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CASE STUDY:9 An example of “Marathonning’ - Over a 1 year
C = Recovery Facilitator
WEEK 1: Mother phones C (business contact) requesting help
for son – long term (10 years) polydrug user, including heroin,
having ‘tried every program there is’ including Methadone and 6 hours
Naltrexone in the past. 9 had become a recluse in his own room,
a chronic poly drug user, in 20s, had dropped out of uni some
time ago. C visits 9 in parents home – 9 agrees to contract with
C to work on recovery and several visits during week.
WEEK 2: C meets 9 at home with parents present - persuades 6 hours
to get ready to go for a walk and explores history and issues for
Root of problem discovered - 9 was ashamed of his physical appearance, had low self esteem, felt left behind by peers, depressed and injunctions: DON’T MAKE IT, DON’T BE IMPORTANT, BE STRONG, DON’T BE CLOSE. Several visits per week. WEEK 3: C decides on physical exercise strategy and gains 9 hours
agreement with 9 – calls every day x 6 days early morning to go
for walk with 9. Some days C had to wait outside waiting for 9 to
get out of bed assisted by parents. C persisted in encouraging
this pattern to increase endorphin levels and improve physical
health and appetite.
WEEK 4: C continues to call each morning 6 days per week and 9 hours
go walking/jogging with 9. 9 gradually comes out of shell and
starts to reduce drug taking.
CASE STUDY:9 An example of “Marathonning’ - Over a 1 year
C = Recovery Facilitator

WEEK 5: C continues to visit early mornings for exercise 9 hours
counseling. During other times 9 starts to lift weights at home
and general health improves, with increased appetite and weight
WEEK 6: Intermittent morning visits with counseling and 6 hours
motivation – 9 continues to lift weights and occasionally takes
dog for walk on own. Depression starting to lift and drug use
WEEK 7: C continues intermittent morning visits and also talks 6 hours
with family members to mediate to increase understanding and
improve interpersonal relationships.
MONTHS 2 – 4
C reduces contact and 9 continues to exercise with weights and 78 hours voluntarily continues early morning walks with dog. As physical appearance improves 9 gains more confidence and has marked improvement of mood and motivation. MONTHS 4 -6
C spends time negotiating and arranging manual labour work 78 hours opportunity for 9 who reluctantly agrees to follow up, but eventually will not follow through. Weekly visits continue and 9 continues to exercise daily – muscular appearance now and parents amazed at progress. CASE STUDY:9 An example of “Marathonning’ - Over a 1 year
C = Recovery Facilitator

MONTHS 6 – 9
9 Feels confident enough to return to uni to complete a final unit 39 hours which will complete his degree. Appearance has changed from thin, unhealthy and wasted to muscular build, healthy, ‘movie star’ looks and positive mood. Intermittent contacts with C continue. 9 -12 MONTHS - Graduated by C
9 has completed his degree and has secured and started a well paid professional position with large company which he enjoys. Total hours:



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