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Color of transparent liquids like varnishes, lacquers, shellacs, dry- ing oils, fatty acids and resin solutions has been evaluated visual y since the late 1800s. A change in color can indicate contamination or impurities in the raw materials, process variations caused by heating and oxidation, or degradation of products exposed to For simplicity, one dimensional scales for yellowness were estab-lished, e.g., Gardner Color Scale, American Public Health Associa-tion (APHA) and Hazen, Saybolt, and Iodine (Hess-Ives).
In the visual test the yel owness is determined by pouring the sample into a tube and comparing it to a known standard. The standard that the sample falls closest to then becomes the value for the liquid. This procedure is highly subjective due to varia-tions of observers, illumination and to some extent the standards Quality control systems like ISO 9000 demand objective measurements using instrumentation that gives reliable data on a consistent basis.
Correlation equations were developed to link visual observations to instrumentally measured values.
Most products are not strictly yel ow and therefore require a three dimensional description of color: red/green, yellow/blue and light/dark differences. Modern instruments read this information by the use of standardized color scales like CIE L*a*b* or L* C* h°.
BYK-Gardner offers a complete line of visual color comparators for quick evaluation, as well as, objective instrumentation for liquid color measurement, tolerance setting and pass/fail analysis.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Liquid Color StandardsThe Gardner Liquid Color Standard Comparator provides the entire Gardner Color Scale, against which a liquid sample can be visually compared.
■ Rugged design for use in the laboratory and production■ Quick and easy color quality control of liquids■ Attractive price – color evaluation of liquids becomes The sealed tubes are fil ed with Cobalt Chloride Platinate solutions of varying concentrations, which correspond to known Gardner Scale yellowness value numbers 1 – 18. The solutions are stan- dardized at 25 °C (77 °F), but visual evaluations made between AOCS 20 °C (68 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F) are substantially correct.
Two models are available: with or without illumination.
Cat. No. 6726 and 6727 come complete with: Set of 18 color standards 1 to 18 6 empty comparison tubes Steel holding rack with fluorescent lamp Operating manualCat. No. 6724 comes complete with: Set of 18 color standards 1 to 18 6 empty comparison tubes Steel holding rack with frosted glass panel Operating manual Prices are subject to change without notice.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Empty Sample TubesSet of 144 empty, unmarked comparison tubes with cork stoppers for the liquid to be tested.
The LCS III spectrally measures all color to quickly evaluate color of liquids – #:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Prices are subject to change without notice.
The Gardner Delta Color Comparator uses precision-polished optical-glass filters as reference standards. Two different models are available: with or without illumination.
■ Rugged design allows the color comparator to be used at any ■ Easy operation allows anyone to determine Gardner Color ■ Optional illuminator allows back-light color to improve view- The comparator is an arrangement of two wheels in which nine color filters are imbedded in each wheel. The glass filters range in color from water white through deep amber. A tube of the sample liquid is placed between the two filter wheels. The user then rotates the color wheels until the filter glass closest in color to the liquid is in place. That filter notation then becomes the color description for the liquid.
Cat. No. 6745 and 6746 comes complete with: Set of 144 Empty Tubes(unmarked comparison tubes with cork stoppers) Prices are subject to change without notice.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY LCM IIIThe LCM III is a reliable color instrument which replaces conven-tional visual color evaluation with an objective measurement. It is ideal for routine production control of clear, transparent liquids like resins, adhesives and solvents.
■ Large touch-screen display with intuitive user guidance for ■ Automatic cuvette recognition – avoids faulty data ■ Works with 10 and 50 mm rectangle as well as 11 mm round ■ Gardner, Hazen (APHA/PtCo), Iodine, Saybolt and Mineral oil ■ Reference beam design to maximize the accuracy and ■ Truly portable with the use of an optional lithium-ion battery ■ USB interface for PC or printer connection Single-beam photometer with reference beam path Comes complete with: Instrument with dust cover ± 0.3 Iodine, ± 5 Hazen, ± 0.3 Gardner Hazen / APHA (0 to 1000), Gardner (0 to 18), Iodine (0 to 120), Saybolt (-16 to 30), Mineral Oil (ASTM D 1500) 0 to 8 *.csv file to USB flash drive or optional DataTrans Software USB-A for printer and USB memory stickUSB-B for communication with PC up to 80%, 35 °C (95 °F); non condensing 220 x 135 x 330 mm (8.6 x 5.3 x 12.9 in.) ¹ Based on data with 11 mm cuvette ² Based on data with 50 mm cuvette ³ Based on data with 50 mm cuvette for Hazen and 11 mm cuvette for Iodine and Gardner #:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Prices are subject to change without notice.
LCS IIIThe LCS III is a highly precise color instrument which spectral y measures al color shades of optical y clear liquids. Besides the conventional visual color numbers (Gardner, Iodine, Hazen (APHA) etc.) the LCS can measure opponent color such as CIELab, XYZ and Yxy under the conditions of illuminant C (daylight) and 2° Standard Observer.
■ Stand alone unit with built-in touch-screen display allows use ■ Automatic cuvette detection – avoids faulty data ■ Designed for the use of disposable plastic cuvettes, high precision optical glass cuvettes or 11 mm test tubes ■ Automatic zero and calibration memory for all type of cuvettes – ensures use of correct calibration data ■ All important color scales and indices included■ Highly accurate and reliable results are ensured by the dual ■ User profile memory with password protection for individual configurations – including GLP documentation ■ Open sample compartment for ease of operation ■ USB interface for PC or printer connection Comes complete with: Instrument with dust cover Spectral Range (Photometric) 320 to 1,1000 nm, 1 nm resolution addista® – color standards Disposable plastic cuvettes (10x50 mm) – pack of 10 Disposable glass cuvettes (11mm) – pack of 10 ΔE* and component differences, text descriptor, tolerances Gardner, Hazen/APHA, Iodine, Saybolt, Lovibond, Hess-Ives, European and US Pharmacopoeia, Klett, Mineral oil, Yellowness ASTM D 1925, ADMI, Chlorophyll A % transmission; % absorbance, concentration 500 colormeasurements, 50 color references,500 photometric readings *.csv file to USB memory stick or optionalDataTrans software USB-A for printer and USB memory stick USB-B for communication with a PC up to 85%, 35 °C (95 °F); non condensing 368 x 144 x 359 mm (14.5 x 5.7 x 14.1 in) Prices are subject to change without notice.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Sample CuvettesFor color measurement of liquids square, rectangle and cylindrical cuvettes can be used. Both precision as well as inexpensive dispos-able tubes are available. The precision cuvettes ensure reproduc-ible results – even for critical solutions as clear as water. For daily QC disposable cuvettes save time and money.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Prices are subject to change without notice.
Accessoriesaddista® – color StandardsTo meet the requirements of ISO 9000 the performance of the instrument should be tested periodical y. Therefore, a certified set of 6 standard liquids is recommended, containing Gardner and Hazen color numbers. To ensure long-term stability, the bottles should be stored in a dark and cool environment. They expire three months after being opened.
addista® – color standards with certificate Verification KitFor more detailed quality control of the instrument a Verification Kit is available which consists of four precision glass filters. The filters come with a certificate including target values and can be used to check for stray light, photometric and wavelength ac-curacy. When results exceed allowable tolerance, please contact your local service office.
Verification Kit with certificate, LCS III Verification Kit with certificate, LCM III The portable thermo printer allows documentation of measure- Both the LCM III and LCS III are powered by an external power ment results. It is connected to the instrument via the USB inter- supply. Additionally, the LCM III can be used as a truly portable face. The printer comes with one paper roll, USB connector cable device with the optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The ex-and power supply.
ternal power supply acts as the charger.
Rechargeable Battery Pack, 9 V for LCM plus External Power Supply for LCM III and LCS III Prices are subject to change without notice.
#:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Highly viscous liquids should be preheated in the heater block. The The LCM III and LCS III use a tungsten lamp with an expected temperature can be set from 37 °C to 148 °C (99 °F to 298 °F). lifetime of 2000 hours. It can easily be replaced by the user.
Only cylindrical tubes can be used. The il uminated LC display ensures easy-to-read results and operator guidance.
Tungsten Halogen Lamp for LCM III and LCS III Air Filter PadThe LCS III is equipped with an air filter to cool the instrument during operation. The pad should be inspected regularly every 3 months. Typically it needs to be replaced 1 – 2 times per year.
Documentation of Measurement ResultsStored measurement data can be transferred from the instrument to a USB memory stick and further evaluated using a spreadsheet program like Excel®.
Additional y, the software DataTrans is available for direct data transfer to a PC.
Hardware Requirements: Operating system: Windows XP or higher Disk drive: CD-ROM Interface: USB-port #:,(BSEOFS64"t1IPOFt'BY Prices are subject to change without notice.



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