Rocketfactory 2010 christmas

Rocketfactory 2010 Christmas!
We have a house. It’s called the rocketfactory.
The house is leaking a bit and Ben can´t keep the water from dripping in
Sometimes the wind is howling and sometimes the waves are high.
The philosophy is that everyone is creative and everyone gots beautiful talents.
We have been searching to bring all our talents out in the open.
We have been searching with the heart and with the brain and with our hands.
Creative comes from create – and you have created so many things together and
Smiles smiles smiles, atmosphere, parties, heaven, hell, living museum, motivation-
material & knowledge, furnitures, lamps, rocket-gameplan, messageboard, boxes to
organize, servant to keep our jackets, checking in messages, energizers, hearts,
Phantom?????, inspiration by horsekicks, leading & following, week goals,
rocketfactory-people in miniature, drawings & visualizations, table, plain crash, and a
cool learning space.
We came with all our small steps and planted seeds that will continue to grow and
flourish. We took small steps and giant steps.
But who was in the house.
We had so much red in the house, warm, heart, blood, hugs, tears. most hugging
team I have ever seen. So much love & including people.
The scater Anne was here bringing in flying ideas, energy & the powerful will to use
her hands
The ganstar Zigge with funny comments & surprisingly creative initiatives and songs
Kris, the baltic energy bomb, the bright brain that is ready to fly away on new
adventures – and I am looking forward to see where to.
Violetta that came running from Outdoor and didn’t look back. Brought smile and
heart and energy when we needed it the most.
Searching Ras, searhing for knowledge, wisdom, searh to become the ”old guy” that
people can ask for help. Got the courage and talent to ask questions
The islandic geyser that is starting to blow more and more. She is smart and starting
to show herself that she can make a difference. For herself and everyone – when she
is bringing her wisdom out
There came a girl with a goal to speak out – in english – and listen to Yasmin. I was
afraid that she wouldn’t bring as much as she could from here - but she will bring
more than we know
Cecilie had the turbulent time to find her place to be creative – the place to speak her
voice and great wisdom. She has the courage to laugh and smile and be persistent.
Mojn fra Tønder til Kloster. The duracellpower to bring in emotions and knowledge.
The creative Ronja that is bringing her personality in the game more and more and
speaking her opinion.
Justina the bumblebee. that says I can’t fly in a team but what the hell she does it
anyway. Creative Bumblebee – I can’t be Creative but is coming with ideas and is
The young adventurous Kathrine on her search for her different voices and found both
the leader voice and the small voice. – and now is using both of them.
Richardsssss the charming smile. Richard the twister – bringing new perspective -
using the curly brain to turn the house upside-down
The Line with the tattoes. She is a rock with a smiling face – and sometimes she
thinks that she is too much of a rock. – but don’t be afraid. Things happen around
We have a lion Sabina in the house. The girl with the courage to be both the lion and
the listening owl.
Gundija the athlet. Bringing the power to speak out and to listen. Found her voice to
say no and say I want to do it my way
The wise Egina that found her real frustration in the end and told the world ”I am
” with her strong voice and made a victory.
Hug heart and miss red. We have Bodil in the house – the sensor of feeling that
knows when you need love before you know it yourself – I have a beautiful feeling
that you know who the phantom is
Betty on the search for her future. Bringing energy and smiles. Her beautiful ears
grew and made her speaking more important – that is a step.
Jacob the talented squid with 16 arms and energy. Never afraid to give out all of
them and sometimes 18 of them.


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