Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
1 Identification of substance
· Product details
· Trade name: Vertical Patch
· Article number: 82-258942
· Application of the substance / the preparation

· Manufacturer/Supplier:
Emergency Telephone Number: Use only in the event of an emergency involving a spill, leak, fire, exposure, oraccident involving chemicals. Within the U.S., Canada, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, call ChemTrec at (800) 424-9300, 24 hours a day. Or, outside these areas, call (703) 527-3887. Collect calls are accepted. · Information department: Environmental, Health, and Safety department.
2 Composition/Data on components
· Chemical characterization
· Description: Mixture of the substances listed below with nonhazardous additions.
· Dangerous components:

65997-15-1 Cement, portland, chemicals · Additional information: For the wording of the listed risk phrases refer to section 16.
3 Hazards identification
· Hazard description: Not applicable.
· Information pertaining to particular dangers for man and environment:

The product has to be labelled due to internationally acknowledged calculation procedures using the latest validversions. · Classification system:
The classification was made according to the latest editions of international substances lists, and expanded uponfrom company and literature data. · NFPA ratings (scale 0 - 4)
Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
· HMIS-ratings (scale 0 - 4)
4 First aid measures
· After inhalation:
Supply fresh air and to be sure call for a doctor.
In case of unconsciousness place patient stably in side position for transportation.
· After skin contact:
Immediately wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly.
If skin irritation continues, consult a doctor.
· After eye contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
· After swallowing: If symptoms persist consult doctor.

5 Fire fighting measures
· Suitable extinguishing agents:
CO2, extinguishing powder or water spray. Fight larger fires with water spray or alcohol resistant foam. · Protective equipment:
Because fire may produce thermal decomposition products, wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) witha full face piece operated in pressure-demand or positive-pressure mode. 6 Accidental release measures
· Person-related safety precautions: Not required.
· Measures for environmental protection: Do not allow to enter sewers/ surface or ground water.
· Measures for cleaning/collecting: Ensure adequate ventilation.

7 Handling and storage
· Handling:
· Information for safe handling: Prevent formation of dust.
· Information about protection against explosions and fires: No special measures required.

· Storage:
· Requirements to be met by storerooms and receptacles: No special requirements.
· Information about storage in one common storage facility: Not required.
· Further information about storage conditions: Keep receptacle tightly sealed.

8 Exposure controls and personal protection
· Additional information about design of technical systems: No further data; see item 7.
Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
· Components with limit values that require monitoring at the workplace:
14808-60-7 Quartz (SiO2)
REL () 0.05* mg/m³

1317-65-3 Limestone
PEL () 15*; 5** mg/m³

26499-65-0 Calcium sulfate
PEL () 15*; 5** mg/m³

1332-58-7 Kaolin
PEL () 15*; 5** mg/m³

65997-15-1 Cement, portland, chemicals
PEL () 50 mppcf or 15*;5** mg/m³

· Additional information: The lists that were valid during the creation were used as basis.
· Personal protective equipment:
· General protective and hygienic measures:

Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and feed.
Immediately remove all soiled and contaminated clothing.
Wash hands before breaks and at the end of work.
Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.
· Breathing equipment:
In case of brief exposure or low pollution use respiratory filter device. In case of intensive or longer exposure userespiratory protective device that is independent of circulating air. · Protection of hands:
Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
The glove material has to be impermeable and resistant to the product/ the substance/ the preparation.
Due to missing tests, no recommendation to the glove material can be given for the product.
Select the glove material upon consideration of the penetration times, rates of diffusion and the degradation.
· Material of gloves
The selection of the suitable gloves does not only depend on the material, but also on further marks of quality andvaries from manufacturer to manufacturer. As the product is a preparation of several substances, the resistance ofthe glove material can not be calculated in advance and has therefore to be checked prior to the application. · Penetration time of glove material
The exact break trough time has to be found out by the manufacturer of the protective gloves and has to beobserved. · Eye protection:
9 Physical and chemical properties
· General Information
According to product specification Odor:
· Change in condition
Melting point/Melting range: Undetermined.
Boiling point/Boiling range: > 999°C (> 1830°F)

· Flash point:
· Auto igniting:
· Danger of explosion:
Product does not present an explosion hazard. · Density at 20°C (68°F):
· Solubility in / Miscibility with
· Solvent content:
Organic solvents:
· Solids content:
· Volatile Organic Compounds: Not determined
10 Stability and reactivity
· Thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided: No decomposition if used according to specifications.
· Dangerous reactions No dangerous reactions known.
· Dangerous products of decomposition: No dangerous decomposition products known.

Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
11 Toxicological information
· Acute toxicity:
· Primary irritant effect:
· on the skin: Irritant to skin and mucous membranes.
· on the eye: Irritating effect.
· Sensitization: Sensitization possible through skin contact.
· Additional toxicological information:

The product shows the following dangers according to internally approved calculation methods for preparations:Irritant 12 Ecological information
· General notes:
Water hazard class 1 (Self-assessment): slightly hazardous for waterDo not allow undiluted product or large quantities of it to reach ground water, water course or sewage system. 13 Disposal considerations
· Product:
· Recommendation: Must not be disposed of as normal garbage. Do not allow product to reach sewage system.

· Uncleaned packagings:
· Recommendation: Disposal must be made according to Federal, State, and Local regulations.
· Recommended cleansing agent: Water, if necessary with cleansing agents.

14 Transport information
· DOT regulations:
· Hazard class:

· Limited Quantity Exemption:
No Limited Quantity exemption applies for this shippingclass. · U.S. Domestic Ground Shipments:
Same as listed for Standard Shipments above. · U.S. Domestic Ground Non-Bulk (119 gal or less per
container) Shipments:
Same as listed for Standard Shipments above. · Emergency Response Guide (ERG) Number:
· Land transport ADR/RID (cross-border):
· ADR/RID class:

· Maritime transport IMDG:
· IMDG Class:

· Marine pollutant:
· Air transport ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR:
· ICAO/IATA Class:

Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
15 Regulations
· Sara
· Section 355 (extremely hazardous substances):

· Section 313 (Specific toxic chemical listings):
This product may contain 1 or more toxic chemicals subject to the reporting requirements of Section 313 of Title IIIof the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) of 1986 and 40 CFR part 372. If so, the chemicalsare listed below.
1344-28-1 aluminium oxide
· TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act):
· Proposition 65
· Chemicals known to the State of California (Prop. 65) to cause cancer:

· Chemicals known to the State of California (Prop. 65) to cause reproductive toxicity:
· Cancerogenity categories
· EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

None of the ingredients is listed. · IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)
7631-86-9 silicon dioxide, chemically prepared Chromium (VI) compounds, with the exception of barium chromate 1 · NTP (National Toxicology Program)
Chromium (VI) compounds, with the exception of barium chromate K · TLV (Threshold Limit Value established by ACGIH)
· MAK (German Maximum Workplace Concentration)
Material Safety Data Sheet
acc. to ISO/DIS 11014
Trade name: Vertical Patch
1344-28-1 aluminium oxide 2 7440-02-0 nickel · NIOSH-Ca (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
14808-60-7 Quartz (SiO2)13463-67-7 titanium dioxide · OSHA-Ca (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
None of the ingredients is listed. · Product related hazard informations:
The product has been classified and marked in accordance with directives on hazardous materials. · Hazard symbols: Xi Irritant
· Risk phrases:
36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact.
· Safety phrases:
22 Do not breathe dust.
24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
28 After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.
· National regulations:
· Water hazard class: Water hazard class 1 (Self-assessment): slightly hazardous for water.
16 Other information
The provided information is based on our present knowledge. However, this shall not constitute a guarantee for anyspecific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.
This information is based on our present knowledge. However, this shall not constitute a guarantee for any specificproduct features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.
· Department issuing MSDS: Environmental, Health & Safety Department
· Contact: Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Source: http://www.eshkol-info.co.il/vip/WebsitesData/userfiles/962/beton/VerticalPatch-MSDS.pdf


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