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Metformin (Glucophage): Often prescribed first. Works on your liver to tell it
to stop leaking sugar, overnight & between meals. Has it’s biggest effect on
your fasting blood sugar. Your kidneys should be healthy to take this medicine.
Most common side effect is stomach upset.
Glyburide/Glipizide/Glimepiride: These work on your pancreas by telling it to
make more insulin through out the day. They are only as effective as how much
insulin making ability your pancreas still has. Have their biggest effect on after
meal blood sugars. Most common side effect is low blood sugar so a meal
schedule is very important.
Januvia/Onglyza: These prolong the action of your “gut hormones” which

leads to increased insulin secretion around meals & delayed stomach empty- Healthy Lab Goals for
ing. Help with both fasting and after meal blood sugars. Side effects can in-
clude flu like symptoms & an increased risk for pancreatitis.
Most People w Diabetes:
Byetta/Bydureon: An injection (not insulin) given either twice daily or once
per week that stimulates insulin secretion only when food is present, delays
stomach emptying, makes you feel full which leads to weight loss over time.
Most common side effects are gastric upset. Increased risk for pancreatitis
and thyroid cancer in some people.
Insulin: NOT a punishment for poorly controlled diabetes. All people with
Type 1 take insulin and many people with Type 2 diabetes will eventually

need insulin because diabetes is PROGRESSIVE. There are many types of
insulins available that differ based on how long they last/when they begin
working/which blood sugar readings they affect most/etc. Your health care
provider will work with you to come up with an insulin plan which works
best for YOU. Most common side effect is low blood sugar. Insulin is only
available as an injection.
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*Speak to your health care provider for more detailed information. This is a sampling of some common diabetes medicines & is not a complete summary of what you should know about your diabetes medicine.


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