Dean Park wishes to thank the District of North Saanich for the cleaning up and maintenance of the boulevards in our Please contact Brian Robinson at the District of North cul de sacs. This makes each one more attractive and im- Saanich office if you become aware of trees or growth restrict- MAY 2005 NEWSLETTER NO.52
proves our overall neighbourhood for everyone. Well done ing vision for traffic. Overgrowth blocks vision and could re- sult in an unfortunate accident. If you are on a corner where you cannot see oncoming traffic, remember that they likely cannot see you either. This is particularly important as our Mayor Daly and the North Saanich Council
We are anxious to know what issues are important to you - the pedestrians must share the road with cars. Going for a walk is will be meeting with Dean Park residents on May
residents of Dean Park. The purpose of the executive is to a real pleasure enjoyed by many in Dean Park. North Saanich 30th at 7:00PM at the Saanich Peninsula
handle matters of concern for our residents so they may con- will benefit if we notify them of potential problems before a Presbyterian Church on East Saanich Road.
tinue to enjoy the benefits of living in Dean Park. The Execu- tragic accident occurs. We want everyone to stay safe! Everyone is urged to attend, meet your
tive acts on received complaints and keeps your identity pri- council and voice any compliments or concerns
vate. We look forward to hearing about any issue. Examples you might have.
of this may be standardizing the speed throughout Dean Park or updating design guidelines for landscaping. Whatever is The District of North Saanich burning bylaw is now in important to you - no matter what - is important to us! effect. There is absolutely no burning allowed in Dean Park! There are numerous reasons for this and the most important is that a no burn rule substantially reduces the risk of fire.
2004 was a busy year for DEPECA. The volunteers on This is the first edition of your newspaper that Arnie and Burning produces unwanted fumes, nasty wastes and makes your association handled numerous requests and complaints I have written together so we get the last word. Thank you for many residents feel uncomfortable and can even make some regarding the covenants and the design guidelines. While a reading it! You see - we know you did - because you are ill. Burnable waste can be delivered to the North Saanich few are ongoing, most were settled to the mutual satisfaction here! If this is the format you like - great. If not let us know Municipal pit located behind the Legion - off Littlewood - of all concerned. Local matters affecting Dean Park residents and we will try to be more satisfactory for you. Joan Toone for disposal. The cost is $3 per carload - $5 per pickup or such as Speeding, Float-plane noise, School building and other trailer load and is open every 3rd Saturday from 9:30AM - issues are ongoing agenda items. All this is a reflection of the 4:30PM. This is a good ruling for the majority of people and effort and dedication of these people. As trees continue to grow, buildings require renovation and our leisure time in- cludes various recreation vehicles, 2005 promises to be just Unfortunately, we have lost the optimism and energy of our past President to pressures of work this year. However, Each year our canvassers tell us that many houses have we have been fortunate to acquire four new volunteers who Covenant Control Committee - Alan Wiggins/Joan Robinson obscured or barely visible house numbers, making it difficult are already proving their value on the newsletter and the mem- to find the correct address. Please check your house num- Design Review Committee Chair - Richard Norlund - 656-8815 bers and make sure they can be easily and clearly read from The building scheme, to which we all signed up, on Newsletter Arnie Weatherhead/Joan Toone - 655-6471 the street. Cut away overgrowth, repaint or replace faded purchasing our properties, was designed to maintain the safe, numbers into a contrasting colour and ensure addresses are picturesque and pleasant area in which we live. Co-opera- visibly lit at night. While this is a nice convenience for pizza tion between, and the consideration of all residents is needed.
delivery it is an absolute necessity for police, fire and ambu- Please show your support for DEPECA by sending in your 2005 lances. Remember - your life may depend on quick and ac- membership and if you are able volunteer some of your time and expertise. The more people involved, the simpler the This update covers the 4 month period from January1,2005 - April 30,2005. The information is for homes Dean Park thanks our old council and now welcomes Some Realtors have been advertising Dean Park in ‘Dean Park’ proper and relates to properties listed, the new DPECA Board for 2005. This is our 14th year as an houses with suites or suite potential in the newspaper. If pending and sold on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) organization. Much has been accomplished that allows you are listing your home please be aware that no suites are through the Victoria Real Estate Board. This doesn’t Dean Park to continue to be THE place to live in Greater allowed in North Saanich and again by our covenant in Victoria. The Design Review Committee considered 5 ma- jor renovations in Dean Park. For each renovation the Com- Dean Park is a single family (R1) residential area and Currently there are 5 homes listed for sale, ranging in mittee notified and in some cases showed plans to the adja- suites are strictly prohibited by the building scheme and price from $435,000 - $1,089,000. There have been cent neighbours who are most impacted by the proposed covenant regardless of who lives in the suite. Please refer 15 sales reported since January 1st, with sale prices changes. The Committee endeavoured to balance the own- to the “Schedule of Restrictions” registered on your title. As ranging from $425,000 - $740,000. According to the ers’ desire for additional space with the impact the renova- you are aware, all residents moving here sign this cov- Victoria Real Estate Board’s latest news release, real tion will have on views and privacy of the neighbours.’ Those enant and agree to it’s conditions. It would be unfortunate estate sales and prices both rose during April, as the discussions resulted in a satisfactory result for all. The to give anyone misinformation which could cause prob- Victoria area’s real estate market recorded another Cresswell access was dealt with so that residents can con- This information is provided by John & Wendy Herrick
Float planes travelled over the water (Haro Strait) about DPECA VALUES YOUR SUGGESTIONS & OPINIONS
18 months ago until NAV CANADA chose to re-route themso they now pass over Central Saanich and Dean Park. Their If you are 2005 DPECA member, please let your board of disturbing noise and possible safety hazard has caused directors know how we can serve you better. DEPECA to work towards the re-routing back to a safer wa- We are asking anyone contacted by School District 63 ter route. This is not an issue with regular airport traffic.
to call to Cheryl at 655-9221 (weekdays only please) or These planes do not even land at Victoria Airport but merely email: cjones99@shaw.ca as we are trying to ascertain if cross over the airspace. It is this re-routing of float planes the School Board did actually contact people from Dean from Vancouver to Victoria harbours that is causing the prob- I would like to help DPECA. I am able to volunteer some Park. As yet we do not know of anyone consulted on lem - one which could easily be solved to the satisfaction of this most important change to our area. We are anxious to address the possible traffic concerns, the removal of A total burning ban will greatly reduce fire risk and trees, the noise, the overall cost and the ultimate need lessen smoke which is dangerous for many and unpleasant or value of that particular location for a school. These for most. DPECA is represented at every council meeting.
issues should be considered before the School Board MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
This time-consuming work is undertaken by two Board mem- takes further action and Dean Park should definitely be Mail to DPECA PO Box 52021, Sidney, BC V8L 5V9 bers to ensure that your issues and concerns will be ad- dressed. It is important that we be aware of proposals etc.
within our district. Thank you all for working so hard on our Dean Park would like to give a huge thank you to Jacquie Please note. the Board is a great way to get to know Maundrell for taking over and arranging the 19th Annual people, take part in your community and generally enjoy a Dean Park Garage Sale. She put up signs, notified local papers and had residents call so she had the number of $25.00 Household Membership per calendar year.
If you would like to join the Board or be of
houses participating. It was a tremendous amount of work Please do not send cash thru the mail. Your cheque should be assistance in some way please call
and she ensured we had the opportunity to sell those trea- made payable to Dean Park Estates Community Association.
your 2005 President Alan Wiggins at 655-4146
sures of ours! Thanks so much Jacquie - you’re a gem! Your cancelled cheque will be your receipt.

Source: http://www.dpeca.ca/files/_52_2005_May.pdf

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