Microsoft word - electrical & emf pollution & potental human effects 3

is happening through all types of EMF waves; computers, cellular phones,
portable phones, microwaves contaminating ground, plants, animals, food, and people.

Radiation/Nuclear waste:

Splitting uranium-235 atoms in a nuclear reactor creates intensely radioactive elements
known as fission products, such as cesium, strontium, and plutonium. When spent nuclear
fuel is removed from the reactor core it is 1,000,000 times more radioactive than when it
was loaded. A typical rail cask of high-level nuclear waste material contains more than
200 times the long-lived radiation of cesium and strontium than the atomic bomb dropped
on Hiroshima. Radiation is energy that travels in waves and it is typically described in two
1. Non-ionization radiation can shake or move molecules. 2. Ionizing radiation, the kind that could be released in an accident involving high level nuclear waste, is matter or energy that is given off by the nucleus of an unstable atom in the process of decaying and reaching a stable (ground) state. This energy is released in the form of subatomic particles, alpha and beta, or waves, gamma and x-rays. Ionizing radiation can break molecular bonds, causing unpredictable chemical reactions, including genetic (DNA) mutations. Each form of radiation is different and has different characteristics but all may be deadly. 1. Alpha particles when inhaled do severe damage to the lungs, but it cannot penetrate a. Plutonium is an example of an Alpha emitter. 2. Gamma rays can travel right through a human body, breaking genetic material as it a. Cesium-137 is an example from nuclear reactor waste. Humans appear to be the most sensitive species to radiation of all mammals, although the initial impact of radiation occurs within 10 to 18 seconds of exposure the symptoms can take days to even decades to manifest, depending on the level of exposure. Mutations can occur at the gene or the chromosome level. Nuclear waste can cause cell death or mutation, including induced cancer and cause genetic damage that affect reproduction with problems like birth defects, stunted growth, microcephaly (small brain) and mental retardation. This happens because the radiation hits
a living cell and it breaks the strand that form the double helix chain within the DNA
molecule. This can result in several forms of chromosomal mutations and these in turn
disrupt normal cell reproduction and can lead to unregulated cell growth and ultimately
malignant cancers.
Cell death from radiation can result in cellular damage that causes burns to cataracts, hair
loss, thyroid conditions, organ failure, cancer and death. Cancer from this radiation is
normally from the radioactive particles tearing through individual cells. One, just one,
single radiation-induced genetic mutation can lead to full-blown cancer. The normal
radiation induced cancers are leukemia, lung, breast and thyroid cancer. Bone marrow
syndrome occurs by the depletion of stem cells in bone marrow and other blood-forming
organs. Gastrointestinal syndrome caused by the damage to and depletion of stem cells in
the gastrointestinal mucosa. Central nervous system syndrome happens with major toxic
waste exposure, and results from a failure of both the central nervous and cardiovascular
systems and the buildup of pressure inside the skull explodes.
A severe accident involving high-level nuclear waste is intensely life threatening. Even in
the case of an accident that did not puncture the cask but did cause seals to leak, someone
who came in contact within a meter of the cask could be exposed to a lethal dose in 7
minutes. Someone standing about 15 feet away could receive the equivalent of 72 chest x-
rays every minute! In a little over two hours that same person would have a 50% chance of
dying of cancer. The surprising thing is that even if there is not a single accidental release
of radiation studies have shown that with the entire 38-year span of the transport of nuclear
waste to Yucca Mountain the DOE (Department of Energy) suspects that there will be at
least 15 lethal cases of cancer caused by the radiation emission from the casks themselves
and the people who are closest to them, primarily workers such as the truck drivers.
Because the casks cannot have a thick enough skin to keep all radiation inside or they
would be to heavy to transport.
There is NO equipment short of impractical lead shields that can protect first responders
from gamma radiation coming off a major nuclear waste train or truck wreck. A person
standing 3 feet away from the unshielded nuclear waste will receive a lethal dose of
radiation in about two minutes.
Natural toxic or Radioactive elements:
Each of these in this partial list still cause damage at a cellular level, should one come into
contact with the natural source. Many of these are tested when homes are purchased but
the contaminates dropping from clouds is not being tested.
Coal dust
Arsenic found in groundwater
Radon found in soil
Clouds containing chemicals this is one of the concerns, which is relatively new, NASA is
monitoring clouds for contamination that they are carrying dust from active volcano’s.
There is also the possibility that toxins are going into the atmosphere and being carried by
wind currents over the ocean and being dropped on other continents. One such incident is
from Beijing China and the manufacturing of products with chemical residue. Recently,
ground soil is being tested and showing high levels of Arsenic, Aluminum and Mercury.
This will consequently get into the produce and then into the food chain.

EMFs (electromagnetic fields)
Produced by creation, transmission, and use of electrical devices such as power lines,
electrical wiring, transformers and electrical equipment. EMFs also include Electro-Static
Fields that are surrounded by direct current, Radio Frequency (RF), and electrical noise.
Transient phenomenon from dramatic burst of energy like spark plug firing, lightning, or
the motor brushes in the induction load of refrigerators, furnace fans, and air conditioner
compressors. These currents of energy can produce ionization of serum or cellular
electrolytes and can change boy chemistry.
There is a concern that a magnetic field greater than two milliGauss (mG.) causes cancer.
In 1979, a report was published by epidemiologist Nancy Wertheimer and physicist Ed
Leeper. They reached the conclusion that children who died from cancer were two to three
times more likely to have lived within forty metres of a power transmission line. Another
study noted that children living near power lines emitting a 4 mG EMF and a 500%
increase in lymphomas, brain tumors and childhood leukemia.
EMF’s can lead to rapid aging and have a significant impact on metabolic systems
including elevated blood glucose levels, elevations in lipid levels, increased neuro-
regulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in males and impacts on the CNS,
cardiovascular, and immune systems amongst other issues. EMFs have an effect on raised
blood pressure, pulse rate and affecting other dynamics of cardiovascular function. EMFs
cause increased serum cortisol and have shown negative effects on cognitive function,
thyroid function, immune function, bone density, muscle tissue, hyperglycemia,
hypertension and increased abdominal fat.
Chronic exposure to EMFs can affect adrenal, pituitary and pineal gland function, serotonin
production and serotonin receptors. Cortisol increases serum glucose levels. As a result of
the cortisol influence on liver glycogen more glucose is released into the bloodstream and
inhibits the effects of insulin. This predisposes the person to a diabetic serum glucose
values and the pancreatic islets decreased insulin secretion by exposures to EMFs while
also increasing serum glucose levels. This can cause mood swings, depression, insomnia,
decrease memory and memory functions.
The pineal gland, which is affected by EMFs causes a suppression of the secretion of
melatonin and this is suspected to link to childhood leukemia and in the role in sexual
development, metabolism, antioxidant functions it is responsible for immunological and
anti-tumor functions, and other physiological activities. This melatonin secretion is
affected by ELFs (extremely low-frequency magnetic fields) as well as static magnetic fields. Dr. Russell Reiter suggests that the suppression of melatonin could result in a higher incidence of cancer in any tissue and certainly predispose one to neurodegenerative disorders and dementia. EMFs may be 200 – 400% greater risk of diseases like cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, spontaneous abortions, Alzheimer’s, and suicide rates of electrical workers. The miscarriages have been associated from computers, electric blankets, and other sources and that intermittent 16 mG electromagnetic field had a 180% increased risk for spontaneous abortion. Women at less than ten weeks had a higher risk at 220% and women who had previously miscarried were at 310%. It is suspected that chromosome aberrations and single and double strand DNA breakage occurs with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure. In 1998 Hocking B. and Dr. Kjell Mild both published findings on the symptoms associated with analog and digital cellular phones. The symptoms included discomfort, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, fatigue, and headache, burning skin sensations by or near the ear and tingling and tightness of the skin near the phone. They also discovered that the fatigue, headaches and burning sensations are more frequent symptoms of those people who make longer phone calls. Since that time cell phones have also been associated to DNA damage, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, short-term memory loss, neuralgias, tumors and sleep disturbances. A Swedish researcher by the name of Dr. Leif Salford found that any level of cell phone radiation cause significant blood brain barrier leakage. In 2007 a paper was written warning against cell phone use before sleep since the findings showed that children and teenagers who use their phones late at night and need sleep (esp. because of their growth phase) disrupted the REM sleep and had the potential to alter their moods and lead to personality changes such as ADD or ADHD type symptoms, depression, lack of concentration and poor academic performance. One of the most amazing things I learned while writing this paper came from the book Molecular Resonance Effect Technology it stated: “One of the most difficult problems that we face when discussing the effects of EMFs and RFs (Radio Frequencies) is the determination of the latency period or lag time between exposure to any potential carcinogen and the outbreak of the disease.” “It can take years for EMFs (electromagnetic fields) to damage biological tissues and the endpoints are non specific.” After the nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl Dr. Elaine Ron from the US National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland said: “The elevated risk of thyroid cancer appears to continue throughout life, but there is some indication that the risk may be highest 15 to 19 years after exposure.” Wi-Fi signals like cell phone towers are always radiating, as is your telephone charger cradle (stand) in your home. Microwave radiation passes through everything between the cell tower and each and every cell phone that is linked to it. This means it also is radiating through each and every person that is between the paths of those frequencies. We cannot
block these frequencies but we can disguise it by utilizing a electromagnetic random noise
field that interferes with the reception of the damaging radiation at the cellular level. This
interferes with the protein receptors on the cellular membrane offering a form of shielding
so that no damage can occur. This nullifing is sometimes referred as the Null Field.
Up until 1952 all television stations were VHF but the demand for new stations was so
much that the FCC added more station on the Ultrahigh frequency (UHF) bandwidth, and
now with cable this number has increased by another 9000 or so.
Cell phones of course are not the only electrical disturbance that has been studied; one
other such study was on the human samples in utero to EMR of the computer monitor
affects on granulocytes and lyphocytes in the WBC. This is related to the stress response
and can affect cellular processes related to the blood morphology such as growth, division
and death of cells in all types of white blood cells.
At the end of this document is a list of other EMF frequencies and what types of electrical
equipment emit them as well as a list of VHF and other types of Electrical Pollutants.
Appendix 1.
Because EMFs damage DNA and enhance cell death rates there is no safe threshold level.
In 1983 the work of Dr. A.S. Daydov of the Ukranian Academy of Sciences, was released
indicating that cellular chemistry in the brain could be affected by extremely low frequency
radiation, which he found could cross the blood brain barrier. It is anticipated that
someone exposed to high and medium levels of EMFs have a three times greater risk of
developing Alzheimer’s than someone exposed only to low levels. Alzheimer’s
Parkinson’s and motor neuron diseases have an increased incidence in occupations
involving pesticides, solvents, and EMFs. There are also several studies that link the
decreased cognitive function of dementia, depression because of increased exposure to
The overall fraction of the body is 70-75% water, human blood is approximately 90%
water, the brain is approximately 85% water and the muscle tissue is approximately 75%
water. Because of this one of the first things to remember is that anything that can affect
water can have major affects to the body and all its functions. Thanks to the work of the
Japanese investigator Masaru Emoto more is being understood of the impact on the
structure of water and how it can be changed, not only by geomagnetic fields but also by
the energy of thought. All water is not created equal!
Water from the Caucasus Mountains helped people to counteract the radiation effects of the
Chernobyl disaster. This started the process of understanding how MRET “I water” could
be used to help modify the molecular organization of the state of water and other liquid
substances. This MRET technology helps with the electromagnetic force on the atom and
depends on the atom’s electronic structure during interaction. The key is to manipulate the
electronic structure in atoms by the generation of electromagnetic fields or radiation in a controlled and reproducible way. By controlling the dynamic parameters of the electromagnetic field it is possible to alter the structure of the fluid in a controlled manner, which may lead to the physiological effects of the fluid. This causes an ion exchange by use of a proton pump, across the cellular membrane. This also decreases the physiological viscosity and surface tension of the cell and brings out intracellular toxins and resulted in a molecular structure similar to intracellular water. Viscosity is the measurement of the internal friction of a fluid or the speed at which it will flow. Testing has been done that shows that cell viscosity decreases up to 300-500 times when MRET activated water was used compared to the non-activated water and as such makes the water improve the intracellular/extracellular water exchange. This exchange can happen within 20 minutes of absorbing MRET activated water, three times faster than non-activated water. MRET has the capability to help with electrical frequency toxicity within the cells faster than anything else I have yet to discover. They have also preformed testing and found a 92% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus when the MRET was used over untreated water. There was also a 93% decrease of psoriasis cells. Infections that cause the red blood cells to stack from plasma protein concentrations (Rouleau) that were introduced to MRET water unstacked the majority of the red blood cells 20 minutes after drinking the activated water. Free radicals vary with MRET water and not all free radicals are easily pulled with MRET water, for instance calcium ions decreased by 72% where magnesium ions only decreased by 18%. The biggest positive with this water appears to be its function in electrical pollution. MRET is not the only water which can quickly go into the cell and Kangen water allows the body to assimilate this highly charged neutral or alkaline water into the cell allowing it to utilities the nutrients that should go into each independent cell and to since it has a negative ORP it is able to pull free radicals out of the body. The subsequent effects of the activated water on bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cells, can be explained by the fundamental physical phenomenon of electromagnetism, such as resonance, constructive and destructive interference. This uses a wavelength of 600-7000 nanometres and a frequency of 7.8 Hertz. The process of activation modifies the hydrogen-bonding patterns of water molecules and induces the formation of the long-range multilayer molecular structures compatible with the intracellular water structuring. Using the MRET can increase the emission of electrons in the activated water. Electrical pollution blockers: As the book Molecular Resonance Effect Technology states, “Humans are electrical creatures.” Dr. Smirnov patented in 2002 in the United States, the MRET-Shield polymer which is able to generate random, low frequency electromagnetic waves that will superimpose themselves onto damaging electromagnetic radiation waves, compensating their adverse effect or even rendering them harmless to biological systems of humans, animals and plants. This means that External high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMRs) generate an excitatory response in the crystalline piezoelectric structures of the MRET-Shield polymer compound. So the MRET-Shield polymer generates
biologically active subtle electromagnetic waves which are superimposed onto the initial
high frequency electromagnetic radiation and can interact with biological systems,
shielding the receptors from detection of RF radiation and transmitting the information that
supports and improves cellular functions in the body. The potentially damaging radiation
becomes just another vibration that is meaningless and unable to harm the body. These
improvements and results can be proven by use of electroencephalogram (EEG), vascular
perfusion studies (blood flow) of the brain using magnetic resonance angiography,
thermography, specific absorption rate (SAR) and live blood cell analysis.
Kangen Water works by restructuring and rehydrating the cells allowing the cells to bring
in the good nutrients and the necessary energy for the cells to work and by removing the
toxins from the cells. It also allows the cells to energize so that they body again becomes a
fully functional electrical cellular-to-cellular conductor. On top of all that it has a negative
ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) to help attract and attach the water to the free-radicals
within the body.
Essential Oils:
God gave us all we need on this planet to heal the sick and to help ourselves; all we need is
the knowledge on how to do it. Okay, we know that sometimes we must go past that to a
surgeon, but we can normally do so much before we get to that point.
Essential Oils restore cells to their original state, but the need is still there to work with
changing and correcting the RNA and DNA to continue in a positive health progress. Oils
penetrate very quickly when used with water, and so to drive the oil into the body faster we
can use water on the skin first. I suppose this makes a lot of since knowing how well
essential oils work on our bodies when we consider that we are made mostly of water.
Ketones are essential oils that stimulate cell regeneration and liquefy mucus. You will find
these in Sage, Lavender, Hyssop, and Patchouly. The highest frequency oil is Rose and
works well in helping to improve cellular health. Helichrysum helps stimulate cell
function. Black pepper improves the oxygenation of the cell. Clary sage helps remove the
negative programming of the cell.
EMF blockers or revering materials; as was discussed earlier discussing the use of products
from BioPro, are wonderful in helping to not only reverse the damage caused by EMF’s but
also in preventing further damage. Those who live in the United Stated, Canada, or South
Africa can purchase directly through the company, others must find a representative like
myself and order since the company will not ship to any other country as of now. Not
because of legality issues but because they have not taken the time or money necessary to
get distributors in all these other places. You can go online to my site at to see what the company has to offer. I will have a few of
these here at the event if you would like to see them as well as some of the paperwork.
Heavy metal and toxins: Essential Oils help with Chlorine, Carbon Tetrachloride, TCDD (Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin), Chlorinating pesticides, Atrazine, Vegetable and fruit Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, you can use any for free-radical support plus the oils that support the specific organs or body parts affected. To help the liver: Dandelion and milk thistle are excellent herbs for helping the liver. Calcium, iron, iodine, vitamin A vitamin C, oxygen and water to also help rejuvenate the liver. T-3 and T4 are produced in the liver so if it is stressed be sure to support the Thyroid this is especially true if the pancreas is also stressed, since the liver and pancreas can lead to thyroid conditions. All of the items above must be present in the liver to produce T-3 & T-4 plus oxygen. If these hormones are not released properly then the emotions will be stressed further. The dietary supplements such as red beet root, spinach, essential fatty acids, and yogurt, along with garlic can also help the liver function. If the thyroid is also stressed the herbs of Kelp, dulse, Irish moss, and bladderwrack may help. Colon: Herb such as psyllium or cascara sagrada to help normalize the colon, increase the dietary fiber. Reintroduce bifidophilus or acidophilus and/or organic yogurt. Charcoal, garlic and Zeolite these heavy metals also have an effect on the friendly flora in the colon. Removal of the damaging free radicals: Supplements of vitamins A, C, and E and mineral selenium. Herbs of Essiac and C-Herb, Sheep sorrel. Kidney and Bladder: Must be healthy for proper hydration. Marshmallow, juniper berries, uva ursi, comfrey, garlic, and hydrangea all have a rebuilding and detoxifying affect on the kidneys and bladder. Stone Free from Planetary Formulas is probably my favorite supplement because it easily breaks down sludge and stones into gravel, with no issues of discomfort. There are many essential oils that are wonderful with Kidney and bladder issues a few examples are: Juniper or grapefruit for better function, JuvaFlex or ledum to strengthen, Tinture of K&B, for blockage consider using ComforTone, Essentialzyme and ICP, and Juva Tone, Rosemary for infection, or compress of Cypress, marjoram, and Thieves or JuvaFlex. Aroma Life for Inflammation, Eucalyptus, hyssop, juniper for stones. For kidney you can use a compress of EndoFlex. Hormonal Issues: Pituitary – sage, alfalfa, parsley Adrenal – panothentic acid, licorice root Thyroid – iodine, kelp, dulse, black walnut, Irish moss Reproductive – black cohosh, dong quai, damiana, saw palmetto Pineal – ginseng, dong quai, chapparel, black cohosh, gotu kola Pancreatic – goldenseal, chromium, juniper berry, uva ursi Liver – red beat root, calcium, vitamin A Lymph: Cleanse the lymph to help with the immune system. Removal of milk products,
exercise for movement of lymph, water, and herbs like burdock, Echinacea, devil’s claw
and Oregon grape or blue flag (iris).
Bone: Remember that Stem cells are produced in bone so we need to make sure it is
supported. With calcium and magnesium
Two products that kill yeast are caprylic acid (from coconut) and undecylenic
acid. Herbs of Marshmallow if it is in the urinary tract, pau d’arco if it is above the
diaphragm (like the head, sinus, throat, or lung), Yarrow if it is in the vaginal area or
systemic. Acidophilus should be used to reestablish the friendly bacteria in the body.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, without aluminum) directly into or on the site may be
helpful. Essential Oil of Citral,
Bacteria: Essential Oils that contain Sesquiterpenes such as Cedarwood, Vetiver, or
Sandalwood are antibacterial. Essential Oils of Oregano, Lemongrass.
Parasite: Essential Oils of Oregano, Anise, Cove, Di-gize,, fennel, hyssop, melaleuca,
Mountain savory, tangerine, tarraon or thyme. Apply on stomach and feet to help pass
parasites. Or the Essential Oil supplement of ParaFree, which combines oils.
Virus: Parasite can hibernate against the spine so massage ImmuPower and oregano food
grade essential oil along the spine. Also use variations of single oil or mix the
combinations or bergamot, blue cypress, cypress, Egyptian gold, Eucalyptus radiate,
lavender, Melaleuca quinquenervia (use if fungal too), myrrh (internally & externally),
ravensara (infection), rosemary, Thieves (diffuse with cinnamon bark) and take internally.
Antioxiants and Free-Radical Scavengers: Phenylpropanoids essential oils: Clove, Basil,
EMF: Help support the body to prevent continued EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) damage
by wearing the BioPro pendant or carrying the BioPro Smart Card can be very helpful with
loose EMF frequencies that you come in contact with. Using BioPro Home Harmonizer
helps with the frequencies, which come from the power lines inside of the house, while the
BioPro cell chips are designed specifically for Cell phone EMFs. For all other types of
electrical devices you own and those, which you transport with you in particular, since they
go with you 24/7, the BioPro Universal Chips can block the damaging frequencies so that
your body does not pick them up as Electrical Pollution. For internal cellular contamination
BioPro designed the IH20 System to help remove and reduce future EMF cellular
This is NOT designed as a sales promotion but as of now I have yet to find any other
product, which can offer the safe removal and reduction of EMF pollution as this company
can. Feel free to research on your own and if you know of another company, which offers
similar services, please let us all know.
Food Grade Essential Oils of Frankincense, Harmony, Valor for Electrical energies in the

Cellular Dehydration & Contamination:
All water is not created equal. So we must look at what we absorb and not what we drink
as the key to this problem. We know we need water, but unlike a baby whose body is made
up of 80% structured and very active water, we are not in latter life. In fact the older we
are the less water within the cells is available. By this I mean that when we eat acid foods
our body has to pull protons out of our water to re-hydrate or to rebalance the acidic
In the early days water came from springs or rivers, which traveled down a mountain from
its peak where the snow melted and traveled to the lower point to active pools, rivers and
lakes. Along the way this infant water picked up frequencies and energy from the roots of
trees, and the rocks and crystals it passed, it became active water with a memory and our
bodies knew how to use this energy. It was clean and pure, and the water was able to
balance any impurities from bacteria that it might encounter, as long as it remained in an
active state. But, if the water became still it would go stagnant and loose this memory,
disease became prevalent, bacteria grew, as did other impurities. This is how our body
works. The cell must be able to move with energy, allowing the new energy and nutrients
to come in and to flush out the old but as we have discussed earlier our cells have become
structurally damaged and hardened, now we must find a way to go back to the way it was
designed. We must be able to remove the toxins from within the cell and the fluid both
inside and outside of the cell and to get the needed energy and nutrients inside. Our body
must have hydration, tissue salts, fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals,
it cannot work efficiently if any one part of the whole is not supplied and the key is
supplying the 80% need of the body…quality hydration.
Many years ago Japan found a miracle water, which we in the United States refer to as
Kangen Water and it is available in every country with the exception of China. It helps us
to restructure our disturbed cells into productive cells helping with aging and dehydration
issues as well as the nutritional aspects and removal of toxic issues that the body must
We know from earlier discussion that the viscosity of water (how slippery or wet it is)
makes a difference in transportation; this includes the transportation of proteins and
hormones, which need a low viscosity. Structured water supplies that. It also allows for a
negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential), which will attach to free radicals and
transport them out of the body, again helping with age reversal degeneration.
We also discussed the need of the Potassium and Sodium on the internal and external parts
of the cell, when a cell membrane is damaged this causes the cell to allow to much Sodium
to get into the cell and allows the potassium out of the cell this disturbs the electrical
balance of the cell and causes degeneration and premature aging.
Structured water uses sound and is at the frequency of 528 Hz, which also helps to repairs
the DNA. Remember water has its own natural rhythm providing we use energetic water,
which will reenergize water that is still prior to that, basically it re-teaches the still water to
move again by sound vibrations. In fact frequencies of prayer and thought as well and
holinguistics (speech) will affect structured water, inside and outside the cell because it is
capable of adaptogenic functions. This restructuring also helps to reverse the damage to
the RNA and the DNA.
What we don’t want to do is to continue to stew in our own metabolic chemical and
electrical pollution within our bodies.

Let’s start with how do they feel? Are they as tired or fatiqued as they were, do they repair
quickly when injured? Is the body showing signs of fast aging or do they see signs of
regeneration and a more youthful appearance?
Some of the easiest tests of course would be darkfield or live blood analysis, allowing a
visual of the blood.
EPFX-usb/SCIO and other biofeedback machines can allow us to visually see numeric
interpretations of the cellular and stress levels of the body, making earlier visit information
much easier to compare to the current information.
DNA testing. There are now locations, which allow us to look at DNA for flaws, breaks
and genetics issues. If this were done before and again done after working on the cellular
problems, I would suspect that some of these issues might have corrected themselves.
Locations like DNA Center ( for DDC, or Meta Phase Genetics
(, or Health & DNA (, to name only a few.
Because we live in a toxic environment we must remember that this will always be an
ongoing problem, but with knowledge and the proper tools we can do something to help
ourselves or families and our clients.
EMF FREQUENCIES & EQUIPMENT CAUSING THEM Licensed 2-way land mobile communication Cordless telephones, 49 MHz FM walkie-talkies, radio controlled toys and mixed 2-way mobile communication 6-meter amateur band and radio-control frequency Radio controlled models and other devices; model aircraft at 72 MHz and surface models at 75 MHz FM Radio broadcasting 88-92 non-commercial, 92-108 commercial Airband for air traffic control, AM, 121.5 MHz for emergency frequency; Aeronautical communications Auxiliary civil services, satellite, space research, and other miscellaneous services VHF Business band, the unlicensed Multi-Use Radio Service, and 2-way land mobile, FM VHF Marine Radio; narrow band FM. 156.8 MHz (channel 16) is the maritime emergency and contact frequency 160 & 161 are AAR 99 channel railroad radios issued to the railroad. 162.40-162.55 MHz NOAA Weather Stations 174-216 MHz Channel 7-13 RV, and professional wireless microphones 225 and above MHz Federal services, notably military aircraft radio (225-400 MHz) AM Most of the word 87.5-87.9 MHz Radio frequency used for FM broadcasting (except 87.75 the USA used for TV channel 6) Not normally used except 2 class D stations at 87.9 MHz 10-watt in Mountain View, California at KSFH and 34-Watt translator in Sun Valley, Nevada at K200AA. New Zealand (UHF broadcast their free-to-air stations) Frequency bands
ELF: Atmospheric pressure oscillations occurring naturally in nature from visible light and are mainly accidental or natural. Interaction of solar wind with the ionosphere that produces a low frequency currents (telluric currents) in the earth and oceans. ELFs are also the presence of ore bodies whose electrical conductance differs from that of the surrounding earth crust. These bands may be used for communication with submarines with low information rates SLF: Power lines that radiate at 50-60 Hz are picked up as a hum. ULF: Communication bands for communication with submarines and with mines. Or used in navigation systems. VLF: Used in navigation system LF: This band can propagate around the earth by refraction and reflection at the ionosphere or the surface of the earth itself. Used for communication across the oceans and around the world. MF: AM radio band, which requires an unobstructed path to the transmitter. HF: Short Wave band and includes the CB band and the channels used fro radio control. As the frequency of the carrier wave increases, it becomes possible to encode more information and to crowd channels closer together. VHF: Includes FM radio and television. UHF: Includes some television and mobile phones. SHF: Microwave band and for communication with satellites, and microwave ovens. EHF: Not much used for. Infrared: wavelengths longer than visible and up to about 1mm and are often measured in microns or micrometers (μm) Infrared radiation can be felt as radiant heat. Visible: wavelengths are about 400 nm (violet light) to 700 nm (red light). The sun radiates most strongly in this range. Diodes used in solar cells Ultraviolet: 10 Nanometres, UV photon has enough energy to damage DNA molecules in your cells. X-Ray: nm to 10 pm. Used to determine the structure of crystals. Soft X rays with long wavelengths and hard X rays with shorter wavelengths and higher energies. There energies are enough to ionize atoms and to destroy chemical bonds. Produced by radioactive sources and hot objects like neutron stars. Produced by smashing high-energy electrons into metal targets. Soft X rays are stopped by (enough) air where Hard X rays can penetrate deeply into tissue. Gamma rays: Waves less than about 10 pm. Very high energy and often come from deep space, sometimes in bursts from cosmic events, like the collaps or collision of stars. Energy to cause a chain reaction of ionization events in the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to a shower of charged particles. Those not described above are below: Cosmos ELF below 1 hz: Atmospheric pressure oscillations occurring naturally in nature from visible light Neutrino: From the Sun, in nuclear reactors or when cosmic rays hit atoms. They pass through the earth from the sun and more than 50-trillion solar electron neutrinos pass through the human body every second. Elementary particles that travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are hard to detect. EELF: I could find no definition for this term. 70-500 Hz are found in Seizure onsets in the 20-20,000 Hz are heard by the human ear 300Hz-100K are Sonar 112-370 KHz are Power Line and Radio Frequency and may be linked to the disturbance of the Honey Bee migration This document is copyright protected 4YourHealth, llc Production September 30, 2008 References: Dried Blood Cell Analysis: by CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professionals) Molecular Resonance Effect Technology: The Dynamic Effects on Human Physiology, Dr. Howard Fisher & Dr. Igor Smirnov, M.S., PhD Cancer is a Fungus, Dr. T. Simoncini The Chemistry of Essential Oils, David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M. Uninformed Consent, Hal A. Huggins, DDS, M.S., Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. It’s All in Your Head, Dr. Hal A. Huggins A Mouth Full of Poison, Dr. Myron Wentz Good Teeth Birth to Death, Gerard F. Judd Toxin Checklist by RM Barry Publications 1-888-209-0510 Grabenstein JD. ImmunoFacts: Vaccines & Immunologic Drugs 2006 Healing Water by Marc Melton dvd directed by Genie Joseph Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley Biologic Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition, Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Human Functional Anatomy, George D. Zuidema, M.D. The Human Body in Health and Disease, Memmler’s Web site information from:


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Rituais do discurso crítico: betriz sarlo e diamela eltit

Rituais do discurso crítico: Beatriz Sarlo e Diamela Eltit Este ensaio busca descrever, de modo contrastivo, algunsprocedimentos que caracterizam o ritualismo textual dos discursos crítico eliterário. Tomando como corpus de análise alguns textos das obras Instantáneas , de Beatriz Sarlo, e Emergencias , de Diamela Eltit, pretendetambém apontar riscos e perspectivas de uma crítica

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