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Engine Controller -
5 Digital Input to CAN
CAN (SAE J1939 or CANopen)
with Electronic Assistant™
P/N: AX030600
5 digital inputs are user selectable from the following. o Active High/Active Low o Pulse from speed sensors o PWM signal from diesel engine ECM o Counter 12V/24VDC input power (nominal) with rugged surge protection CANopen module available on request (P/N: AX030601) Electronic Assistant™
operating system for user configuration, saving and writing settings to additional controllers during set-up. An Axiomatic USB-CAN converter links the PC to the CAN bus.
Engine controls for power generation, co-generation, stationary power Engine controls for commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, etc.
Ordering Part Numbers:
Controller: AX030600
Controller: AX030601 (on request)
Accessories: PL-DTM06-12S Mating Plug Kit
EDS File: EDS-AX030601
AX070502 Configuration KIT includes the following.
PC-based CANopen Configuration Tool to access the object 1 ft. (0.3 m) USB Cable P/N: CBL-USB-AB-MM-1.5 12 in. (30 cm)CAN Cable with female DB-9 P/N: CAB- Commercially available USB-CAN converter (not supplied). AX070501
AX070502IN CD P/N: CD-AX070502, includes:
Electronic Assistant™ AX070500 software; EA &
USB-CAN User Manual UMAX07050X; USB-CAN
drivers & documentation; CAN Assistant (Scope and
Visual) software & documentation; and the SDK
Software Development Kit.
NOTE: To order this kit, you need only to specify
P/N: AX070502.


Technical Specifications:
Input Specifications

12, 24VDC nominal (8…32 VDC power supply range) 75V maximum Surge and reverse polarity protection are provided. Up to 5 digital inputs are selectable by the user. Refer to Table 1.0. With the CAN model, AX030600, all input channels are completely independent of each other as well as can simultaneously send a message to the J1939 bus. Full protection to all other physical pins (any other input, output or power terminal). Up to 5 digital inputs are available. The digital inputs can be configured for any one of the following options. Digital Input (Active Low 10 KOhm or Active High 10 KOhm) PWM signal input (0-10,000 Hz, 0-100% D.C.) Threshold 2.5V (Other values are available on request.) Hysteresis 1V Output Specifications
General Specifications
Standard embedded software is provided. (Application-specific control logic is available on request.) Each input channel can be configured to send diagnostic messages to the network if the input goes out of range, as described below. In addition to the input channels, three other types of faults can be reported to the network using diagnostic messaging. They are Over Temperature (of the controller processor), Over Voltage and Under Voltage (of the power supply voltage). 1 CAN port (SAE J1939) (Model AX030601 is CANopen) Electronic Assistant (P/N: AX070500) for Windows operating systems It comes with a royalty-free license for use. The Axiomatic Electronic Assistant AX070500 requires an USB-CAN converter to link the device’s (AX030200) CAN port to a Windows-based PC for initial configuration. An Axiomatic USB-CAN Converter AX070501 is available. Order the EA and USB-CAN as a kit (P/N AX070502), which includes all interconnecting cables. Refer to Table 2.0 for details. The software was designed to provide flexibility and provides the following. • Configurable ECU Instance in the NAME (for multiple ECU’s on the network) Configurable PGN and SPN (Data Parameters) Configurable Diagnostic Messaging Parameters, as required Diagnostic Log, maintained in non-volatile memory Note: Configurable parameters are also called setpoints. The Axiomatic AX030600 is compliant with Bosch CAN protocol specification, Rev.2.0, Part B, and the following J1939 standards. OSI Network Model
J1939 Standard
J1939/11 – Physical Layer, 250K bit/s, Twisted Shielded Pair. J1939/15 - Reduced Physical Layer, 250K bits/sec, Un-Shielded Twisted Pair (UTP). The controller supports Transport Protocol for Diagnostic DM1 and DM2 messages (PGN 65226 and 65227). It supports responses on PGN Requests (PGN 59904) and acknowledgements (PGN 59392). It also supports Proprietary B messaging (PGN 65280 to 65535), and uses a proprietary scheme described in the User Manual. J1939/81 – Network Management J1939, Appendix B – Address and Identity Assignments Arbitrary Address Capable ECU - It can dynamically change its network address in real time. The controller supports: Address Claimed Messages (PGN 60928), Requests for Address Claimed Messages (PGN 59904) and Commanded Address Messages (PGN 65240). None of the application layer PGN’s are supported as part of the default configurations. However, the controller could be configured such that any of the input messages to be sent will use a PGN from this section. The data size, index, resolution and offset can all be configured for the appropriate SPN associated with the PGN. It is the user’s responsibility to configure the controller such that it will not violate the J1939 standard. J1939/73 – Application Layer – Diagnostics The controller can be configured to send “Active Diagnostic Trouble Code” DM1 messages (PGN 65226) for any input channel. Warning and Protect diagnostics will automatically become previously active when cleared. “Previously Active Diagnostic Trouble Codes” DM2 messages (PGN 65227) are available on request. Shutdown diagnostics will be cleared upon receiving a “Diagnostic Data Clear/Reset for Active DTC’s” DM11 message (PGN 65235). Occurrence counts in the diagnostic log will be cleared upon receiving a “Diagnostic Data Clear/Reset for Previously Active DTC’s” DM3 message (PGN 65228). Deutsch DTM series 12 pin receptacle (DTM13-12PA-R008)
Mating plug: Deutsch DTM06-12SA with wedgelock (WM12S) and 12 contacts
20 AWG wire is recommended for use with contacts 0462-201-20141.
Use dielectric grease on the pins when installing the controller.
Wiring to these mating plugs must be in accordance with all applicable local codes.
Suitable field wiring for the rated voltage and current must be used. The rating of
the connecting cables must be at least 70°C. Use field wiring suitable for both
minimum and maximum ambient temperature.

Pin out:
Pin 1 Digital GND Pin 7 + Battery
Pin 2 Digital Input 1 Pin 8 - Battery
Pin 3 Digital Input 2 Pin 9 CAN_L
Pin 4 Digital Input 3 Pin 10 CAN_H
Pin 5 Digital Input 4 Pin 11 CAN_Shield
Pin 6 Digital Input 5 Pin 12 Digital GND
High Temperature Nylon housing - Deutsch IPD PCB Enclosure (EEC-325X4B) 4.62 x 5.24 x 1.43 inches 117.42 x 133.09 x 36.36 mm (W x L x H excluding mating plugs) Mounting holes sized for ¼ inch or M6 bolts. The bolt length will be determined by the end-user’s mounting plate thickness. The mounting flange of the controller is 0.63 inches (16 mm) thick. If the module is mounted without an enclosure, it should be mounted vertically with connectors facing left and right to reduce likelihood of moisture entry. The CAN wiring is considered intrinsically safe. The power wires are not considered intrinsically safe and so in hazardous locations, they need to be located in conduit or conduit trays at all times. The module must be mounted in an enclosure in hazardous locations for this purpose. No wire or cable harness should exceed 30 meters in length. The power input wiring should be limited to 10 meters. All field wiring should be suitable for the operating temperature range of the module. Install the unit with appropriate space available for servicing and for adequate wire harness access (6 inches or 15 cm) and strain relief (12 inches or 30 cm). Vibration compliance is suitable for mobile equipment applications. IP67, PCB is conformal coated and protected by the housing. Plugs carry an IP69 rating.
Set up of Controller on a CAN Network:

Table 2.0 - AX070500 Electronic Assistant and AX070501 USB-CAN Converter AX070502, Configuration KIT includes the following.
USB-CAN Converter P/N: AX070501
1 ft. (0.3 m) USB Cable P/N: CBL-USB-AB-MM-1.5 12 in. (30 cm)CAN Cable with female DB-9
P/N: CAB-AX070501
AX070502IN CD P/N: CD-AX070502, includes: Electronic Assistant™ software AX070500; EA & USB-CAN User Manual UMAX07050X; USB-CAN drivers & documentation; CAN Assistant (Scope and Visual) AX070502, Configuration KIT
software & documentation; and the Software Development

NOTE: To order this kit, you need only to specify P/N:


Electronic Assistant ™
The Electronic Assistant (EA) runs on any modern
PC with the Microsoft Windows® 2000 operating
system or higher. It comes with a royalty-free
license for use.
System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
including 64-bit editions
Display: VGA (XGA or better with 1024 x 768 recommended) Setup and Configuration:
Refer to the User Manual UMAX07050X.
To order the EA software at the time of initial
purchase, order the KIT AX070502 (see above)
which includes the USB-CAN converter.
additional EA and USB-CAN software ONLY CD’s, Specifications are subject to update without notice. Form: TDAX030600-11/15/07(KMSCH:05/18/07)


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