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HOLIDAY APARTMENTS IN BERLIN. FEELING RIGHT AT HOME ___________________________________________________________________________________________
BerlinApartment ·
Rental holiday apartments in Berlin.
Alexander Keip
Address: Rosenthaler Str. 62, 10119 Berlin

1. General _____________________________________________________________________________
BerlinApartment (BA) provides a fully furnished apartment together with all usual accessories, to provide
comfort and shelter for its guests. The apartment is exclusively intended only for purposes of lodging. If there
is any doubt, then the person who made the request for the apartment will be considered as the guest for
purposes of these conditions. This will be the case even if the person who requested the apartment did so
for another person or in the name of another person. These general contractual conditions of
BerlinApartment, hereafter referred to as BA, will apply to all services provided by BA to the guest as party to
this contract. BA will provide only what is specifically outlined in these general contractual conditions, and
any opposing conditions by the guest as party to this contract will not be accepted by BA. It is agreed that
verbal agreements have not been made between the parties to this contract, and any subsequent changes
or additions are only valid in written form. Verbal permission to forgo submitting changes or additions in
written form is not permissible. The applicable portions of these General Contractual Conditions (GCC) are
to be considered an integral part of the contract. The complete GCC may be found on the homepage of BA
on the Internet. The agreed rental price includes all utility costs, i.e. electricity, water and heating costs.
Cleaning service or a change of linens is available on request at an additional cost. Smoking in the
apartment, or the presence of pet animals is not allowed.

2. Booking reservations _________________________________________________________________
BA accepts reservations requested by the following means:
• Reservations by e-mail
BA will accept reservations by email and the confirmation will normally follow directly from BA. The
confirmation of the reservation by e-mail will be sent by BA to the sender of the original e-mail.
• Booking by telephone
BA will accept reservations made by telephone, however, the request by telephone must include a valid e
mail address. Confirmation will follow automatically by BA to the e-mail address provided. In this case BA
will take the responsibility for the confirmation.
• Booking by FAX
BA will also accept reservations made by FAX, however, the request by FAX must include a valid e-mail
address. The e-mail address is required in order to make it possible for BA to send the automatic
confirmation of the reservation. In this case BA will take the responsibility for the confirmation.
If the agreed deposit of 25% (rounded up to the nearest Euro) has not arrived in the account of BA within 4
workdays, BA will have the right to cancel the reservation.

3. Payment ____________________________________________________________________________
The balance of the rent for the apartment is due on arrival. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the total
rent payment must be made in cash when the keys to the apartment are received.

4. Receipt of the keys ___________________________________________________________________
The keys to the apartment will be provided to the guest on the agreed day of arrival.
5. Cancellation _________________________________________________________________________
Cancellations must be made in writing. In case of disagreement it will be the renter’s responsibility to prove
that he has properly submitted the cancellation to AB.

Any costs associated with the cancellation will depend on the date of receipt of the written cancellation:
• If the cancellation notice is received no less than 28 days before the start of the agreed arrival of the guest,
then the rental contract will be cancelled without additional costs. AB will return the deposit to the person or
office which made the original booking, minus a 10€ administrative fee.
• In case of a cancellation less than 28 days before the start of the agreed arrival of the guest, the guest is
liable to pay a cancellation fee. In this case the fee for cancellation will be equivalent to the amount of the
• If the cancellation takes place in less than seven days before the start of the agreed arrival of the guest,
then the renter will be required to pay 50% of the apartment rent as a cancellation fee.
• If the guest does not arrive on the agreed start date without having informed BA, then BA may cancel the
booking. In this case the guest will be required to pay BA the full rental price. The guest will have no right to
any price reduction.
• Unplanned or earlier departure of a guest cannot be taken into account for a price reduction. The whole
payment for the rental is due, and the guest will have no right for a price reduction.

6. Arrival and departure _________________________________________________________________
Guests may arrive between 14:00, and midnight. Departure of guests should take place prior to 12:00. BA
does not man a reception office.
The guest must inform BA of his/her arrival time at the apartment, so that it will be possible to provide the
guest with the keys at that time. BA has the right to charge for an extra night if, without prior notification, the
guest does not depart at the agreed departure time.
7. Number of guests ____________________________________________________________________
The apartment may not be rented to other persons or may not be sublet to other persons. Only those
persons, as specifically agreed during the booking of the apartment with BA, may occupy the apartment.
Allowing other persons to occupy the apartment is not allowed under any circumstances. In the event that
these rules are not followed, the renter may cancel the remainder of the scheduled stay and may charge
extra for the unauthorized use of the apartment.

8. House Rules ________________________________________________________________________
The purpose of the House Rules is to insure that all guests may enjoy a pleasant stay in comfortable
• No pets of any kind are allowed
• Smoking in the apartment is not allowed
• Careful use of furnishings is requested
The guest is asked to treat the apartment and its contents with the same care as though it were his/her own.
The guest has the responsibility to pay for any damages caused by carelessness, willful destruction, or
through unintended use of the furnishings or other contents of the apartment. Examples are burns, damage
or soiling of furnishings or textiles, including breakage of glassware and dishes, etc. Reimbursement will be
for full value of the items damaged.
• Responsible Use of the Apartment and its Contents
In order to protect our environment, it is expected of each guest that he/she avoid wasteful use of the
various utilities, i.e. gas, water and electricity. In the case of extreme carelessness, (for example having the
Windows open and the heat turned up to the maximum), BA has the right to request additional payment for
utilities expenses.
• Trash
Guests are requested to deposit their trash regularly in the provided trash collection containers.
• In the hours between 22:00 and 06:00 guests are requested to maintain peace and quiet in consideration
of the other tenants in the building.

9. Access _____________________________________________________________________________
When necessary, the guest must allow access at any time to authorized maintenance personnel for
inspection, cleaning and required repairs. Of course, BA will attempt to protect the privacy of all guests, and
will try to notify guests in advance when access to the apartment is required. BA reserves the right to enter
the apartment without prior notice during the period of the rental to inspect the premises for damage or
potential damage, and to make repairs if required.

10. Liability ____________________________________________________________________________
BA will be responsible for the readiness and proper availability of the apartment.
If as a result of unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances (for necessary maintenance or other urgent
reasons) it is not possible to have an apartment ready or available at the agreed time, BA has the right to
offer the guest an adequate substitute apartment. If for some reason it should not be possible for BA to offer
an adequate substitute apartment, the maximum liability of BA is to return all and any moneys paid in
advance by the guest. This will be the total extent of BA liability, and no other damages will be paid. The
guest furthermore declares himself/herself ready not to request damages in case of interruption of the
various utilities (water, electricity, heat, Internet, TV reception, etc.) if these interruptions were unexpected
and not as a result of neglect. The guest and any companions or family members, furthermore declare that
they are using the apartment at their own risk, and hold AB free and clear of any liability for injury. BA will not
and cannot accept responsibility or liability for any personal property the guest will bring into the apartment.
BA will not be responsible for loss due to burglary, loss or damage to the property of the guest, or injury or
illness of the guest while in residence. BA should be notified immediately of any complaints, or defects in the
apartment so that BA can take immediate action to correct these defects. Any defect in the apartment or its
contents, or circumstances which threaten the condition and continued existence of the apartment, are to be
reported immediately to BA. The guest is responsible for any damages in the rented rooms and their
contents that exceed normal wear and tear. This also applies to damages caused by others than the guests
who are in the apartment with the permission of the guest.

11. Individual invalid klauses _____________________________________________________________
Should one of the clauses or conditions of this contract be invalid, the remainder of the contract will continue
to be in force and will not be affected. In this case the parties to this contract declare themselves ready to
reach agreement on a substitute clause to replace the invalid clause or condition.
12. Jurisdiction ________________________________________________________________________
The legal jurisdiction will be Berlin. This English translation has been made for the convenience and
information of English speaking guests. In case of disagreement between the German version of this
contract and the English version, the German wording and meaning will prevail as the official text.


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