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Safety Data Sheet
1: Identification
Id No.: 06683
The material uses as welding paste for bearing 2: Composition/Information on Ingredients
Appearance: Homogeneous black paste not soluble in water.
3: Hazards Identification

Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
May cause allergic reactions on contact with the skin.
Inhalation of high concentration of mist or vapors may cause negative
influence on the repairable tracts, especially for people who suffer from
lung diseases.
On ingestion, the immediate injure is material’s penetration into the
Health (H) Flammability (F)Reactivity (R) in scale 0 (not respiratory system. Ingest of the material may cause irritation to the
hazardous) till 4 (extremely hazardous).
digestion system.
IDLH: (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health): 2500 mg/m3 as oil mist, mineral.
Carcinogenicity: For mineral oil:
IARC GROUP 3 - Unclassifiable as to carcinogenicity to human. For more information about symptoms in exposure – see paragraph 4. For more data about chemical reaction and incompatibles – see paragraph 10. 2465/תילגנאב (יסיטרכ Produced by Haz-Mat Ltd. 4: First Aid Measures
Symptoms: Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Refer to medical attention as
Skin: Remove immediately contaminated clothing and shoes unless stacked to the
skin. Rinse with water and soap. Refer to medical attention as necessary. Eyes:
Rinse opened eyes under running water for at least 15 minutes. Refer to medical attention in case of delayed damage. Ingestion:
Do NOT induce vomiting. If victim is conscious, have him drink two cups of water. Refer for medical attention as necessary. Do not administer liquids to unconscious persons. Inhalation:
Evacuate victim from site of exposure. Have victim lie or sit comfortably. If he has difficulty breathing, have him sit with back straight and administer oxygen, if possible. If victim is unconscious, perform resuscitation and then immediately transfer to medical personnel. 5: Fire-Fighting Measures

Extinguishing media: Dry chemical, alcoholic foam, CO2, water fog.
Use water to cool containers exposed to the fire.
Do not spray water directly on the boiling liquid for fear of boil over. Oil flaws on water. In case of fire use a self-contained breathing apparatus and fool protective gear. 6: Accidental Release Measures

Wear protective gear. Ventilate the area. Keep away from open fire, sparks and smoking. Shut down all ignition sources. Stop the leakage if you can do it without risk. Absorb the chemical onto sand, vermiculite or absorption sleeves, and scoop into containers for recycling or disposal, according to local regulations. Wash the floor with water and soap. Sensitive equipment for water wash with an appropriate solvent. 2465/תילגנאב (יסיטרכ Produced by Haz-Mat Ltd. 7: Handling and Storage

Keep away from incompatible materials (see section 10). Keep away from sources of ignition. NO SMOKING! Make sure that eyes washers and emergency showers are available at work place. All workers need personal hygiene with the material, including shower and changing of clothes for at least once a day. Prevent workers how suffer from skin or lung diseases to the material and its fumes. Prevent workers how show immediate sensitization or allergic reaction to the material. 8: Exposure Control and Personal Protection

Threshold values: Exposure limits (Mineral oil)
TLV-ACGIH for 8 hours 5 mg/m3 (TWA) for short time 10mg/m3 * REL-NIOSH for 8 hours 5 mg/m3 (TWA) for short time 10mg/m3 * Exposure limits (Additives and Lithium soap) Protective equipment: Generally, personal protection is a function of exposure. It is
recommended to use safety spectacles or goggles, working shoes, working clothes or lab coat. Working should be done in a well-ventilated area. In addition: mask and filter, nitril or neoprene gloves.
In case of an emergency:
Full protective gear and a self-contained breathing apparatus
should be used, according to the severity. 2465/תילגנאב (יסיטרכ Produced by Haz-Mat Ltd. 9: Physical and Chemical Properties:

Boiling point °C: above 350
Freezing point °C: above 180
Molecular weight: mixture
Density gr/cm3: 1 at 15°C
Vapor density (air=1): not available
Vapor pressure (mm Hg): not available
Solubility in water %: not available
pH: not available
Flash point °C: above 200
Auto-ignition temperature °C: not available
LEL: not available UEL: not available
Viscosity (cst): paste at 40°C
Fire point °C: above 230
10: Stability and Reactivity

Hazardous polymerization: Will not occur.

Chemical reactivity: Stable under ordinary conditions. Keep away from oxidizing materials.
Hazardous decomposition products: On fire emits sulfur oxides and irritating fumes.
11: Toxicological Information

For Mineral oil:
LD50 (oral rat) 24000 mg/kg
LD50 (oral mouse) 22000 mg/kg
12: Ecological Information

Environmental hazards: Absorbs in the soil and may contaminate groundwater. Creates
layer on water surface and prevents oxygen delivery.
Degrability: Does not undergo rapidly biodegradation. Partial accumulates in soil.
2465/תילגנאב (יסיטרכ Produced by Haz-Mat Ltd. 13: Disposal Considerations

The material is not subject to the Israeli regulation, and therefore it doesn’t have to be disposed to a hazardous waste site. Waste disposal should be according to the local regulations only. According to the Israeli regulations, industrial spillage into the sewage system will not contain mineral oil or any kind of oil, which does not undergo biological degradation in concentration above 20 mg/l; for additional information check local regulations. 14: Transport information

RID/ADR: Not regulated.
UN recommendations: Not regulated.
IMCO: Not regulated
15: Regulatory information

Listed in the Israeli Hazardous Material regulations under “Used oils”. This hazardous material, when in quantity less than 5000 kg is classified as Hazmat type B. According to the Israeli dangerous goods regulations of 1996 and the dangerous goods law of 1993, holders of poison type A, or up to 40 type B hazardous materials are not subject to some of the regulations concerning toxic-permit and hazardous material registrations. For further details refer to the dangerous substances law and regulations. For this material, no ejection regularity was found. 16: Other information

Risk phrases: R36/37/38
Safety phrases: S15, S16, S24/25, S23

Date of issue: 31st June 2004
The information herein is based on the present state of our knowledge. It is believed to be correct but is not necessarily all inclusive and shall be used only as a guide. Delkol Ltd, and Haz-Mat ltd. shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the above product. For further information, contact Delkol Ltd, at the address given in the 1st section, or contact Haz-Mat at 2465/תילגנאב (יסיטרכ Produced by Haz-Mat Ltd.



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