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Product Information Sheet
Mouse CYP2B10LR Bactosomes
Mouse Cyp2b10 and mouse CYP-reductase coexpressed in Escherichia coli 50 mM Tris-acetate (pH 7.6), 250 mM sucrose, 0.25 mM EDTA Store at -80ºC. Avoid frequent temperature changes. Thaw on ice. For laboratory (research) purposes only. Approved by ______________________________ 1Unless otherwise stated, al assays are carried out at 37ºC in 50 mM potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) containing 5 mM magnesium chloride and an NADPH generating system [5 mM glucose 6-phosphate, 1 mM NADP+, 1 U/ml glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase]. 2Determined at 15 µM substrate, using a P450 concentration of 6.25 pmol/ml. 3Determined at 15 µM substrate, using an incubation time of 5 min. Safety Data The toxicological properties of this reagent have not been investigated. Exercise due care when handling. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER 1. Products supplied by Cypex may be harmful if misused. Any product ordered from Cypex must not be used for any purpose other than the intended use specified on the Product Information Sheet which accompanies the product when delivered. Please ensure that products supplied by Cypex are used safely, and, in particular, that the products do not come into direct human contact. 2. Cypex undertakes that al products supplied by it shall conform to the specification appearing on the Product Information Sheet which accompanies the product when delivered. In the event that products supplied by Cypex fail to meet such specification, Cypex will supply replacement products free of charge provided that the defective products have been returned to Cypex within a reasonable time of delivery (Cypex wil reimburse reasonable costs incurred in returning defective products), and this shal be the only remedy available in respect of the supply of any defective products. 3. Cypex gives no undertakings or warranties in respect of products supplied other than the undertaking given at 2, above. Furthermore, Cypex has given and gives no undertaking or warranty nor does it make any representation, directly or indirectly, express or implied, about the quality, character or suitability of products supplied by Cypex. 4. Cypex shal have no liability in respect of loss or damage (whether direct or indirect or in the nature of loss of profit) suffered as a result of the supply of products by Cypex, or the subsequent use, storage or other application of the products, whether or not the products meet the specification referred to at 2, above. Produced under licence from BTG International Limited (AU730155, EP0914446, US6566108 and other patents pending). United States Patent Nos. 5,420,027 or 5,240,831, Canada Patent No. 2100245 and other patents pending. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cypex Ltd, 6 Tom McDonald Avenue, Dundee, DD2 1NH, Scotland, UK. Telephone (+44) (0) 1382 562391 Fax (+44) (0) 1382 562394 Internet Email 047 Data Sheet for CYPxxxR Bactosomes


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Date of Birth: It is very important to complete ALL sections. This form will help you prepare for the initial assessment as trying to remember past episodes and treatments during the actual interview can be difficult. In turn, it helps me understand your illness as the medical chart is not enough. If necessary, your Counsellor is available to help you complete the form. 1) Your exp

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Name _____________________________________________________Date___________________ Address _____________________________City _________________ Zip_____________________ Email _______________________________ Birthday __________________ Age today? ________ Home Phone ____________________________ Alt/Cell ___________________________________ How did you hear about Nourish Inside & Out? _________

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