Palm Fruit: Increasing Hair Growth & Preventing Hair Loss
Video Transcript
The two biggest problems of hair growth are insufficient blood flow and insufficient free radical clearance.
Now when the hair's not getting enough blood, that means it's not getting enough oxygen and nutrients to support growth of the hair fiber. And this tends to happen because the arteries that are running up to our scalp are some of the smal est arteries in the body, which tend to get closed off first when we start developing circulatory problems. This is also why, when we start losing our hair this is a very early warning sign for heart disease. So this is a good time to try to reverse course and do something healthy for the Researchers have estimated that 70% of men, and 35% of women experience hair loss in their lifetime.
Since 1997, finasteride (Propecia) has been the leading drug prescribed for hair loss.
However, recent research has uncovered a high risk of side effects from finasteride including sexual
dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and depression -- persisting for several years after discontinuation
of the drug. (2)
So in people suffering from hair loss, we see that these people have a very high level of free radicals in their scalp. And aside from the free radicals that are coming from the normal metabolism and generation of free radicals, we see that there is a very particular type of stress known as restraint stress. And this is the type of stress we get when we're at our desk for a long period of time or when we're traveling. And we're ultimately constrained to a certain position unable to move this causes this very subconscious, low-level, chronic stress that is the worst type of stress for causing a chemical reaction which makes free radicals increase in our scalp, ultimately leading to hair loss.
Now, as free radicals get higher, the damage gets progressively worse. The first thing we see is that these free radicals slow down hair growth by interfering with the metabolism in the assimilation of fats and proteins. As free radical levels get higher, they mutate that hair fol icle, making it susceptible to damage from normal hormones like testosterone and DHT.And ultimately as free radicals get even higher, they completely destroy the hair fol icle. So if we can get the right antioxidants into the scalp and into the hair fol icle, we can In 2009, The Department of Dermatology of Switzerland proposed free radicals as the primary cause of
hair loss -- recommending antioxidant supplementation for the prevention and potential reversal of
hair loss. (1)
We know that palm fruit has a positive effect on blood flow and circulation. We know that palm fruit is an incredibly biocompatible antioxidant that absorbs very efficiently into the skin, and the scalp, and the hair fol icles. And we know that there are two human clinical trials which have shown an average 38% increase in the number of hairs within eight months of supplementation. And this is very significant.
The common question I get is, “is this going to make me grow hair in areas I don't want to grow hair?” And the answer to that is no. Because if you've never grown facial hair, palm fruit's not going to make you grow facial hair. It's not going to turn feminine hairs into masculine hairs. What palm fruit does is it supports that normal, healthy pattern of hair growth. So if you had healthy hair at one point, it's going to help restore that, and if you stil have healthy hair, it's going to help preserve that. Thank you.
In 2010, Tropical Life Sciences published a study showing 146mg of palm fruit tocols & carotenoids
taken daily for 8 months showed an average 38% increase in new hairs in middle aged men and
women suffering from hair loss. (3)
A positive effect was seen in 95% of the participants, without side effects.
One scoop of Palm Fruit delivers 160mg of naturally occurring tocols & carotenoids -- matching or
exceeding the dose needed for positive clinical effects.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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