Cape Town’s Beerhouse offering 99 reasons to drink beer What better way to make an entrance than to open on International Beer Day ‘with 99 bottles’. Cape Town’s Beerhouse opened on Long Street, the vibiest location in town, with a wel -designed space to kick back in, a massive selection of local and international craft beers paired with great beer-drinking food and a knowledgeable team of beer fundis committed to quenching your thirst for good beer. Having kicked off with our unique #99bottles street art chalk campaigns in South Africa on International Beer Day, Beerhouse started by doing what it does best: celebrating all things beer – in all possible ways. Instead of a press release to chew, Beerhouse thought giving you 99 reasons to have a brew at Beerhouse was a nice way to give you some insight into the passion behind the venture. Connect with Beerhouse regarding some of the reasons you enjoyed. The guys at Beerhouse would love to look at how they can host you for a great feature article for your media. Hi-Res Pictures and Logos on 99 reasons to drink beer at Beerhouse… … Beerhouse has arguably Africa’s biggest variety of beers under one roof; there are at least #99bottles of beer and, on top of that, up to 16 beers on tap. … the Beerhouse team comes from different parts of the world, but are a family born of beer – German, Zimbabwean, British, Botswana, Mozambican and, of course, South African. … once you are inside Beerhouse, you won’t have to look at the bright yel ow building from the outside wondering what sounds like so much fun. You wil be inside the fun. … even though it’s a bit like ordering a salad in a steak joint, Beerhouse also have a solid variety of cider, wine and spirits if your palate requires something a little different. … Beerhouse has arguably the greatest selection of food perfectly paired for beer drinking that this town has ever seen. From the perfect double-fried Belgian fries to Dutch bitterbal en, rösti, onion rings, bacon and more. … the Vikings believed that when they got to Valhal a (heaven) there would be a giant she-goat with a never-ending supply of beer flowing from her udders. Beerhouse doesn’t have the goat, but with its never-ending supply of quality beer, the bar is as close to beer heaven as possible. … there’s a back-facing bar where the taps are behind the barmen, leading directly into the cold-room. That means the beer spends less time in pipes (less exposure to anything that might alter the flavour), and it travels a shorter distance to your glass (less interference or change in temperature on its way). … Beerhouse brings you some of the world’s finest craft beers, carefully selected for your enjoyment. … Beerhouse is owner and entrepreneur Randolf Jorberg’s passion project; it’s every guy’s teenage bar-owning dream come to life. … the genius idea for Beerhouse happened when Jorberg, a German, and his South African girl friend Varnia were having a beer in Heidelberg in southern Germany. Just think what amazing ideas you might have if you have a drink at Beerhouse. … Beerhouse might possibly be the only bar to advertise less than it has. Beerhouse markets itself around 99 beers because there’s a nice connection with the song, but there were 115 beers available at last count. … if you order at “beer o’clock” you wil get a plate with 12 100-ml glasses on it so you can drink around the clock. Dancing is encouraged. … among the many fine beers on offer, you might want to try Gulden Draak from Belgium, one of the finest beers in the world. … all beers on tap come in a 100-ml taster option. … Beerhouse is located in the middle of Long Street, the most legendary, vibiest street in all of Cape Town and arguably South Africa. Pull in, kick back, raise a glass and soak up the best position in town. … Beerhouse’s service is easy-going, efficient and reliable, which is the exact opposite of going to the bank. Plus, the end result is beer not paperwork. … at Beerhouse quality supersedes quantity, but if you want quantity, the bar has that too. … while travel expands the mind, makes you a more interesting person and allows you to try beers from al over the world, at Beerhouse you can experience a variety of beers in one place, no passport and no border posts required. Being interesting and expanding your mind is up to you. … at Beerhouse you’l find any excuse to start a party. E.g. “Hey everybody, it’s the last Thursday of the week!” … Lucky beer from China comes in a Buddha-shaped bottle. No wonder Buddha likes to smile so much. … the chandeliers are made out of beer bottles. Yes, swinging from them is tempting. … with the founder being geeky by nature, you won’t find a place in Cape Town with more plug points; you can plug in your laptop and plug away at a pint. … there is free WiFi for al patrons. “Dear Facebook, Beerhouse is awesome. Get your asses down here.” As magic happens overnight staff got stuck in with jobs they weren’t hired for, doing the countertop and the painting of the benches and tables. They identify with their workspace and made it their (beer) house. … the bathrooms are painted with blackboard paint, and punters are encouraged to Bog Poetry graffiti or “bogging” as it were. Make it your house and express yourself. … the see-through windows of the cold-room al ow you to see the beers - a bit like a strip show for bru’s who love brews. … Beerhouse puts its ever-changing beer menu up on a blackboard for you to see what’s new. … it’s easy to explain to your mates where you are. “Long Street, bright yel ow building, awesome selection of beers, you can’t miss it.” … the physical 99 beer bottles are displayed on the wal for you to choose which precious bottle you want to start with. … the prices are good – some of the craft beers on tap are the same price as the SAB beers. … beer used to be so valuable that the Ancient Egyptians used it as currency. By that logic, drinking at Beerhouse is enriching yourself. … we respect the designated drivers and the tee-total ers among us and offer 5 different non-alcoholic beers so you can join in and not feel left out. … local craft breweries are booming, and at Beerhouse you’re part of the family riding the wave of enjoyment. … what Beerhouse is building with the team is ethical. Beerhouse ensures that in return for their hard work, staff members are valued with proper training and employment contracts. This is not a tips-only establishment. The bar plays by the rules because the staff rule. … you can use beer for nostalgic reasons. Sitting back and having a hefeweizen could take you back to that bar with that mädchen from Munich and help you relive the moment. Like good music, beers can stay in your mind forever. Taste them again and you are instantly transported. … Beerhouse is one of only a few bars to have hefeweizen on tap. Try Kommetjie-based Lakeside Brewery’s version or sample one of our German hefeweizens. … Beerhouse serves the beer voted best in the world in 2008, Belgium’s Delirium Tremens; it’s available at R100 per bottle for the 750mls. … if you are a chocolate fan and a beer fan, you wil enjoy the meeting of the two with a chocolate stout from Birkenhead in Stanford. … Beerhouse has a keg of Somerset West-based Triggerfish’s Barley Wine beer, a definite bucket list taste experience. … at Beerhouse, beer is used as an ingredient in the food, so you can drink your beer and eat it too. … as a Beerhouse, it is a sacred duty to have a Beerfest later this year. … Lindemann’s Kriek Lambic Cherry beer made with wild yeast with its distinct sour element is one of the great beers on tap that you real y need to try. … Beerhouse is “irie,” “awesome,” “kif,” and “geil” all at once, and is perfectly set up for people from al cultures and walks of life. It’s like the United Nations General Assembly for beer drinkers. but without the dul speeches. … the staff care for the gals and brus who love brew. They’re trained in beer, have their tasting black belts and if you can’t decide what you want (the choice is huge after all) they can help find the froth for you. … like each beer drinker who walks into Beerhouse, each beer has a story. Beerhouse has given a platform to tel us what they are al about. … at Beerhouse you can quench your thirst with an old flame or a new best friend (we’re talking about beers). … once you have channeled a few beers, you can sample what we believe to be the coolest urinal mankind has ever seen. … in the ladies, you can wash your hands in an equally cool keg basin. … just by looking at the wal s you wil learn to say cheers in several different languages. After a few weeks you wil be fluent in beer. … the owner has pirated the legendary Doenninghaus sauce currywurst recipe from the iconic restaurant in Bochum, Germany. It’l be paired with bratwurst sausages from Raith’s and washed down with a beer of your choice. You can thank the Beerhouse folks later. … if you are not the type who likes to refil too often, change beers or even get up to go to the bar, Beerhouse serves beer in 1l mugs. … if you get to the end of this list you can sing “♫ 99 reasons to drink beer on the wal , ♫ 99 reasons to drink beer… ♫” … if you need a kick of caffeine, Beerhouse has a coffee bar (or sober station) downstairs with its own unique blend of African coffee put together by the coffee pros at Tribe Coffee. If you prefer beer with coffee elements, try the Rogue Mocha Porter. … the tables and benches are specifical y designed not to take your kneecaps off as you slide in next to your mates. All the furniture is custom-designed to facilitate maximum beer drinking enjoyment. … when you drink at Beerhouse, the experience is two-fold; you get entertained, and while you try new beers from al over the planet, you get an education about different flavour profiles and palates. … there’s nothing better than beer and food…together. Try a Wild Clover Double Owl Brown Ale with the Dutch bar snack, ‘bitterbal en’. … you can become a member of Beerhouse’s exclusive Club 99, which is a rewards program for committed beer fans who have tried al 99 beers that Beerhouse offers. The prize is confidential for now, but let it be known that you wil be immortalized in Beerhouse forever. … Beerhouse offers complimentary filtered water which guests should have after every beer – it’s better to cleanse the palate for the next beer, and it’s good to rehydrate to avoid a hangover. … if you like to enjoy beer with your sport (or is that sport with your beer?), you’l be gobsmacked at the strategical y placed large flat screen TVs for al major sporting events. Beerhouse also has a projector for big athletic competitions. … Beerhouse has a family of competitive beer bottle puppets dressed in their national colours to promote each upcoming rugby or footbal match. … Beerhouse wil offer a great selection of beer merchandise. Downstairs next to the coffee station there wil be hats, caps, beer mugs and other merchandising for Beerhouse and the beer brands stocked. For the keen amateur brewers there wil also be home-brewing equipment. … having founded and later sold gul - the biggest hacker community in Germany of over 1,100,000 members, the techie owner knows how to bring people together. Jorberg says, “I look at things that are missing. It seemed odd that nobody was doing something like Beerhouse here, and I saw a good opportunity for success.” … if there is a beer not stocked that you real y want – let us know and Beerhouse wil make an effort to get it to you. … you can get the KEG table on the balcony where you can pour fantastic beers from your very own tap. … if you like to please your ears as well as your taste buds, great live bands wil be performing from the Beerhouse stage. … you can get mesmerized by the unique bar counter, comprised of 7000 bottle caps, built by the staff. Look for the subliminal messages. … Beerhouse does the hard work for you of sourcing quality craft beers from smal towns far from Cape Town. It’s a win-win. The brewer’s tasty creations get exposure to keen beer fans like you, and you get to sample the country’s best without having to leave your dialing code. … while a lot of stuff in life wil let you down – the weather, your car, politics – the golden nectar wil not. In beer we trust! … while in ancient times, brewers who made a bad batch of beer were drowned in it, Beerhouse is happy to report that no brewers have been drowned as yet; therefore, there is no bad beer at Beerhouse. … unlike wine, beer is humble, friendly and accessible. It’s also multi-layered and has a massive history and culture. Skim the surface or go into it as deeply as you want. No judgies… for the most part. … Beerhouse’s beer pairings wil change every week, so you wil get to better know both beers and the food that connects with it Hint: everything goes better with beer. … Beerhouse is connected to the underground beer network of brewers. If you come for beer at Beerhouse, you stand a good chance of meeting local and international beer patrons popping in for a grog. … no matter what you are into flavour-wise, Beerhouse has such a wide selection, that there wil be a beer for every palate. … when the temperature rises, there’s a European-style Radler (shandy) for summer drinking. … there’s a bandstand in the corner that transforms into a hexagonal ottoman booth and then back again. It’s like a beer-friendly Transformer. … Beerhouse has cozy booth seating if you want to get a crowd around a table and settle in for a few hours. … Beerhouse is completely independent, which means though it stocks big name brands, it is not controlled by them. … Beerhouse likes to marry the old world with the new world, the Kurversbrug typeface we use is the same as that used on the bridges of Amsterdam - a nod to one of the oldest beer-drinking cities in the world. … beer is a social lubricant, and nobody wants to be anti-social! … the sounds of beer mugs clinking is one of the purest, holiest sounds on the planet, right up there with birds chirping, water running, waves crashing and children laughing. … the logo shows the level to which the beer obsession goes. Look closely, the devil is in the details. … Beerhouse is the most informal, relaxed environment you’ll be in all day. Throw off the formal face you wear to meetings al day, undo a few buttons and let your hair down. … Steve Jobs has likely taken over as God, Beerhouse’s staff is the first in the city to use an iPad/iPhone point of sale system. Translation: with waiters using mobile handsets, you get your beer faster. … beer is good for your hair. The malt and hops are rich in proteins, which give your hair volume. It is al eged by the highly scientific Beerhouse staff that drinking beer at Beerhouse wil give you hair like Rod Stewart. … we understand you’re a competitive bugger, we have supplied beer pong and other beer drinking games for you to compete for boasting rights with your mates. … coming to Beerhouse is a good reason to leave work early. The old “burst water pipe at home” is a plausible excuse if you need one. Better yet, tel the truth and invite your boss. … Beerhouse has one of those classic Long street balconies. Large, sunny and perfectly placed for watching the world go by with a beer in your hand. … Beerhouse wil hold beer and food tasting and meet-the-brewer events where you can raise a glass to the men and women who make your favourite drinks. They might even sign your forehead if you ask nicely. … it’s about personality-driven service. That means Beerhouse hires its staff based primarily on their vibe and their love for beer. After that comes the training, and by the time it’s over, you have the friendliest, most knowledgeable beer fundis in town. … in a nod to the hexagonal nature of beer labels, hexagons appear throughout the design of the Beerhouse space, just in case the lights go off and you forget where you are. … this is the most beautiful city in the world in which to drink beer, and, yes, beauty is in the eye of the Beerholder, but in this case no beer goggles needed. … Beerhouse is on the MyCiti bus route, so you can have a few and stil get safely home. … illuminated drip trays hang below the beer taps, al owing fluorescent light to flow through the sides, illuminating your beer into golden shades as angelic choirs break into song. … along with tax and prostitution, beer brewing is one of the oldest professions in the world, and Beerhouse is all about employment. … “to beer or not to beer?” is not the question. It’s rather “which beer should I go for first?” … water is becoming a more precious resource; focus instead on drinking beer. … packed with nutrients, magnesium, selenium, potassium and B-vitamins, beer is good for you …in moderation. … in much the same way that Beerhouse loves the beers selected, there are others out there that deserve attention. So the beer menu wil constantly change and be updated. That said, a few favourites wil definitely stick around… … you don’t need a reason…Beerhouse has beer!




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