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FIRSTAID KITS for BACKPACKING Cynthia Taylor, M.D. The best first aid is always prevention. Pay attention to where you are going, the weather conditions, the terrain, the length of your trip, and BE PREPARED. Below is a list of the basic equipment each person should have in your own pack. The content of the kit can be adjusted according to your needs. You can pack your kit in a belt pouch, fanny pack or daypack and CARRY IT WITH YOU NO MATTER HOW SHORT A TRIP YOU PLAN. If you are on the trail, the first aid kit you left at camp cannot help you. Along with first aid info, there are some basic survival gear listed that should go with you in the same way as the first aid kit. They can be packed together also. FIRST AID KITS Think about the different areas or systems of your body that can get sick or hurt and organize your equipment accordingly. SKIN STUFF Sunburn - Suntan lotion minimum SPF 15 (think prevention!) Sunburn salve- aloe is good for any kind of burn white vinegar (a small amount in water) takes out the sting Indians used it to help heal burns Rash - Contact dermatitis: Poisonous plants Wear protective clothing (the prevention thing again) Calamine lotion Tylenol Cut - clean water (if none available and the cut has lots of dirt, fill a baggy with enough water purification tablets to make it a semi-transparent) povidine-iodine antiseptic swabs or equivalent band-aids, and butterfly strips or steri-strips triple antibiotic ointment super glue (great for keeping butterfly or steri-strips secure/can work as well as a suture) 3x3 sterile gauze pads adhesive tape 3" elastic bandage Blisters -PROPER FITTING BOOTS (you know by now - PREVENTION) wicking socks: wear a single sock with double layer (stay away from cotton, wool blend is great, acrylic gets smelly) If your feet sweat a lot, use an anti-perspirant on them before going hiking Lubricants-vaseline or A&D ointment (as soon as you feel a hot spot) Barriers - moleskin, duct tape, bandaid second skin (use if skin wears off) Spyroflex Blister Dressings Drainage- only if indicated-alcohol swab, pin puncture, antibiotic ointment (just a little), then cover Bug Bites - Wear protective clothing ( the P word) DO NOT USE DEET AND SUNSCREEN COMBINATION. Use sunscreen first. I do not recommend using DEET. If you decide to use it, only apply it after the sunscreen and NEVER RUB IT IN. It is made to sit on your skin and is poisonous. BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER APPLYING IT. Better yet, don't use it. Swelling /pain: acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Motrin) diphenhydramine (Benadryl) Allergic reactions: if you know you have a severe allergy to certain insect stings, be sure to carry your own single dose Epinephrine Sawyer extractor-use of this is controversial Splinters - tweezers, end of safety pin or a needle, alcohol swab, and matches MUSCLES AND BONES Even kids need to prepare for hikes and backpackers. In addition to basics you already know (proper clothing, enough sleep and food, and stretching) make sure your backpack is right for you. Limit for weight should be no more than 20% body weight. Internal or external framed pack with hip & shoulder straps are best. Sprains-Wear hiking boots with ankle support Watch where you are going/stepping (remember - prevention!) 3" elastic bandage Sam Splint for severe sprains duct tape Fractures- Sam splint duct tape triangle bandage Dislocation - triangle bandage FLUIDS AND ELECTROLYTES You already know the key ingredient - prevent dehydration by thinking ahead. Be sure to eat reasonably and take in enough salt and water. Remember that protein requires lots of water to digest, so go light on the meat or balance it out by drinking extra water. Fluids- Carry enough water in regular water bottles or the kangaroo water pack Salt tablets, if indicated Constipation-dried fruit works great drink extra fluids Diarrhea-Fluid replacement with electrolytes (Recharge or Gatorade) Be careful about use of medication to stop this because often your body is getting rid of some infection or toxin BASIC BACKPACKING FIRST-AID KIT · SMALL TUBE SUNBLOCK · 3X3 STERILE GAUZE PADS or GEL DRESSINGS (3) · BAND-AIDS and BUTTERFLY STRIPS or STERI-STRIPS (3-5) · ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT · POVIDINE/IODINE SWABS (3) · SMALL TUBE SUPERGLUE IN CONTAINER · ADHESIVE TAPE or DUCT TAPE (duct tape has the most uses) · 3" ELASTIC BANDAGE · TRIANGLE BANDAGE (if room allows, otherwise you can improvise one) · SAM SPLINT (if room allows) · TWEEZERS, SAFETY PIN, MATCHES · MEDICATIONS: TYLENOL, BENADRYL, IBUPROFEN · REHYDRATION PACKS (Recharge or Gatorade in dry form, small packets) MISCELLANEOUS · CALAMINE LOTION · ALOE OINTMENT/LOTION · DECONGESTANT/ANTIHISTAMINE · METAMUCIL or BRAN (for CONSTIPATION) · PEPTOBISMAL (for DIARRHEA) · Q-TIPS · ANTIFUNGAL CREAM · ANESTHETIC CREAM (dibucaine) · CPR MASK and PROTECTIVE GLOVES BASIC SURVIVAL GEAR · IDENTIFICATION: name, address, phone no., adult contact-in plastic baggy · PLASTIC WHISTLE · WATERPROOF MATCH CONTAINER that you can open with ONE hand in freezing weather. Metal screw-lid ones are terrible in the cold and on high adventure trips. · WATERPROOF MATCHES-REI Storm matches work great · SECOND FORM OF FIRE-STARTER-(lighter, etc.) · PLASTIC BAG-protection from rain, can function as a tube tent in emergencies and, if bright orange, can be seen from far away, including the air · DUCT TAPE · ROPE · FLASHLIGHT-hands-free option makes life a lot easier


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