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Happy Summer!
S ummer is officially here! Not only does that mean holidays and vacations for most of us, but tons of local 1 Happy Summer!
f resh fruits and veggies. I had my first taste of local s trawberries this week - the sweet taste of summer! 1
What’s Happening at Dietitians on the Go this
Continuing with our theme from the last newsletter, c heck out our delicious recipe showcasing local s trawberries. Don’t worry, you didn’t get forgotten last month, we did not have a newsletter due to busy 1
Reward Yourself!
2 Nutrition in the News
3 Refreshing Recipe: Stawberry Lemonade
What’s Happening at Dietitians on
the Go this Summer?
Summer is here but we are still working hard! Feel free 3
Nutrition Tidbits: Berries – Superfoods!
t o contact us to book your individual or group nutrition counseling session, or business presentation or lunch and 3 Summer Savings!
Our nutrition classes with KV3C are taking a break for the s ummer, but will be resuming in September. New dates Our Dietitians
a nd times will be posted on our website in August, so stay t uned! Remember, if you have a group of mom’s with a s imilar nutrition concern you can always book us to come Laura Reid, MEd,RD,CDE
to you to do a talk! Contact us for more details. Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator
New package deals are coming soon to the website, so be & Owner
sure to check them out in a few weeks. Keep up-to-date o n what is happening with us by joining our facebook Gail Leadlay, BScN,RD
p age! Enjoy the newsletter -thanks for reading! Registered Dietitian
1 cup serving
50 calories
good source of folate and potassium
very good source of vitamin C, fibre and
Reward Yourself!
same protein binding site in the body. Quercetin may displace warfarin, increasing its blood thinning effect, Finding what motivates you
and possibly increase the risk of bleeding. People In our last newsletter we looked at setting personal taking warfarin should read supplement labels very goals to help you reach your healthy living goals. Rewards are a great way to help motivate you to Click here to see the Health Canada warnings for initiate and maintain changes, however… choose your reward wisely! One thing that can work against all of your hard work is rewarding yourself with the wrong thing too often. I have had people who work so hard to make healthy choices all week, Highly processed carbs are worse for your heart
than saturated fats
and then turn around and sabotage themselves on the weekend, resulting in no weight loss, or in some Choosing low glycemic index (low GI) foods more cases a weight gain. Have you ever said this to often than high glycemic index (high GI) foods has yourself? “I ate really well all day today, I deserve been shown not only to help control blood sugars, that (bag of chips/banana split, etc)? Keep in mind but is beneficial in preventing heart disease. Foods a treat is a treat because it isn’t every day. If you in the high GI range are thought to increase are going to use food as your reward, consider triglycerides, promoting inflammation and impairing making it a big reward that you don’t do very often blood vessel function. This can result in weight gain (once a month, not every week for example). especially in the abdominal area, increasing your Rewards can be other things you enjoy, like buying a new magazine or book to read, download a new Here are some ways you can get more low GI food song (or buy a cd) to listen to, get a new plant for your garden, take a relaxing bubble bath, treat yourself to a spa treatment (now is the time to get a pedicure – or give yourself one!), watch a movie, 2. Include one low GI food at each meal. Check work on a scrapbook or photo album…the possibilities are endless! So go on, reward yourself! 3. Choose healthy low GI snacks such as fruit, nuts, yogurt and avoid high GI snacks such as chips, pretzels and refined crackers. Nutrition in the News
4. Avoid sugary drinks such as pop, fruit punch, Canadians eating more fruits and veggies
iced tea and many of the flavoured water A new study by Stats Canada showed we ate more fruits and vegetables and cut calories in 2009. We also consumed more cereals, coffee and fish last year. Unfortunately, we are also eating more sugar and syrups, but our fat intake has stayed the same. For more information check out Leslie Beck, RD’s Click here to read the Globe and Mail article Food for Thought on the Globe and Mail website
Click here
Quercetin dietary supplement concerns
More GI examples:
Quercetin is a flavonoid antioxidant naturally found in High GI: white bread, Corn Flakes, Rice
red wine, apples, onions and other foods. It is also Krispies, short grain rice, rice cakes, soda taken as a dietary supplement, and is found in over 2200 commercial brand name supplements. There is Low GI: 100% stone ground whole wheat bread, oat
concern quercetin might interact with the blood bran, oatmeal, All Bran, Bran Buds with Psyllium, thinner warfarin (Coumadin), as they compete for the Continued from page 2
Refreshing Recipe:
Plant sterols’ cholesterol lowering health Claim
Strawberry Lemonade
approved by Health Canada
For the first time in Canada, food companies can (from
promote food products as having cholesterol-lowering This yummy lemonade with the added natural abilities, specifically food products fortified with plant sweetness of strawberries helps cut down on sterols. Wondering what plant sterols are? Plant sterols is a term that refers to both plant sterols and plant stanols that have been extracted from edible vegetable oils or tall oil produced from Kraft wood pulping process. “Phytosterols” is another term for “plant sterols”. “1 teaspoon (15 ml) of ABC Margarine provides 15% of • 2 cups (500ml) chopped fresh strawberries the daily amount* of plant sterols shown to help reduce/lower cholesterol in adults” * The daily amount of plant sterol shown to reduce cholesterol in adults is 2 grams per day. Foods using the health claim have to meet specific guidelines (for cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium and alcohol content) in order to use this claim. Visit the 2. Strain through a sieve into large serving container. Stir in lemon juice and 2 cups Nutrition Tidbit:
(500ml) water. If mixture is too thick add Berries – Superfoods!
more water or lemon juice. Serve with ice Berries contain phytochemicals and flavonoids that have cancer-fighting properties and also help prevent Nutrition information per 1 cup (250ml) disease. These phytochemicals and flavonoids also 240 calories, 0.8 g protein, 0.4 g fat, 62.2 g help create the berries’ beautiful colours. Most berries are also very high sources of vitamin C, which is carbohydrate, 2.8 g fibre, 0.4 mg iron, 26 mg responsible for immune functioning and formation of connective tissues. Have them as a refreshing snack, throw them into a smoothie or other cold drink (see Dietitians’ on the Go’s suggestion for more berry
recipe on left), or toss them in your salad or cereal. appeal: use frozen strawberries in place of ice
Berries are a great addition to any meal! 1. Berry seasons are short, so try to get them Tipsy Lemonade:
Prepare as above then stir in 1/3 cup (75ml) vodka 2. Berries begin to lose their nutrition as soon as or gin and 2 tbsp (30ml) orange-flavoured liqueur. they are picked, so look for berries that have
Keep in mind adding “tipsiness” to this drink
3. If fresh is not available, frozen are great adds almost 300 calories!
Source: Berries: Reap the Nutritional Benefits article


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