ARTS-Dance at 55th NSDC in San Antonio, TX
In its efforts to fulfill the ARTS Mission the ARTS The updated ARTS Tri-Fold brochure was inserted into the Governing Board has identified new opportunities to registration packets of convention attendees. There was generate public awareness and promote growth and good attendance as well as participation in the seminar acceptance of contemporary Square, Round and “ARTS - Where Are We Now/” conducted by the ARTS Traditional Folk Dance by encouraging and assisting a Officers. There was also an impressive display in the Showcase of Ideas with quite a bit of material picked upby the Convention attendees.
Among these opportunities is the release of a movie thissummer which will include Square Dancing. “The The ARTS-DANCE Summer meeting was held the Astronaut Farmer” starring Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Sunday immediately following the NSDC. We were Willis and others is scheduled to be released in August.
pleased that a number of dancers who had heard about The plot of this movie – A NASA astronaut is forced to The ARTS were able to attend as guests to learn more retire so he could save his family farm. But he cannot give up his dream of space travel and looks to build his ownrocket, despite the government's threats to stop him.
At the Summer Governing Board Meeting, Michael Streby While on the farm, he is enticed to try Square Dancing.
showed a video targeted to help dancers understandARTS goals, missions and accomplishments. There is still Dance groups are encouraged to contact theaters in their work to be completed on the video before it will be area showing “The Astronaut Farmer” and offer to put on demonstrations. With the release of this movie scheduledfor August the timing is perfect for clubs to promote their ARTS DANCERS SURVEY -
upcoming classes. The subtitle for this movie is “one Michael Streby reported since the results of all the surveys small step for man, one giant leap for farmers.” It is conducted so far have shown very consistent results, hoped that by seizing the opportunity to promote square there was no survey conducted at this year’s National dancing in conjunction with this movie we can capitalize Square Dance Convention®. But since next year the 56th on the enthusiasm generated and take “one small step for NSDC will be in the Eastern US in Charlotte, North Carolina, ARTS will request permission to conduct asurvey there next June.
During the ARTS Summer meeting in San Antonio theGoverning Board viewed an interesting presentation on ARTS - Learn to Dance - Toll Free Number
incentive / buzz marketing, involving the awarding of It was reported that so far 86 inquiries using the toll free prizes for enticing new dancers into the activity. An number 1-800-455-ARTS (2787) on the magnetic bumper informative presentation of the “Friendship Set to sticker have been received from 23 states and the District Music-The TV Show” developed by the Central East of Columbia in the United States and one from Nova Region of the Square Dance Federation of Minnesota was Scotia. 15 calls have come in from California and 10 calls each from North and South Carolina. All have beenrefereed to contacts in their respective areas.
In addition to these new initiatives, the Alliance of Round,Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS) continues to Public Relations Proposal -
advance its current programs: ARTS Add-A-Buck: ARTS The Weber/Shandwick Public Relations proposal included Dance Travel; Dance America Benefit Dance (Feb. 29, seven items - Sample News Release and How-to Fact 2008); Learn to Dance 866-455-ARTS; Demographic Sheet, Media Tips and Tricks, Square Dance Background, Surveys; Square Dancing 101; Grant Applications; and PR Marketing Success Stories, Stock photo on Square, Round an d T r a d i t i o n a l D a n c i n g , P r ogramRecommendations and News Releases on Survey All Dancers are encouraged to support these programs Results. These items will be revisited and discussed at Jim Maczko - Chairman of the Governing Board ALLIANCE OF ROUND TRADITIONALAND SQUARE-DANCE, INC.
Incentive Marketing Proposal -
Plan now to sponsor a Benefit Dance in your area. For Jim and Judy Taylor, Judy Winter and Dan McPeek m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n c o n t a c t o u r w e b s i t e : proposed a marketing strategy called “Incentive Marketing” or sometimes referred to as “Buzz Marketing” - providingincentives to those in the dance activity which are Add-A-Buck Program -
designed to encourage more individual participation in the Information packets were mailed out to 48 Reps. There marketing effort. It is viewed as a start for coordinating will be a follow up to see if the packet was received and efforts of square dancers across the country toward how the recipient plans to use it. If you did not receive everyone’s common goal of increasing the number of one and would like to assist ARTS, please contact the ARTS Secretary or downloadat
They suggest “Buzz Marketing” where anyone canparticipate. Word of mouth marketing is a very effective Friendship Set to Music -
way to spread the word. A major component of this The CE region of Minnesota has created 61 hour long proposal is the creation, maintenance and use of the new cable TV shows featuring square and round dancing.
Internet and a web based tracking and reporting system.
It is a lively TV series highlighting modern western square Volunteering to create such a sample web site was Ken dancing. These show are distributed to 70 cable stations Robinson. After extensive discussion a committee of the in MN, ND, SD, IA, NJ, KS, WI, and HI. The series is persons named above and Jim Weber will further available to other clubs and associations who would like investigate this incentive/Buzz Marketing program and to use the shows. The programs are available for a create a proposal and cost estimates for the Fall Meeting donation of at least $6.00 each through the CE region of MN. Phone 952-472-0006 or e-mail orthe web All agreed that an Electronic Mailing Network was the bestmethod to disseminate ARTS information directly to all To get these shows airing on your public-access TV dancers. Some areas already have set up such systems.
channel, contact your local cable TV station and ask if An e-mail distribution system can work like a mail tree they will air your show if you bring them tapes or DVD’s or where the message is sent to individual state or region if the show is mailed directly to them. If they say “yes”, coordinators, with the coordinators sending the message contact Dee for tapes or DVD’s. If you have a local on to smaller groups. Since more study and investigation college who will help you create your own shows (one is was needed a committee was appointed to further never enough), call Dee Scott for how to go this route.
investigate this matter and report in October.
Public-access cable TV stations serve the local Advertising featuring square dance - Aleve, the New York subscriber, either by playing what they request or by Lottery and Liberty Mutual, Riverside, CA. have all airing what they create. Dee described at the ARTS featured the Square Dance activity in recent ads. It was Summer meeting in great detail how this valuable suggested we need to let those producing such program began in 2004 and has continued. Theirs is truly commercials know that we appreciate the positive image a not-for-profit effort of promoting our activity. ARTS will p o r t r a y e d . A l e v e ’ s w e b s i t e i s help with publicity and promotion of this program. A tri- Del Reed, who fold brochure with additional information is also available.
handles the ASK ARTS question, has already sent outsuggestions to those who have asked how to respond to ARTS & YTB TRAVEL -
such advertising. Check in your local square dance The ARTS and online YTB Travel site has been activated publications or call 321-633-1306 or e-mail at and ARTS has already received a portion of the travel commissions. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to use the site Teaching Dancing in Schools -
Please check out and use the travel website that supports Order forms for Moving and Grooving from Canada and dancing. Did your read about it in Ask ARTS #5 reply? Square Dancing 101 from California, both dealing withteaching square dancing in schools, may be found on the Fall ARTS Meeting -
Sunday, October 1, 2006 in Orlando, FL at the ClarionHotel near the airport. This meeting is scheduled to start Work is now under way to create a similar program at 9 AM. Guests are always welcome to attend. Please featuring Contra Dancing. Contact Jeff and Kathy Smith at notify ARTS Secretary Jerry Reed - if you plan on for more information.
February 29, 2008 - Dance America - The flyers are
Late Flash - New Auxiliary Board Member: At the last
available. All ARTS organizations, clubs and individuals meeting of The National Association of Square and are encouraged to sponsor this extra special Day of Dance Round Dance Suppliers (NASRDS) the members voted to benefit The ARTS and help raise money for promotional to join ARTS-Dance as an Auxiliary Governing Board


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