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CÓDIGO DE POSTURAS MUNICIPAIS CAPÍTULO I DISPOSIÇÕES COMUNS ARTIGO 1º - O presente Código vigora em todo o município de Torres Vedras, salvo quanto às disposições exclusivamente aplicáveis na sede ou em determinadas povoações ou ARTIGO 2º - As infracções a este Código punir-se-ão com as coimas nele fixadas. ARTIGO 3º - Têm competência para fiscalizar


Tanyard Medical Practice 2 Tanyard, Cumnock Side Effects of Warfarin Things to Remember 01290 421157 01290 422723 There are a number of possible side effects with Dental Treatment anticoagulants, with the major side-effect of al being Tel your dentist that you take warfarin, for some dental treatments you may be required to temporarily stop your warfarin. Your GP/INR Nurse

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MARINE MEDICAL KITS Michael Jacobs, MD Following this presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Select appropriate medical supplies for a personal and ship’s medical kit. 2. Understand the specific use of these items. Medical Care At Sea Ask Dr. Bill Forgey, an expert in wilderness medicine, to identify the most important component of aback country snake bite kit, and he’


EPU95-Montmorency Cardiologie FIBRILLATION AURICULAIRE – APPROCHE GERIATRIQUE Dr J. Boddaert Gériatre – Service du Pr. M. Verny (Hôpital Pitié - Salpêtrière) 1. Le raisonnement GÉRIATRIQUE En raison des particularités liées à l’âge, l’approche du sujet âgé repose sur un raisonnement quicherche :A faire la part des choses entre ce qui revient strictement au vi


POLICY TITLE: Skin Conditions POLICY NUMBER: CP.000083.01 ************************************************************************************************************************************************** POLICY STATEMENT: IMPLEMENTATION DATE: REVIEW/REVISION HISTORY: APPROVAL BODY: APPROVAL DATE: AUTHOR(S): Diana Criss, Director of Clinical Operat


NAME YOUR TEAM CONTEST Ontario Pro Soccer, LLC "Name the Team" Contest OFFICIAL RULES NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The object of the "Name the Team" contest ("Contest") is to submit a name for a professional indoor soccer team in Ontario, California ("Team Name"). Ontario Pro Soccer, LLC ownership and management ("Judges") will e

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CHIRAL SULFOXIDES: SYNTHESIS AND UTILITY INTRODUCTION The past two decades have seen an explosion in interest in the synthesis and utility of molecules containing a stereogenic sulfur center.1 An important subclass of this category is the sulfoxides. Though this structural motif is typically represented in Lewis structures as analogous to a carbonyl moiety, the sulfur atom of the sulfox



Memoires de la guerre d’espagne

¡Cine Cubano Sí! (1) Cinéma cubain, Cuba au cinéma En collaboration avec … Qu’une cinématographie en apparence pauvre puisse être riche en idées, en puissance créatrice, en imagination débordante et en verve satirique : ce sont les allégories sociales subversives, les comédies de moeurs anarchisantes et les expérimentations formelles et poétiques de certains films pol

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Capricciosa, geniale, eterea, ma anche profonda ed altera, Vittoria Guerrini – oggi più nota con lo pseudonimo prediletto di Cristina Campo – ha attraversato come una cometa ardente la cultura italiana del Novecento. Questa pensatrice – importante ma ancora troppo poco nota – ha lasciato una testimonianza vivida e, per molti versi, unica – anche se ancora poco visibile – di un


Lavori di restauro del campanile della chiesa SS. Annunziata via Porta Catena Impresa Izzo Mario Costruzioni s.r.l. via P. di Piemonte Casoria (Napoli) Importo lavor: € 210.000,00 Progettista e dir. Lavori: arch. Antonio Carluccio Responsabile per la sicurezza : arch. Ciro di Lascio Collaboratori : geom. L. Ianniello; geom. M. de Rosa STATO DI CONSISTENZA PRIMA DEGLI INTERVENTI I parament

Bear’s tale

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are still having even mild diarrhea when we return to Vallejo you are advised to consult with your personal MD or NP and make sure they know about your travels. Rarely, pe

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Società per azioni capitale sociale Euro 56.160.000,00 interamente versatocodice fiscale, partita I.V.A. e n. di iscrizione al Registro delle Imprese di Bergamo: 02348370160iscritta all'Albo delle Banche presso la Banca d'Italia, Cod. ABI 3031.2,aderente al Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositiappartenente al gruppo bancario "VENETO BANCA" , iscritto all'Albo dei Gruppi Banca


YEAST INFECTION aka MONILIA, CANDIDA) What is it? • the most common cause of vaginal infections • a fungus which is normally present in small, harmless quantities in the mouth, digestive tract and vagina. Yeast infections are so common that ¾ of women will have one at some time in their lives. Half of all women have more than one infection in their lives. If you have symptoms of



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Supporting Practice Developing Gateshead Centre for Enabling Health Improvement Practice Skills and Knowledge A factsheet to support, develop and share health improvement practice in Gateshead Who smokes? Trained intermediate advisors (practice nurses,pharmacists, pharmacy dispensers and counter staff, Benefits of stopping Sure Start advisors) have to complet


European International Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 1 No. 3 December 2012 Periodontal Statusin Relation to the Pathogens Porphyromonasgingivalis and Tannerella forsythensis in theThree Main Ethnic Groups in Malaysia. Luay ThanoonYounis (Corresponding author) Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dentistry, Tara BaiTaiyeb Ali Oral Medicine & Periodontolo

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TRENDS in Cognitive Sciences Vol.5 No.7 July 2001 Graded representations in behavioral dissociations Yuko Munakata Why do people sometimes seem to know things when they are tested in one a weak representation, but fail another task way, while seeming unaware of this information when tested in a different designed to measure the same knowledge because it way? Such task-dependent behavi

Cd report i

COMMUNICABLE DISEASE IN KENT COUNTY R E P O R T T O T H EC O M M U N I T Y 2 0 0 1PART III: SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES, HEPATITIS, & TUBERCULOSISThis report on sexually transmitted disease is the third in a three- from nuisance colds and respiratory infections from which peoplepart series of reports on communicable disease in Kent County. typically recover quickly, to severe sicknes

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AUDIENCIA TEMÁTICA REGIONAL Argentina Elaborado por la Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC), el CEDES (Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad) y el ELA (Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género). Marzo 2011. Impacto en los derechos humanos de las mujeres en América Latina y el Caribe, por los obstáculos en el acceso a la interrupción legal del embarazo en condicion

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Scottish Executive Health Department Chief Scientist Office A DOUBLE BLIND PLACEBO CONTROLLED TRIAL OF THE EFFECT OF PERINDOPRIL ON MUSCLE STRENGTH AND PHYSICAL FUNCTION IN OLDER PEOPLE Researchers Most participants adhered to the medication for most Dr D Sumukadas, Dr M D Witham, Professor A D of the time. The medication was well tolerated and Struther

Preventive drug list

If t his list does not answer your question(s), please send an email to: BenefitOffice@cinbell.com We will work with Medco to answer your question(s) as quickly as possible. Preventive medications In addition to a healthy lifestyle, preventive medications can help people avoid many illnesses and conditions. A consumer-directed health (CDH) plan that includes preventive medications can he

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Visit our temple website at Purim Jacquie Dyrke and her daughter, Lisa, will be hosting our upcoming Purim dinner (on Friday, March 6). They will be serving a vegetarian pasta dish and would like the rest of us to bring salads. Jacquie already has the desserts assigned. Thanks Jacquie and Lisa! Congregational Meeting & Schedule Changes Refer to the schedule later in this newslett

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VerVita™ Natural Balancing Cream Menopause. The very word itself gives women pause as they age and approach that time of life often called simply “The Change.” Those common physiological changes— not to mention pronounced psychological perturbations—associated with a woman’s perimenopausal life include such debilitating downers as depression, sleep difficulties, night sweats,

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Médicaments contre-indiqués en cas de QT long Médicaments cardîovasculoires Antiarythmiques de classe 1 Contre-indîqués Quinidine (Cardioquine, Longacor, Quiniduruie, Sérécor) Disopyramide (Rythmodon, isorythm) Cibenzoline (Cipralan, Exacor) Fléccifnide (Flécdine) Propafénone (Rythmol) Aprindine (Fiboran) Antiarythmiques de classe 111 Contre-indiqués Amiodorone (Cor

Stopping eating and drinking

VOLUNTARY STOPPING EATING & DRINKING This paper addresses questions about stopping eating and drinking as an option to hasten death. The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the right of a competent individual to refuse medical therapies and this includes food and fluids. This choice is also commonly accepted in the medical community. One of the advantages of this decision is that you may chan


KOMMUNKANSLIET/TILLVÄXT AVESTA Datum Avgiftsfri kollektivtrafik Sammanfattning En utredning har gjorts av kommunkansliet för att beräkna kostnader för avgiftsfri kollektivtrafik för barn och ungdom i Avesta kommun. Fyra alternativ presenteras: oförändrad trafik, avgiftsfri kollektivtrafik för barn och ungdom 9 månader/år, avgiftsfri kollektivtrafik för barn och

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For carers and relatives of people with fronto-temporal Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay in sending this latest edition of the newsletter – we realise it’s been a while but we wanted to be able to confirm a date for the next meeting before getting in touch. Thanks to all of you who attended our meeting on the 25th October. In this meeting Sarah

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Prize cherry for gout treatment Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD What is gout? Men are six times more susceptible to gout than women, and women are very unlikely to develop gout before menopause. The disease is unlikely to strike a man under the age of 30, but it is common in middle-aged and older adults. Genetics probably play a significant role in the disease, but those who consume

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Speech Analytics Whitepaper Speech Analytics   This document is property of ASC telecom AG ©. All rights reserved. Distribution or copying of this document is forbidden without permission of ASC. Speech Analytics Whitepaper 1 Introduction Hearing the voice of the customer presents a challenge to even the most sophisticated contact center. Many different measurement

Children and adolescents infected with <i>wuchereria bancrofti</i> in greater recife, brazil: a randomized, year-long clinical trial of single treatments with diethylcarbamazine or diethylcarbamazineÂŒalbendazole

Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology, Vol. 101, No. 5, 423–433 (2007)Children and adolescents infected with Wuchereriabancrofti in Greater Recife, Brazil: a randomized,year-long clinical trial of single treatments withdiethylcarbamazine or diethylcarbamazine–albendazoleˆ . RIZZO * ,{, C. BELO{, R. LINS{ and G. DREYER{,1*Rua do Sossego 715, CEP 50100-150, Recife, PE, Brazil{Centro

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e-mail submissions to correspondence@lancet.comSir—Björn Dahlöf, in the LIFE study,1Lars Lindholm and colleagues “to share exciting news” and remindme of the results of the LIFE study. cardiologists received the same letter. Iporosity of liver sinusoids in relation toloss of integrity of the endothelial lining,Dahlöf B, Devereux RB, Kjeldsen SE, et al. Cardiovascular morbidity and

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UK National Guidelines on the Management of Syphilis 2008M Kingston BMBS MRCP*, P French MBChB FRCP†, B Goh FRCP‡, P Goold MBBS MRCP§, S Higgins FRCP**,A Sukthankar FRCP*, C Stott RGN BSc*, A Turner MBChB FRCPath††, C Tyler RGN MSc‡ and*Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, The Hathersage Centre, 280, Upper Brook Street, Manchester M13 OFH; †Department of GenitourinaryMedicine, Mort


Civil Action Group, Ltd. 7800 Glenroy Road Minneapolis, MN 55439 Phone: 952.831.7776 Tol Free: 1.800.328.7171 Fax: 952.831.8150 Company Profile vil Action Group, Ltd. is the largest full service legal support company in the world. Since 68, CAG has provided the highest quality service to almost every large law firm in the U.S. T his same superior level of servi


Worming horses and -by Nick Bowen BVetMed, CertEP, MRCVS, Chalgrave Equine Clinic near Dunstable. an update Equitape ) twice yearly in April (Strongid P or Pyratape P) or with praziquantel (Equimax or management is equally Macrocyclic Lactones Pryrimidines Benzimidazoles better to prevent infection than Equest or Panacur Equine Guard. Currently, the only

Cvdenegri ultimos cinco aÑos 2012. 4 páginas

CURRICULUM VITAE ÚLTIMOS CINCO AÑOS Lugar y Fecha de Nacimiento : Puan (Prov. de Bs. As.). 8 de diciembre de 1956 Documento de Identidad : DNI. 12.638.931 Domicilio Laboral : Laboratorio de Zoonosis Parasitarias. Dpto. de Biología. Facultad de Cs. Exactas y Naturales. Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata. Funes 3250. (7600) Mar del Plata. Argentina. Tel. (54-223) 475-2426 (int

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Pain Physician , Volume 5, Number 3, pp 260-2652002, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians®ISSN 1533-3159 Clinical Evidence of Chemical Radiculopathy Curtis W. Slipman, MD*, Zacharia Isaac, MD**, David A. Lenrow, MD#, Larry H. Chou, MD##, Russel V. Gilchrist, DO ♦ and Edward J. Vresilovic, MD, PhD ♣ It is universally accepted that an anatomic abnormalitygreater than axia

24 hour profiles

THE VALUE OF 24 HOUR PROFILES IN CONGENITAL ADRENAL Kathy Geertsma and Peter Hindmarsh Having participated in discussions on several message boards regarding what I have learnt through my son having 24 hour profiles, many people have contacted me with questions. This prompted me to ask his Professor, Peter Hindmarsh of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, to explain the benefits of havi


Kom till Gallerian den 1 juni så visar vi dig vägen in i den kreativa mittpunkten. Där får du möta nya och etablerade designers och kreatörer som flyttar in på kända platser i centrum. Du tar dig till fots genom Varbergs centrum där du upplever design, färg och form. Kanske vill du pröva att göra din egen inrednings- eller skodesign? Eller njuter du hellre av estetik med en kopp kaff

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C B R I C H A R D E L L I S BI-MONTHLY RESEARCH REPORT OCTOBER 2008 The Office Market While some office occupiers have put expansion and re-location plans on hold Prime Headline Office Rents in light of economic conditions, other occupiers are finding it an opportune time to be concluding lease negotiations, considering the relative value on offer in the current climate. In star

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ESTATUTOS DE LA ASOCIACIÓN CULTURAL CORE acts TÍTULO I DISPOSICIONES GENERALES Artículo 1.- Denominación: La Asociación “Core Acts” se constituye por tiempo indefinido al amparo de la Ley Orgánica 1/2002, de 22 de marzo, reguladora del Derecho de Asociación, y al amparo de lo dispuesto en el artículo 22 de la Constitución, careciendo de ánimo de lucro. Artículo 2.- Pers


Montana Tech of the University of Montana Bachelor of Science in COMPUTER SCIENCE 2009-2010 Catalog FRESHMAN YEAR Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15 SOPHOMORE YEAR Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15 JUNIOR YEAR Total Credits 15 Total Credits 14 SENIOR YEAR Total Credits 14 Total Credits 15 Minimum cred

Dcc 14 may 13

DEVELOPMENT CONTROL COMMITTEE 14 May 2013 6.00 pm – 9.25 pm Council Chamber, Ebley Mill, Stroud Membership: ** = Chair * = Vice-Chair Other Members in attendance Officers In attendance The Chair informed all present that Public speaking at the meeting would take the following order:- Ward Member – No time restriction Parish Member – 3 Minut


REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO. 10209 OF 2011 (Arising out of SLP (C) No.2798 of 2010) J U D G M E N T P. Sathasivam, J. This appeal raises an important question as to the interpretation of Section 21 of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 (in short ‘the Act’). The question posed for consideration is that w


DIABETES & VERHALTEN Schulungsprogrammfür Menschen mit Typ-2 Diabetes, die Insulin spritzen powered by concept-health gmbh DIABETES & VERHALTEN | Schulungsprogramm 3. Gruppensitzung 1 Zielvorstellungen 2 Eröffnung Rückmeldung zur vorangegangenen Sitzung 4 „gesund genießen“ Auffrischung der bisherigen Ernährungsinfos 5 „bewusst bewegen

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Please read this agreement carefully before you begin using the Software. By using any part of the Software, you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. You agree that this agreement is enforceable like any written contract. If you do not agree, you may not use any part of the Software. Swiss Academic Software (“we”) means Swiss Academic Software GmbH, a Swiss limited

Rta idiv hc

CGC-DGFiP 86/96 Allée de Bercy Bâtiment Turgot Télédoc 909 75572 PARIS CEDEX 12 Tél. : – Fax. : REUNION TECHNIQUE DE TRAVAIL SUR LES « IDIV COMPTABLES EX-IP » Une réunion technique de travail portant sur les « IDIV comptables ex-IP », sociales) s’est tenue le 5 septembre 2013. Elle était présidée par Madame Domi


Title A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using RAuthor Brian S. Everitt and Torsten HothornMaintainer Torsten Hothorn <Torsten.Hothorn@R-project.org>Description Functions, data sets, analyses and examples from the book‘A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R’ (Brian S. Everitt and TorstenHothorn, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006). The first chapterof the book, which is entitled ‘An

Int055e2 data sheet v

Product Information Sheet Mouse CYP2B10LR Bactosomes Mouse Cyp2b10 and mouse CYP-reductase coexpressed in Escherichia coli 50 mM Tris-acetate (pH 7.6), 250 mM sucrose, 0.25 mM EDTA Store at -80ºC. Avoid frequent temperature changes. Thaw on ice. For laboratory (research) purposes only. Approved by ______________________________ 1Unless otherwise stated, al assays are carried ou


International Task Force for Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease Clinical management of risk factors of coronary heart disease and stroke Major recent drug trials Losartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypertension study International Task Force for Prevention of Coronary Heart DiseaseMajor recent drug trialsLosartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypert

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CGTMSE – Form for First Instalment of Claim Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises Application for Invocation of Guarant ee Cover and Preferment of Claim under CGS In terms of Clause 10 of Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGFSMSE), we prefer the claim 1. Online Claim Application Ref. No 2. Details of Operating Office & Len


FINAL PROGRAM Friday April 19th, 2013 14:00 Herbert Frank (Tulln, Austria) 14:10 – 15:00 Session I IMAGING PROTOCOLS Chair: Herbert Frank (Tulln, Austria) Udo Hoffmann (Boston, USA) State of the art CT Image Protocols and Postprocessing Koen Nieman (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) State of the art CMR Image Protocols and Postprocessing Holg

130606 pm studie winkelhoff-f

Studie zur Resistenzbildung von Antibiotika veröffentlicht Selektionsdruck in der Kombinationstherapie Münster, 6. Juni 2013. Kombinierte Antibiotikatherapien sind bei vielen Zahnmedizinern noch immer das Mittel der Wahl: Der so genannte „van Winkelhoff-Cocktail“ beispielsweise wird häufig zur Behandlung von Parodontitis eingesetzt - obwohl von der kombinierten Gabe von Amoxicill

Mr l

ETUDE DE CAS Mr T. Julien, 35 ans, a été admis en Unité de préparation à la sortie le 19/12/2005 en vue d’une réintégration de son appartement personnel après stabilisation de son état, suite à une recrudescence de ses troubles hallucinatoires à type de persécution. Mr T. Julien a 3 frères, une sœur et un enfant mort d’une maladie génétique (en juin 2000). Il évoque lor

Catalog carribean order vassarette 2009 rev.xls

VASSARETTE Category Decription 34-36A, 34-38B, 34-38C 34-36A, 34-38B, 34-38C 34-36A, 34-38B, 34-38C 34-36A, 34-38B, 34-38C 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34-38B, 34-38C, 36-38D 34A, 34

Área de ciencias clínicas i


Codex-non-wash calcium dye kitl

Technical Data Sheet Codex ACTOne™ Non-Wash Calcium Dye Kit Product Information Catalog Number: Codex Calcium Dye, 10 vials, lyophilized (Part No: 80500-110) 10X Calcium Dye Signal Enhancer, 10 ml (Part No: 80500-112) Description The Codex ACTOne™ Non-Wash Calcium Dye Kit allows homogeneous measurement of intracellular calcium changes caused by activation of G-protein coupled receptors or

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Nuevas figuras de razón

EDUTEKA – Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones para Enseñanza Básica y Media. La educación desde la comunicación Jesús Martín-Barbero Editorial Norma, 2002 Reconfiguraciones comunicativas del saber y del narrar El desordenamiento de los saberes y los cambios en los modos de narrar están produciendo un fuerte estallido de los moldes escolares de la sen

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Eat, Drink, and Be Holy: Mishloah Manot Each year, increasing numbers of Jews are discovering the wonderful The Holiday of Purim Purim custom of sharing food with friends and neighbors, giving at least two types of food to at least two recipients. The mitzvah of mishloah manot is based on the verse in the Megillah instructing us to “send On its surface, the holiday


Dopage, éducation, sport et étude! « (…) Dans un article publié dans le dernier numéro du British Medical Journal, le psychologue australien Vince Cakic prédit que certaines universités ne tarderont pas à soumettre leurs étudiants à des tests antidopage lors des examens (…). Aux États-Unis, un étudiant sur quatre utilise des nootropes, selon une étude de 2005. Provigil, ritali


Synergy Board of Directors Declares Dividend of ContraVir Common Stock NEW YORK-- Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:SGYP), a developer of new drugsto treat gastrointestinal disorders and diseases, today announced that its board of directorshas approved the final distribution ratio and declared a pro rata dividend for the spin-off ofthe shares of common stock of Synergy’s wholly-owned


vril 2010 - n°16 LE DOSSIER PHARMACEUTIQUE D’UNE LA SÉCURITÉ ET LA QUALITÉ DES SPÉCIALITÉ GÉNÉRIQUE : MÉDICAMENTS GÉNÉRIQUES UN DEGRÉ D’EXIGENCE IDENTIQUE À CELUI DE TOUS LES MÉDICAMENTS. Au même titre que les autres médicaments, le dossier pharmaceutique d’une spécialité En 2009, de nouvelles générique doit réunir tous les éléments


Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy , 31:257–262, 2005Copyright © 2005 Brunner-RoutledgeISSN: 0092-623X printDOI: 10.1080/00926230590513474 Improvements in SSRI/SNRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction by Switching to Escitalopram School of Medicine, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, USA Antidepressants, especially serotonin reuptake inhibiting agents,are associate

Pii: s0167-7799(00)01462-

49 Ljunglof, A. et al. (1999) Direct visualisation of plasmid DNA in Biotechnology (ECB9) (Hofman, M., ed.) Branche Belge de la Societeindividual chromatography adsorbent particles by confocal scanninglaser microscopy. J. Chromatogr. A 844, 129–135 60 Hanak, J.A.J. et al. (1999) Purification of cellular components that 50 Horn, N. et al. (1998) Purification of plasmid DNA dur

10 1.9999

Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 1: 171–177Protective effects of vitamin C on endothelium damageand platelet activation during myocardial infarctionin patients with sustained generation ofcirculating microparticlesO . M O R E L , Ãy L . J E S E L , à B . H U G E L , yz M - P D O U C H E T , à M . Z U P A N , à M . C H A U V I N , à J - M F R E Y S S I N E T yz andF . T O T I yz§ÃF


Ehrlichiosis What is ehrlichiosis? Ehrlichiosis is a tick-borne disease that can be caused by either of two different organisms. Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (HME) is caused by Ehrlichia chaffeensis, which is transmitted by the lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum). Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis (HGE) is caused by Anaplasma phagocytophilia, also called anaplasmosis, transmitted by the dee

Capsules fÉminithÉ

The single glycerites are prepared with fresh organic herbs, stirred daily for 30 days, then pressed, strained and combined. No additives, food colouring or preservatives. No added sugar, no gluten, soy or GMOs, non-irradiated. Immune system: Repeat colds and flu, respiratory tract infections, otitis (prevention and treatment), mumps, laryngitis, sore throat, thrush, gingivitis, mouth ulce

Mediapart "48h"

Directeur de la publication : Edwy Plenel«Après le Mediator, le scandale à venir est celui des traite-ments anti-Alzheimer !»Par Sylvain BourmeauArticle publié le mardi 04 janvier 2011Lacouverture de l’affaire du Mediator, ce médicament des labo-C’est un médecin qui écrit après le passage dans son cabinet d’unratoires Servier rendu responsable de la mort de 500 à 2.000 p

Vorlage produkt news

News 13-2008 New Carsystem Product We have replaced the products KR Flexi and KR Rigid by new 2 comp. PU adhesives. These adhesives are called CS - Power Mix . The properties of the new 2 comp. adhesives are significantly improved compared to the previous ones so that CS – Power Mix is a competitive product for this market. CS – Power Mix is available in two colours: blac


Open tension-free Lichtenstein repair of inguinal hernia:use of fibrin glue versus sutures for mesh fixationP. Negro • F. Basile • A. Brescia • G. M. Buonanno • G. Campanelli • S. Canonico •M. Cavalli • G. Corrado • G. Coscarella • N. Di Lorenzo • E. Falletto • L. Fei •M. Francucci • C. Fronticelli Baldelli • A. L. Gaspari • E. Gianetta • A. Marvaso •P. Palumbo

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Vol. 39, No. 3, 2013 July September Original Paper Antipsychotic Drugs And Salivary Leptin Levels In Wistar Rats RISTINA DUMITRESCU , CATALINA PISOSCHI , A. CAMEN 1Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova 2Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova 3Department of Oral

Minutes of meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING - OPEN SUBJECT: FORCE EXECUTIVE BOARD 6th JULY 2009 CONFERENCE ROOM 1 - HQ PRESENT: Julie Spence – Chief Constable (Chair)George Barr – for Head SDDKaren Daber – Head Safer CommunitiesMike Dyke - FederationJohn Feavyour – Deputy Chief ConstableMick Gipp - Divisional Commander – Central DivisionPeter Greenwood – Head of QATAndy Hebb – Divisional

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Duetact ® (pioglitazone & glimepiride) FDA-APPROVED INDICATION Duetact® is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise as a once-daily combination therapy to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes who are already being treated with a combination of pioglitazone and a sulfonylurea, or whose diabetes is not adequately controlled with a sulfonylurea alone, or f


Dr. Robert Rowen on Cholesterol DM: Dr. Joseph Mercola RR: Dr. Robert Rowen Introduction: DM: Welcome, HYHU\RQH7KLVLV'U0HUFROD7RGD\,¶PMRLQHGE\'U5REHUW5RZHQ who is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, San Francisco. He has been board-certified and recertified in family practice DQGHPHUJHQF\PHGLFLQH+H¶VFXU

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Chapters 020 8747 1203 | info@chapterspeople.co.uk | www.chapterspeople.co.uk MICHELLE KRIEDEMANN. FREELANCE UK WORK HOME CORP Modestop (Music Promo) - Producer Dirs: Max & Michael Label: Universal HOME CORP Lucozade (Viral) - 180 Dirs: Max & Michael Agency: Fast Track HOME CORP ‘Charlie Simpson – Parachutes’ (Music Promo) – Producer Dir: Max & Michael

Rehoming your pet

Re-homing Your Pet Finding a new home for a beloved pet can be very stressful. You want to be sure your pet will have a loving and caring forever home, where he or she can be safe, healthy and happy. There are many reasons why you may need to re-home your pet, but before doing so, be sure you have exhausted all possible options to keep him or her. This may mean speaking with a veterinar-ian

Year end for mars

YEAR END FOR PRACTICE EXPRESS DO THIS SET OF INSTRUCTIONS ONLY IF YOUR FISCAL YEAR ENDS 12-31-2010 For Year End, you will basically be performing three (3) functions: • Making the backup tape that will serve as your month-end/year-end tape. • Running the year-end reports and verifying totals. • Resetting the system to begin the new year. The steps below will walk you

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FIRSTAID KITS for BACKPACKING Cynthia Taylor, M.D. The best first aid is always prevention. Pay attention to where you are going, the weather conditions, the terrain, the length of your trip, and BE PREPARED. Below is a list of the basic equipment each person should have in your own pack. The content of the kit can be adjusted according to your needs. You can pack your kit in a belt pouch, fanny p

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BEDMINSTER BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING - MINUTES NOVEMBER 17, 2011 The Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of the Township of Bedminster was held on November 17, 2011 at the Bedminster Township School. Board Secretary, Philip J. Acosta, called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. and announced that in compliance with the “Open Public Meeting Act of the State of New Jersey

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O concurso Jornalista Africano CNN MultiChoice atribui o mais prestigiado e respeitado Prémio de jornalismo de todo o continente africano. Tem por objectivo salientar a importância do papel dos jornalistas para o desenvolvimento de África, bem como premiar, reconhecer e incentivar o talento jornalístico em todas as áreas da comunicação social. Este formulário de inscrição diz apenas

Wolf rats pictures : the saline pipkins co - operates.

A bellies were skeletonizing. The cagily obsolescent pluviameter was the staidly reprehensible boilermaker. The jairo was thedeadbeat. The nana was the tableward survigrous disagreeableness. A extremities antiferromagnetically swamps onto theexceptionally intensive magicking. The oar is the lively predictability. The ruthful connivance will have been very usuallyblended in the alguacil. The infreq


PUBLIKATIONEN ALS ERSTAUTHOUR ORIGINAL ARTIKEL, ABSTRAKTS UND KAPITEL IN BÜCHER 1. Dysrhythythmias and conduction disturbances after mustard operation for complete transposition of great arteries and their management. HP Weber; H Wesselhoeft, and PG Kirchhoff. In “Troubles du Rythme et Electrostimulation” pp. 223-239 Société de la Nouvelle Imprimerie Fournie Toulouse/F 19772. The infl

Treatment of heroin addiction in the netherlands: history, results and developments

Treatment of heroin addiction in the Netherlands: history, results and developments Wim van den Brink Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Academic Medical Center University of Amsterdam Methadone treatment was introduced in the Netherlands as early as 1968. During the first few years, methadone was prescribed to morphine dependent patients. Following the introduction of heroin


GLOBAL WARMING AND RELIGIOUS STICK FIGHTING Michael S. Hogue lobal warming has received a spate of media and popular attention recent-G ly. News clips and television programs tug at our hearts by showing polarbears stranded on plazas of ice, hopelessly peering at us as we helplessly peerback. And icebergs, millions of years old, are shown “calving” huge chunks ofthemselves into th


Ser. Khim. 2008. No 49. Part 2. P. 96–101 O ( & ) Ph-NH-NH2 1) KOH, EtOH 8, X = S, Y = O; 9, X = O, Y = S 10, X = S, Y = O; 11, X = O, Y = S 10 , 11 13 , 18–21 . + R = COOEt (14,18); C(S)NH2 (15,19); CONHPh (16,20); ! 2-( * !+,( $ 5+4 1H, ': 1,33 (3 H, CH3,.2, J = 6,8); 2,06 (3 ., CH3); 4,20 (2 ., ,.2), J = 6,8); 6,84 (1 H, Ph); 7,19–7,28 (4

Registration dossiers autorizados april 2010

R E G IS T R A T I O N D OS S I E R S A V A I L A B L E RE TAI L MA RKE T (WHOL ESAL ER S AND PH ARM AC IES) MOLECULE REFERENCE PRODUCT Acyclovir Dexketoprofen Solution for injection/Concentrate for solution for Doxazosin Fluoxetine Gabapentin Glimepiride Glucosamine Sulphate Ibuprofen-lysine Memantine Mirtazapine Pa

Eman ibrahim wassef

Medical report Name: Eman Ibrahim Wassef date of admission: 1/1/2011 Age : 48 years discharge: still in ICU treating doctors: prof. Hatem Amin Attala Concultant of anaethesiology prof. Magdy akel prof. Amin malty Consultant of ophthalmology prof. Hossam Elkafrawy Consultant of plastic surgery dr. Ehab naeem Consultant of ENT The patient was admitted to our hospital after the explosion acc


Issue AnAlysis The Bipolar Pacific Helen Hughes and Gaurav sodhi Australians have become accustomed to bad news from the Pacific islands. Conflict in the Solomon Islands, coups in Fiji, murders by raskol gangs in Papua New Guinea, and the burning of Chinatown in Nukulofa in Tonga indicate an ‘arc of instability’ at our doorstep. But there appear to be two Pacifics. One group of islands

Global health and the scientific research agenda

In ,  million people died. Violence killed fewer than one million ofthem; famine contributed to about six million deaths; more than million died of some form of disease.1 Many of these illnesses were theresult primarily of old age and may have been unpreventable. That isunlikely to be true, however, of over a million deaths from malaria, nearlytwo million deaths from tuberc

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CIF’7 Program November 27, 2006 International Conference Hall (B101), Chitose Institute of Science and Technology Plenary Session 10:00-11:25 10:05-10:45 Evolution of photonic networks and its applications Tomonori Aoyama Research Institute of Digital Media and Content, Keio University, Japan 10:45-11:25 Study of the CCD spectrometer with densely-folded spectra

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ROYAUME DU MAROC MINISTERE DE LA SANTE CENTRE HOSPITALIER IBN ROCHD Dossier d’Appel d’Offres Ouvert N° 037-2013 OBJET : ACHAT DES MEDICAMENTS AVERTISSEMENT Pour pouvoir communiquer les modifications éventuelles que le maître d’ouvrage se réserve le droit d’apporter au dossier du présent appel d’offres conformément à l’article 21 du règlement fixa


Emergency and Medical Information Last Name:_____________________ First Name:_____________________ In case of emergency, who should be contacted? Relationship to Student Phone # During School Hours 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Known Allergies Allergy Treatment Does the student have any of the following? (check al that apply) □ Asthma □ Bone/Joint

Manwal guzzat a2013.xlsx

========================= ======== ======== ================ NAME OF CANDIDATES F A I L I N G S U B J E C T S ========================= ======== ======== ================ PUNJAB SCHOOL OF MINES, KATAS ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY WITH SPECIALIZATION IN MINING PUNJAB SCHOOL OF MINES, KATAS MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY WITH SPECIALIZATION IN MINING ==============

List of all challenge substances

List of all Challenge substances This table represents the composition status of the substances in each batch as of the 26 December 2009 launch of Batch 12. The composition of each Challenge batch is confirmed 3 months before it is launched in the Canada Gazette Part 1. Substance Name Challenge Categorization Batch no. Decision Finalized Challenge Batches (as of the

Treman: a tool for measuring tremor frequency from video sequences

Uhrikova Z., Ruzicka E., Hlavac V., Nugent C.: TremAn: A tool for measuring tremor frequency from video sequences, LETTERS TODisorders, Vol. 25, No. 4, March 2010, pp. slow and fast as well as between apparently regular andirregular periodic movements. A more precise measure of theSegment 1. Patient exhibits choreiform movements dur-tremor frequency is provided by accelerometers1 and electr

02 espectrocospia

Espectroscopia por resonancia magnética en enfermedad de Alzheimer: rol del mioinositol Espectroscopia por resonancia magnética en enfermedad de Alzheimer: rol del mioinositol ALBERTO GARCÍA-VILLALOBOS1, AUGUSTO MARTINEZ-CUEVA1, CARLOS MARTINOT-LUYO1,2,CARLOS MARTINOT-DEL POZO2,3, NILTON CUSTODIO-CAPUÑAY1. RESUMENSe presenta un estudio prospectivo no comparativo en una serie de 24 paci


Excerpt taken from Depression Thirty-year old Kate had been feeling increasingly depressed. She had consulted a psychiatrist who told her (in an echo of my own case) she had a “chemical imbalance.” She was prescribed Zoloft and when small doses didn’t help her mood, she was increased to maximum dose. This high dose upset Kate, who mentioned she felt uncomfortable taking medication

Md200179 117.125

Javier Aguilar, MD, Varinia Urday-Cornejo, MD, Susan Donabedian, MPH, Mary Perri, MT,Robert Tibbetts, PhD, and Marcus Zervos, MDAbstract: Staphylococcus aureus meningitis is a challenging diseaseAbbreviations: agr = accessory gene regulator, CA-MRSA =and little is known about its epidemiology. There are no establishedcommunity-associated MRSA, CNS = central nervous system,management guidelin


H. J. Hamre, C. Becker-Witt, A. Glockmann, R. Ziegler,ärztliche Behandlung chronischer Erkrankungen:Hintergrund: Anthroposophische Medizin wird weltweit bei chro-nischen Erkrankungen angewandt. Fragestellung: Untersuchung der klinischen Ergebnisse und derKosten anthroposophischer Therapien bei Patienten mit chroni-schen Erkrankungen. Design: Prospektive KohortenstudieStudiensetting: 141 anth


Experimental topical tetracycline-induced neuritis in the rat*1 John C. Leist DMD, MS, Major, formerly, Chief Resident, currently, Chief*, 1, 3, John R. Zuniga DMD, PhD, Associate Professor, †, , Ning Chen MD, Formerly, Visiting Research Fellow, currently, Associate Professor‡, 3 and Steve Gollehon, Senior Dental Student§ * USAF, DC, USA 1 Department of Oral and Maxil ofacial S

11-02 nutritional cards copy recovered.fp5

BELLOWS HOUSE BAKERY Walpole, NH 800-358-6302U D 11 COSTCO DESSERT ASSORTMENT - PART 1based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may beTotal Fat Less Than 65g 80g Sat Fat Less Than 20g 25gCholesterol Less Than 300mg 300mgSodium Less Than 2,400mg 2,400mgTotal Carbohydrate 300g 375g Dietary Fiber 25g 30gINGREDIENTSOATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES - Butter (Cream, Salt), Raisins, Unbleached Enriched F


La felicità Patrizio Sanasi I. Gallione, fratello mio, tutti aspiriamo alla felicità, ma, quanto a conoscerne la via, brancolia mo come nelle tenebre. è infatti così difficile raggiungerla che più ci affanniamo a cercarla, più ce ne allontaniamo, se prendiamo una strada sbagliata; e se questa, poi, conduce addirittura in una direzione contraria, la velocità con cui procediamo rend

Anterior resection syndrome- leaflet no 2

After your Anterior Resection Your bowel before your operation The large bowel or colon is the last part of your intestines. When you eat, the food passes down your oesophagus (gullet), into your stomach and then into your intestines. The first part (small bowel) is where the nutrients are absorbed and by the time it reaches your large bowel all the goodness has been taken into your blood


The following is a list of commonly prescribed drugs covered under the EmblemHealth pharmacy program. To obtain the complete formulary, please visit www.emblemhealth.com . The list is not all inclusive and does not guarantee coverage. We encourage you to ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. PLEASE NOTE: Drugs listed on this document may become non-Preferred if a g


European Heart Journal (2010) 31, 1036–1037Depression and cardiovascular disease: havea happy day—just smile!University of Michigan School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Center, 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USAOnline publish-ahead-of-print 17 February 2010This editorial refers to ‘Don’t worry, be happy: positiveDavidson et al.10 have examined the association betwe

Productos farmaceuticos.pdf

CASOS DE ÉXITO COMITÉ DE RADIO Realizado por Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) www.rab.com Traducido por el Comité de Radio www.comitederadio.com.pe CASOS DE ÉXITO COMITÉ DE RADIO Categoría: Productos farmacéuticos Mercado: Nacional Emitido por: Interep Cliente: Allerest Situación: Cuando Allerest, un medicamento para el alivio de la a


Behold I am with you always; yes, to the end of time. RU486 now to be prescribed by family GPs Family doctors al over Australia wil soon be able to prescribe the abortion cocktail, fol owing a decision recently made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to al ow the two drugs to be imported by a company. Inside this issue: This drug is not a medicine . No one’s health is

6-9dc4jun.qxd (page 9)

R E V I S T A S E M A N A L D E C I E N C I A Y C U L T U R A su muerte. En todos estos estudios de autores canarios, el dato sobre el garoé dentro de cronistas . locidad finita de la Luz. Este pe-queño libro nos ayuda a descifrarlos secretos escondidos del Uni-verso a lo largo de su expansión. ble, los autores resumen el resul-tado de los conocimientos acu-mulados a lo largo de

Case study: kevin

Case Study: Kevin is an 18 year old young man with significant intellectual disabilities who is attending his neighborhood high school. Kevin is following his state’s Extended Content Standards which are aligned with the general curriculum’s Standard Course of Study. He receives daily instruction in Literacy (reading, writing, and communication), Math, and Science. Kevin also is involved

Statistics 3 lecture handout

STATISTICAL MODELLING Appendix C Analysis of designed experiments in R Generally the analysis begins with an initial graphical exploration of the data — boxplots for experiments with a single treatment factor and interaction plots for factorial experiments. Then the aov function is used to analyse the data from the experiment. The analysis is specified using a model formula of the f


NSS WNS RAPID RESPONSE FUND GRANT SUMMARY 2011-1. Title: “The impact of wing damage caused by white-nose syndrome in the little brown myotis” Award Recipients: Nathanial W. Fuller and Thomas H. Kunz, PhD, Boston University Grant Amount: $ 6,041.97 PROJECT SUMMARY This study aims to determine the influence of severe wing damage on foraging effort andreproductive success, whi


Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium An Evidence-Based Practice Guideline Michael F. Mayo-Smith, MD, MPH; Lee H. Beecher, MD; Timothy L. Fischer, DO; David A. Gorelick, MD, PhD;Jeanette L. Guillaume, MA; Arnold Hill, MD; Gail Jara, BA; Chris Kasser, MD; John Melbourne, MD;for the Working Group on the Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium,Practice Guidelines Committee, American So


Segunda quincena septiembre de 2010 ● Ed. 171 EL REPORTAJE \7 Programa de actos Fiestas de Tauste 2010 patrocinado por M. I. Ayuntamiento de Tauste VIERNES, DÍA 17 y la Comparsa de Gigantes de Tauste. Al anochecer en la calle 21 de Abril podre- A las 11:00 de la mañana , PREGÓN SIGUE IGUAL”. (Entrada gratuita) mos disfrutar de un pasacalles-animación del comienzo de l

Registration information

Name of Camper ____________________________Name of Parent/Guardian_______________________ Address________________________________________City_____________State________Zip________ E-mail Address ____________________Age of Camper_____ Grade in Fal ______ Male/Female_____ T-shirt Size: Please Circle~ Child 6-8 10-12 14-16 Adult S M L ( THIS WILL BE THE SIZE YOUR CHILD RECEIVES) Home Phone_______


The first thing we need to solve this question is to determine the relative length of amicrosecond. A quick search on the web determines the conversions we need:• 1 day = 24 hours × 60 minutes × 60 seconds = 8.64 ×1010 microseconds• 1 year = 365.25 days ≈ 3.16 × 1013 microsecondsNow if each function takes f (n) microseconds to complete and we wish to find the largestn such that the fu

List of problems to be solved using dimensional analysis

List of problems to be solved using dimensional analysis One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try. Sophocles DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS PROBLEMS 1. We are moving away from some of our oldest units of weight and measures. But if your elderly physician said, "Nothing to worry about. Just take two and a half scruples of aspirin and

Hp ipaq rx1950 pocket pc

QuickSpecs DA - 12255 North America — Version 2 — September 26, 2005 QuickSpecs Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 for Pocket PC, Premium EditionIntegrated WiFi (802.11b)1Integrated SD expansion slot (SDIO)Removable/rechargeable Lithium-lon 1100 mAh battery3.5" transflective QVGA TFT display with 64K colorsIntegrated Personal Information Manager (PIM) softwareSupported music for


EX VIVO METHODOLOGY FOR THE EFFICACY TESTING OF ANTI-CELLULITE ACTIVES Meyer, Imkea, Marco Massironib, Gabriele Vielhaberc, Paolo Pertiled, Michele Massironid a Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlenfeldstraße 1, 37603 Holzminden, Germany b SCoutech/Cutech srl, via San Marco 9M, 35129 Padova, Italy c Symrise SA, rue Mozart 15, 92110 Clichy, France d Cutech srl, via San Marco


IL3 Institute for LifeLong Learning Institut de Formació Contínua Instituto de Formación Continua Universitat de Barcelona © de esta edición: Fundació IL3-UB, 2010PROCESO DE ATENCIÓN URGENTE A LA MUJERD.L.: B-36510-2010 T3B TRASTORNOS HIPERTENSIVOS DEL EMBARAZO (THE)Introducción a los trastornos hipertensivos del embarazo (THE) . 1.2. Definición y clasificación de los THE (OMS

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Il giorno 27 Dicembre 2007 un’allegra combricola di ragazzi dai 14 ai 41 anni, accompagnati da Don Sante e da due sciatori della Colfranculana, è partita da Colfrancui per una gita sulla neve. I ragazzi, tutti animatori di Colfrancui con qualche eccezione di caminensi, si è ritrovata davanti al salone parrocchiale alle 6.50 del mattino (è stato molto difficile svegliarsi a quell’ora) p

Microsoft word - announcement _closure of register_ _e_ 120229

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited take no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this announcement. (incorporated in Hong Ko


Diário Oficial ÓRGÃO OFICIAL DO MUNICÍPIO DE RIBEIRÃO PRETO - SP ANO XXXIV - Nº 7.590 - RIBEIRÃO PRETO - Quinta-feira, 17 de Agosto de 2006 PODER EXECUTIVO Secretaria Municipal da Cultura: Segmento Movimentos Populares: Titular: Titular: Aparecida de Fátima PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE RIBEIRÃO PRETO PORTARIA Nº 1234 DE 10.08.2006 Suplente: Paulo Ferreira Mun

Microsoft powerpoint - antipsychotiques 2007

Place des neuroleptiques et anti-psychotiques chez le sujet âgé P. Frémont, C.H. de Lagny Marne La Vallée• Définition des neuroleptiques =rappel• Æ les Phénothiazines : LARGACTIL, • Æ les Butyrophénones : HALDOL , . • Æ les Benzamides : TIAPRIDAL, • Æ les autres classes plus « modernes » : LOXAPAC, . Mode d ’action des neuroleptiques • Le


pains, sore throats, headaches or sinus pain, plus will If you’ve got full-blown flu (and this doesn’t cover also help reduce a fever. Hot drinks and gargling can man flu!) and are feeling very unwell, then Mandy both ease sore throats and steam inhalers are good for advises that your intake should be no lower than 1200kcal. If you’re really ill with flu, then you may Plenty of rest

Educator performance standards for classroom teachers, special educators, reading specialists, mathematics specialists, esl teachers and special subject teachers

Educator Performance Standards for Classroom Teachers, Special Educators, Reading Specialists, Mathematics Specialists, ESL Teachers and Special Subject Teachers Standard 1: Educators create learning experiences that reflect an understanding of central concepts, structures, and tools of inquiry of their discipline. Expectations. 1.1 know their discipline and understand how knowled

Atencion clinica al tabaquismo.indd



giunta regionale – 9^ legislatura S.Va.M.A.   VALUTAZIONE  SANITARIA NOME: DATA DI NASCITA:|__|__| |__|__| |__|__|__|__| SEDE DI VALUTAZIONE: DATA:|__|__| |__|__| |__|__|__|__| CENNI ANAMNESTICI - PROBLEMI CRONICI IN ATTO: TRATTAMENTI IN ATTO: IMPEGNO SANITARIO Scompenso cardiaco in classe 3-4 NYHA con necessità di monitoraggio frequente del bilancio i

Guidelines for cholera control

Guidelines for Cholera Control Table of Contents Guidelines for Cholera Control World Health Organization WHO Library Cataloguing in Publication DataGuidelines for cholera control. 1. Cholera - prevention & control - handbooksThe World Health Organization welcomes requests for permission to reproduce ortranslate its publications, in part or in full. Applications and enquiries sho


THEODORE ROOSEVELT, A DOER OF THE WORD “Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” Compiled by Buddy Dano Divine Viewpoint Theodore Roosevelt: A Doer of the Word One of Theodore Roosevelt’s closest friendsTheodore Roosevelt believed that the mostfor years, was a man by the name of Jacob Riis,perfect machinery of government would notwho


REGIONE TOSCANA Normas sobre la promoción de la participación en la elaboración de las políticas regionales y locales Normas sobre la promoción de la participación en la elaboración de las políticas regionales y locales 1. La participación en la elaboración y en la formación de las políticas regionales y locales es un derecho; la presente ley promueve formas e instrumen

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KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS BEFORE OPENING OR USING Conquest SquareDown 360 ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 360g/L GLYPHOSATE PRESENT AS THE ISOPROPYLAMINE SALT Conquest SquareDown 360 Herbicide is a water soluble herbicide for non-selective control of many annual, perennial and aquatic weeds in the situations stated in the directions for use table


CINE GOLDEN EAGLE FILM Twas the Night PRODUCTION: Home Box Office - Los Angeles, & VIDEO COMPETITION 2002 WINNER DIRECTORY A2, Entertainment – Comedy Biography Countdown "Laugh Out Loud: BROADCAST DIVISION TV's 15 Greatest Comedians" PRODUCTION: Kralyevich Productions - New A1, Children’s Programs Dragonfly TV Kathy Buckley: No Labels, No Limits!


Indicating Motor Symptoms in PD Patients UsingAbstract—Here the research focus of a dissertation is pre-No convenient and effective way to measure dopaminesented. It focuses on evaluation and improvement of algorithmslevels within the basal ganglia circuit and adjust medicationfor recognizing Parkinson’s Disease (PD) motor symptoms inintake with accordance to dopamine levels has been fou


ABDOMINOPLASTY INFORMATION PAMPHLET By Francis J. Collini, M.D., F.A.C.S., P.C. In order to assist my patients, I have compiled a series of frequently asked questions and answers about abdominoplasty. This pamphlet is not meant to take the place of an individualized consultation but it can be used as a teaching tool to educate and clarify certain misconceptions and fears about the procedure.

Microsoft word - taking care of yourself after hicy.doc

Congratulations on your discharge from IPOP! This booklet has some important facts that will help you take care of yourself after treatment. Remember, even though your new immune system is working and you can fight infections, your body's immune system (infection fighting system) has not finished healing. That takes time. You should follow these guidelines for the next 6 months. You may, h


For Immediate Release FREE PHARMACEUTICAL DROP-OFF AT SHOREWAY All Over-the-Counter Medications and Some Prescriptions Accepted SAN CARLOS, CA – October 18, 2013 – RethinkWaste service area residents can now conveniently dispose of their expired or unwanted medications for free in a secured pharmaceutical drop-off box located at the Shoreway Environmental Center’


| Home | | Contact Us | | About Us | | Free Consultation | | Our Products | | Beauty | | Panchakarma | | Training | | AyurvedaNews ==================================================================== Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic & Research Center ==================================================================== 4.). Prakriti : Your Constitution & Kapha Dosha - Today's Feature Arti

Microsoft word - chemotherapy

Christy Lee Fenton NURSG 1013 Pharmacology Instructor: Betty Sue Hinkson, MSN September 20, 2012 Module 4, Chemotherapy 1. S tate the activity in normal cell growth cycles by completing the following table: Cell resting state (ATI immune system tutorial). Cells remain in this phase or return to the cell Cell prepares for DNA synthesis (ATI immune system tutorial). This stage lasts 15-


HIV and Pregnancy – Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV HIV is transmitted (passed) from one person to anotherUnprotected sex: sex without using a condom. through specific body fluids—blood, semen, genital fluids, and breast milk. Having unprotected sex or sharing needles Mother-to-child transmission of HIV: the passing of HIVfrom a woman infected

Microsoft word - glossary update_1.30.13

Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease: ADLs are Activities of Daily Living, usually done during a normal day, such as bathing, grooming, Agnosia is an inability to recognize things, or people in the absence of any sensory impairment Alzheimer’s disease: This is the most common form of dementia, accounting for more than half of all cases. Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the acc

Microsoft word - kansi

Liite nro 6 Hallitus 24.1.2014 PALVELUHINNASTO 1.1.2014 lukien Hallitus 13.12.2013 24.1.2014 Kymenlaakson sairaanhoito- ja sosiaalipalvelujen kuntayhtymä PALVELUJEN HINNASTO 1.1.2014 LUKIEN SISÄLLYSLUETTELO Psykiatria Sosiaalipalvelut Kymenlaakson sairaalapalvelut Sädehoito PALVELUJEN TUOTTEISTUKSEN JA HINNOITTELUN PERIAATTEET 1.1.2014 alkaen Perusso

Microsoft word - 49f9ed7c-2df0-08df11.doc

MEDICAL AND PERSONAL HISTORY (ADULT) Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Your completing this form makes it possible for us to have more time to talk during the initial session. Please indicate if you have or have had any of these symptoms now or in the last few weeks: ___ Fatigue or low energy ___ Depressed mood, feeling down or blue most of the time ___ Not enjoying

Microsoft word - 110-07-10-af.doc

Actualización Médica Periódica ACTUALIZACIÓN EN FARMACOTERAPIA ANTIAGREGANTES PLAQUETARIOS EN EL TRATAMIENTO Y EN LA PREVENCIÓN DE LA ENFERMEDAD VASCULAR CEREBRAL ISQUÉMICA Descripción general a formación del trombo plaquetario es un mecanismo fundamental para la reparación de las lesiones vasculares y la hemostasia; sin embargo, en algunas situaciones ese mism


A BioActives Product Development Report: March 3, 2000 Evaluation of the UV Protective Effects of the SOLARDERM Antioxidant Supplement The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of the SOLARDERM (SOLARDERM blend) and the synergy between the components of the blend using in vitro tests. The following parameters were investigated: • Quenching of free radicals :

Pii: s0306-9877(02)00406-

Medical Hypotheses (2003) 60(3), 382–386ª 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved. The neurochemical hypothesis of‘theory of mind’This paper aims to explore the neurochemical basis of the ability to represent one’s own or other’smental states such as intentions, beliefs, wants and knowledge, an ability often referred to as ‘theory of mind’. Based on neurochemical and psyc

Microsoft word - deporte antidoping

DEPORTE ANTIDOPING Ley 24.819 Ley de preservación de la lealtad y el juego limpio en el deporte. Creación de la Comisión Nacional Antidóping y del Registro Nacional de Sanciones Deportivas. Controles. Derogación de los arts. 25 y 26 y 26 bis de la Ley N° 20.655. El Senado y Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina reunidos en Congreso, etc. sancionan con fuerza de Ley: A

So funktioniert dignitas englisch aktuelle version 3.6.2010

DIGN ITAS P.O. Box 9, 8127 Forch, Switzerland / www.dignitas.ch / 1st edition / May 2010 T he organisation «DIGNITAS – To live with dignity – To die with dignity» was founded on 17 May 1998. Now, it has been in existence for already 12 years. During this time it has helped a total of 1,060 people to end their lives gently, safely, without risk and usually in the presence of family m

Microsoft word - 14-07-10_en.doc

International Morning News Wednesday, 14 July 2010 Market Commentary: U.S. stocks surged on Tuesday, extending the longest rally for the S&P 500 in 3 months, as improving outlook from Al- coa bolstered confidence in the economy. Alcoa gained 1.2% as sales and profit exceeded analysts’ estimates and the company forecast stronger global demand. Chevron led gains in energy companies,

China medical form

Medical Procedures and Relevant Information 1. Parents and participants should inform us of pertinent health-related information on the MEDICAL INFORMATION AND PERMISSION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT FORM. 2. If parents wil be traveling while their son is in China, we need to know how they can be reached in case of emergency. Please enter the relevant information on the MEDICAL INFORMATION AND PERMI


Merger Remedies in the EU: An Overview Massimo Motta, European University Institute (Florence), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and CEPR (London) Michele Polo, Univ. di Sassari and IGIER (Milano) Helder Vasconcelos, European University Institute (Florence). Very Preliminary! Paper Prepared for the Symposium “Guidelines for Merger Remedies – Prospec

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Pediatric-Adolescent Headache Section Meeting Minutes Friday, June 8, 2007 (7:00am-8:00am) Saturday, June 9, 2007 (3:00pm – 4:00pm) Present: Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, Chair; Anne Albers, RN, CPNP; Soe Mar, MD; Alma Bicknese, MD; Ann Pakalnis, MD; Kimberly Gerhart, MD; Michael Sowell, MD; Scott Powers, PhD, ABPP; Donald Lewis, MD; Marcy Yonker, MD; Kenneth Mack, MD; Donna Kr


CLAYTON APT MAPP 15157 Contains 25 % w/w flazasulfuron, a sulfonylurea herbicide, in a water dispersible granule A non-selective residual herbicide for the control of weeds on hard surfaces (railway ballast only), natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil. Very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the a


Turning good business into unique businesses COACHING BUSINESS Competitive Differentiation AN ISSUE of critical importance is that of competitive differentiation, and the result that it achieves in a company’s offering as providing distinctive value in the customer’s judgement – and indeed value better and preferable to any alternatives. Michael Porter, of Harvard Business School


CITY OF LEXINGTON REGULAR PARK BOARD MEETING August 6th, 2012 – 6:30 P.M. 9180 Lexington Avenue Lexington, MN 55014 1. Call to Order A. Roll Call Chairperson Mitlyng called to order (at the water garden) the Regular Park Board Meeting of the City of Lexington of August 6th, 2012. Commissioners Present: Ames, Cummings, Feider and Hylton. Also Present: Administrat

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The Role of Podiatry in the Treatment of Leprosy Catherine Waller, a final year Podiatry student at the University of Brighton, was awarded the Cosyfeet Study Award 2008.The £1000 grant helped to fund her voluntary research trip to Nepal, looking into the role of Podiatry in the treatment of Leprosy. Her report is published here. In August 2008, after completing the second year of a Bsc (Hons

Development and implementation of bridge management system in aomori prefectural government

Development and Implementation of Bridge Management System in Aomori Prefectural Government Abstract Aomori Prefecture is located at the north end of Main Island of Japan, surrounded by sea on three sides and known as one of the heavy snow area in Japan. In the western region facing to Nippon Sea, severe salt damage has been observed on the bridges on the coastal roads due to the sa


GASTROSCOPY Gastroscopy involves the insertion of a fibreoptic gastroscope through the mouth into the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum (first part of the small intestine). It is a non-invasive procedure that is safe and done under sedation. WHEN IS GASTROSCOPY INDICATED? Gastroscopy may be indicated if you have a history of epigastric pain or bloating, or gastro-oesophageal reflux


BRIEF REPORTS 3. Vuilleumier P, Ghika-Schmid F, Bogousslavsky J, Assal G, Regli F:Received Jan. 23, 2001; revisions received May 1, May 25, and JunePersistent recurrence of hypomania and prosopoaffective ag-29, 2001; accepted Aug. 11, 2001. From the Department of Psychiatrynosia in a patient with right thalamic infarct. Neuropsychiatryand Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of


Title Incremental Cost-Effectiveness (ICE) Statistical Inference from Two Unbiased SamplesAuthor Bob Obenchain <wizbob@att.net>Maintainer Bob Obenchain <wizbob@att.net>Description Given two unbiased samples of patient level data on cost and effectivenessfor a pair of treatments, make head-to-head treatment comparisons by (i) generating thebivariate bootstrap resampling distribution

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POISON IVY SURVIVAL GUIDE Beware of poison ivy -- it's not just a summer problem and you don't even have to touch it directly to get it. In most people, poison ivy shows up as a rash consisting of small bumps, blisters or swelling. The rash might appear in streaks, reflecting how you brushed by the plant or its oil, called urushiol . Unfortunately, for some people who are highly sensiti


Holistic Program for Stop Smoking Have been thinking about not smoking for years? Have tried Zyban, nicotine patch, hypnosis even Allen Carr’s “easy way”? Some people concluded: “Stop smoking is such an easy thing, that I did five times over last four month!” This pamphlet is not offering a "magic bullet" treatment, but share the insight of a holistic approach that as

Validation of peptide immunotherapy as a new approach in the treatment of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis: the clinical benefits of treatment with amb a 1 derived t cell epitopes

L16 Validation of Peptide Immunotherapy as a New Approach in L18 Real-world Comparative Effectiveness Of Extrafinethe Treatment of Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis: The ClinicalHydrofluoroalkane-beclomethasone (EF HFA-BDP) VersusBenefits of Treatment with Amb a 1 Derived T cell EpitopesInhaled Corticosteroid (ICS) / Long-acting Beta-agonistR. P. Hafner1, A. Salapatek2, D. Patel2, M. Larche3, P.


WHY PUT OFF TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY? (Eight Steps to Overcoming Procrastination and Reclaiming Your Life)This article is easy for me to write because I see this in my daily life - from loved ones, co-workers, friends, and networking associates. Many people suffer from procrastination, and it can bring your life to a screeching halt unless you learn how to get a handle on the situation.


Available online at www.sciencedirect.comEstrogen therapy reduces nocturnal periodic limb movementsHelena Hachul , Edmund Chada Baracat , Jos´e Maria Soares Jr. ,Mauro Abi Haidar , Marco T´ulio de Mello ,S´ergio Tufik , Lia Rita Azeredo Bittencourt a Department of Medicine and Sleep Biology, Unifesp - Universidade Federal de S˜ao Paulo, SP, Brazil b Department of Gynecology, Unifes

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Selection of automatic samplers to ensure sample integrity

Selection of Automatic Samplers to Ensure Sample Integrity Traditional manual sampling techniques are often unacceptable for collecting wastewater samples for monitoring because of intricate routines required by permit or regulatory programs. Automatic samplers have resolved some issues about sample acceptability, but samplers offered in the marketplace differ in their ability to coll


Prüfung von Viagra Verreibungsprotokoll Die C1 hatte ich selbst vorbereitet; C2 und C3 ließ ich in meinem Kurs verreiben. Die Substanz war den 12 Verreibern nicht bekannt. Hier die Mitschrift der Aussagen der Teilnehmer: - Ich bin so richtig dabei. Jetzt muss es klappen! Koste es, was es wolle: Das wird jetzt Sind wir noch nicht fertig? (Nach zwei Minuten von sieben.) Sie erzählt v


Scarlett Phan-Weston RRASC Summer Internship NYU School of Medicine Reproductive Choice at Bellevue Hospital My ten-week internship was based in New York at Bellevue Hospital and I worked closely with my supervisor, Dr. Miriam Cremer, on a chapter review on New Formulations of Oral Contraception for the journal, Seminars in Reproductive Medicine. This research project was a huge component


Poster Abstract Session: 51. C. difficile Diagnostics Presenters: Increased Clostridium difficile (CD) Detection and Decreased Empiric Treatment/Ancillary Testing after switch from Toxin A/B Immunoassy to PCR for Diagnosis of CD Infection LAURIE LABUSZEWSKI, PHARMD 1, URVASHI THAKKAR, PHARMD2, STUART JOHNSON, MD, FIDSA3, PAUL SCHRECKENBERGER, PHD1 and JORGE PARADA, MD, MPH1; 1Loyol

2_storie comuni di un ferragosto in citta'_vm

STORIE COMUNI DI UN FERRAGOSTO IN CITTA’ Ci diamo appuntamento quasi con religioso senso del dovere, come si ritrovano all’immancabile raduno annuale gli orgogliosi proprietari delle auto vintage, le Bianchine, le Prinz, che in un batter d’occhio da oggetto di scherno sono diventate oggetto di culto. Nutro seri dubbi che fra 30 anni alla sciagurata Fiat Multipla toccherà la stessa sor


Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (CLL/SLL) Overview Treatment Options Lymphoma is the most common blood cancer. The two main forms Treatment is based on the severity of associated symptoms as well of lymphoma are Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and non-Hodgkin as the rate of cancer growth. Since CLL grows slowly, doctors may lymphoma (NHL). Lymphoma occurs when lymp

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ZEMAN SURGICAL SERVICES INSTRUCTIONS FOR HALF-LYTELY BOWEL PREP KIT Stop taking all blood thinning medication such as Coumadin, Heparin, Ibuprofen, Plavix, or Aspirin- containing products five to seven day prior to procedure . We will call Half-Lytely bowel prep kit to the pharmacy of your choice that you have provided us withand you will need to pick that up at least two days prior to


Dr Gary Landsberg Session Details Sessions:  Behaviour Myths – Separating Fact from Fiction  Kitten behaviour - preventive counseling from birth to adulthood  Psychotropic drugs for canine and feline aggression  Natural products for prevention, stress management and behaviour therapy  Brain aging in pets – Pathogenesis and Management Strategies  Beh


Calcification: The Phosphate Theory of Aging and Disease Copyright ©2012 by Mark Mayer. ISBN: 978-1492926962. All rights reserved. Second edition: Version 2.0 No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations. Notice: The information presented here is not intended as a substitute for the advice and/or


ISMP’s List of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols, and Dose Designations he abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations found in this tableThe Joint Commission (TJC) has established a National Patient T have been reported to ISMP through the USP-ISMP Medication Safety Goal that specifies that certain abbreviations must appear onError Reporting Program as being frequently misinterpr


Interior Health Authority Guidelines for Managing Head Lice at School Head lice can affect anyone. Head lice are annoying and may cause itching, but they do not transmit or cause disease. Children and adults’ reactions to head lice can subject children to teasing, bullying and isolation. Reactions to head lice can significantly interfere with a child’s emotional well-being, social stat



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I’d like to begin by asking you, Nancy, where and when you were born? I was born in Waterloo, Iowa, February 21st, 1941. Could you talk a little bit about your family, like brothers and sisters, parents. Did you grow up with your parents? My father was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was in World War II, a veteran, and I was separated from him at the age of two and then I saw him once wh


MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE STANDING COMMITTEE September 16th, 2011 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife The CALRE Standing Committee met in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, at the Parliament of the Canary Islands, on 16th September 2011, to discuss the following 1. Greetings of the President of the Canary Islands’ Parliament, Antonio Ángel Castro Cordobez; 2. Approval of the minutes of the Standing Co

Reliability of urine drug screens: when should you consult the laboratory

False-positive urine drug screens: What clinicians should know and when the laboratory should be consulted Stacy E. F. Melanson, MD, PhD, FCAP Barbarajean Magnani, MD, PhD, FCAP College of American Pathologists Toxicology Resource Committee Urine drug screens (UDS) are frequently ordered on patients who exhibit symptoms of intoxication, experience trauma or offer a history of drug ingest


12. CAUSES DES DOULEURS INDUITES, TRAITEMENT, PRÉVENTION : CHEZ LA PERSONNE ÂGÉE Les progrès réalisés dans la prise en charge médicale des patients âgéssont réels. Les limites d’âge pour proposer des actes diagnostiqueset/ou thérapeutiques reculent. Une médicalisation plus forte s’installedans cette tranche d’âge. Or, nous remarquons que, comme dans lapopulation adulte

Ambassador peter f

Center for International Environmental Law • Defenders of Wildlife • Earthjustice • National Wildlife Federation • Sierra Club Ambassador Rob Portman United States Trade Representative 600 17th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20508 Ref.: Biodiversity and Intellectual Property Rules in the Andean Free Trade Agreement Dear Ambassador Portman, This letter concerns the ongoing

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Unless stated all guideline doses are for adults. Please refer to BNF for children’s doses. GASTRO-INTESTINAL TRACT INFECTIONS Indication Duration Helicobacter • H. pylori can be diagnosed initial y using carbon-13 urea breath test or stool First Choice pylori eradication • Helicobacter test and treat strategies wil benefit patients with ulcer disease, 8% Clari

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Department of Chemistry: Part III Project 2011/2012 Prof. S. Balasubramanian Embedding Crosslinking Agents within G-4 Ligands: “An Old Strategy for a New Purpose” EMAIL sb10031@cam.ac.uk Group web site http://www-shankar.ch.cam.ac.uk/ Contact details: Dr Marco di Antonio, md530@cam.ac.uk Guanine rich oligonucleotides are capable of self-organization into sec

Surveillance colonoscopy in ibd

Are patients with ulcerative colitis at higher risk of developing colorectal cancer (CRC)? Patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) have an increased risk of developing colon cancer. Estimates of this risk vary depending on two main risk factors, including the extent of the disease (how much of the colon has been inflamed) and duration of disease. A family history of colon cancer in a first-degr


127 Razones para no consumir Azúcar (Lectura de interés para educadores y padres de familia) Adaptado por EDILO. Además de alterar la homeostasis del cuerpo, el exceso de azúcar puede tener muchas otras consecuencias importantes. Lo que sigue es una lista de algunas de las consecuencias metabólicas de consumir azúcar, tomadas de distintas publicaciones médicas y científica

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As part of the aging process which happens to all of us sooneror late, our skin progressively loses its elasticity and our musclestend to slacken. The stresses of daily life, effects of gravity andexposure to sun can be seen on our faces. The folds and smilelines deepen, the corners of the mouth droop, the jaw line sagsand the skin of the neck becomes slack. Around the eyes, theeyebrows droop and

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Determination of Tetracycline Residuals in Prepared Commercial Milk Modified slightly from: Mei-Ratliff, Y. J. Chem. Educ. 2012 , 89 , 656−659. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to introduce the students to a real-world application of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in food safety. Oxytetracycline, a commonly used antibiotic by the dairy industry t

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Wednesday, July 31 – Saturday, August 3, 2013: YMCA of the Rockies This convention participant has/or is subject to: (Please check appropriate box(es)and briefly describe the condition, severity, and treatment of each. Attach separate sheet if necessary.) ___ Youth Convention Staff Member ___ Pastor Please Print ________________________________________________ Name__________________

The world

PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD The official text of the Prohibited List shall be maintained by WADA and shall be published in English and French. In the event of any conflict between the English and French versions, the English version shall prevail. This List shall come into effect on 1 January 2005. THE 2005 PROHIBITED LIST WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE Valid 1 J


ADICCIONES: INTRODUCCIÓN: En los albores de la era de las megatendencias, la globalización, la informática y la ecología, el grupo de las adicciones constituye pandemia de expansión acelerada, que tiene un impacto devastador en la sociedad moderna cuyo ethos social prioriza el consumismo, el full confort , el hedonismo y el materialismo con la consecuente vacuidad espiritual. A

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Home Instructions Following Oral Surgery Your First Post-Operative Day 1. For the first twenty-four hours following surgery, DO NOT rinse out your mouth, spit or use a straw. If you are a smoker, refrain from smoking for the first twenty four hours. Keeping the surgical areas well iced reduces some post-operative swelling. An ice bag should be applied to the face in the are


Accred Qual Assur (2003) 8:179–183DOI 10.1007/s00769-003-0609-9 D. Brynn Hibbert Abstract An Australian case study Keywords Forensic science · Received: 23 October 2002Accepted: 17 February 2003of abuse were acquitted on appealbecause of shortcomings in the prosecution’s case that establishedthe identity of the material seized. The need to have proper standard operating procedures t


LE BULLETIN DU NEPTUNE - N°17 MERCREDI 28 JANVIER 2008 Grand Concours Retour le règlement Nous vous rappelons que le NCF organise un grand concours sur la natation dont le premier prix est une combinaison de natation de marque Speedo (ou un iPod au choix du lauréat). Chaque semaine une question est publiée dans le bulletin. Le lauréat est celui qui aura répondu

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MA M T A E T R E I R A I L A L SA S F A E F T E Y T Y DA D T A A T A SH S EE E T E T Ji 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION MSDS data revised 27 Jan. 2011 232-8 Maesan-ri Opo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON THE COMPONENTS 93~97% This info

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2013-14 NCAA Banned Drugs It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate or designated athletics staff before using any substance     The NCAA bans the following classes of drugs: a. Stimulants b. Anabolic Agents c. Alcohol and Beta Blockers (banned for rifle only) d. Diuretics and Other Masking Agents e. Street Drugs f. Peptide Hormones and Analogues g. Anti-estro


Tel.: + 264 61 225 817 Fax: + 264 61 249 872 Email: info@exclusive-africa.com Web: http://www.exclusive-africa.com NTB Registration: TFA 00005 Entry formalities / Visa requirements in Mozambique It is generally recommended that travelers obtain visas prior to travelling to Mozambique. Only South Africans do not require a visa to go on holiday in Mozambique. T

Miralax colonoscopy and surgical bowel prep

Telephone: 239-275-0728 Fax: 239-275-6947 Miralax Colonoscopy and Surgical Bowel Prep Miralax Powder, 238g bottle, over-the-counter item Dulcolax, 4 tablets, over-the-counter item 64oz Gatorade Fleets Enema Clear Liquids (see list below) One week prior to the procedure: DO NOT take medications that may cause bleeding. These medications may include: Plavix, Coumadin, A

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Permission for Medical Treatment This notarized form must be on file Full Name of Band Member: ______________________________________________________ Birth Date: ______________________________________ To Whom It May Concern : I, the undersigned, being the parent, legal guardian, or legal next-of-kin of the band member whose name appears on this form, do hereby authorize any necessary m

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Serving the Underserved: Preparing Psychologists for Effective Practice in the Public Sector Plenary 4: Speaker 1 Psychology Education for the Future: Some Imperatives-- Psychopharmacology: Its Role in Consultation and Prescribing Patricia Wood, PhD Hi everybody. So I’m going to talk a little bit today about psychopharmacology in terms of the recovery oriented model

High altitude illness

HIGH ALTITUDE ILLNESS Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine The term “high-altitude illness” is used to describe the brain and lung problems that can develop in unacclimatized persons shortly after ascent to high altitude. Because millions of visitors travel to high-altitude locations each year, AMS is a public health problem and has economic consequences,

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Ley de Certificados, Firmas Digitales y Documentos Electrónicos LA ASAMBLEA LEGISLATIVA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE COSTA RICA DECRETA: LEY DE CERTIFICADOS, FIRMAS DIGITALES Y DOCUMENTOS ELECTRÓNICOS Disposiciones generales Artículo 1º— Ámbito de aplicación. Esta Ley se aplicará a toda clase de transacciones y actos jurídicos, públicos o privados, salvo disposi

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INDUSTRY WIDE LABOR-MANAGEMENT SAFETY COMMITTEE SAFETY BULLETIN #34 GUIDELINES FOR WORKING IN EXTREME COLD TEMPERATURE CONDITIONS INTRODUCTION When working in cold conditions, the two most common hazards are hypothermia and frostbite. With proper awareness and pre-planning, these hazards can be eliminated. HYPOTHERMIA Hypothermia is a potentially deadly condition, which

Cv gisele

Gisele Dazzi Lorenzoni Gisele Dazzi Lorenzoni Curriculum Vitae ______________________________________________________________________________________ Dados Pessoais Nome ______________________________________________________________________________________ Formação Acadêmica/Titulação 2009 - 2011 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

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México, D. F., 23 de mayo de 2007. PROGRAMA: MESA DE DIÁLOGO. -DIP. DORA ALICIA MARTÍNEZ VALERO (PAN) -DIP. CÉSAR CAMACHO QUIROZ (PRI) -DIP. SALVADOR RUIZ SÁNCHEZ (PRD) -DRA. MARÍA MARVÁN LABORDE REFORMAS AL ARTÍCULO 6º. CONSTITUCIONAL -LIC. JAVIER SOLÓRZANO, Conductor: Muy buenas noches. Desde la semana pasada hemos abordado el tema respecto a las reformas al

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Peter Doeve EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND UNIVERSITY DEGREES Studied Organization and Leadership and General Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam (Drs), Business Economics at the Erasmus University (through KUR) (Drs), with specialization in Business Administration. Finalized his dissertation at Alliant University & Preston University in the United States of America with


Ear Candling Concept facial This is a customised facial that begins with a grounding foot bath followed by A fantastic way to reduce build up of pressure around your ears, nose & relaxing warm oil Infusion for the back. The journey of aromas is complemented face. The treatment stimulates the circulatory & lymphatic systems thus with uplifting therapeutic massage and


HUMAN MULTISERA NORMAL - ABNORMAL PRESENTACION 1985005 HUMAN MULTISERA Abnormal 5 x 5 mL HUMAN MULTISERA ABNORMAL Sólo para uso diagnóstico in vitro FUNDAMENTO PREPARACION LINEAR Human Multisera Control es un suero estabilizado y Abrir el tapón del vial, tirar cuidadosamente del obturador sin liofilizado de origen humano y para uso en diagnóstico in vitro. s

1958856081126577 1.2

Metformin improves survival in intensive careunit patients, but why?Niels P Riksen1,2*, Gerard A Rongen1,2 and Peter Pickkers3See related research by Christiansen et al., http://ccforum.com/content/17/5/R192We read with interest the study by Christiansen and col-tolerance of various organs against IRI and potentlyleagues in the previous issue of Critical Care. In a largemodulates inflammatio

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U ϭ 4.0, P ϭ 0.028), when birds are onlymoving away from the shelf area during thefirst day of foraging. The difference wasonly due to the higher sinuosity of tracksduringHenri Weimerskirch,1,2* Francesco Bonadonna,1(0.294 Ϯ 0.084), where birds are known toFre´de´ric Bailleul,1 Ge´raldine Mabille,1 Giacomo Dell’Omo,3catch most prey ( 9 ), compared with whenbirds were over the

Santa margherita

Pane al pane.vino al vino. “Non sarà quella là la baita?” chiedo preoccupata all’idea di camminare finlassù, lassù tra i pini sfavillanti di stille aggrappate ai verdi aghi edilluminati da un timido raggio di sole. “No, non preoccuparti siamoarrivati”. “Per fortuna” penso che quelle parole siano incoraggianti. Ilcane pastore avvisa, con il suo abbaiare lento e calmo, il Mario

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OS TIGRES ASIÁTICOS Características dos Tigres Asiáticos: Os países chamados de "Tigres Asiáticos" são Taiwan, Cingapura e Coréia do Sul, e estão em desenvolvimento com altas taxas de crescimento. A partir de 1960, esses países adotaram, processo de substituição de importação para bens de consumo não duráveis e, numa Segunda etapa, a exportação desses produtos. N

A-08 most questioned expenses

Health Care Reimbursement Account Most Questioned Expenses IRS regulations periodically change, affecting the eligibility should only be used as a guide for determining eligible of certain expenses in Flexible Spending Account Plans. The expenses under the Health Care Reimbursement following will assist you in making your elections for the Account, as there are several exceptions, but


13 Walker (JB/D) 9/11/01 1:04 pm Page 435HEALTH POLICY AND PLANNING; 16 (4): 435–443 How to do (or not to do) . . . Allowing for uncertainty in economic evaluations: qualitative sensitivity analysis D WALKER AND JA FOX-RUSHBY Health Policy Unit, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK Sensitivity analysis allows analysts to explore the impact of uncertainty on their

André luiz miranda silva zopelari et al


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NORMAS Y VALORES EN LAS CEREMONIAS CÍVICAS ESCOLARES: LAS VOCES DE LOS NIÑOS Esta ponencia presenta algunos resultados de la investigación realizada sobre los procesos de formación de identidades socioterritoriales en escuelas primarias, y particularmente el papel que tienen las ceremonias cívicas escolares como espacio formativo. Para efectos de la investigación, se conciben esta

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Synergistically Advanced Creatine Monohydrate Formula Page 1 of 3 (references on back) NOTE: This email may contain PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL information and is intended only for the use of the specific individual(s) to which it is addressed. If you are not either an intended recipient of this email, or the person responsible for printing and/or delivering this message to its in


ADOLFO ALLEGRA – DIRETTORE SANITARIO Nel 1978 ha conseguito la Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia presso l’Università degli Studi di Palermo con il massimo dei voti, la lode e la menzione della tesi di laurea. Nel 1979 ha lavorato con una borsa di studio per sei mesi a Parigi presso l’Ospedale di Sèvres alla Scuola di Medicina della Riproduzione del Prof. Jean Cohen. Nel 1982 h

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Dumping Syndrome: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Management . Andrew Ukleja, MD, CNSP. Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida Learning objectives: Upon completion of this session you will be able to learn about diagnostic tests and diet and medical therapy for dumping syndrome. 1. Recognize which patients are at risk for dumping syndrome. 2. Select diagnostic test for early and

Hyundai oil refinery co

KOREA HYDRO & NUCLEAR POWER CO., LTD. Notes to Financial Statements Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) was established on April 2, 2001 through a corporate split from Korea Electric Power Corporation (“KEPCO”) in accordance with the Restructuring Plan of the Electric Industry in the Republic of Korea announced by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Chinquapin secure members section at www

CHINQUAPIN SECURE MEMBERS SECTION AT As a new member of Chinquapin Homeowner Association, you will be able to access the Secure Members Section of the chinquapinhoa.com web site in the following way: NEW MEMBER LOGIN 1. You will need to login the first time with the Chinquapin Welcome “User ID: ___ and Password: ___” which changes frequently and will be available to you as a

Encore trop de médicaments inutiles ou dangereux en circulation !

Encore trop de médicaments inutiles ou dangereux en circulation ! Extrait du Centre Technique Régional de la Consommation PACA Encore trop de médicaments inutiles ou dangereux en circulation ! - ACTUALITES - ACTUALITES PRECEDENTES - Actualités 2011 - 2e Trimestre 2011 - Avril 2011 - Date de mise en ligne : mardi 5 avril 2011 Centre Technique Régional de la Consommation PACA

Theresa b

Current Position Assistant Professor: Psychology Department, University of New Mexico Research Associate: Center for Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions (CASAA) Past Professional Positions Associate Research Professor: Psychology Department, University of New Mexico (2000-2005) Treatment Director, Substance Abuse Treatment Program: VAMC, Albuquerque (1991-2000) Licenses and Certification Li

A4339 age male vol 5 no 2.vp

Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profileComposite Default screen Standards, Guidelines and Recommendationsof The International Society forThe Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM) Investigation, treatment and monitoring of late-onset hypogonadism in males Official Recommendations of ISSAM Department of Urology, Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada; * Faculty of Life Sciences Bar-Il


If you are having trouble installing or using an A-Data product, or believe your product to be faulty, please follow the instructions listed below. If you are unable to find the information you need, please phone and get help from a Technical Support technician. If you are experiencing difficulty with an A-Data product, please emailand an A-Data technician will be able to assist you If you are h

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(Published in Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii) of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, dated the 19th May, 2006) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority S.O. 758(E) In exercise of the powers, conferred by sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) of paragraph 9 and paragraph 11 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995, read with No. S.O. 637 (E) dated the 4th September, 1997 issued by the Government of


PATIENT INFORMATION NAME _____________________________________ Married ___ Single___ Partnered___ Male___ Female___ ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________________ CITY ______________________________________ STATE ________________ ZIP CODE ________________ PHONE (Home) _____________________________ (Work) _________________________________________


St John's Institute of Dermatology, King's College London, St Thomas Hospital, London, U.K. Delayed pressure urticaria is a physical urticariain®ltrate of neutrophils and eosinophils, without vas-where erythematous, often painful swellings occur atculitis. Treatment of delayed pressure is generallysites of sustained pressure on the skin, after a delayunsatisfactory, and is often resistant t


SEXUALIDAD Y EVANGELIO Sesión del miércoles 12 de agosto de 2009 CENTRO TEOLÓGICO MANUEL LARRAÍN Asisten Cristián Barría, Pablo Concha, Carolina Correa, Carolina Del Río, Alejandra Lustig,Caridad Merino, Carmen Reyes, Mike Van Treek, Fernando Verdugo y Samuel Yáñez. Texto de lectura previa HÉRITIER, F, Masculino / Femenino II. Disolver la jerarquía, FCE, 2007, 209-226. La antrop

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Teacher: Karen S. Blasi Lesson Title: Who Was Clarina Nichols and what was she known for? a.k.a. Reading Chapter Books in a Jiffy! Grade Level: 8th Grade Lesson Time Length: Three 45 minute blocks (or three days) minimum Big Idea: Students understand that there were many unknown crusaders like Clarina Nichols that worked tirelessly for Women’s Rights that have impa

Die mdr1-gen erbgutvariante beim collie:

Informationsblatt MDR1-Gen Tierärztliche Klinik Oerzen (Lüneburg) Die MDR1-Gen Erbgutvariante beim Collie und artverwandter Rassen: Einige Fragen und Antworten: Ein kurze Erklärung vorneweg: Ich bin gebeten worden, zu dem Thema MDR-ein paar kurze Informationen aufzuschreiben und in gewisser Weise meine eigene Meinung und meine Erfahrung zu diesem Thema mit einfließen zu lassen. Dahe


Nutrient-Drug Interactions and Food no. 9.361 by J. Anderson and H. Hart 1 It is a difficult and complex problem to accurately determine theeffects of food and nutrients on a particular drug. There are many dramaticresults or problems caused by food-drug, drug-drug and alcohol-food-druginteractions. The following table is designed to help the reader become moreknowledgeable about drug inter

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Paseo Ezequiel González, 30 bajo - 40002 Segovia info@clinicabdb.com - www.clinicabdb.com Consentimiento informado para gastroscopia Consentimiento informado: La endoscopia es un examen visual de la mucosa del esófago, estómago y duodeno que permite al médico conocer más exactamente la causa de sus molestias, además de poder descubrir precozmente enfermedades que pued

A a344 ex/re for web site

Obstetrics/Gynecology Postfertilization Effect of Hormonal Emergency Contraception Chris Kahlenborn, Joseph B Stanford, and Walter L Larimore OBJECTIVE: To assess the possibility of a postfertilization effect in regard to the most common types of hormonal emergency contraception (EC) used in the US and to explore the ethical impact of this possibility. DATA SOURCES AND STUDY SELECTION:


CBRE Global ViewPoint By: Raymond Torto, Ph.D., CRE®, Global Chairman of ResearchThe following is a summary of remarks by Dr. Torto to the annual BCA conference in New York City on September 23, 2013.1There are early signals that the U.S. economy and even the interest rates will be higher in the future. The questions are: global economy are showing more promise than they have To what leve


Medication Guide Duloxetine Delayed-Release Capsules USP Read the Medication Guide that comes with duloxetine delayed-release capsules before you start taking them and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This Medication Guide does not take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider if th

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EDITAL DE PREGÃO ELETRÔNICO Nº 01/2012 Pregão Eletrônico nº 01/2012 Finalidade: Sistema de Registro de Preços Data: 20/12/2012 Horário: 8horas e 30minutos Tipo: menor preço por item Objeto: Aquisição de medicamentos e ambulatoriais Órgão Requisitante: Secretaria Municipal de Saúde, Habitação e Assistência Social O Município de Colinas, pessoa j

Protocol and informed consent form

PROTOCOL FOR MGUS TRIAL Can Vitamin B12, as Hydroxocobalamin, reverse or partially reverse Monclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance (MGUS), and thus prevent progression to Multiple Myeloma and related haematological malignancies? A multicentre, randomized, partially placebo-controlled, partially masked, 2 control group, 150 subject, clinical pilot study of high dose intravenous vitamin B

Mémoire saspas

EVALUATION ET PRISE EN CHARGE DE LA DOULEUR AU DOMICILE MAITRES DE STAGE : Dr Devienne, Dr Chapuis Stage de 6ème semestre : mai – octobre 2006 Mémoire de SASPAS 6ème semestre de Médecine Générale Etude de bibliographie Evaluation et Prise en charge de la douleur à domicile 1. Présentation du stage Le stage que j’ai réalisé s’est articulé sur trois

2006 july antibiotics

Bernadette Saulenier 12 Sheppard Drive Scoresby VIC 3179 Phone: 9763 8240 NATUROPATHIC CLINIC NEWSLETTER – July 2006 ANTIBIOTICS AND THEIR SIDE EFFECTS For some infections, doctors know that only certain types of bacteria may be responsible. If there is one antibiotic that is predictably effective against all of these bacteria, further testing is not needed. For infections


PLAN NAME - "EMPLOYER GROUP PLANS" HMO NGF Plan (Std 15_30_500) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Visit to Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner at a PPG. Periodic health evaluations. Includes annual preventive physical examinations, preventive vision/hearing screenings, well-woman exam and preventive laboratory tests and x-rays. Vision examinations for refractive eye exa

Sf424(r&r) biographical sketch format page

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide the following information for the Senior/key personnel and other significant contributors. Follow this format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES. Post Doctoral Fellow/Program Coordinator eRA COMMONS USER NAME (credential, e.g., agency login) EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, include

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DERMATOMYCOSES [Ringworm (Dermatophytosis, Tinea, Trichophytosis, Microsporosis, Jock Itch, Athlete's Foot)] SPECIES: Dogs, cats, rodents, domestic animals AGENT: Organisms are subclassified into: 1. Geophilic - inhabit soil 2. Zoophilic - parasitic on animals 3. Anthropophilic - Primarily infects humans. All can produce disease in humans. Grouped in three genera 1. Microsporum




Publications récentes de l'UTCF • First nationwide study on driving under the influence of drugs in Switzerland. Senna MC, Augsburger M, Aebi B, Briellmann TA, Donze N, Dubugnon JL, et al. . Forensic Sci Int. 2010 Mar - • Use of the dried blood spot sampling process coupled with fast gas chromatography and negative-ion chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry: application to fluox


DATASHEET Epiphen Solution (Vétoquinol UK Limited) Epiphen Solution Use of phenobarbitone in conjunction with primidone is notrecommended as primidone is predominantly metabolised tophenobarbitone. Presentation: Solution containing 4% Phenobarbitone PhEur Phenobarbitone may reduce the activity of some drugs by increasingthe rate of metabolism through induction of drug-metabolisingen


253 874-2012 2500 SW 336th St., Suite C • Federal Way, WA 98023 • www.catdoctorseattle.com Inhalation Therapy Why Inhalation Therapy?Asthma is a controllable but not curable disease, usually requiring lifelong treatment. Conventional oral corticosteroid (cortisone) treatment over time may predispose your cat to systemic side effects including diabetes, infections, exce


Glaxo Agrees to Pay $3 Billion in Fraud Settlement Published: July 2, 2012 The New York Times In the largest settlement involving a pharmaceutical company, the British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay $3 billion in fines for promoting its best-selling antidepressants for unapproved uses and failing to report safety data about a top diabetes drug, feder


TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION . 1 1.1 Homeostasis . 11.2 The family of MYC genes. 1 1.3 The structure of the c-MYC protein and c-MYC isoforms . 2 1.3.1 The amino-terminal domain (NTD) of c-MYC. 4 1.3.2 The central region of c-MYC . 5 1.3.3 The carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) of c-MYC . 5 1.4 The function of c-MYC as a transcription factor . 6 1.4.1 Activation of tran

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CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE SÃO JOÃO DA BARRA CONCURSO PÚBLICO PARA PROVIMENTO DE VAGAS NOS CARGOS PÚBLICOS DE NÍVEL MÉDIO E SUPERIOR EDITAL Nº 01/2010 A Câmara Municipal de São João da Barra, no uso de suas atribuições, torna público que fará realizar, por intermédio da FUNDAÇÃO EUCLIDES DA CUNHA ( FEC ), de Apoio Institucional à Universidade Federal Flumi

Conducting performance reviews (second edition)

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) Your ability as a project risk manager to identify project risks along with plans to mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities both on the job and through professional certification is becoming a necessary part of project management in today's fast-paced and highly technical workplace filled with risks. In this course, you will apply the ge

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PRESIDENTE CONSTITUCIONAL DEL ESTADO PLURINACIONAL DE BOLIVIA Que el Parágrafo II del Artículo 14 de la Constitución Política del Estado, establece que el Estado prohíbe y sanciona toda forma de discriminación fundada en razón de sexo, color, edad, orientación sexual, identidad de género, origen, cultura, nacionalidad, ciudadanía, idioma, credo religioso, ideología, filiación pol

Ceg progress note sheet ceg

“Medical Wellness & Life Balance”Client Name: _____________________________________________ Date: ____________I am on the following medication: Birth Control_______________ Is there a Chance you are pregnant?_____ If on CARBATROL, TRILEPTAL, or DEPAKOTE and female, what birth control method do you use?_________________________________________________________________________________

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Shahzad_Naseem@yahoo.com director.cssp@pu.edu.pk Personal Information Present Employment Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics Lahore-54590, Pakistan Tel: +92 42 9923 1136 References Microelectronics Research Centre, Cavendish Laboratories Device Development Group, Applied Sciences Branch 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden, Colorado 80401, USA Director, Spintronics & Nano

Appendix a: summary of pre-clinical and human data on oi drugs in pregnancy

APPENDIX A: SUMMARY OF PRE-CLINICAL AND HUMAN DATA ON OI DRUGS IN PREGNANCY FDA PREG- PLACENTAL CONCERNS IN HUMAN RECOMMENDED USE IN REPRODUCTION PREGNANCY PREGNANCY CATEGORY (NEWBORN/M teratogenicity in mice, rats, or rabbits at human levels. mice later in the neonate with use in later pregnancy. reported with streptomycin but not with amikacin. good out


This article was downloaded by: [informa internal users]On: 9 April 2010Access details: Access Details: [subscription number 755239602]Publisher Taylor & FrancisInforma Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954 Registered office: Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UKPublication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:

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References/Bibliography Vancouver Style • A list of references contains details only of those works cited in the text . • A bibliography lists sources not cited in the text but which are relevant to the subject and were used for background reading. • Before you compile your bibliography/reference list check with your lecturer/tutor for the bibliographic styl

Preliminary technical data sheet

Momentive Performance Materials 1139-12-109A Product Description Key Features and Typical Benefits 1139-12-109A is a fluorosilicone elastomer that may be used for a variety of fuel and solvent Typical Product Data Press cure 15 minutes @ 142°C (287°F), Post cure 4 hours @ 204°C (400°F) Catalyst: 2,4 dichloro benzoyl peroxide (Perkadox™ PD-50) Physical


Oplossingen voor milieu, economie en technologie Although most of us are aware of the benefits of cycling many people arenot. When we want to develop and implement a bicycle plan it is useful whenwe can show them the economic benefits of cycling. It will enhance thechance that we find support and financial contributions for our plan. This pa-per is meant to give you some support o

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Commercial Preferred Medication List (PML) January 2011 The Capital Health Plan (CHP) Commercial Preferred Medication List (PML) is a guide within select therapeutic categories for providing cost-effective care. CHP promotes the use of generic drugs when available, and these agents should be considered the first line of prescribing. When available, generic drugs will be dispensed. If t


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS, 17(4), 2012 ISSN: 1083-4346 Risk management and Organizational Communication: Two Cases in the Pharmaceutical Industry Associate Professor, Faculté d'Economie Appliquée CERGAM, Université Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III., France guillaume.marceau@univ-cezanne.fr ABSTRACT In this article, we propose an organizational communication oriented

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Chapter 10:Study Guide Concept Questions: 1. Which tissues comprise total body fat and which comprise fat- free mass? 2. Discuss conditions in which fat cells can increase in size and number. 3. Why is it necessary to have some body fat? 4. List three roles for subcutaneous fat. 5. What is visceral fat? 6. What is cellulite? 7. Describe at least two differences between brown fat tissues an



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“Canales de Comercialización del Cine Chileno en Francia” Industria Cinematográfica Francesa: Tradición en Cinematografía de Vanguardia. El cine francés tiene una larga tradición, que comienza con la fundación de la fotografía en movimiento a fines del siglo XIX, y los primeros films de los hermanos Lumière. Autores como Georges Méliès, Abel Gance, Jean Cocteau, Jean

Public health fact sheet

PUBLIC HEALTH Mosquito FACT SHEET Repellents Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), 305 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 What is a mosquito repellent? A mosquito repellent is a substance put on skin, clothing, or other surfaces which discourages mosquitoes from landing or crawling on that surface. Why should I use a mosquito repellent? Mosquitoes can spre

Powerpoint presentation

What are they really doing in there? The nose contains three major structures which are key to ordinary breathing. They are: Sinuses are air-filled cavities in the skull, around the nose. On each side of the face, there are four sets of sinuses:Š Frontal – above the eyesŠ Maxillary – in the cheek bonesŠ Ethmoid* – behind the nasal bridge Š Sphenoid – deep behind the

International encyclopedia of rehabilitation

International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation Copyright © 2010 by the Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE). All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system without the prior written permission of the publisher, except as permitted under the U

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Nicholas Sitar Nick Sitar received his undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario in 1973, and his Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from Stanford University in 1979. After receiving his Ph.D., he spent two years teaching in the Geological Engineering Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. He joined the

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STATE OF CONNECTICUT REGULATION DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION concerning CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Section 1. Section 21a-243-7 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies is amended to read as follows: The listed in this regulation are included by whatever official, common, usual, chemical, or trade name designation in Schedule I: (a) Any of the following opiat

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A fome e a miséria nas narrativas jornalísticas: os dispositivos biopolíticos modernos e a valorização do cidadão-consumidor no percurso discursivo da revisa Veja Este artigo analisa a narrativa jornalística em torno da miséria – e, mais precisamente, da fome enquanto sintoma dela decorrente – considerando o discurso jornalístico como um indicador dos modos como a sociedade per


aNortheastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, 4209 State Route 44, PO Box 95,bDivision of Sports Medicine, Akron Children’s Hospital, Sports Medicine Center,388 South Main Street, Suite 207, Akron, OH 44311, USAThe ‘‘win at all costs’’ mentality fuels athletes to seek performance-enhancing substances, such as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AASs), togain an advantage over th


Hindawi Publishing CorporationJournal of ObesityVolume 2010, Article ID 831901, 6 pagesdoi:10.1155/2010/831901 Clinical Study Long-Term Effects of Metformin and Lifestyle Modification onNonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Obese AdolescentsLian Tock,1 Ana R. Dˆamaso,1, 2 Aline de Piano,1 June Carnier,1 Priscila L. Sanches,1Henrique Manoel Lederman,3 Regina M. Y. Ernandes,4 Marco T ´ulio de Mello,4

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Civic Leadership Institute 2008 Civic Education Project Center for Talent Development Health Information Form For signature by student AND parent/guardian EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION *A person other than a parent/guardian who will be available to contact during the course of the program PHYSICIAN & INSURANCE INFORMATION *Please bring health insurance and phar


Residential Mon, Sep 10, 2007 12:05 PM Single Family Residence Detached RES Active 762 N Toledo Walk Long Beach (LONG) Price $565,000 Zip 90813-4915 TGNO 795F7 XSTS Hel man/Toledo Aerial Map Builder Tract Craftsman Vil age Histroric District Model (0) Style Craftsman Stories Two Levels View No View HOA Dues $ 0 ASqFt 1,749 Assessor



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CALIFORNIA FACE & LASER INSTITUTE Matthew Mingrone, M.D. PATIENT INFORMATION FORM APPOINTMENT DATE: __________ Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________Age: _______Sex: ______ Please check next to the procedures or treatments that you are interested in- ____ Other interests not listed:


BIJSLUITER: INFORMATIE VOOR DE GEBRUIK(ST)ER Imigran® 10 Neusspray Imigran® 20 Neusspray Lees de hele bijsluiter zorgvuldig door voordat u start met het gebruik van dit geneesmiddel. - Bewaar deze bijsluiter, het kan nodig zijn om deze nog eens door te lezen. Heeft u nog vragen, raadpleeg dan uw arts of apotheker. Dit geneesmiddel is aan u persoonlijk voorgeschreven. Geef dit

Capitulo 7

Relaciones entre estructura e historia de la ciencia Dr. César Lorenzano Este artículo fue presentado en el Primer Congreso Latinoamericano de Historia de la Ciencia y la Tecnología que se realizó en Puebla, México, en 1982, y en el que se fundó la Sociedad Latinoamericana de Historia de la Ciencia y la Tecnología. Se encuentra publicado en la primera edición (1988) de La estruct

Building expert systems in prolog

This chapter discusses a forward chaining rule based system and its expert system applications. It shows how the forward chaining system works, how to use it, and how to implement it quickly and easily using Prolog. A large number of expert systems require the use of forward chaining, or data driven inference. The most famous of these is Digital Equipment Corporation's XCON system. It configures

Simultaneous determination of phenacetin and caffeine using

SIMULTANEOUS DETERMINATION OF PHENACETIN AND CAFFEINE USING A DOUBLE BEAM SPECTROMETER To simultaneously determine the concentrations of phenacetin andcaffeine in an unknown aqueous solution using scanning UV-visible spectrophotometryat two wavelengths. Introduction: This experiment is a portion of the standard analysis for the three activecomponents in (Aspirin/Phenacetin/Caffeine) tablet

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Les Conseils du Docteur Anne Brunet Apithy LES TRAITEMENTS DU PALUDISME AU BENIN (pour les expatriés ou les membres de la diaspora en vacances) D’ABORD LA PROPHYLAXIE Le BENIN est en zone rouge c’est-à-dire que 99% du parasite est le FALCIPARUM MORTEL et que l’anophèle pique toute l’année. Donc le sujet vierge qui arrive sans immunité doit se protéger. (seulement p


Gene silencing in the study of transcriptional regulation: the A β H-J-J locus A. FINOTTI 1, G. BREVEGLIERI 2, S. GKRITZAPI 1, R. GAMBARI 1, G. FERIOTTO 1 The starting point to explain how the main biological processes occur is the understanding of the mechanisms Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology which control the gene expression regulation. One of the University

Microsoft word - fire commission minutes 2 07 12 draft

BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS DRAFT REGULAR MEETING MINUTES TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2012 5:30 P.M. – GUILFORD FIRE HEADQUARTERS Present: Jim Galvin, Gary Gilbert, Barbara Hemming, Chief Charles Herrschaft, Assistant Chief Wayne Vetre, Deputy Chief Ken Maginniss, Captain Mr. Gilbert called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 1. Public Forum Approve minutes of: Appr

Programa de actos

PROGRAMA DE ACTOS DE LAS FIESTAS DE MOROS Y CRISTIANOS 2013 30 DE AGOSTO (SÁBADO) 22.00 HORAS. Presentación de Capitanías 2013 en el Parque Central. 9 DE SEPTIEMBRE (LUNES) 20.30 HORAS. Inauguración de la exposición del XIV Concurso de fotografía “Vicente Ródenas Alberola”, en la Casa de la Cultura. 14 DE SEPTIEMBRE (SÁBADO) 20.00 HORAS. Presentación del


How do clinicians reconcile conditions and medications?The cognitive context of medication reconciliationGeva Vashitz • Mark E. Nunnally • Yisrael Parmet •Yuval Bitan • Michael F. O’Connor •Richard I. CookReceived: 17 April 2011 / Accepted: 22 August 2011Ó Springer-Verlag London Limited 2011Medication omissions and dosing failures aresubjects matched conditions and medications r

Alerta agosto 2010

PRESENTACIÓN Ponemos a disposición de los lectores la edición de la ALERTA PERIODISTICA correspondiente a agosto de 2010. Como es sabido, se trata de una recopilación de las principales informaciones de carácter económico divulgadas por la prensa nacional durante el mes anterior. En este caso, un rápido vistazo al contenido nos dice que los principales tópicos que constituyeron not

Doseção 3.p65

Diário Oficial do Distrito Federal Nº 180, segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010 SEÇÃO III RATIFICAÇÃO DE INEXIGIBILIDADE DE LICITAÇÃOProcesso: 140.000.426/2008; Interessado: ADMINISTRAÇÃO REGIONAL DO PARANOÁ,Assunto: Contratação de serviços postais e telemáticos. Ratifico, nos termos do artigo 26 da Lei PODER LEGISLATIVO nº 8.666, de 21 de junho de 1993, combinado com a

Renovation rule.indd

The US Environmental Protection Administra-1) pre-1978 units where there is no child tion (EPA) has just issued a new rule on ad-dressing lead-based paint during renovations. Adding to an already complex regulatory re-gime, this new set of rules governing lead-based paint, phases in implementation between June In many instances LL 1 and the new EPA rules 23, 2008 and April 22, 2010. Coverin

Pedi� 2003/

Pediatric Clinics Amsterdam Editorial Board Outcome of severe hypernatremia caused by rotavirus gastroenteritis M. P. Gruppen1 and P. Dahlem1 lopment. Also the MRI and EEGhad completely normalized. Editorial Office Case report Published by Pediatric events Kindergeneeskunde 5th International Symposium on Leukemia and Lymphoma Department of Pediatric Intensi

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Saint Francis Xavier University, School of Nursing Bridging the osteoporosis treatment gap Abstract Osteoporosis is a very common problem affecting over 2 million Canadians (Osteoporosis Canada, 2008). One in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer an osteoporotic fracture (Osteoporosis Canada, 2011). This currently costs the Canadian health care system 1.9 billion dollars annually (Wiktoro


PNEUMONIA ORDERS Page 1 of 2 DATE _________________________________________________ Time _____________________________________ 1. Admit to Service of ______________________________________________________________ 2. Allergies: ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Admit to : 4. Diagnosis : Additional Diagnoses: ______


A SHORT HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Adesegun O. Fatusi1 The Conceptualisation and Inauguration of the Ife Medical School The medical school at Ile-Ife was a product of the agenda of the then Western State Government, under the premiership of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, to expand opportunities for education and foster human development through the establishment of

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Sub-conference 3: Organic and polymeric nanomaterials Sept. 7, 2011 (Wed.), Venue: Room 401 Time Chair Affiliation Session 1 : Organic Photovoltaics Self-Assembly, Properties, and Applications in Photovoltaic materials for high performance Yongfang Exploring a Soluble High Molecular Weight Polymer for Organic Photovoltaic Device Wanyi Nie Application: From Spin Coating t


Natural Remedies for Your Depression According to a World Health Organization study (2000), approximately 17-21 million Americans (roughly 10% of the country) are diagnosed with depression each year. Its many causes include prescription drugs, low/high blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, candidiasis, hypothyroidism, anemia, and sleep deprivation. If you suffer from chronic depression, consi


SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE IN PATTERN RECOGNITION AND IMAGE ANALYSIS SYSTEMS Logic Object-Oriented Model of Asynchronous Concurrent Computations1 A. A. Morozov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Mokhovaya 11, Moscow, 125009 Russia Abstract —In this paper, we consider the model of concurrent computations developed for logic progra

Chapter 15: lipids

Chapter 15: Lipids - unlike carbohydrates and proteins, lipids are not easily characterized by their structural features - lipids encompass a range of molecular structures and, as a result, an extraordinary range of biochemical functions: - as molecules of dietary fat certain lipids provide a major source of metabolic energy - as components of biological membranes, lipids provide an insol

Revista semestre economico

Semestre Económico - Universidad de Medellín Recibido: junio 04 de 2007 Aprobado: septiembre 05 de 2007 La hipótesis central que se pretende argumentar es mostrar que ante una economía globalizada elfin principal de una empresa competitiva es satisfacer las necesidades del consumidor; de ellodependen sus resultados financieros y su vocación innovadora. Para comenzar se define lo que esl


Relación de Inscritos en el Registro de Matrícula Consular (RMC), residentes en el Perú, nacidos antes del 01-06-1992, que se les requiere para actualizar sus datos. Fecha Insc. Apellidos, Nombres 05/03/1996 Abarzuza Carrascosa, Iñaki 04/03/2002 Abella Castro, Maria Sol 12/03/1993 Abella Gordillo, Paolo 30/04/2004 Abt Díaz, Carlos Alberto 08/11/2001 Abugattas Lozada, Alessandra

Eye on influenza - swine influenza

Eye on Influenza April 24, 2009 Volume 5, Issue 13 Orange County Health Care Agency, Epidemiology & Assessment, 1719 W. 17th St. Santa Ana, CA 92706, (714) 834-8180 This situation is evolving rapidly; for the most up-to-date information about the investigation; see • Unique swine influenza virus detected in Southern California, Texas, and Mexico raises concern for human-to-hum

Omega blood testing dr tom gilhooly

Omega blood testing Dr Tom Gilhooly MB ChB Introduction Can one test change the face of medicine? Modern medicine has been dominated by pharmaceutical agents with little attention paid to any underlying nutritional imbalances which may contribute to or even be the cause of the “dis–ease”. The basis of nutritional medicine is to discover and correct imbalances which can reduce th


ADHD TRATTATO CON PICNOGENOLO, ESTRATTO DI CORTECCIA DI PINO MARITTIMO FRANCESE Autori: Jana Trebaticka´, Sona Kopasova´, Zuzana Hradecna´, Kamil Cinovsky´, Igor Skoda´cek, Ja´n Suba, Jana Muchova´, Ingrid Z itn anova´, Iweta Waczul´kova´, Peter Rohdewald, Zdenka Durackova´ Università/laboratorio: Ospedale infantile universitario Facoltà di Medicina, Uni

Microsoft word - 4_ivg_medecine_generale_cadart.doc

Une pratique d'Interruption Médicamenteuse de Grossesse en médecine générale Michel Cadart Quelques mots concernant ma pratique de médecin généraliste se rapportant à l'IVG Médecin au MFPF d'Avignon, j'ai dès la loi de 2001 été intéressé par la possibilité d'organiser des IVG dans le cadre de ma pratique. J'ai attendu 2004 pour l'envisager réellement. Cela semble long, ma


Esther Chapter Seven Read Esther 7:1-3 • Patiently keep in step with the Spirit. o This was the third time the king asked Esther what she wanted. The first two times, she delayed in giving an answer. This was probably because of her discernment that the time was not right. And just as well – had she asked for the salvation of the Jews two days before (when he first invited he

Child of volunteer application packet

PLEASE ATTACH A PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD Please complete all sides of this application and return to the Camp Hope ® office: Child of a Volunteer Fee: $100 CHILD’S INFORMATION NAME: ____________________________________________________ NAME USED: _______________________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________ APT/LOT #: ________


Whitening Your Smile Smoking & Your Mouth How we look and how we perceive ourselves has much to do with The use of the word “smoking” and the phrase “good oral our self-esteem. When the color of our teeth makes us embarrassed health” in the same sentence just doesn’t go together. to smile, it’s probably time to get our teeth whitened (bleached). As one ages, teeth may dar

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Peter Satterthwaite Senior Portfolio Manager Capital & Coast District Health Board Private Bag 7902 WELLINGTON To: C&C DHB BOARD Through: Margot Date: May Subject: Resource Allocation & Cardiovascular Resource Allocation EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In October 2002 the Board asked CPHAC (its Community and Public Health Advisory Committee) to begin a program


A Phase III Trial of 6 versus 12 Treatments of Adjuvant FOLFOX Plus Celecoxib or Placebo for Patients with Resected Stage III Colon This is a phase II , multi-center clinical trial that randomizes patients into 1 of 4 different treatment arms. Patients are first randomized to 6 or 12 cycles of mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy (the standard chemotherapy) and then to either Celecoxib or placebo to

Effective date:



NOTABLE CANCER CENTER MEMBER Stewart Goldman, MD MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, loves team endeavors. Selecting the medical center environment as his home field, he thrives on the multidisciplinary approach needed to deliver the best care for children with brain tumors. “It’s the ultimate team challenge,” he explains.

22 del valle implicaci.n.p65

(Universidad de La Frontera. Temuco-Chile)(Universidad de La Frontera. Temuco-Chile)(Universidad de La Frontera. Temuco-Chile)[…] nadie es tan intolerante como aquel quepretende demostrar que lo que dice ha de ser la verdad […] 1 SUMARIO: 1. Estructura discursiva del texto-sentencia penal. 2. Cruces del Sistema Ju- rídico-Judicial y el Sistema de Comunicación: Derecho y Comunicación


Material Safety Data Sheet Flammability Flammability Instability Physical hazards Suggested PPE 1 . Product and Company Identification Product name 5113600, 5113700 Dragnet FT Emulsifable Insecticide MSDS prepared by the 7/16/2010. Environment, Health & Safety Department on: Material uses In Case of Emergency MSDS Number Transportation: 1-800-792-

Microsoft word - cipro nord, soggiorno + escursioni 2011.doc

CIPRO NORD Soggiorno in Hotel 5 stelle con escursioni incluse MONASTERO SAN BARNABA 17 – 24 settembre 2011 01 – 08 ottobre 2011 ITINERARIO: Bergamo, Istanbul, Ercan, Bellapais, Kyrenia, Nicosia, Penisola di Karpaz, Famagosta, San Barnaba, Ercan, Istanbul, Bergamo DURATA: 8 giorni/7 notti MEZZO DI TRASPORTO: Volo da Bergamo + Autopullman per le esc


Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal,2010,Vol-6,No-3, 19-23 Study of Extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs) producing Klebsiella species in various clinical specimens: A preliminary report R.K. Shah1, Y.I. Singh2, R.K. Sanjana 3, Navin Chaudhary 1, Dominic Saldanha 41 Lecturer, 2 Prof & Head, 3Asst. Professor Dept. of Microbiology, COMS-TH Bharatpur , 4Associate Professor,

C:\can files\2003junepharmaceuticals.wpd

CAPITOL ANALYSTS NETWORK, INC. Stuart J. Sweet, President June 6, 2003 IF CONGRESS HELPS GRANDMA PAY FOR HER MEDS, WHO WINS? With the tax cut fight behind us, Washington’s attention has turned to the pharmaceuticalindustry. Next Thursday, the Senate Finance Committee is expected to begin publicdeliberations over how to structure an outpatient pharmaceutical benefit as part of the M

Lider 13

LOS CONFLICTOS AMBIENTALES EN UNA SOCIEDAD MUNDIALIZADA. ALGUNOS ANTECEDENTES Y CONSIDERACIONES PARA CHILE ARTURO VALLEJOS ROMERO 1 Los conflictos ambientales en una sociedadasumir de una manera distinta este tipo demundializada han llegado para quedarse. conflictos, lo que requiere de espacios yAnte esta sentencia este artículo pretendemecanismos que puedan, colaborativamente

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About Servier – Backgrounder – Servier is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company and the country’s second largest drug company. Servier is present in 140 countries worldwide. R&D at Servier spans a range of therapeutic fields, with the main areas of focus being cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, oncology, metabolic disorders, and rheumatology. In the field of


วารสารประชากรศาสตร ปที่ 25 ฉบับที่ 1 มีนาคม 2552 Work morale of health center staff in Krabi province, Thailand Sanya Raksarat* Prathurng Hongsranagon** Piyalamporn Havanond*** Background Morale has been defined by a number of researchers. Mendel (1987) defined it as a feeling, a state of mind, a ment

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A Clinical Study of Very Low Dose Prednisolone and Paroxetine for Active Rheumatoid Arthritis Edward Keystone1, Jude Rodrigues2, Jiri Vencovsky3, Carter Thorne4, Marco Matucci-Cernic5, Johannes Bijlsma6, Melissa Nichols7, Theresa Podrebarac7, Josef S. Smolen81University of Toronto, Canada; 2Clinical Research and Arthritis Center, Windsor, Canada; 3Institute of Rheumatology, Prague,


PEDRO CUNHA EXPERIÊNCIA PROFISSIONAL 2013 AMÉLIA E A DIABETES - POSSIDÓNIO CHAPADA (curta-metragem), Portugal 2013 VAGÔ - NÁDIA ROCHA & MARA VICENTE (curta-metragem), Portugal 2013 MIL E UMA VERDADES - RAPHAEL MADEIRA (curta-metragem / protagonista), Portugal 2013 PONTAS SOLTAS - FILIPE ALMEIDA (curta-metragem), Portugal 2010 HANDICAP - ÍRIS REIS (curta-metragem / p


Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) Drug trafficking is a global il icit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. Events of the past year shed additional light on the corrosive impact of organized crime and drug trafficking on peace, security and development and on the inherent difficulti

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COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEMES LAW EXPLANATORY NOTE INTRODUCTION The draft Collective Investment Schemes Act (the " Act ") is intended to introduce into Maldives law provisions relating to the establishment, operation, promotion and sale of collective investment schemes. The Act further provides for the regulation of all persons who act as manager or depositary of collectiv


New cold medicine rules to take effect Meth ingredient to be tracked electronically; pharmacist vexed By ESTELLE GWINN, The Columbian/Murrow News Service OLYMPIA — A new electronic tracking system for certain over-the-counter cold medicines will go into effect Oct. 15, though a Vancouver-based pharmacy director fears it could be more time-consuming than filling a prescription. The Wash

Questions for tom 2

LEGAL/LEASE QUESTIONS ATTORNEY TOM WAGNER 1. What would a “bonus” in a lease encompass? Just a sign on bonus? A "bonus" is a payment to induce the landowner to enter into a lease. Usually it is in the form of an advanced payment of delay rentals. A "delay rental" is a payment made, usually annually by the Lessee to hold the lease even though the Lessee is not drilling. B


resources for youth & young adults references: 211 and local area networks directories basic needs/financial 2. Alberta Employment & Immigration (AEI) Consulting and referral with career planning, work search skills, occupational descriptions, educational options, educational funding and referrals to safety training (exposure) courses such as H2S. Education on financial literac

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Myeloma XI Introduction This is a pragmatic, randomised, phase III, multi−centre, parallel group design, openlabelled trial comparing thalidomide, lenalidomide and bortezomib combinations andmaintenance lenalidomide in newly diagnosed patients with symptomatic myeloma. Anintensive treatment pathway will be followed by younger/fitter patients where intensiveHDT with stem cell support is c


MEDICAL EDITION - FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALSConcerned with Weight Issues and Eating Disorders We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to introduce the Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW Concept. This program is based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, and offers a disciplined and structured approach to recovery from compulsive eating. It has often b


ACTOS COMUNICATIVOS QUE PROMUEVEN NUEVAS MASCULINIDADES EN LOS CENTROS EDUCATIVOS. Autores: Juan Carlos Peña (Universitat de Barcelona);Oriol Ríos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). CREA-UB. Centro Especial en Teorías y Prácticas Superadoras de Panel 4 . Coeducación y masculinidad Abstract La literatura científica sobre masculinidad ha puesto de relieve las consecuencias

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Imidazoquinoline derivatives: design, synthesis and evaluation of their in vitro anti-Flaviviridae activity Scuola di dottorato di ricerca in Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche, indirizzo Scienze Farmaceutiche Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, via Muroni 23a, 07100, Sassari, Italy Background - The Flaviviridae family comprises three genera belonging to viruses with si


DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES RESIDENT CENSUS AND CONDITIONS OF RESIDENTS Independent Assist of One or Two Staff Dependent A. Bowel/Bladder Status B. Mobility F94 ____ With indwelling or external catheter F100 ____ Bedfast all or most of time F95 Of the total number of residents with catheters, F101 ____ In a cha

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Bovine Eye Diseases: Pinkeye The summer requires renewed attention to cattle eye health. The two most common problems-pinkeye and cancer eye-are responsible for serious losses due to: 1. reduced feed consumption from pain and blindness 2. treatment costs and milk discard from antibiotic use 3. reduced value at culling This is the first of a two part article describing these two common conditi



Rasti no 61 vi/q

REPUBLIKA E SHQIPËRISË -AUTORITETI I KONKURRENCËS- -KOMISIONI I KONKURRENCES- Nr. 87 Datë 22. 09.2008 Autorizimin e përqendrimit të realizuar nëpërmjet përftimit të kontrollit nga shoqëria Deutsche Telekom AG në shoqërinë Hellenic Telecommunication Organization SA dhe indirekt në shoqërinë AMC SHA Komisioni i Konkurrencës me pjesëmarrjen e : Në

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Overview of Laboratory Testing for Reproductive Effects of Pulp Mill Joanne L. Parrott, National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada, 867 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7R 4A6 joanne.parrott@ec.gc.ca To assess the effects of individual pulp mill effluents (PMEs), controlled laboratory fish exposures have been conducted. These tests have the benefit that they remove potent


Powerful Performance. Winning Results. PRELUDE™ 209 Feed Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE™ 209 feed as a creep to weaned pigs. This feed is designed to be fed to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs, but can be fed to heavier pigs. Offer PRELUDE™ 209 feed as a creep feed when pigs are 10 days of age to encourage early Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE™ 209 feed is supported


FDA and Safe Use of Long-Acting Beta-Agonists The FDA and Safe Use of Long-Acting Beta-Agonists in the Treatment of Asthma Badrul A. Chowdhury, M.D., Ph.D., and Gerald Dal Pan, M.D., M.H.S. For over a decade, the Food concern about the risk among use of LABAs should be limited and Drug Administration children. Public discussions at to patients who require pro-(FDA) and the medical commu-


1. Which drug is drug of choice for “pulse steroid“ therapy? A. Methylprednisolonum B. Hydrocortisonum C. Prednisolonum D. Prednisonum 2. The most common side effect of ACE inhibitors is: A. Taste disturbances B. Dry cough C. Somnolence D. Hypokalemia 3. Allergic reactions are most common in the use of: A. Streptokinasum B. Urokinasum C. Alteplasum D. Reteplasum E. Tenecteplasum 4. Nam


ACCOUNT CLAIM FORM SECTION A – Employee Information (PLEASE PRINT) SECTION B – Expense Information (PLEASE PRINT) SECTION C – Provider Information (for Dependent Care only) For expenses to be eligible this section must be completed andTotal expenses incurred for services rendered to thesigned by the Provider of dependent care services. individual(s) on the date(s) specif


Le opinioni Il commento Chiesa e pedofilia, finalmente regole chiare diMatteoCaratti DALLA PRIMA zione di ‘peccato’ di chi arrivava o partiva, sunzione di innocenza, valga anche per quei cente poi condannato penalmente) che du- Questo tramite informazioni scritte e com- specificare ora che chi va o viene deve pure pochi casi che potrebbero toccare le scuol


Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS) Binghamton University Boccaccio at 700: Medieval Contexts and Global Intertexts *****Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 – 9:00***** Coffee and Registration Available All Day *****1st Group of Concurrent Sessions: Friday, 9:00 – 10:30***** A. Boccaccio and Women Authors (Sponsored by the American Boccaccio Association)


Investigación original / Original research Initiation of effective postpartum contraceptive use in public hospitals in Guatemala Edgar Kestler,1 Maria del Rosario Orozco,2 Silvia Palma,2and Roberto Flores 2 Suggested citation Kestler E, Orozco MR, Palma S, Flores R. Initiation of effective postpartum contraceptive use in publichospitals in Guatemala. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2011;29(2):


188957-2 Front 12.25" x 8.75" Fold 1.25" x 1.25" Prints Black 12/22/11 Size Sml 7pt Lrg 8pt Helv cond and Bold Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets, USP Hepatic Insufficiency: Doxycycline pharmacokinetics have not been evaluated in patients with hepatic insufficiency. Drug Interactions: (See PRECAUTIONS section) To reduce the development of drug-resistant bacteria and mainta

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COMUNE DI SALE MARASINO DELIBERAZIONE N. 70 DEL 21.05.2008 Verbale di deliberazione della Giunta Comunale OGGETTO: Approvazione progetto definitivo - esecutivo dei lavori di 'Formazione parcheggio presso entrata nuova R.S.A. Zirotti in Via Allegra' - Codice CUP D47H08000130005. L’anno duemilaotto addì ventuno del mese di maggio alle ore 19.00 nella Sala delle adunanze. Previa


Use of Dexmedetomidine as an Adjunct to Pain Control Following OPCAB:Jeffrey L. Horswell MD, Michael J. Mack MD, Donna A Bachand RN PhD, Luis Michelsen MD, Syma L. Prince RN BSN,Cardiopulmonary Research Science and Technology Institute, Dallas Texas Objectives Preoperative Characteristics by Treatment Group Postoperative Complications by Treatment Group Risk

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Use of Dietary Supplements for Blood Sugar Regulation Prevalence of Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Approximately 17 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, or 5.6% of the population, according to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. Another 16 million are estimated to be pre-diabetic with impaired glucose tolerance. One of every 3 to 4 individuals (70 million), is likely to

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Comprehensive Research Journal of Biological Science (CRJBS) Vol.1(1) pp. 001 - 005 December, 2013 Available online http://crjournals.org/CRJBS/Index.htm Copyright © 2013 Comprehensive Research Journals Review Hepatotoxicity: mini review Saim Jamil M1, Akram M*2, Halima Nazar1, Khan Usmanghani1, Asif M. H2, Osama Alam1, Tasneem Qureshi1, Mohiuddin E1 1Faculty of Eastern

The brain-gut connection

The Brain-Gut Connection Why do we get butterflies in our stomach before a performance? Why does indigestion produce nightmares? Why are antidepressants now also being used for gastrointestinal ailments? It turns out that both our gut and our brain originate early in embryogenesis from the same clump of tissue which divides during fetal development. While one section turns into the central ne


Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2004; 19: 739–747. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of oral aloe vera gelfor active ulcerative colitisL . L A N G M E A D * , R . M . F E A K I N S * , S . G O L D T H O R P E   , H . H O L T   , E . T S I R O N I * , A . D E S I L V A * ,D . P . J E W E L L   & D . S . R A M P T O N **Centre for Gastroenterology, Institute of Cellular and Molecu

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CCB Science 2 Service Learning Series According to the Federal Government and SAMHSA: Medication Assisted Recovery Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a form of pharmacotherapyand refers to any treatment for a substance use disorder that includes a Learning Program pharmacologic intervention as part of a comprehensive substance abusetreatment plan with an ultimate goal of patient r

Episode 4, part

Journey to Recovery: A Breast Cancer Podcast Series Episode 4, Part 2: Managing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy Lorraine: I think women are so used to associating themselves with their looks and their hair. I still have hair conversations with my niece: it's always like, "Your hair, your hair, your hair." And then you look at yourself one day, and you don't have any. But I w

Raúl valdez, rocío téllez, alejandra alvarado

Fundamento científico-biológico Evolución SM ediciones REVISIÓN CIENTÍFICA-BIOLÓGICA DE LIBRO CIENCIAS 1 Dra. Alejandra Huerta-Zepeda Raúl Valadez, Rocío Téllez, Alejandra Alvarado Serie Caleidoscopio Evolución Secundaria México, 2006 184 pp . Bloque 4. Reproducción. Introducción La valoración de este libro pretende hacer un análisis de los fundament

Proposed arv regimens

THE SOUTH AFRICAN ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT GUIDELINES The South African Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines Goals of the programme Achieve best health outcomes in the most cost-efficient Decentralise service delivery to PHC facilities Integrate services for HIV, TB, MCH, SRH and Prevent new infections among children, adolescents, Objec

Regional anesthesia – a critical assessment

REGIONAL ANESTHESIA – A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT I feel signally honored to have the privilege of giving the annual Rovenstine Lecture. The Honor is heightened both by pleasure and humility – my years with him were cherished. The opportunities which he provided for me are impossible to describe fully and to express sufficiently my gratitude to him. I have undertaken a critical discussion of a

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SAFE – Graduate School of Agriculture, Food and Environment Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University (safe@agrsci.dk) The PhD plan is jointly prepared by the student and the supervisors and a complete PhD plan must be submitted no later than 3 months after the beginning of the PhD study. Later amendments to the plan may be submitted in connection with the half-year evaluations.

Tryptique v1 1 14092012 lille

Recueil du consentement Contacts S’effectue avant toute procédure liée à l’étude. Par un investigateur déclaré au CPP uniquement . Pr. Anne DANION-GRILLIAT Dr. Carmen SCHRÖDER Remise des notices d’information et des deux Chaque signataire doit compléter sa partie Les troubles du sommeil (nom, prénom, date) : ne pas pré-compléter . et des


ACCESS TO MEDICINES FOR THE TREATMENT OF RARE DISEASES: THE BULGARIAN REALITY Stoimenova Assena*, Manova Manoela, Petrova Guenka Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, * assena_stoimenova@mail.bg Introduction Table 3. Rare diseases which are present in the Positive Drug List, Annex 1 by the ICD code Rare diseases are life-threatening or chro

8. código de conducta de cordaid contra el abuso sexual 20…

CÓDIGO DE CONDUCTA DE CORDAID CONTRA EL ABUSO SEXUAL 1. Introducción Cordaid es una organización de la sociedad civil con experticia en el área de cooperación al desarrollo y ayuda humanitaria. Cordaid se inspira en el Evangelio y en la Doctrina Social Católica que en él se basa. El enfoque radica en el valor de cada ser humano, en el respeto fundamental por este valor y en la so


INDIGENOUS PERSPECTIVES ON DEATH AND DYING Detailed Case Scenario Mrs. Susan Nahdee is a 78-year-old traditional Ojibway woman living in a small community 30 km from a regional hospital. She has a history of non-insulin dependent diabetes and coronary artery disease. She speaks little English and is always accompanied by her daughter each time she visits you. She presented 2 days ago to y


Products of the Chlorine Tree Chlorine is one ofthe most abundant naturally occurring chemical elements. It also plays an important and significant role in the manufacture of thousands of products we depend on every day. Audiotapes ABS Plastics – telephones Coatings for aluminum cans Adhesive and bonding agent base Handbags, wallets for synthet


Vision Within Every Instructor - Potential Within Every StudentNewsletter of the HBCU College Algebra Reform Consortium*lege algebra is a pre-pre-calculus courseand intermediate algebra is a pre-pre-pre-calculus course, statistics from follow-oncourses clearly indicate that only a small per-centage of students successfully meet the tra-rary approach focuses on student develop-ment, mathemat


The Cell Culture Contamination PreventiveThe Cell Culture Contamination PreventiveZell Shield™ is ready-to-use for protecting cell cultures from a broad range of Zell Shield™ is ready-to-use for protecting cell cultures from a broad range of common contaminants. The extremely powerful combination of innovative common contaminants. The extremely powerful combination of innovative anti


Juniper Networks Secure Access 2000 The Juniper Networks Secure Access 2000 (SA 2000) SSL VPN enables small-to-medium-sized companies to deploy cost effective remote and extranet access, as well as intranet security. Users can access the corporate network and applications from any standard Web browser. The SA 2000 uses SSL, the security protocol found in all standard Web browsers, as a secure

Afternoon colon miralax prep

INSTRUCTIONS FOR AFTERNOON COLON MIRALAX PREP YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO GO TO: ______________________________________ ON____________________AT: ________________A.M.________________ P.M. PROCEDURE WILL START AT APPROX: _____________ A.M. _____________P.M. Inform your Doctor if you have had a heart valve replacement, blood thinning medication or insulin for control of diabetes. You MUST hav

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ACTA DA SESSÃO EXTRAORDINÁRIA DA ASSEMBLEIA MUNICIPAL DE LAMEGO, A REALIZADA NO DIA 27 DE NOVEMBRO DE 2009 Aos vinte e sete dias do mês de Novembro do ano de dois mil e nove, realizou-se no Salão Nobre dos Paços do Município, uma sessão extraordinária da Assembleia Municipal, cuja ordem de trabalhos foi previamente distribuída aos membros da Assembleia, através da convocatóri


Medical/Surgical Competency Self Assessment Experience Directions Please circle a value for each question to provide us and the interested facilities with an assessment of your clinical experience. These values confirm your strengths within your specialty and assist the facility in 3 Intermittent Experience (May Require Assistance)the selection process of the healthcare professional.


AS INSUFICIÊNCIAS DO VALOR PATRIMONIAL CONTABILÍSTICO: DO JUSTO VALOR AO ALARGAMENTO DA BASE INFORMATIVA DO RELATO FINANCEIRO Amélia Maria Martins Pires Doutora em Gestão e Administração de Empresas – especialização em Contabilidade Mestre em Contabilidade e Finanças Empresariais Docente na Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Bragança do IPB Fernando José Pe

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CONCURSO PÚBLICO FUA / UFAM CARDIOLOGIA CONHECIMENTOS ESPECÍFICOS b) Assincronismo ventricular, diminuição da pós –carga e atraso do processo de término da contração. Marque a resposta que melhor responde as questões c) Sincronismo ventricular, diminuição da pós –carga e atraso do processo de término da contração. Todos os seguintes encontram-se elevados em d)

Présentation powerpoint

The GSK France Decision of March 2007 Outline of the presentation 2. Predation Test 3. Application of the test A brief history of the case • July 2000: Flavelab refers the case to CC, asks for interim measures • November 2000: CC does not grant interim measures • December 2001: Flavelab goes bankrupt • April 2002: Flavelab acquired by Panpharma – 2003


All appointments: 1.877.CIVA.NOW (1.877.248.2669) Referring physicians: PLEASE FAX TO 214.361.2153 civadallas.com Patient . Cardiovascular Diagnosis . Patient SSN . Patient Ph . Date of Birth . (Parent or guardian MUST accompany patients under 18 yrs. Please check which CIVA physician you are referring the patient to: [ ] Jack W. Spitzberg, MD, FACP, FACC, FCCC [ ] Charles B. Levin



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John-Manuel Andriote: I can’t afford costly medications I need to handle the disease - No. Page 1 of 3 HOMEPAGE John-Manuel Andriote: I can’t afford costly medications I need to handle the disease Oct 07, 2007 @ 12:33 AM By JOHN-MANUEL ANDRIOTE For the Norwich Bulletin Editor’s note: John-Manuel Andriote is a Norwich resident and author of “Victory Deferred: How AIDS Ch


55, rue des Bruyères L-1274 Howald Tel: 26 84 64-1 Fax: 26 84 57 61 http://www.cecluxembourg.lu La Lettre des Consommateurs – Der Verbraucherbrief Midi de l’ Europe Une bonne manière de passer l’heure de midi : de 12.30 à 13.30, un sujet d’ actualité est présenté aux nombreux participants. Le 27 octobre 2010, l’ intervenant élucidera la problématique de la libéral

(microsoft word - 2011wyd_hint\201ipor._.doc)

Secretariado Japonês da Jornada Mundial da Juventude DICAS PARA APROFUNDAR A MENSAGEM DO PAPA BENTO XVI PARA A 26ª JORNADA MUNDIAL DA JUVENTUDE Em Agosto de 2011 em Madri (Espanha), terá lugar a 26ª Jornada Mundial da Juventude (JMJ). Como preparação espiritual para as Jornadas o Papa envia aos jovens uma Mensagem por ocasião do Domingo de Ramos, que foi designado “Dia Mundial da J

Clasificacin de actos administrativos

LA PLATA, 27 de Julio de 2011 VISTO que esta Agencia Platense de Recaudación (APR) tiene entre sus funciones diseñar y ejecutar la política en materia de habilitaciones y permisos en aplicación de la normativa vigente en la materia, mejorando las condiciones objetivas de seguridad en la Ciudad a través del cumplimiento voluntario de la normativa vigente, la participación acti

The truth about saturated fat 8/17/02

The Truth About Saturated Fat Fats from animal and vegetable sources provide a concentrated source of energy in the diet; they also provide the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones and hormonelike substances. Fats as part of a meal slow down absorption so that we can go longer without feeling hungry. In addition, they act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A,


Case 1:99-cv-09887-DLC Document 101 Filed 08/05/13 Page 1 of 10UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK -------------------------------------- X -------------------------------------- X APPEARANCES: Errol B. Taylor Fredrick M. Zullow Suraj K. Balusu MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY & McCLOY LLP 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, NY 10005 For defendant: Richard F. Lawler Lori Van Auke


RICONOSCERE IL DOLORE E SAPERE COME COMBATTERLO Per pazienti che ne sono afflitti ecco le attività possibili Si nasce e si muore nel dolore. La sofferenza è da sempre strettamente legata all’esistenza. Fin dai primordi dell’umanità il dolore è stato un contatto essenziale con la realtà del mondo. Si pensi alla scoperta da parte dell’uomo del fuoco e di come questi, se utilizzato


In this study, we examine the distribution of revenues for a comprehensive sample of newdrugs introduced into the United States during the period, 1988 to 1992. In earlier research, weexamined the returns to R&D for the U.S. new drug introductions during the 1970s and early "The Distribution of Sales from Pharmaceutical Innovation" 1980s.[1,2] One of the key findings was that the

Columbia university medical center renal transplant program

– Nephrologists– Surgeons– Pathologists– Tissue Typing– Consultants– Living Donor– Pre-Transplant– Post-Transplant– List maintenance• Administrator• Social Work• QA/PI• “Desensitization Team”– 4 Full-time transplant Nephrologists– 4 other Nephrologists participate in the care of transplant patients– 7 transplant surgeons, 5 also participate in Liver transpla

236089 1547.1552

Public Health Nutrition: 10(12A), 1547–1552Evaluating iodine deficiency in pregnant women and younginfants—complex physiology with a risk of misinterpretationP Laurberg1,*, S Andersen1, RI Bjarnado´ttir2, A Carle´1, AB Hreidarsson2, N Knudsen3,L Ovesen4, IB Pedersen1 and LB Rasmussen41Department of Endocrinology, Aalborg Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark: 2Landspitali University Hospital, Reykjav


ANNONCES Offres d’emploi------------------------------ Avant le 15 de chaque mois Contacter Fauve RIOU au 01 53 20 69 77 pour convenir du texte de l’annonce qui sera reçu O1073 - Entreprise DESFOUGERES (77) cherche un par fax. au 01 45 26 09 33 ou par mail à H/F technicien de maintenance , dépannage instal ation chaudières gaz/fuel de toutes marques chez une cli

Nmd21310 807.810

Changes in Depressive Symptoms and Social Functioning in theSequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression StudyJohn W. Denninger, MD, PhD,* Adrienne O. van Nieuwenhuizen, MSc,* Stephen R. Wisniewski, PhD,ÞJames F. Luther, MSc,Þ Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD,þ A. John Rush, MD,§ Jackie K. Gollan, PhD,||Diego A. Pizzagalli, PhD,¶ and Maurizio Fava, MD*antidepressants, social functioning


Flupirtine shows functional NMDA receptor antagonism by enhancing Mg2 ؉ block via activation of voltage independent potassium channels J. Kornhuber 1 , S. Bleich 1 , J. Wiltfang 1 , M. Maler 1 , and C. G. Parsons 2 1 Department of Psychiatry, University of Göttingen, and2 Department of Pharmacology, Frankfurt am Main,Received June 16, 1999; accepted July 1, 1999 Summary. The spe

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Please peruse the list below to see if your query can be addressed. If you still have questions, then you may use the live chat or contact us by e-mail at stats1@cariomstats.org and caricomstats@yahoo.com or telephone number 592-222-0001/75. How do I use TradSys Online? First time users are required to register on the system before it can be used. Onc


30 Gouttes d’Haldol. Parler des psychoses pour un infirmier, dans un théâtre, nécessite une mise à distance de la mise en scène, des garde-fous dirait-on, mais de ce coté, nous sommes déjà une vieille histoire, un passé dépassé depuis le programme de 92. Il s’agit pour moi, de regarder l’avenir, chacun prend les risques qu’il veut, le principe de réalité s’imposera, la r

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To help make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable, our plan is now using a Drug Quantity Management program. That is, for certain medications, you can receive an amount to last you a certain number of days. This gives you the right amount to take the daily dose considered safe and effective, according to the recommendations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA

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Testo, figure, ed organizzazione a cura di: Le informazioni contenute nel presente manuale sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso e non rappresentano un impegno da parte della società CARESMED srl. Tutti i nomi di prodotti e di società sono marchi o marchi registrati dei rispettivi proprietari. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. Nessuna parte del manuale può essere riprodotta o diffusa in qu

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Conflicting Identities and Power Between Communities of Practice: The Case of IT Outsourcing The online version of this article can be found at:http://mlq.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/40/3/311 can be found at: Management Learning Additional services and information for Citations Management Learning http://www.sagepub.co.uk/journalsPermissions.navJacky F. L. Hong Un

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Fonte: GARRET, Almeida. Folhas caídas . 2 ed. Mem-Martins : Europa-América. Texto proveniente de: A Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante Brasileiro <http://www.bibvirt.futuro.usp.br> A Escola do Futuro da Universidade de São Paulo Permitido o uso apenas para fins educacionais. Texto-base digitalizado por: Paula Marçal Este material pode ser redistribuído livremente, desde que


European Heart Journal Advance Access published January 9, 2007 Addition of milk prevents vascular protectiveeffects of tea´lie von Krosigk1, Peter Martus2, Gert Baumann1,1 Medizinische Klinik mit Schwerpunkt Kardiologie und Angiologie, Charite´—Universita¨tsmedizin Berlin, CCM, Charite´platz 1,D-10117 Berlin, Germany and 2 Institut fu¨r Biometrie und Klinische Epidemiologie, Charit


Farmakologian tenttitärpit Ensimmäinen välitentti Lyhyet kysymykset Sisällys Sivu 5 Biologinen hyötyosuus Sivu 6 Glukokortikoidit C Vaattovaara & DC Halonen 1. Määrittele lyhyesti käsite desensiti- 3. Määrittele käsite lyhyesti fysiologinen saatio ja sen taustalla olevat molekylaa- antagonismi ja sen taustalla olevat mole- riset mekanismit. Anna esimerkki.

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N E W S L E T T E R 2 patients of Dr. Steinhouser are being treated in the Calming Zone. The Calming Zone effect of the Infratonic reduces their vibration is so helpful in preparing decreasing overall tension and is used extensively by our massage therapists. “ When a patient comes into the office with such severe pain and emotional such wide applications in our office, from

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1976L0768 — ES — 25.11.2005 — 014.002 — 17 LISTA DE LAS SUSTANCIAS QUE NO PUEDEN ENTRAR EN LA COMPOSICIÓN DE PRODUCTOS COSMÉTICOS ß-acetoxietil trimetil amonio hidróxido (acetilcolina) y sus salesÁcido [(hidrosei-4 yodo-3 fenoxi)-4 diyodo-3,5 fenil] acético (ácido 3,3′,5 triyodo tinoacético) y sus salesCincofeno*, sus sales, derivados y las sales de sus derivadosAconitum


Lebenslauf Dr. Alexis Freitas Facharzt für Chirurgie Europäischer Facharzt für Coloproktologie Persönliche Daten Name Geboren am 14. März 1973 in Schwarzach/St. Veit (Salzburg)Vater MR Prim. Dr. Hector Freitas, Facharzt für Chirurgie Ausbildung Seit 2010 Studium zum Master of Business Administration – Universitätslehrgang „Health and Social ServicesAbschluss des Universit

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LayRay Privacy Statement Purchase and Registration When you purchase LayRay products and services, we will collect information such as name, credit card number, and address, if the product needs to be shipped to you. Some of our purchases require you to register. During the registration process we ask for your name, address and phone number, and e-mail address. We may also ask you to a


Risk Management Efforts The Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA), a trade association ofet al.; “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Medication Prescribing Errors physician-owned malpractice carriers, states that failure-to-diagnose representsone-fifth of all negligence and malpractice claims. diagnosis as the reason for litigation. 4. Tokarski, C; “Medical Error- Preventio


Third Place Prose The Happening Friday night I thought it was weird that dad didn't come home by eight. We had been playing cards every night and I thought we might continue. He didn’t show up so I figured he was driving the night shift. Saturday morning came and I woke up early to make us breakfast before I went to work. He wasn’t in his room or the office and I thought that was st

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Medication Reconciliation - A Maine Critical Access Hospital Story The Problem A patient has brought two different prescription inhalers to the hospital, each prescribed by a physician unaware of what the other had prescribed. She is using both, each day, doubling her prescribed dosage. A physician office staff member, preparing a discharge for a patient and utilizing electronic medi

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Spécialiste qualifié en chirurgie orale Ancien Assistant Hospitalier Universitaire Maîtrise de Sciences Biologiques et Médicales 17 4 01105 6 QUESTIONNAIRE MEDICAL Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur, je vous remercie de consacrer quelques minutes à remplir le questionnaire suivant. Celui-ci me renseignera sur votre état de santé général et votre historique de

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East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull Primary Care Trusts PATIENT GROUP DIRECTION (PGD) FOR Levonorgestrel (Levonelle 1500) Clinical Condition Indication Emergency contraception for females who meet Fraser Guidelines Inclusion criteria • Female patient who has had unprotected sexual intercourse or a failure of a contraceptive method within the last 72 hours Exclusion


Exelon Credit Agreements Expand Relationships with Minority and Community Banks - . Preview Mail w/ Toolbar Exelon Credit Agreements Expand Relationships with Minority and Community Banks $94 million facility from 29 banks underscores commitment to working with diverse suppliers Press Release Source: Exelon Corporation On Monday October 25, 2010, 2:21 pm EDT CHICAGO--(BUS

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