulto PAULO, usufructo es el derecho de usar y disfrutar de las cosas ajenas, salvo su sustancia; ius alienis rebus utendi fruendi salva rerum substantia (Instituciones, libro II, Título IV, De usufructu, proemio). El Códig

Overview numero 6.doc

Anal Fistula Endosonography in anal fistulae and abscesses Sudol-Szopinska and coIs assessed the reliability of anal endosonography (AES) in the diagnosis of anal fistulae and abscesses in 86 patients. In 66 cases with permeable external opening, hydrogen peroxide solution was introduced into the fistula tract. Reliability of AES was defined after surgical treatment of all cases and found th


Consommer de l’alcool quand on prend des médicaments n’est pas sans risque. La meilleure façon d’éviter ces risques, c’est bien entendu de ne pas boire d’alcool. Mais quand on prend des médicaments tous les jours, il faut bien reconnaître que ce n’est pas toujours aussi simple. Qui ne se laisse pas tenter, de temps à autre, par un petit verre ? Dans ce cas, mieux vaut connaî


HIgH Lights gROssFORMAt dRUckER HöcHsTE dRUckqUAlITäT: cAnOn lUcIA Ex-TInTEn Und nEUE IMAgE- PROgRAF-dRUckER großformatdrucker mit 24" Druckbreite (610 mm) für den Aus-druck von großformatigen Fotos, Kunstdrucken, Postern oder zur Das Lucia EX-tintensystem zeichnet sich durch eine ganze Reihe Proof-Erstel ung. iPF6300 und iPF6350 (iPF6350 mit integrierter

Echinococcal disease is caused by infection with the metacestode stage of the tapeworm echinococcus, which belongs to the fam

CASE REPORT: HYDATID CYST INVOLVING LUNG AND HEART Nisar Ahmed Rao, Afshan Asghar Rasheed ABSTRACT: Echinococcosis (Hydatid cyst) is endemic in Pakistan. The usual host of Echinococcus granulosus is dog but humans may serve as intermediate hosts if they accidentally ingest ova from contaminated dog feces. Hydatid cyst usually involves Liver, followed by lung. Cardiac involvemen


K linik och vetenskap Stergios Kechagias, med dr, överläkare, institutionen för medicin och vård/internmedicin, Hälsouniversitetet, och akutkliniken (stergios.kechagias@lio.se) Mattias Ekstedt, doktorand, AT-läkare, institutionen för molekylär och klinisk medicin/gastroenterologi och hepatologi, Hälsouniversitetet; båda vid Universitetssjukhuset i Linköping Ulrik L Mathiesen,


be less than 47 dB for coherent channel cable systems,when measured with modulated carriers and time Measuring averaged.” In other words, the visual carrier must be at least 51dB above any interfering signals, except (there isalways an “except”) in a system with harmonically cable system related carriers (HRC). In an HRC system, the visual carrier must be at least 47 dB abo


Status of Mission Agreement (SOMA) on the Establishment and Management of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Colombo, 18 March 2002 Preamble In accordance with the Ceasefire Agreement, the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as the GOSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (hereinafter referred to as the LTTE) have r

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Resistência às eólicas cresce e setor tenta reagir FACCHINI, Claudia. “Resistência às eólicas cresce e setor tenta reagir”. Valor Econômico. São Paulo, 26 de junho de 2013. Os parques de energia eólica se espalham rapidamente pelo país. Mas a eletricidade gerada a partir do vento também começa a ser criticada por uma ala do setor de energia, que vê com preocupação

Microsoft word - angststoornis_v1.0.doc

G r o n i n g e r T r a n s m u r a a l F o r m u l a r i u m I n h o u d s o p g a v e R i c h t l i j n A n g s t Paniekstoornis met en zonder agorafobie .2 Stap 1: Start met SSRI .2 Stap 2: Overstappen op ander SSRI .2 Stap 3: Start met clomipramine of imipramine .2 Stap 4: Start met een benzodiazepine.2 P79.01 Sociale angststoornis (sociale fobie).2 Stap 1: Start met SSRI .3 Stap

Ocr document

Better Health with XANGOTM Mangosteen Juice REASONS PEOPLE TAKE XANGO MANGOSTEEN JUICE . 3 DISEASE. 6 MANGOSTEEN JUICE SHOULD I DRINK A DAY? . 8 Is XanGo MANGOSTEEN Juice just another hyped up health fad? View the research at the National Library of Medicine: XANGOtm MANGOSTEEN JUICE The Xanthones found in the Mangosteen fruit are listed with 138 separate health benefits whi

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Anti-Anti-Inflammatory Medications by Dr. Daniel Shaye, Chiropractic Physician Pain is valuable: It’s the body’s way of warning you something’s wrong. Like pain, inflammation has its value. Inflammation is part of the normal healing process. Inflammation brings white blood cells into an area, clearing that area of damaged tissue. We take a risk when we interfere with nature. I


Wyeth v. Levine 555 U.S. ___ (2009) Facts of the Case (from Oyez): Diana Levine filed this personal injury action against Wyeth, the drug manufacturer, in state court in Vermont. Ms. Levine had intravenously injected Phenergan, a drug made by Wyeth and used to prevent allergies and motion sickness, into her arm, and complications arising from the injection eventually led to the amputatio


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET LOSP Treated Timber STATEMENT OF HAZARDOUS NATURE Not hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia. COMPANY DETAILS IDENTIFICATION LOSP TREATED TIMBER LOSP treatment is used to protect timber from attack by termites, insectsand fungal decay. The treated timber is used for exterior building andstructural applications in above ground situation

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JUAN MARIN BRAVO CANDIDATO A VICEPRESIDENTE DE CROEM (SECTOR AGROALIMENTARIO) Juan Marín Bravo, de 47 años y natural de Lorca, es un joven empresario que ha estado siempre vinculado al sector agrario regional. Tras finalizar sus estudios de Graduado Social, emprendió una dilatada trayectoria profesional en la que ha impulsado e

Glad case study

Case Study G r e a t e r L o s A n g e l e s C o u n c i l o n D e a f n e s s C a s e S t u d y Breaking down the sounds of silence The Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness (GLAD) establishes a statewide network of Polycom’s ViewStation™ video systems to help deaf and hard of hearing people overcome their daily struggle to communicate easily and effectively. “We installed Polyc


PSEUDOMONAS-CF-IgG ■ Surveillance of CF patients I N S T I T U T ■ Detects chronic infection prevention and controlof infectious diseasesand congenital disorders ■ Guides antibiotic therapy ■ Improves management of infections O R IN VITRO DIAGNOSTIC USE Statens Serum InstitutSSI Diagnostica2 Herredsvejen3400 HillerødDenmarkTel.: +45 3268 8378Fa

Pep-training shulungsliste

pep training• pep training• Schulungsliste Arzneimittel Die vorliegende Liste wird zu Schulungen von pep-training verwendet und dient dem Verständnis der Wirkungsweise beispielhafter Präparate. Eine Einsicht ist allen Trainingsteilnehmern von pep-training gestattet. Die Liste darf weder schriftlich, noch elektronisch, kopiert oder verarbeitet werden. Auswahl und Reihenfolge de

(microsoft word - a new sexual assault referral centre is set to open in nor\205)

A NEW Sexual Assault Referral Centre is set to open in North Wales. Feb 18 2009 Daily Post North Wales Police Authority has authorised the majority of the £700,000 funding for the centre which will open in Colwyn Bay. It will specialise in investigating sex crimes and providing support for victims. Detective Superintendent Alan Green, Head of the Force’s Public Protection Unit, said:

Contact points

india fact file tourist office Government of India Tourist Office, 7 Cork Street, London, WC2B 4NA. indian consulate in London: India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA british embassy in New Delhi: i50 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021 +91 11 2687 2161 or Emergency Duty Officer: +981105 2217 Calcutta: 1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Calcutta 700071 population 1 billion of

Der einfluss der pharmazeutischen industrie in der medizin

Der Einfluss der pharmazeutischen Industrie in der Medizin Jelinek G1 and Neate S: The influence of the pharmaceutical industry in medicine. Journal of Law and Medicine, Volume 17, Number 2, October 2009, 216.2 Pharmazeutische Unternehmen sind dafür bekannt zu den profitabelsten Unternehmen der Welt zu gehören. Die Akten von Rechtsfäl en sowie veröffentlichte Forschungser­gebnisse ge

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World Academy of Science, Engineering and TechnologyInternational Journal of Medical Science and Engineering Vol:7 No:11, 2013 ( Amorphophallus muelleri Blume) in Treatment of Loperamide Induced Constipation on Sprague Dawley Simon Bambang Widjanarko, Novita Wijayanti, Aji Sutrisno Laxatives drugs are agents that add bulk to intestinal Abstract —There is long history of konjac tubers b


Prospektive Erfassung des Polyomavirus Infektion bei nierentransplantierten Patienten Seit 1995 verursachen Infektionen mit Polyomavirus BK zunehmend Funktionsstörungen in transplantierten Nieren. In retrospektive Untersuchungen wird die BK Virus Nephropathie mit zirka 5% der Patienten beziffert. Bei mindestens 75% kommt es in der Folge zu einem Transplantatverlust. Fast alle dieser Pati

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Idebenone The Ultimate Anti-Aging Supplement? Idebenone: Idebenone The Ultimate Anti-Aging Supplement? James South, MA Idebenone (IDB) is a natural analog (variant) of one of lifes most essential biochemicals, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) (Fig. 1). CoQ10 is an important antioxidant component of the lipid (fatty) membranes that surround all cells, as well as the lipid membranes surrounding the va


Prof. Dr. Bernd Hoppe, Hôpital Universitaire de Cologne, Service de Une augmentation de l’élimination urinaire de l’Oxalate s’appelle « Hyperoxalurie ». Elle est une des causes principales d’une lithiase urinaire récidivante (calculs urinaires) ou d’une néphrocalcinose progressive (= Calcification ou sclérose rénale, c’est-à-dire un dépôt de cristaux d’oxalate de calc

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Prof. Caspary Medizinische Klinik I, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt Colitis ulcerosa engl.: ulcerative colitis Definition : Chronische, mit UIzerationen einhergehende Entzündung der Mukosa oder Submukosa des Kolons oder Rektums. Der Befall ist bei der Colitis ulcerosa im Unterschied zum Befall bei Morbus Crohn in aller Regel kontinuierlich und vom Rektum ausgehend . Epid

Mucuna news

Mucuna News Developing Multiple Uses for a Proven Green Manure/Cover Crop Update on the Progress of the Project “Increasing Mucuna’s Potential as a Food and Feed Crop” CENTER FOR COVER CROPS INFORMATION AND SEED EXCHANGE IN AFRICA (CIEPCA) Fifth issue, February 2002 aiming at September 2002. We will let all thosewho receive Mucuna News know by email asOnly

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APPLICATION NOTES January 2003 Automated Analysis of Kidney Stones requires a relatively large sample. Infrared improved this process, but it was still fairly the advent of computer technology and the introduction of Fourier transform infrared constituents (like cystine, cholesterol, bile salts, hemoglobin and protein); and process required grinding a small (1-6 mg) amount

Microsoft word - deliverable.1.4.4

Advancing Beef Safety and Quality through Research and Innovation Deliverable 1.4.4 Risk assessment of the chemical safety of beef (Running) Due date of deliverable: (M 48)Actual submission date: (M 48)Project coordinator name: Geraldine DuffyCoordinating Body: Teagasc, Ashtown Food Research Centre Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme

Proceedings of the 21st ipvs congress

Tetracycline administered in water: pharmacokinetics and lessons for administration of other medications via water Sharon Mason1 Ronald Baynes1 Glen Almond1 Jim Riviere1 Alan Scheidt2 1. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA; 2. Pfi zer Animal Health, Kalamazoo, MI, USA Introduction Table 1: Pharmacokinetic parameters of tetracycline The use of medications dosed in w

Settler and national voting patterns graphs only.pdf

The Voting Patterns of the Settlers –2013 Knesset Elections Main Findings: • The settler population constitutes 4.14% of the electorates in Israel, equaling 5 Members of Knesset • 11 MKs (9%) of the 120 newly elected Knesset Members, reside in the settlements. 5 are members of the “Likud Beitenu” party, a composition of the “Likud” party, headed by PM Netanyahu and by “I

The medical journal of australia

P O S I TI O N S T A T E ME N T Vitamin D and adult bone health in Australia and New Zealand: Working Group of the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society,Endocrine Society of Australia and Osteoporosis Australia*significant number of Australians are deficient in vitaminD. Indeed, it is a fallacy that Australians receive adequate • A significant number of Australians are def

Chemwatch australian msds 4919-89



Matkan tekijä: Lotta Stenman, Biolääketieteen laitos, Biomedicum Helsinki, PL 63, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, lotta.stenman@helsinki.fi, 041-433 0438 Kongressi: European Congress on Obesity, Istanbul, Turkki, 25.-28.5.2011 Matkan tarkoitus Matkan tarkoitus oli osallistua kongressiin 18th European Congress on Obesity, joka järjestettiinIstanbulissa Turkissa. Kongressi oli suunnattu kai

Emergency contraception as an element in the care of rape victims

EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION AS AN ELEMENT IN THE CARE OF RAPE VICTIMS Attorney General Offices of the Federal District and the statesof Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Morelos, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Mexico, Jalisco,and MEXFAM, CEPAHR, SIPAM, Sí Mujer, ADIVAC, AVISE, COVAC, FAVIand COPAS. Even though in most states in Mexico abortion is excluded as a crime in the case of pregnanciesresulting from rape, the legi


CALL TO ORDER Date: April 24th, 2013 Time: 1:00 pm Place: DSB Boardroom Chair: Ginger Forget Recorder: Tara St-Amand ROLL CALL Present: Ginger Forget (CCCCGE), Tawnya Parry (SDHU), Carla Guthrie (Chapleau Learning Centre), Crystal Greig (Apano), Brenda Lindquist (SSCHS), Tricia Stewart (Best Start Hub), Doug Greig (Town Council), Lynn Bélair (CFC/ICDS), Pauline Lecuyer (CFC). Regr


Prozac: Hazard to Your Health Insurance Last updated September 2, 2008 Web Reference: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Insurance/InsureYourHealth/ProzacHazardToYourHealthInsurance. aspx?page=1 A visit or two to a counselor, a short spell on antidepressants or even a prescription for hay fever can make you an insurance untouchable. Concerned that ugly family fights were upsetting


CALL FOR PAPERS The 8th World Multi-Conference on SYSTEMICS, CYBERNETICS AND INFORMATICS http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004/, http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/ July 18-21, 2004 , Orlando, Florida (USA) Honorary Presidents of Past Conferences : Bela Banathy, Stafford Beer, George Klir, Karl Pribram and Paul Jensen. Program Committee Chair : William Lesso General Chair : Nagib Callao


Participación Ciudadana PLANTEO DE LA CUESTIÓN Ausentes de la República, caemos crónicamente en lamentaciones y quejas. Si hablamos de democracia, inseparablemente debemos hablar de ciudadanos. ¿Pero cuándo es que somos ciudadanos? Algunos definen ‘Ciudadanía’ como el derecho y la disposición de ser miembro de una comunidad política y de participar en ella mediante la acció

Biomarker associations - osteoporosis

Disease Report Osteoporosis Table of Contents Introduction Description Reduction of bone mass without alteration in the composition of bone, leading to fractures. primary osteoporosis can be of two major types: postmenopausalosteoporosis (osteoporosis, postmenopausal) and age-related or senile osteoporosis. Synonyms Post-Traumatic Osteoporosis; Age-Rela

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PROTOCOLO DE DIAGNÓSTICO, TRATAMIENTO Y SEGUIMIENTO DE LAS HIPERFENAILALANINEMIAS M. Martínez-Pardo1, C. Marchante2, J. Dalmau3, M. Pérez4, J. Bellón5 Se especifican las recomendaciones que en la actualidad deben efectuarse en todo paciente, recién nacido o no, con aumento de fenilalanina en sangre dirigidas a un diagnóstico diferencial, tratamiento y seguimiento correctos. Palab


How to do: Telerehabilitation in heart failure patients Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Noninvasive Electrocardiology, Abstract According to the present guidelines for heart failure patients, regular exercise training hasobtained the class of recommendation I, level of evidence A. Despite the benefits of cardiacrehabilitation, many heart failure patients are inactive. Common pat


Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute & Clinics Psychiatry Name______________________________________________________ Why are you coming to UW Psychiatry and did someone refer you to us? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Psychiatric History: Have you seen a psychiatrist or therapist in the past? Please list

Welcome to the spring 2005 edition of the paddington clinic news!

Welcome to the Spring 2005 Edition of the Paddington Clinic News!file:///C:/Websites-V3/4.Paddington_Clinic/JULY2011-DESIGN/newsl. Click Here to Close Window © Copyright 2004 Paddington Acupuncture and Natural Therapies Clinic - Privacy Policy Welcome to the Spring 2005 edition of the Paddington Clinic Welcome to Spring September has come and we are moving into spring. It's a ti

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CONFIDENTIAL–NOT FOR FURTHER DISTRIBUTION 040809 Final Draft Clinical Trials Results Database Proposal (Version 3.21) These results are supplied for informational purposes only. Prescribing decisions should be made based on the approved package insert For product information, please log-on to the web site www.nasacort.com or contact one of our Medical Information Specialists


ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY AND TOXICOLOGY OF ANTIMALARIAL PLANTS USED TRADITIONALLY IN MSAMBWENI, KENYA. Dr. Joseph Mwanzia Nguta, BVM, MSc (University of Nairobi). Supervisors Department of Public Health, Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Nairobi Professor Peter K. Gathumbi, BVM, MSc, PhD. Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology, University of Nairobi. De


table 1: selected Personalized Medicine drugs, treatments, and diagnostics as of March 2009* BIOMARKER/TEST INDICATION Herceptin® (trastuzumab) her-2/neu receptor Breast cancer : “…for the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer whose tumors over- Tykerb® (lapatinib) express the her2 protein and who have received one or more chemotherapy regimens for their metastat

Ob-gyn board notes

OB-GYN Board Notes Dysfunctional uterine bleeding:  Most common cause is fibroids and can be dx by pelvic utz.  Most common cause of iron deficiency anemia in females  Get worse after menopause and reduce in size with OCPs. Endometrial cancer  Any type of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in a post menopausal female is endometrial ca till proven otherwise. Dx


Executive Summary Bibliographic Study on Lifeguard Vigilance Completed by: The Applied Anthropology Institute Paris, France September 2001 Introduction Drownings are a significant cause of mortality, particularly among young children and especially among children under the age of five years. It is estimated that there are 140,000 fatal drowning accidents per yea

A moral asediada

A Moral Asediada Rede Nacional de Combate ao Assédio Moral e outras manifestações de violência no trabalho Sábado, 31 de Mar de 2007 A Moral Assediada Mobbing, dano ou assédio moral, terrorismo ou violência psicológica. As expressões estão relacionadas a ameaças, humilhações, atos vexatórios e maus-tratos que ocorrem no ambiente de trabalho e motivam a cada dia um nú


Risk of cardiovascular disease and all cause mortality amongpatients with type 2 diabetes prescribed oral antidiabetesdrugs: retrospective cohort study using UK general practiceresearch databaseIoanna Tzoulaki, lecturer,1 Mariam Molokhia, senior lecturer,2 Vasa Curcin, research associate,3 Mark P Little,reader,1 Christopher J Millett, senior lecturer in public health,4 Anthea Ng, research associa

Winter pvd newsletter

PVD Group Newsletter Welcome to the winter edition of the Peripheral Vascular Diseases New protocols published: review group newsletter. In addition to the Editorial base update you will Percutaneous transluminal arterial angioplasty versus find details of our recently published reviews and protocols; information stenting for infrapopliteal arterial lesions in critical limb on C

Schema reanimation

Kardinalsymptome • Prinzipien ð Stabile Rettungskette ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ Praktisches Vorgehen ð ABCD Leitsystem Kontrolle Ergebnis Behandlung Bewusstsein ALARM (Arzt, Notfallkoffer Bewusstsein NEIN und Defibrillator anfordern) ð 2 Atemstösse keine Atmung irculation keine Kreislaufzeichen ð Beginn CPR (30/2) - De

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No More Homeless Pets Forum July 11-15, 2005 Orphaned Infant Care in Wendy Brooks, DVM , of Mar Vista Animal Medical Center answers our questions about how to keep the tiny babies in our care warm, well-fed, and well-socialized. Introduction from Dr Wendy Brooks: I live in a city that is sadly rife with discarded pets. Our shelter system euthanizes approximately 4,000 dogs and cats eac


Antonio Spadaro SJ Interview mit Papst Franziskus Santa Marta, Montag, 19. August 2013, 9.50 Uhr Es ist Montag, der 19. August. Papst Franziskus hat mir für 10 Uhr ein Treffen mit ihm im Gästehaus Santa Marta gewährt. Von meinem Vater habe ich die Gewohnheit geerbt, immer vor der vereinbarten Zeit einzutreffen. Die Personen, die mich empfangen, lassen mich in einem kleinen Saal Platz

Remissyttrande 2013

PUBLIC  SERVICERÅDET   2013-01-18 Kulturdepartementet 103 33 Stockholm Remissyttrande över Nya villkor för public service (SOU 2012:59) Detta yttrande har två delar. Vissa frågor av särskilt intresse behandlas i del 1 och Public servicerådets samtliga stäl ningstagande redovisas i korthet i del 2. I sina stadgar framhåller Public servicerådet att public service radio och telev


Autor: Lic. Victor Michel Hernández Gómez Profesional de la Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Cuba. Portaldeportivo La Revista Año 3 Nº16 Enero Febrero 2010 ISSN 0718-4921 RESUMEN: Los temas relacionados a la salud y la realización de ejercicios físicos son una de las principales problemáticas que ocupa a investigadores y científicos de todo el mundo. En particular los


C a r d i o v a s c u l a r a n d M e t a b o l i c R i s k O R I G I N A L Prediction of Mortality Using Measures of Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction in the Diabetic and Nondiabetic Population The MONICA/KORA Augsburg Cohort Study AN ZIEGLER, MD, FRCPE BURKHARD HAASTERT, PHD HRISTIAN P. ZENTAI, MD ANGELA D ¨ORING, MD C ardiovascular autonomic neuropa- IEGFRIED PERZ, MSC C


Designation : Scientist Qualification Discipline : Veterinary Pathology : drrajraj@gmail.com, drrajraj@yahoo.com Date of joining ICAR : 11.05.2010 Date of joining PDFMD : 18.09.2010 Research area: Engaged in development of quick diagnostic test for diagnosis of FMDV. I am also assisting as Co-PI in development of LPB assay for estimation of antibodies to struct


USING NIACIN AND AVOIDING SIDE EFFECTS The vitamin Niacin (B-3) given in pharmacologic amounts is a very effective medication to combat atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. It has been used for decades but eclipsed in recent years by statin drugs (Lipitor, Zocor, etc.) which are more potent in lowering the LDL so called "bad" cholesterol. However, it i


Retail Prescription Program Drug List Low-cost prescriptions make a difference 90-Day Prescriptions At Walmart, we don’t think you should have to choose between Taking a regular prescription? Ask your doctor if you can refil it groceries and the medicines you need. Our $4 prescriptions save 3 months at a time. At only $10, our 90-Day prescriptions save you American families hundreds o


EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO Taking care of your mouth and teeth is a very important, yet often overlooked, part of maintaining your general health. Good oral health can help you prevent or catch infections early. It can also give you clues as to the state of your overall health and the health of your immune system. BRUSHING motion, keeping bristles at a 45° angle to the gum line. Pay speci

X zr 226/02

BUNDESGERICHTSHOF IM NAMEN DES VOLKES PatG § 21 Abs. 1 Nr. 4, § 38; ZPO § 69 ein Ausführungsbeispiel der Erfindung beschreibenden Merkmalen nur eines in den Patentanspruch aufgenommen, das die mit dem Ausführungsbeispiel erzielte technische Wirkung angibt, liegt darin auch dann keine unzulässige Erweiterung, wenn ein anderer Weg zur Er-zielung derselben Wirkung nicht offenbart is


NEUROAXONAL DYSTROPHY -by Colleen Kirby ( Miracol Papillons ) Acknowledged by Dr. Urs Giger There’s been talk about a new disease in Papillons that’s has everyone concerned. That disease is known as Neuroaxonal Dystrophy or NAD. Unfortunately, it is not new. This disease has been in our breed for many years. These past several years we’ve seen diagnosed case in the United States. It is als


Curr Pediatr Res 2013; 17 (1): 31-36 ISSN 0971-9032 Causes of pulmonary hypertension among children. Hanaa H. Banjar Al-Faisal University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section Pediatric Pulmonolgy, Department of Pediatrics, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abstract Report of Pulmonary hypertension in the Arab country

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Health and safety information

Highland Support Project Serving Mayan Communities of Guatemala Health and Safety Information Inoculations and First Aid The standard tetanus and hepatitis vaccinations are suggested. Vaccinations for tropical diseases are NOT required because we are operating in the temperate highlands region. We always bring a first aid kit to treat minor medical needs. Every team is accompanied by

Cad psicologia v 8 n 11 art 05 para internet

Nós só percebemos o mundo através das representações que dele podemos fazer. Por um lado, a ciência não cessa de revisar suas hipóteses; por outro, os mitos e as religiões moldam suas verdades pela realidade enigmática, dis- tribuem receitas cobrando submissão. O pensamento racional, ao preço de uma reelaboração constante, faz uso da lucidez e do acesso à liberdade, visan- do certez


Media Contact NEWS RELEASE PCMI Delivers New Software suite for Auto Dealers, Agents and TPAs to Sel and Manage Automotive Service Contracts and Aftermarket Products PCMI’s Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions (PCRS) platform helps increase F&I sales, improve claim results, and simplify reporting for insurers, third-party administrators and auto dealers. CHICAGO, IL, July


Tariq Yasin September 21, 1964 Date of Joining PAEC March 12, 1989 Ph.D. (Polymer Chemistry) Professor/Deputy Chief Scientist Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Nilore, Islamabad, PAKISTAN. Phone No.: (051)9248610, 2207380-82 Ext: 3667 (0ff), (051) 5493016 (Res), 0333-9854775 Fax N


HITOKTATÁS 2013. SZEPTEMBER HITTANKÖNYVEK, TANÁRI KÉZIKÖNYVEK Milyen vagy Istenem? Miklya Zsolt - Miklya L. MónikaMunkáltató füzet 9-12 éves gyerekeknek. Kézimunkacsomag melléklettel. Egy tanévre való hittankönyvjellegű munkafüzet Istenről, aki olyan mint az építész, a fazekas, a pásztor, a nap, a menedék. Segédanyag 5-7 éves gyerekek hitoktatásához. Óvodá

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UAE Exchange Australia Pty. Mon to Wed - 09.00 to 17.00, 09.00 to 17.00, Saturday & Sunday - Closed UAE Exchange Australia Pty. Mon - Wed - 09:00 to 18:00, Thursday - Ltd. UAE Exchange Australia Pty. Mon - Wed - 09:00 to 19:00, Thursday - 21:00, Saturday - 09.00 to 16.00, Sunday - 09.00 to 16.00UAE Exchange Australia Pty. Mon - Wed - 09:00 to 18:00, Thursday - Ltd. 18:00, Saturday - 09.0


Dr. med. Arnim Quante Curriculum Vitae Seit 2009| Oberarzt des Moduls "Integrative Psychiatrie" mit Leitung des Konsiliardienstes der Charité, Campus Benajamin Franklin, Klinik und Hochschulambulanz für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Berlin Seit 2008| Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie 2003 - 2009 | Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Charité, Campus Bnejamin


De Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) Artikelen De Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) Operante leerprincipes, sociale-systeembenadering en gedragsfarmacologie Inleiding CRA-interventies: de klinische praktijk Resultaten van effectstudies CRA in Nederland: Novadic-Kentron Tot besluit Literatuur ‘Men vangt meer vliegen met een druppel honing dan met een vat azijn.

Chemical resistance list prominent 2014

ProMinent® Chemical Resistance List Resistance of Materials Used in Liquid Ends to the Chemicals Most Frequently Used The data apply to standard conditions (20 °C, 1,013 mbar). = For bonded connections, the resistance of the adhesive (e.g. Tangit) is to be considered. (Materials of the types 'o' and '-' are not recommended !)= does not apply to glass fibre reinforced materialCo


Ubung 4: Lights which differ in colour differ also inUbungen bis Do, 01.04.10, 12:00 an gerd.grasshoff@philo.unibe.ch. Werk Optics vorgestellt. Mit einem Experiment (proof by experiment) be-weist Newton, dass sich Licht, das sich in der Farbe unterscheidet, auch inder Brechbarkeit unterscheidet. Newtons Beweis lautet wie Lights which differ in Colour, differ also in Degrees of RefrangibilitExp


LCD for Nebulizers (L27226) Contractor Information Contractor Name Contractor Number Contractor Type LCD Information LCD ID Number LCD Title Contractor's Determination Number AMA CPT / ADA CDT Copyright Statement CPT codes, descriptions and other data only are copyright 2009 American Medical Association (or such other date of publication of CPT). All Rights

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Zyrtec – Cetirizin - Setirizin Zyrtec/Cetirizin wird zur Linderung der Beschwerden bei Allergien, Neurodermitis, Nesselsucht und Juckreiz und anderen allergischen Hautreaktionen eingesetzt. Ferner kann Cetirizin bei Heuschnupfen und allergisch bedingter Bindehautentzündung eingenommen werden. Unter den neueren H1-Antihistaminika ist Cetirizin, neben der Substanz Loratadin, vermutlich


Schmerzmanagement bei gynäkologischen Patientinnen Therapiekonzepte aus Sicht des Anästhesisten In der Schweiz leiden rund 16 Prozent der Bevölkerung an chronischem Schmerz. Dieser zählt zu denhäufigsten Gründen, einen Arzt zu konsultieren. Nur wenn der Schmerz frühzeitig behandelt wird, bestehtdie Möglichkeit, eine Chronifizierung mit all ihren Folgen für die Betroffenen, das s

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Prescription Drug Overdose Is Leading Cause of Accidental Death in U.S. Addiction Shreds the Emotional Fabric of Families Prescription drug overdose is now the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States. (Motor vehicle deaths are first.) Approximately 26,000 Americans are dying from prescription drug overdoses annually, according to the Center for Disease Control and

Ingress beskrivning utan namn.indd

Er nya trädgård passar stilfullt till huset men om man vill kan man se på den med lite humor. Jag hoppas att ni kommer att uppleva det både njutbart och lekfullt att arbeta i trädgården. Tanken är att arbetet mestadels skall handla om att gå runt i er trädgård och spana på vackra blommor och kanske rycka upp ett ogräs här och där på vägen! När man kommer upp för trappan

8197-consumer false advertising class actions-ca.qxd

advertising claims. In class actions, the class plaintiffs’counsel typically is retained on a contingency basis,and therefore, unlike in most Lanham Act cases, theplaintiffs in false advertising class actions often arenot motivated to keep legal costs down, and indeed,could well have the opposite motivation. A recent decision in the Second Circuit, Pelman v. McDonald’s Corp. , 2005 U.S.


Gary R. Bond, Ph.D. Hea-Won Kim, Ph.D. Piper S. Meyer, Ph.D. P. Joseph Gibson, Ph.D., M.P.H. Sandra Tunis, Ph.D. Jovier D. Evans, Ph.D. Paul Lysaker, Ph.D. Marion L. McCoy, Ph.D. Jerry Dincin, Ph.D. Haiyi Xie, Ph.D. Objective: Second-generation antipsychotics may enhance the rehabilita- tion of individuals with schizophrenia. The authors hypothesized that clients receiving second-generation


Dr M H Cummings MD FRCP, Consultant PhysicianHonorary Reader in Diabetes and EndocrinologyMember of the Advisory Panel for the Impotence AssociationMany men with diabetes feel isolated if they develop impotence (or erectile dysfunction, as it is termed by the medical profession). Impotence is certainly not an isolated problem, however, as we now know that approximately one third to one ha

TÍtulos de crÉdito na legislaÇÃo brasileira: letra de cÂmbio e nota promissÓrla

LETRA DE CÂMBIO E NOTA PROMISSÓRIA - X I - Letra de Câmbio: a) Aspectos gerais e históricos: - Muito pouco se utiliza neste país a letra de câmbio, porque com a criação da duplicata mercantil, largamente utilizada nas operações mercantis, por ser mais operacional, aquele título praticamente caiu em desuso junto aos comerciantes, mesmo porque é proibida a sua emissão, na co

Chloramphenicol policies, testing challenged

REGULATION aquaculture news from southeast asia Daniel Fegan Chloramphenicol Policies, Shrimp Biotechnology ProgramNational Center for Genetic Testing Challenged Antibiotic residues in shrimp, and chloramphenicol inparticular, have been big issues in Asia recently, dueto the European Union’s implementation of both “zero tol-erance” and enzyme-linked immuno-assay (ELISA) test

Press release – 14th november 2008

PRESS RELEASE – 14TH NOVEMBER 2008 HISTORIC VICTORY IN LANDMARK HIGH COURT ACTION VINDICATES CAMPAIGNER AS GOVERNMENT POLICY ON PESTICIDES IS RULED UNLAWFUL A historic victory has taken place in the High Court this morning as award-winning pesticides campaigner Georgina Downs has won her landmark legal challenge against the Government over pesticides. For the last 7 years, Ms. Downs


Voice of Users Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution System Customer : Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lightweight, large screen, and fast processing speed. The unparalleled convenience of the CF-H1 cannot be compared to a PDA. An atmosphere of ancient history can be found in the Yoshinogari ruins, one of the oldestknowncommunities surrounded by moats in Japan. Nearby, Saga


Spectroscopic Investigation of Energy Transfer Dynamics Among Adsorbed Dye Molecules on Nano-Porous Film (Univ. of Tsukuba, AIST) SUNAHARA, Kenj; MATSUZAKI, Hiroyuki; FURUBE, Akihiro Photochemical Behaviors of a Tethered 1,3-Diketone Derivative Studied by Transient Absorption and Time-Resolved EPR Measurements (Gunma Univ, Tohoku Univ.) KOBAYASHI, Atsushi; YAMAJI, Minoru; NAKAJIMA, Satoru; AKIYAM


BP 4016 69615 VILLEURBANNE Cedex Association régie par la loi du 01/07/1901 Section Contrôle de Qualité Tél : 04 72 65 34 93 - Fax : 04 78 85 97 77 Courriel : http :/ Etude longitudinale Recherche de Benzodiazépines et des Antidépresseurs Ces recherches de toxiques se font dans le cadre du contrôle des médicaments depuis 5 ans. Nous avons traité à

Eficacia de ilovet-secado® como terapia de secado en ganado caprino

EFICACIA DE ILOVET-SECADO® COMO TERAPIA DE SECADO EN GANADO CAPRINO. Bach, E.1, Lozano, E.2, Pardo, J.P.3, Marcos, J.4, Esnal. A5, Martínez, L.4, J.C. 1 Veterinaria de la ADS Montes de Málaga. C/ San Francisco 28. Casabermeja. Málaga. 2 Veterinario de la ADS “Ovino Caprino Urda”. C/Lanza nº 1, 3 izq. 13001 Ciudad Real 3 Veterinario de la Coop.La Pastora . Era de los cuarte


Flexo- und VerpackungsmarktDas Produktportfolio im Flexo- und Verpackungsdruck Absolut{farbverbindliche{Rasterproofs zeichnet sich – im Vergleich zum standardisierten Offset- Ein Rasterproof von GMG ist absolut farbgenau. GMG und Il ustrationstiefdruck – durch eine wesentlich größere FlexoProof simuliert das farbliche Erscheinungsbild, indem Vielfalt an Bedruckstoffen und Sonderfarb

Command and control in crisis management

I&S COMMAND AND CONTROL IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT Introduction This paper was started shortly before the events of 11 September 2001 and the subsequent actions that have been at the center of our daily news. Naturally, like all of us, I tried to put the terrible events and the even more terrible ramifications of those events into perspective. Every commentator seemed to repeat tha

Collierville alzheimer’s day care center

Page Robbins Adult Day Care Center Physician’s Form (Note to Physician: The client and their caregiver below are completing an application for admission to Page Robbins Adult Day Care Center. We provide day services to adults with dementia and/or who are frail. Please complete this 3 page form and mail/fax it to our center or give to the primary caregiver. Thank you.) General Informa


The McMurdo R2 GMDSS fully featured 19 channel VHF radio fits securely and comfortably in the palm of the hand. The R2 GMDSS has been built to meet the latest stringent IMO, GMDSS and ETSI standards. This reliable and easy to use radio is 100% waterproof and drop tested to cope with the toughest marine environments. ■ Fully featured all 19 Simplex chann

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ATS C22 - Efficacy Of Fluticasone And Salmeterol In A Novel Inhaled Dry Powder Delivery Platform S. Arold, D. Manzanedo, S. Kong, F. Saia, J. Sung, M. Lipp, R.W. Clarke, D.L. Hava, Lexington, MA, p.A4435 RATIONALE: The efficient delivery of therapeutics at high doses to the airways and lung in dry powder (DP) form remains a challenge. We are developing a salt-based DP platform usi


DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Approved Drugs for ALS Ambulance Services [43 Pa.B. 3060] [Saturday, June 1, 2013] Under 28 Pa. Code § 1005.11 (relating to drug use, control and security), the following drugs are approved for use by ground advanced life support (ALS) ambulance services and may be administered by EMT-paramedics (paramedics), prehospital registered nurses and health professiona

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Pain is defined by The International Association for the Study of Pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. In the elderly many complex issues may contribute to the emotional experience of pain including: a long history of various pain experiences, multiple chronic comorbid conditions, proximity t


VARICELA CONGÉNITA Y NEONATAL Dr. Julio Moreno Hernando Unitat de Neonatología. Servicio de Pediatría. Septiembre,1998. INTRODUCCION La varicela es una enfermedad exantemática frecuente en la infancia (antes de los 10 años el 85% han pasado la infección) , pero la varicela que ocurre en el período gestacional su incidencia es escasa ( 0.1-0-7 por mil embarazos). Entre 80-95% d


As notícias sensacionalistas sobre o doping no esporte de alto rendimento, têm feito com que o fato seja conhecido por todos. Os grandes ídolos flagrados, os casos de mortes precoces bem como os inesperados relatos e publicações de ex-esportistas, fazem com que muitos treinadores, pedagogos e professores de educação física preocupem-se com a abrangência do fato. Já em 1990 a publicaçã

Arztvorträge im seniorenheim und in der selbsthilfegruppe

Dr.med. univ. Rudolf Gruber Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe Rienzfeldstr. 41 * 39031 St. Georgen Tel. 347/9219467 Osteoporose - Risikotest Für Entstehung und Fortschreiten von Osteoporose (Knochenschwund) gibt es eine Anzahl sog. „Risikofaktoren“. Einige davon können Sie selbst zu Ihrem Vorteil beeinflussen, wie Ernährungs- und Bewegungsverhalten sowie Alko


ISSN 0362 1197, Human Physiology, 2012, Vol. 38, No. 5, pp. 541–544. © Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2012. Original Russian Text © V.M. Pokrovskii, O.G. Kompaniets, 2012, published in Fiziologiya Cheloveka, 2012, Vol. 38, No. 5, pp. 102–107. Influence of the Level of Blood Pressure on the Regulatory–Adaptive State V. M. Pokrovskii and O. G. Kompaniets Kuban State Medical Universi

Data sheet

Data Sheet Neotigason  Retinoid for oral treatment of severe cases of psoriasis and of disorders of keratinization Composition Active ingredient Excipient The excipients are microcrystalline cellulose, nonatetraenoic acid, gelatin, glucose liquid spray-dried, sodium ascorbate and the colourants iron oxide black (E172), iron oxide red (E172), iron oxide yellow App


T h e n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l o f m e dic i n e Whistle-Blowers’ Experiences in Fraud Litigation against Pharmaceutical Companies Aaron S. Kesselheim, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., David M. Studdert, LL.B., Sc.D., M.P.H., and Michelle M. Mello, J.D., Ph.D., M.Phil. Prosecution and prevention of health care fraud fraud litigation on the basis of recovery amounts and abuse are essenti


Engelbrektson AL, Korzenik JR, Pittler A, Sanders ME, Klaenhammer TR, Leyer G and CL Kitts. 2009. Probiotics to minimize the disruption of faecal microbiota in healthy subjects undergoing antibiotic therapy. J Med Microbiol 58: 663-670. Engelbrektson, A.L., Korzenik, J.R., Sanders, M.E., Clement, B.G., Leyer, G., Klaenhammer, T.R., & Kitts, C.L., (2006). Analysis of treatment effects on the mi

Adherence to the mediterranean diet and risk of metabolic syndrome and its components

Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases (2009) 19, 563e570Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and riskof metabolic syndrome and its components´ ,, on behalf of the Nureta-PREDIMED investigatorsa Human Nutrition Unit, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,Rovira i Virgili University, Spainb CIBER Fisiopatologı´a de la Obesidad y


Elsner p ® Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Bestellformular 2013/2014 Elsner p ® Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Bestellformular 2013/2014 D-01279 Dresden · Kipsdorfer Straße 146 · Tel. (0 351) 25 5 91-10 oder 11 · info@pac-elsner.com · www.pac-elsner.comD-01279 Dresden · Kipsdorfer Straße 146 · Tel. (0 351) 25 5 91-10 oder 11 · info@pac-elsner.com · www.pac-elsner.com Fax bitte an


Se déroule au cours de la 4ième semaine de développement. Transformation de l'ectoderme médian en:Un tube neural (à l'origine du Système Nerveux Central)Crètes neurales (Système Nerveux Periphérique), nerfs et ganglion nerveux I. La plaque neurale Epaississement situé entre la membrane buccopharyngienne et le reste de la ligne primitive, Entre le mésoderme préchordal et le canal

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Research at the primate center spans a broad spectrum of human health issues, ranging from asthma to Alzheimer’s, and HIV to stem cell therapies. Because of the close similarities to humans in both their physiology and behavior, nonhuman primates are critical models in the development of advancements in human medicine. CNPRC researchers are engaged in research projects that are making valuabl


Gespräch zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum “Vulnerability and Resistance The Public Dis / Appearance of Bodies” Vorträge und Diskussion zum Themenkomplex “Doing Art in the Public Realm“ am Donnerstag, den 30. Jänner 2014, 16.00 Uhr im Kunstraum Niederoesterreich konzipiert, kuratiert und moderiert von Elke Krasny mit Khan Adalat, Clifford Erinmwionghae, Mari

Writing an article

This chapter is not intended to be a ªGuide for Authorsº such as those thatyou can find in any journal. Our main advice is: do not write the paperfirst in your own language and then translate it into English; instead, do itin English directly. When you have a subject that you want to report, first of all you needto look up references. You can refer to the Index Medicus (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.

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Actualização de rendas Entrada em vigor: Contratos habitacionais anteriores a 1990 Contratos não habitacionais anteriores a 1995 Coeficiente de actualização – art. 24º da Lei 6/2006 Publicado no DR até 30 de Outubro de cada anoRegra geral a que poderemos ter de recorrer se a actualização nos termos do artigo 35º (RABC) for inferior ao valor que resultaria da actualizaç

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Lentedag 11 maart 2012 Dagindeling versie 3.0 Spel in groep 10.30 Barbara Guttmann Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Mariel Blom Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Inge Horstman Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Yasmin Charradi 10.45 Mieke Hoorn Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Claudia Coorengel Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Sabine Coorengel Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Sandra v Zanten


malaria among international travellers. Can Comm Dis Rep 1995;probably a change in living conditions. Even in the poorest 21, S3: 1–18. US communities, most people now live and work in air-Krogstad DJ. Plasmodium species (malaria). In: Mandell, Douglas,conditioned buildings, or are at least protected by insectand Bennett’s principles and practice of infectious diseases. 4th ed. scree

Trip report: western regional panel of the national aquatic nuisance species task force

NATIONAL AQUATIC NUISANCE SPECIES TASK FORCE PWSRCAC holds a voting seat on the Western Regional Panel of the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force. The Panel is made up of representatives of state, local and British Columbia governments as well as natives and various interest and industry groups throughout the West Coast. Our agreement with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service includes f

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Duncan joined Insight Investment in October 2003 as managing director of the property division, overseeing the management of more than £4.5 billion of UK commercial and residential property assets and setting strategy for thedivision’s growth. Previously, he was a founding partner of specialist boutique,Gatehouse Investment Management, being instrumental in establishing andmana


List of Perrigo Licences (currently granted) The power behind the brands PL Number: Generic Name: Actives: Paracetamol Ph.Eur 300 mg, Caffeine Ph.Eur 25 mg, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Ph.Eur 5 mgParacetamol Ph.Eur 500 mg, Caffeine Ph.Eur 65 mgParacetamol Ph.Eur 500 mg, Caffeine Ph.Eur 65 mgExtra Power Pain Reliever Tablets (coated) Aspirin Ph.Eur 300 mg, Paracetamol Ph.Eur 200 mg


the media, our parents, the way we were brought up, society, bad luck or Feeling guilty, they say, is bad for us. It lowers self esteem. Who does it any more? We have finally reached the age Shelley dreamed of in his poem Prometheus Unbound. We are ―free from guilt or pain.‖ All of which makes it difficult to understand - except as some relic of the past - what Jews throughout the world

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Patient Information Last, First MI (Preferred Name) Your Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Street Apartment # City _________________________________ State/ZipCode ____________ EMAIL ADDRESS : ____________________ Social Security #: Birth Date: _________________ _ Family Status: ___________________ Phone (Home): Dentis

Prospecto: informaciÓn para el usuario

PROSPECTO: INFORMACIÓN PARA EL USUARIO OKALTUS 10 mg/100 mg solución oral Dextrometorfano, hidrobromuro/Guaifenesina Lea todo el prospecto detenidamente porque contiene información importante para usted Este medicamento puede adquirirse sin receta. No obstante, para obtener los mejores resultados, debe utilizarse adecuadamente. - Conserve este prospecto, ya que puede tener que

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Medikamenten-Cocktail schlucken – imSchnitt fünf bis sechs verschiedeneWirkstoffe, im Extremfall auch mal fünf-zehn. Damit geht an sich schon eingrösseres Risiko von schädlichen Wech-sel- und Nebenwirkungen einher. Wer-den die physiologsichen Veränderun-gen hochbetagter Patienten nicht Unter dem Begriff Geriatrie versteht man eine medizinische Spezialdisziplin, die sich mit physische

F22 nl

FENETRES ALUMINIUM TYPE ”STRATO” RENOVATION Un concept à très haute valeur ajoutée. NATUREL Anodisé STRATO avec le dormant RENOVATION est une des nombreuses déclinaisons de lasérie PROFEL P400. PROFEL garantit le concept ingénieux, la qualité optimale et la finition soignée del’ensemble de ce système de fenêtres. IVOIRE CLAIR Cette série est spécialemen

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Dolores Martí de Cid Collection Finding Aid Cuban Heritage Collection Overview Title: Collection No .: Repository : Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami Libraries Abstract : Adminstrative Information Acquisition Information: Processed by: Frances Rodgers and Arabelis Ureña, 1994 Access Restriction: This collection is open for research


Diet and Prostate cancer Transcript of segment within “The Health Report” radio broadcast by Dr Norman Swan on 6 September 2010 This transcript was typed from a recording of the program. The ABC cannot guarantee its complete accuracy because of the possibility of mishearing and occasional difficulty in identifying speakers. Norman Swan: If you're a regular listener then you'll kno


Prefeitura Municipal de Florianópolis Médico Dia: 30 de novembro de 2008 • Horário: das 14 às 18 h Duração: 4 horas, incluído o tempo para o preenchimento do cartão-resposta. Confira o número que você obteve no ato da inscrição com o que está indicado no cartão-resposta. Instruções Atenção! ƒ Não é permitido qualquer tipo de consulta durante a realização


Pakistan J. Agric. Res. Vol. 26 No. 1, 2013GROWTH AND YIELD OF DIFFERENT BRASSICA GENOTYPES UNDER Arshad Ali, Imdad Ali Mahmood, Muhammad Salim, Muhammad Arshadullah* and Abdul Rasool Naseem**ABSTRACT:- A field study was conducted at farmer's salt-affected field (ECe=12.3 dS m ; pH=9.7; SAR=46.2) in Hafizabad to test growth and yield response of six Brassica cultivars (BARD-I, Dunkled, Rainbo

The dances as sacred art

Elements of Mastery: The Dances as Sacred Art: Embodying the Universal Creative Force By Munir Peter Reynolds The Elements of Mastery column explores the art, craft and spiritual practice of Dance leading and mentoring through the reflections and perspectives of individual mentors. Comments and or on r future topics are welcome, as are offers to prepare articles -- please contact the Executi

Sex…the basics

Transmission Symptoms Treatment Reduce Your Risk prevents the most common strains of HPV. can’t see a sore during penis, vagina, anus, Blood, semen, vaginal Possibly no symptoms. Blood, semen, vaginal Depleted immune system. No cure. infections in 2006. enters the body of an If you want to be protected against STIs, practice safer

Personality disorders have a lack of individual accountability results in a victim mentality and blaming others, society and t

Psychiatry Board Handouts Panic disorders : Panic disorder is characterized by the spontaneous and unexpected occurrence of panic attacks , the frequency of which can vary from several attacks a day to only a few attacks a year. Patients present with palpitations, pounding heart, accelerated heart rate sweating trembling or shaking sense of shortness of breath or smothering feeling of


Datum: 06-08-2009 Onderwerp: Informatie over de Nieuwe Influenza A (h1n1) voor scholen Ons kenmerk : Geachte Directie, In Nederland krijgen steeds meer mensen de Nieuwe Influenza A (H1N1), ook wel ‘Mexicaanse griep’ en ‘nieuwe griep‘ genoemd. Kinderen kunnen door hun intensieve onderlinge contact makkelijk griep onder elkaar verspreiden. Met deze brief willen wij u, aan het beg

Aspirin not recommended

Aspirin Not Recommended For Heart Disease Anymore by Dr. John G. F. Cleland 1/2002 Despite the vast size of these meta-analyses, the evidence in support of aspirin preventing atherosclerotic events is still inconclusive . The third meta-analysis from the Antithrombotic Trialists' Collaboration contains data on over 100,000 patients at high risk of atherosclerotic events, representing m

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PosterJet 7.5 SP2 and the Canon iPF-series Particularities when using PosterJet 7.5 SP2 with the new Canon imagePROGRAF printers of the iPF-series The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 can print While creating a PosterJet media profile for the Canon borderless only up to 42-inch width. PosterJet 7.5 SP2 imagePROGRAF iPF5000 Proof or the iPF9000 Proof, currently allows creating a print j


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico Política y Procedimientos a seguir cuando se recibe una Querella Nuestra Institución toma muy en serio la seguridad de la población del campus. Con este fin, se ha establecido la siguiente política y procedimientos a seguir una vez se recibe una querella. Estas pueden ser notificadas por cualquier persona que resulte perjudicado (a) como c

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Practice Parameter on the Use of PsychotropicThe purpose of this practice parameter is to promote the appropriate and safe use of psychotropic medications in childrenand adolescents with psychiatric disorders by emphasizing the best practice principles that underlie medication pre-scribing. The evidence base supporting the use of psychotropic medication for children and adolescents with psychia


Frontotemporale Demenz Klinik und Poliklinik für Pschiatrie und Psychotherapie, Technische Universität München Zusammenfassung Die frontotemporale Demenz ist eine seltene Form des fortschreitenden intellektuellen Abbaus, bei der nicht die Beeinträchtigung von Gedächtnis und Orientierungsfähigkeit im Vordergrund steht, sondern fortschreitende Veränderungen der Persönlichkeit,

Improving breeding outcomes for budgerigars by dr rob marshall

IMPROVING BREEDING OUTCOMES FOR BUDGERIGARS Notes from a lecture by Dr Rob Marshall BVSc(Hons) FACVSc(Avian Health) Lecture given at Wynnum approx 5 years ago and reprinted for the benefit of our newer members Rob Marshall does not and never has bred budgerigars. He has bred and raced pigeons since he was eight years old. When the budgerigar was imported from England, RM’s clients came t

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Bayer Garden SAFETY DATA SHEET according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 SLUG & SNAIL KILLER 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information 230 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WB Great Britain Email: gardening.adviser@bayergarden.co.uk Emergency telephone number 0800-220876 (UK 24 hr) 2. HA


F O R T B I L D U N G Diagnose und nicht interventionelle TherapieHerz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen tragen erheblich M e r k s ä t z e zur Morbidität und Mortalität von Männern■ Bei Verdacht auf das Vorliegen einer peripherenarteriellen Verschlusskrankheit sollte keine Zeit ver-Insult und dem Herzinfarkt spielt die peri-loren werden und auch im Sinne der Reduktion desSchlaganfall- und H

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Este medicamento está sujeto a seguimiento adicional, lo que agilizará la detección de nueva información sobre su seguridad. Se invita a los profesionales sanitarios a notificar las sospechas de reacciones adversas. Ver la sección 4.8, en la que se incluye información sobre cómo notificarlas. 1. NOMBRE DEL MEDICAMENTO Lyxumia 20 microgramos solución inyectable 2. CO


HUMAN PERFORMANCE, 18 (4), 331–341Copyright © 2005, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. The key to success in business is money and people. Personality psychology isabout people—it’s about the nature of human nature. Some understanding of hu-man nature—and the ability to measure its key components—would seem to offera huge advantage to applied psychologists. Despite its practical signif

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Mill Site Study Committee Present: Committee Members: Kurtis Amidon, Jerrilyn Bozicas, Stephanie Cronin, Roger Goscombe, Albert Harris, Ronald Karr, Michael Landino, Matt Nesbit, Jeff Sauer, Joseph Sergi, and Stephen Themelis Members absent: Jeffrey Chabot and Gary Giguere Also present: Jay Donovan (Assistant Director, NMCOG) The Committee attended a site visit at the Mill Site

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Technisch Informatieblad Stand: Augustus 2002 EMBASOL HOUTWORMDOOD 1. Productbeschrijving Reukloos en kleurloos houtverduurzamingsmiddel op basis van oplosmiddelen voor het bestrijden van houtaantastende insecten. Embasol Houtwormdood is een bestrijdingsmiddel met een laag risico voor mens en warmbloedige dieren. Toelatingsnummer Werkzame stof Embasol Houtwormdood is toe te

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Unit 15, Sandleheath Industrial Estate Fordingbridge Hants SP6 1PA Telephone number (01425) 656081 COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Inhalation or skin contact over prolonged periods may induce sensitisation manifesting as rashes, rhinitis, oedema, asthma etc. Ingestion, other than

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Kimberly S. Beasley, soprano Jacksonville, FL 32207 Performing Experience Upcoming Engagements: Jacksonville University Orchestra and Chorus Messiah Soloist, December 2011 Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, New Year’s Eve Gala, December 31, 2011 Jacksonville University Faculty Recital, February 2012 Valparaiso University, Guest performance, April 2012 Jacksonville Symphony O


Digital 240 Transducers Digital Fluid Damped Single Point Load Cell FEATURES • Fully Calibrated, filtered digital output • High A/D update rates (adjustable from 50 to 800 • Readings on request OR continuously output• Checkweigher function-reading acquired over period• Configurable filtering• Safeguarded access to calibration for approved• EMC compliant and surge pro


¿QUE ES LA VIOLENCIA DOMESTICA? ¿QUÉ ES VIOLENCIA EN EL NOVIAZGO? ¿QUE SIGNIFICA LA LEY? ¿COMO ME PUEDE AYUDAR LA LEY? Bajo la provisión de la sección 741.28 de la ley de Bajo la provisión de la sección 784.046 de la ley Usted tiene el derecho de poner una denuncia Si usted es víctima de violencia domestica, la Florida, la violencia domestica es cualquier de la Flori


2. carl krebsbach, carpenter 3. daryl tollerud, farmer 4. marilyn tollerud, conference facilitator 5. clint bunsen, co-owner, Bunsen Motors 6. irene bunsen, tomato grower 7. 8. wally kreuger, barkeeper 9. evelyn kreuger, barkeeper’s keeper 10. father wilmer, priest 11. lyle janske, biology teacher (ret.) 12. gary keillor, radio show hostScience and mathematics and more recentlyAnd say a pra

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Oblimersen combined with docetaxel, adriamycinand cyclophosphamide as neo-adjuvant systemictreatment in primary breast cancer: final results ofa multicentric phase I studyJ. Rom1*, G. von Minckwitz2,5, W. Eiermann3, M. Sievert4, B. Schlehe1, F. Marme´1, F. Schuetz1,A. Scharf1, M. Eichbaum1, H.-P. Sinn5, M. Kaufmann6, C. Sohn1 & A. Schneeweiss11Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Univers


SHOPPING POÇOS DE CALDAS RENOVA COM A ATRIZ PAOLA OLIVEIRA PARA ESTRELAR SUAS CAMPANHAS EM 2012. Em maio de 2011 o Shopping Poços de Caldas lançou na mídia a sua campanha do Dia das Mães tendo como estrela principal a atriz da Rede Globo, Paola Oliveira. O impacto junto aos consumidores do centro de compras foi surpreendente. Todos se identificaram com o perfil da atriz f

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SECTION 5 - ANNEXE 10 1. Energy Resources 1.1 Fossil fuels Coal, oil, natural gas, peat, oil shale and tar sands are called fossil fuels because they consist of plant and animal remains, which have been preserved in rocks. Organic material is changed easily by geological processes. Most organic matter decomposes by oxidation and are recycled in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, but a s


Pathological investigations of gentamicin toxicity in commercial layers Muhammad Kashif Saleemi1. Muhammad Zargham Khan1, Ahrar Khan1, Najam Ul Islam3 Zahoor-ul-Hassan 1& Rao Zahid Abbass2 1Department of Pathology, 2Department of Parasitology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. 3Department of Livestock and Dairy Development Toba Tek Singh Pakistan. Pathological investigati

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Advanced science standards: anatomy and physiology

HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIO LOGY (L) STANDARDS - Draft Anatomy and Physiology Students investigate concepts related to the health sciences. Through instruction, including laboratory activities, they apply concepts associated with human anatomy and physiology. Studies will include the process of homeostasis and the essentials of human function at the level of genes, cells, tissues, and

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Talk to your partner(s) about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and your health before you have sex. You can pass on an STI without knowing you have one. During sex, you can use latex condoms to lower Syphilis is an infection that is caused by bacteria. It is a reportable infection, meaning that if you test positive for Syphilis, you will be contacted by a clinic or health department and


Because acne is not an infection, medicated preparations do not help the problem; they tend to irritate the skin. The following should avoid being used where acne occurs: oily make-ups sunscreens preparations with an SPF factor moisturisers. Acne spots often become worse if they are squeezed or picked and it is essential that these habits are discouraged. In the treatme

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