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The EMS Quality Council of South Denver held its cost. (In 5 usages, two (2) had ROSC; one was a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 24, at systolic arrest transported with an auscultatable pressure.) Littleton Fire Rescue is using the Utstein template to record usage and this should give Present were participants and representatives from accountability as to how the protocol for usage should Action Care Ambulance, Elk Creek Fire, Kiowa Fire, Littleton Fire, Parker Fire, South Metro Fire, and PAH/LAH/PKR EMS, including Drs. Riccio, Guerra Chemical restraints were discussed by Dr. Eby, Dr. Guerra and Dr. Riccio. Dr. Eby suggested that the use of IV Haldol after the IM Haldol injection should help The Patient Refusal Check Sheet was the first order of to calm the out of control patient. Dr. Guerra noted that discussion and there was a great deal of follow up and 5 – 10 mg Haldol is the correct dosage. Dr. Eby urged fine-tuning including word changes and others some resolution on this issue to get the crews back up regarding the subjectivity of the paramedic in the interpretation of the patient’s competency to refuse. Dave Sanko has kept up with the recommended changes and would like to see the agencies trial the draft form Rural/Metro Ambulance noted they were having an After a brief lunch break, the “Acutely Intoxicated Kiowa/Elbert 2007 EMS Mini Conference was held at Patient” protocol was again discussed. Changes to the the Kiowa Creek Community Church on Saturday, working copy included some deletions and word April 28, 2007 with great teamwork from Kiowa Chief changes recommended by the physicians. There was Dian Bowers and Kiowa EMS Coordinator Wendy considerable discussion on the term “nystagmus” and Courdin. There were 65 attendees including Dr. Riccio, how our concern and overall training is often different Anne, Dave and Joane. Parker trauma surgeons Drs. Winter and Bertocchi presented with support from It was generally agreed that a primary concern was to protect the patient’s rights when determining their Parker Practicals, which offers a “hands on” drill for ability to be safe after ruling out illness or injury in the upcoming EMTS, were held on Thursday, April 26, presence of suspected alcohol ingestion. 2007 at the Parker Fire Dept. Joint Facility. Drs. Eby and Riccio discussed different airway options, EMS Week will be held May 20 – 26, 2007. A including the CombiTube and the King airways. Dr. Eby presented literature study. It was noted that the prices for the King airways are not comparable to the Mike Bilo noted that the EMS System worked last week CombiTube. Most of the PAH/LAH/PKR agencies are at Ponderosa High School where an incident took place. using Combitubes at this time. The King airways do The discussion regarding the EMS System suggested not use latex and are manufactured with either a single that better communications between all involved may be helpful. Dr. Eby noted that all Health One Institutes are working at making improvements to this system. Guy Bull with Littleton Fire Rescue reported on the Autopulse device and the great response they have had in using it. It was also noted that the Autopulse can be left on the patient during transport, even if the patient is The remaining meeting dates for 2007 are June 26, transported in a sitting position. The cost for the August 28 and October 23. The meeting time will be Autopulse is around $15,000.00, the band alone is 1100 – 1300 hours in the LAH conference rooms 3 and $150.00 and the battery has to be on continuous charge 4. Lunch will be provided to the invitees so please be in the station when not in use. However, the responses in its success with the patients could well be worth the


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