MEDICAL EDITION - FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS Concerned with Weight Issues and Eating Disorders We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to introduce the Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW Concept. This program is based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, and offers a disciplined and structured approach to recovery from compulsive eating. It has often been said, “You must lose weight!” or “You must eat properly”. Certainly it is frustrating when it is apparent that your patient is disregarding your advice.
That person is often out of control when it comes to food. Many are the hopeless and seemingly helpless that cannot stop eating compulsively. We are the men and women who had to postpone needed surgery due to excessive weight. We’ve been seen for a myriad of life threatening ailments which are often directly related to obesity, such as bleeding ulcers, phlebitis, high blood pressure, colitis and diabetes. We believe that we have an answer to compulsive eating. The CEA-HOW Program provides the necessary tools to carry out the mutually beneficial goal to both the patient and the health care professional of controlling this eating disorder.
CEA-HOW offers a suggested eating plan to its members. However, any suggestions that you recommend are perfectly acceptable for your patient and noted by CEA-HOW. New members are always encouraged to pass the food plan by their health care professional. We believe in abstaining from sugar and flour in all forms. Our program recommends eating three meals a day, weighed and measured, with nothing in between except sugar-free gum, sugar-free soda and non-caloric beverages.
We offer an active support system through which we have seen our members find abstinence and recovery on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. We offer an anonymous program. Our ranks are filled with people from all walks of life, with various backgrounds and professions. Some of us are also health care professionals who are licensed and have degrees. We know both sides of the nature of eating compulsively, both the anguish and the miracle of recovery. In the traditions of all Twelve Step Programs there are no dues or membership fees. The only requirement for joining is the desire to stop eating compulsively.
We welcome any referrals you may make in the future. We can also provide qualified participants for panel groups or health fairs. We impart our principles and information through our own personal recovery. We do not solicit, nor do we advertise. Our participation is by invitation only.
You’ll find a list of current meetings with phone contacts, testimonials and more in this newsletter. We do not solicit, nor do we advertise. Our participation is by invitation only.
You’ll find a list of current meetings with phone contacts, testimonials and more in this newsletter. You will hear positive speeches from recovering food CEA-HOW is a fellowship of men and women who addicts about their success in every day living. meet to share their experience, strength and hope.
Members share how they apply the “tools” of CEA-HOW to their lives and how they are able to cope with distressing events without eating over them. CEA-HOW’s purpose is to help everyone who suffers We will demonstrate that positive thinking and from the self-destruction of compulsive eating to actions are statements of growth and recovery and wonderful examples of living in the solution instead of the problem, as diets do.
WHAT IS H. O. W.?The letters stand for Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness. We apply the principles of the 12 A compulsion is an irresistible urge to do an Step program, using the AA “Big Book” and the AA irrational act. If you stuff yourself to try to “12 Steps and 12 Traditions” as tools of satisfy an emotion such as loneliness or anger, and are overweight as a consequence, then you are a compulsive eater.
DO WE HAVE A DIET?No. CEA-HOW is not a diet club. However, we do use a food plan and have a defined abstinence of no Come to a meeting, relax and listen. You will not be sugar, no refined flour, three meals a day - weighed asked to talk. You will merely introduce yourself by and measured - with nothing in between.
your first name only. The rest is up to you. There will be people (sponsors) available to help you get WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OTHER 12 started and answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget. We all started exactly the same way.
We are rigorous in our adherence to the plan as written. It is what works for us. However, we urge all newcomers to consult their physician before using You bet your life it works! At a meeting you will hear the food plan. Any modification of the plan by your many success stories. Some are included in this doctor/health care professional will be accepted.
newsletter. Not only will you shed weight, but you will gain a great deal of serenity and clarity that will amaze you! You have nothing to lose but your old Your recovery is targeted at three levels: CEA-HOW to lose weight - that was our first and primary goal. In the beginning it was our primary focus, but we soon came to discover that No. It aims at spiritual growth, but is not limited to any sect or denomination. It is open to all who wish to recover from compulsive eating.
Before making the call to CEA, I felt incredibly lonely and frightened, and terrified. I was some kind of monster who had this secret life that was out of control. I felt completely alone. I felt like I just couldn't go on. My life was empty--my only thoughts were about my next meal. When I joined CEA, I was terrified. Would this really work for me? And from the first day, I felt different. Everyone was so nice and as I heard everyone's stories, I really felt like I finally belonged. And food, which had seemed so important before, became secondary to the issues I was dealing with. And I really began to understand my Writing in my journal every day and calling in my food has become so important to my recovery. I know I couldn't have done it without CEA. I was out of control. I was hopeless. And the camaraderie, tools and trust I've found in CEA has saved me.
With a 50-plus pound weight loss and months of freedom from eating compulsively, I can honestly say with great faith, that this program has been an absolute miracle in my life, and I have confidence that I can live compulsion-free at last.
1. Do you get hungry when things aren’t going your way? SUNDAY - 4:30 PM - Pitch Meeting - Presbyterian Hospital, 1100 Central SE - 2. Do you get hungry when there doesn’t seem to be Southwestern Room - Contact - 266-2615.
3. After you have been frightened or scared about something that has happened, do you find yourself Peralta Methodist Church, Wesley Road Off 4. When you feel “all alone” do you sometimes use food to get over the feeling? 5. After an argument with someone do you find 6. Have you ever found yourself eating two breakfasts, lunches or dinners because you felt the Albuquerque Indian Hospital, 801 Vassar Bldg. 22, Contact - 265-6383.
7. Do you find yourself planning the next meal before you have finished eating? 8. When you sit down to a meal do you find you eat - St. Paul's United Church of Christ, 2701 9. Do you ever have a sense of being out of control THURSDAY – 12 Noon, Santa Fe – Unity Santa Fe Church (Call church for directions 10. Have you ever sought outside help to deal with 11. Do you ever attempt to hide your binges by Meeting, First Church of Religious Science, 12. Have you ever turned to diet pills, alcohol or other 3320 San Pedro NE Contact - 299-2216.
drugs in an effort to control your eating or relieve depression or guilt? 13. Are you obsessed with body image, weight or Meeting -Queen of Angels Chapel, 1100 Indian Count one point for each question you answered “Never”, Nativity Church - 4th & Alameda, Classrooms Two points for each question you answered “Sometimes”, on East side of parking lot - contact - 792- Three points for each question you answered “Often”, Four points for each question you answered “Always”.
0-25 - You probably do not have a food problem.
26-36 - Food may be causing you some problems.
36 or more - You appear to have a food addiction problem that may be helped through CEA-How.
What People say about their Experiences in CEA-How Early in 2002, weighing in at 225 pounds., I started experiencing a burning in my chest. I thought it was asthma, but my Dr. said it was more like symptoms of acid reflux. I was put on an Rx for several weeks and at first it did help. The second prescription was not as effective; in fact, I started having more severe symptoms. I spoke with my gastroenterologist and we scheduled an endoscopy for November 2002. (He also, gently, told me my weight was "going in the wrong direction". I gathered that could affect my condition.) In November I started the CEA-HOW program and food plan. At the same time I became ill with what was diagnosed as an atypical pneumonia, so I had to postpone the endoscopy. The bronchial symptoms persisted into late December/early January, so I had rescheduled the endoscopy twice. By the time I was able to go through the procedure, I noticed the symptoms had disappeared. I'd also had a weight loss of 25 pounds or so. I called the doctor and asked him if I should go ahead with the procedure and he said, "No, not without the symptoms. If they should return, call and reschedule." I asked him if I should undertake a less invasive procedure in any case and he said it was really up to me, and to call if I wanted to. After losing more than 80 pounds over the last year in CEA-HOW, the problem has not returned.
I joined CEA-HOW in December 2002. I was taking Avapro blood pressure medication. In March 2003. after losing about 20 pounds, my doctor had to reduce my blood pressure medication. In the summer, after my weight loss had reached 34 pounds, I was taken off of blood pressure medication completely. My blood pressure continues to be in normal ranges.
One of the miracles of CEA-HOW recovery for me has been that my overall medical condition has greatly improved. As I near a forty pound weight loss, I no longer suffer from severe sleep apnea; in fact it is quite mild, no longer requiring me to use a breathing machine at night. The onset of this disease had been obesity-related.
Besides the 47 lb. weight loss, I have had a considerable change in my health. My diabetic condition has changed radically. I have been taken off of Amaryl and Avandia, and the only pill I take is one Avandia in the morning. My blood sugars are much more consistent and balanced, running 100-110 and within normal range throughout the day. My cholesterol level is also improved - 205 at last check. My doctor is so pleased, and heartily encourages me to keep up the good work, and BRAVO to CEA-HOW! When I joined CEA-HOW, I weighed 298 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds in the four months I have been in CEA-HOW. I suffered constant foot problems which have eased, and high blood pressure, which was 150/100 and is now down to 120/70, completely normal. I suffered panic attacks which have been eliminated with the serenity I have found in CEA-HOW. My blood sugar was borderline 120+ and is now at 78. My cholesterol was 240 at the start, and now reads at levels of 164-165. The joy and freedom I’ve found in this program goes far beyond the numbers, CEA-HOW has given me back my life.
Two Months before CEA-HOW: Weight - 275, Cholesterol, 256/118, Triglycerides - 126After One Year in Program: Weight - 145, Cholesterol, 165/65, Triglycerides - 57

Source: http://ceahow.info/sites/default/files/pi/Medical-C-Notes.pdf

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