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in 1987 was the first successful drug for was the only treatment for diabetes with drugs to prevent a single stroke. the presence of elevated glucose and pathological signs or symptoms. This cost of diagnosing and treating people (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, hyperlipidemia before the advent of better spent on other programs, such treats. Indeed, one of the author’s major palatable pills to treat them. Once these pills arrived, both treatment thresholds separated. Interest in a medical condition in the direction of increasing the and possibly more righteous task of development of its drug, as evidenced by habits? Is it not curious that our diseases versary in the history of medicine. Fifty urged (and implicitly required) to treat not only symptomatic diabetes but food and especially unhealthy food, lead launched Diuril—a diuretic for the The drug transforms a bodily state into conceived category of pre­diabetes. One sees, lurking on the clinical horizon, a medication ever promoted for the disease category.
still newer notion of pre­pre­diabetes, as this field, is currently a fellow in the obesity in children. Each new definition ceived as treatment for a disease—that the “big picture.” The latter will be of is, for the relief of suffering. With greatest interest to the general reader. of people who “should” be treated.
Diuril, for the first time ever, a drug was The stakes in the enterprise are Hospital. Even at this early stage in his newly conceived not to relieve suffering huge. Pharmaceutical companies have career, Greene shows remarkable skill as everything to gain when a drug is a writer. His thinking is lucid, his logic redefinition of the role of drugs created “indicated” not only for the small clear, and his sentences graceful. Greene number of people with symptomatic, is balanced, asserting that he wishes severe hypertension, but also for the to avoid “thin narratives of scandal or on physical signs (clinical observations that, to a physician, indicate the presence mild hypertension. Medical scientists medical­industrial complex nor lauds of disease), but on a measurement. from well to sick. Since the phenomenon also stand to gain as their careers its triumphs, presenting instead a fair If your number is wrong, you need occurs across the country and even the advance, their grant­support swells, their and nuanced analysis of the enterprise’s professional stature grows, and their ramifications. splendid book that probes the large putatively well to putatively sick. the biomedical agenda. The clinician, viewers issue quibbles. Although Greene’s too, sees business grow, for the number­ population is essentially sick. Both need one reason for office visits is now high his uses of “avatar,” “perseverant,” of three paired chapters that explore medication. In this “preventive medicine and “fungible metrics” are a little off. the careers of three paradigmatic paradox,” organized medicine reduces drugs. Diuril was the first well-tolerated and “polydipsia” are not quite right. A treatment for hypertension. Orinase, by expanding the number of people a centrally active catecholamine blocker; doxazosin does not protect the prostate; Mary Akers has an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte and is co­
physician­in­training, these mistakes are founder of The Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology located in Roseau, Dominica. Her work has appeared in The Fiddlehead, Brevity, Primavera, Xavier Review, and Ars Medica. In 2008, she co-authored a book of nonfiction, Radical Gratitude and Other Life Lessons Learned in Siberia.
improving numbers and improving Charles Bardes is Professor of Clinical
health glares across the media. In Medicine and Associate Dean at Weill Jessica Apple’s work has appeared in the The Southern Review, the New York
Cornell Medical College. He is the author of Pale Faces: The Masks of Anemia (Bellevue Times Magazine, and the Financial Times Magazine. She lives in Tel Aviv and is at announced the results of the “Enhance” work on a story collection, Artificial Selection, and a memoir, Still Life. trial, which appeared to show that their Erika Goldman is Contributing Book
Amanda Auchter is the editor of Pebble Lake Review and the author of the
chapbook Light Under Skin. Her awards include the 2007 Theodore Morrison Scholarship in Poetry from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the 2006 BOMB Magazine Poetry Prize, and the 2005 James Wright Poetry Award from Mid-American Review. Her poems appear in Barrow Street, Court Green, Crab this study, which are highly unfavorable Orchard Review, Hunger Mountain, and The Iowa Review.
make it, were first announced nearly two E. Dianne Bechtel teaches Freshman Composition, Argument and Analysis,
and Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico. She has also taught at the Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque. “The Road from Cubabi” is her first published story, and is part of a collection entitled The Barbara Bowen is managing director of Sound Knowledge Strategies, where
she is a knowledge cartographer. She has received a grant from The Artist carotene to prevent heart disease—both Trust for poetry about destroyed artifacts in the Iraqi History Museum. Her poems have appeared in, Poets Against War, Literary Salt, and treatment of the population­at­large is Minotaur, and have been anthologized by the Washington Poets Association and in Night Bringing Feathers: An Anthology of Northwest Crow Poems. She has an Maureen Brady is the author of three novels, including Ginger’s Fire and Folly,
the short story collection, The Question She Put to Herself, and three books of nonfiction. She is currently at work on a novel and a memoir. She teaches creative writing at New York University, The New York Writers Workshop at JCC, and Il Chiostro in Italy. She divides her time between New York City and


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Protocoles de l’Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineUtilisation des antidépresseurs chez les mères allaitantesClinical Protocol Number 18 – Use of antidepressants in nursing mothers. Comité des Protocoles de l’Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Breastfeed Med 2008; 3(1); 44-52. L’un des principaux objectifs de l’Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine est le développement de protocoles cl

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