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M.B.B.S., M.S.

Andrology and Microsurgery
Practicing as Consultant Andrologist in Mumbai – specialized in
1. Reproductive Medicine for Male 2. Microsurgical procedures in Male Infertility 3. Erectile dysfunction management 4. Corrective surgical procedures in Erectile Dysfunction. 5. Penile Prosthesis Surgery
1. M.B.B.S. – Armed Forces Medical College, Pune University, 1972
2. M.S. (General Surgery) – T.N. Medical College, Bombay University,


1. INDIAN - Maharashtra Medical Council Registration No. 30231
2. British
– General Medical Council Registration No. 17448
Honorary Andrologist , and Microsurgeon at
1. LTM Med College & LTM Gen Hospital, Sion
2. Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai 400 007
3. S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai – 400 016
4. Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mazgaon, Mumbai – 400 010
5. National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR), Parel,
6. Parakh Hospital – IVF-Center, Ghatkopar, Mumbai – 400 077
EXPERIENCE In Specialties:
1. Initial urological training under guidance of Dr. Karanjawala and Dr. D.S. Pardanani, Urology Department, K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Bombay – 400 012, in 1979. 2. Further training in Urology under guidance of Dr. Ajit Phadke, Prof. & Head of the department of Urology, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center, Marine Lines, Bombay – 400 020. 3. Exposure to Andrology came in long association with Dr. Ajit Phadke, Prof. & Head of the department of Urology, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Marine Lines, Bombay – 400 020 4. Actively involved with the Andrological Research Projects with Dr. Rupin Shah at Centre for Male Reproductive & Sexual Medicine, Ghatkopar, Bombay – 400 086.
Experience Abroad:
• Training in Urology under the guidance of Mr J.I.H. Hadfield, Southwing Hospital, Bedford, MK42 9DJ, U.K. in 1991-92. • G.I. Endoscopy under the guidance of Dr. Peter Trewby Darlington Memorial Hospital, Darlington DL3 HX, U.K. in 1991.
Awards & Prizes:

1. Awarded ‘Brijkishor Patna Prize for the best scientific paper by
Urological Society of India at Annual Conference USICON, Mumbai, 1997. 2. Video-paper Award for ‘Reverse cut-VEA at Usicon 2000 Annual
Conference of Urological Society of India, at Annual conference USICON, Hyderabd 20th – 23rd January 2000. 3.
4. Best Poster – Vijaywada Award 2nd prize for ‘Andrological needs of the
SCI patient’ at Usicon 2000 annual conference of USI Hyderabad 20th – 23rd January 2000. 5. ‘Best Video Presentation’ award at World Congress on Impotence held
in Singapore September 1994, for paper title “Revascularization of Penis – a modified approach. (Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni, B. Parulkar et al). International Conference And Publications

1. “Revascularisation of penis – a modified approach. (Rupin Shah, Vijay
Kulkarni, B. Parulkar at al). at world congress on Impotence, Singapore 1994 ( Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni, B. Parulkar et al). 2. “Antegrade Dorsal Vein Arterialsation for Penile Revascularisation
at world congress on Impotence, Singapore 1994 ( Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni, B. Parulkar et al). 3. “The need for Intra Cavernosal Pressure monitoring during Penile
Duplex Doppler Studies” at World Congress on Impotence, Singapore
1994. (Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni, H. Morparia et al).
4. “Management Of Anejaculatory Infertility”. (An invitied paper) at 3rd
Asian Sexology Confernce, New Delhi, 1994. (Vijay Kulkarni, Rupin Shah, M. Mehta). 5. “Impact of Male Infertility on Sexual Function in Men” at 3rd Asian
Conference, New Delhi, 1994 ( Meenal Mehta, Vijay Kulkarni, Rupin Shah). 6. “Advances in Surgery for Impotence” at IInd International Multi Faculty
Conference, New Delhi, 1994 Vijay Kulkarni. 7. Microsurgery for Male Infertility” at lInd International Multi Faculty
Conference, New Delhi, 1994. Vijay Kulkarni.
8. “Injection Erection” at IInd International Multi Faculty Conference, New
9. “Anejaculation – Unusual cause of Male Infertility” at IInd International
Multi Faculty Conference, New Delhi, 1994 Vijay Kulkarni. 10. Co-author “ Penile Revascularisation – An Overview” in annals
Academy of Medicine Singapore, September 1995. (Rupin Shah & Vijay Kulkarni). 11. Editor of the Abstracts publications of 3rd Asian Conference in Sexology, New Delhi 1994. (Rupin Shah Vijay Kulkarni). 11. Attended Annual Meeting American Urological association, Washington 12. Attended VIIth World Meeting on Impotence, San Francisco, USA – Nov. 13. Men who cannot reach orgasm – experience with vibrator therapy in 91
cases of non-neurogenic anorgasmia, ( Rupin S Shah, Vijay Kulkarni, Deepak M Gupte, Meenal K Mehta, Shrish C malde) International Journal of Impotence Research Volume 8 Number 3 September , 1996).

14. A clinical Study of the erection – inducing effects of intra-cavernosal
Chlorpromazine. ( Vijay Kulkarni, Rupin S. Shah, Deepak M. Gupte,
Meenal K Mehta). International Journal of Impotence Research volume 8
Number 3 September, 1996.
15. “Discrepancy between stretched Penile length and erect Penile
length explains penile shortening after penile prosthesis surgery
(Rupin S. Shah, Vijay R Kulkarni, Deepak M Gupte, Shrish C.
Malde)International Journal of Impotence Research volume 8 Number 3
September, 1996.
16. Prolonged external cavernosal drainage ( P.E.C.D.) an alternative to
surgery in cases of ischaemic priapism ( Rupin S. Shah & Vijay
R.Kulkarni International Journal of Impotence research volume 8 Number
3 September, 1996.
17. Patient and doctor satisfaction with the Shah Indian Penile
Prosthesis- Preliminary results of a multicentre Study ( Rupin S Shah,
Arun Tewari, T R. Murli, Vijay R Kulkarni, - Deepak Gupte), International
Journal of Impotence Research Volume 10 supplements 3 August, 1998,
18. Guest Lecture – andrology and imaging – 20th International Congress of Radiology. New Delhi, 21st September, 1998. 19. “Clinician’s perspective”: Impotence & Imaging” pg 280-83, book of
abstract 20th International congress of Radiology, 1998. 20. Men who cannot reach orgasm – experience with vibrator therapy in 91
cases of non-neurogenic anorgasmia. Book of proceedings – International 8th World Meeting of a impotence research 25-28 August, 1998 Amsterdam. 21. Attended Conference – 12th world Congress of the International
society for Sexual Medicine 2006, Cairo, Egypt, from 17th - 21st
September 2006
22. Oration at – 9th Asia Oceanic Congress of Sexology in Bangkok,

National Conference and publications

1. Assistant editor to urology Review – Update on male Infertility & Impotence published by Urological Society of India 1998. ( Vijay Kulkarni). 2. “Treatment of Priapism” – Urological Society of India , annual
Conference, Lucknow 1993. (R Shah, Vijay Kulkarni). 3. “Sperm Function” Test” – Urological Society of India, annual
Conference, Lucknow 1993. ( Dr. K. Gopalkrishna, R Shah, Vijay Kulkarni). 4. Duplex Doppler Studies in Impotence” – Urological Society of India ,
Annual conference, Calcutta 1994. (Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni.) 5. Video presentation of “Microsurgical VEA using special suture” –
Maharashtra chapter of association of Surgeon January, 1995. ) Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni). 6. “Indian Penile Implant” – Urological Society of India , Annual
Conference, Calcutta, December 1994 ( Rupin Shah, Dr. Agarwal,Vijay 7. Kulkarni) adjudged as “Best Poster Presentation“ award of the
8. “Indian Implant”- for Impotence, Maharashtra Chapter of association of
Surgeons of India, Thane – 400 601, January 1995. ( Rupin Shah, Vijay Kulkarni). 9. Seager’s Electro Ejaculation – Indian experience- 10. “Self Injection of adrenaline for priapism” at annual Meeting of
Urological Society of India, Chandigarh 1998. 11. “Clinical evaluation of Male Infertility” Abstract – National training
Programme on andrology for Clinician : technique in Human semenology – 16th & 17th November, 1998.
Organizational Activities in Andrology

(I) International Experience

1. Organizer, scientific program committte member and Editor of
abstracts of 3rd Asian sexology Conferences New Delhi November, 1994
where chaired sessions and discussed daily highlights
2. Scientific Committee member of ESIS faculty and Symposiarch at
IInd International Multi Faculty Conferences, New Delhi, December 1994. (II) National Experience

1. Programmea Co-ordinator & Faculty Member
Electro Ejaculation Hinduja & Medical
(III) Programme Director & Faculty Member
(i) National Andrology

(V) Invited Faculty Member/ Guest Speaker

1. “Recent Trends in Impotence, Solapur Branch of Indian Medical
2. Recent Trends in management of M ale Infertility ‘’,Public talk
, -February , 1996.chalisgaon.
3. Office management Of Impotence’’ Jalandhar branch of Indian
medical association, , march 1996 Punjab –011 112.
4. Enchancement of Therapy Skill’’ Workshop by SECRT - ( FPAI).,
June, 1997. Deolali, Maharashtra’Vasectomy : Ground reality and
future perspective’’
working group meeting by September 1997 IRR (
ICMR), Institute for Research in reproduction . Mumbai,

5. Update on Male Infertility –Deccan Gynaec society –September, 1998.
6. Video Workshop on andrology and Female Urology – West Zone
Urology Society of India –October, 1998. kolhapur.
7. Nation Training programme on Andrology for clinician. 16th
November –25th November, 1998, (IRR) (ICMR) Institute For Research
programme, Mumbai.
8. Impotence :Present status of management & c.m. at Tata memorial
9. Hospital, 24th November 1998. Jamshedpur,
10. Recent Advance in Treatment of Male Infertility on 27th November 99
during GUSSACON –99 at Bharuch.
11. Surat Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society –CME-2nd August
12. ART In Y2k (International Conference On Infertility and ART ( Oct 3rd
& 4th 2001 Taj Exotica (Goa).
13. I.M.A College of General Practitioners Sub-Faculty 13th & 14th October
2000 IMA Kanpur CGP
14. Andropause ,talk invited by Infar 2nd November , 2000, Juhu, Mumbai.
15. World Meeting Khajurao. Millennium International urology Congress
2000 New Delhi, 6th, 8th ,9th, November 2000. New Delhi.
16. Panelist in the group Education Activity ‘’ International Strategies
Acceptance Of Vasectomy 19th & 20th October 2000, Institute For
Research in Reproduction (ICMR), Mumbai.
17. Lecture delivered Jalna OBGY Society 24th December 2000, Jalna.
18. USICON 2001 Nagpur January 18th to 21st 2001-Nagpur.
19. I.M.A Millennium Update 2001, 27th January 2001 –Dhule.
20. Institute For Research in Reproduction (ICMR), Talk ‘’Semen analysis &
its correalation’’ February 8th 2001, Parel, Mumbai.
21. Mumbai Urological Society, Sildenafil What Is New? ,February
22. Indian Association of Dermatologist, May 6th 2001, Maharashtra
23. The Beed Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society, Male Infertility.
Beed,July 14th and 15th 2001, Ahmadnagar.
24. Delivered a lecture on Male Infertility on 14th October, I.M.A.
House,I.M.A. Haji Ali, Mumbai 400 034.
25. Invited speaker on Advances in sperm retrieval techniques at the CME
held on 21st October 2001-Sangli Maharashtra.
26. Address Local Medical Faculty on Andrology on 2nd and 3rd March Sirsa,
27. ‘Impotence Management’ Talk to IMA Members to Sirsa on 6th ,7th ,and
8th April 2002, Sirsa, Haryana.
28. Role of Modern Management of Azoospermia on Sunday, 22nd
September 2002, Central Railway in Collaboration with Melbourne IVF
29. Symposiarch :Sildenafil-Indian Experience and Update XII West Zone
USICON,Nadiad 25th, 26th,and 27th October 2002.
30. Sexual Rehabilitation of the male SCI Patients International Spine
and Spinal Injuries Conference,20th to 25th of November 2002, New

31. Sexual Dysfunction in Infertile Male 17th AMOGS Conference, 7th 8thand
32. 54th C.M.E Courses in Diabetes Mellitus for Family Physicians on 15th September 2003, Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction at Raheja Hospital,
Mahim, Mumbai 400 016.
33. 54th C.M.E. Course in “Diabetes Mellitus For family Physician’s on 20th September 2003, Panelist For Panel Discussion at Raheja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai – 400 016. 34. Usicon conference – 2004 Infertility today programme on 31st Jan to
1st Feb 2004, Talk on Male Infertility - What is new ?
35. CME – faculty member Diabetes and impotance and panelist – 21st
36. Invited Speaker – Advanced Andrology Workshop – International
Congress on Infertility, 14th 15th and 16th November 2003, New Delhi.
37. Invited speaker sexuality and Fertility in the Spinal cord Injured – An
38. Attended handon training operative workshop on Inflatable. Penile
and Inflatable sphinictor prosthesis on 12th March 2004. AIIMS Delhi.
39. Invited Speaker – on Medical Management of Oligoasthenospermia at
Life 2004 Recent Advances in Infertility Management Sunday August 15th,
2004, North Mumbai Conference.
40. Invited Speaker –Navi Mumbai Obstetric and Gynaecological Society on
Symposium on changing trends in todays practice. Female
menopause…Does her Husband pause? on 2nd and 3rd October 2004.

41. Participated World Congress on Practical Infertility Management and
Human Reproduction for the advanced Andrology Workshop on Male
Infertility and impotency
on 19th –20th November, 2004 at hotel Grand
Hyatt, Mumbai.
42. Asia Pacific Conference of Sexology – Participation at the workshop
and Conference held on November 21st –24th , 2004 in Mumbai .
43. Participated –The Vth Indian Congress on Gynaecologic Endoscopy ,
Infertility and ART 25TH –28TH November ,2004, Khajuraho.
44. Faculty –in WHO training course entitled “Reproductive Health
Techniques” held at National Institute Research in Reproductive Health
on 2nd December 2004.
45. The Urology Society of India –USICON 2005 , 8TH –11TH January , 2005 46. Lecture –on Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction held at S.L Raheja
Hospital on Saturday 12th February ,2005, Mumbai. 47. Invited speaker –CME on “Advanced Endoscopy and Infertility
Management’ held at Hotel Landmark, The Mall Kanpur on 20th Feb 2005. 48. Participated –International Congress on Assisted reproductive
Technology and Advances in Infertility Management from 24th to 27th
Feb 2005. Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.
49. Invited Speaker – “Obesity –2005” on Obesity and Reproductive
Disorder, on 5th March 2005, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai.
50. Expert Faculty – in Images 2005 Mumbai “How to improve my IUI,
infertility, IVF-ICSI results?” held at J W Marriot, Mumbai –on 12th June
51. Faculty –at the International Conference On “Male Reproduction and
Infertility “ held from 16th to 18th September 2005 at J N Tata Auditorium,
National Science Complex , Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
52. Attended –West Zone Chapter of the Urological Society of India with live
operative workshops on Laparoscopy and flexible Ureterscopy on
28th to 30th October 2005,Gwalior.
53. Invited talk – on “Andropose – Myth or Reality ? at I.M.A. Kalyan branch
54. Participated as delegate member –SIU “Instructional Course In Urology
“- at Hotel Leela Kemppinski, Mumbai – on 7th and 8th January 2006.
55. Invited speaker – on “Intracorporal Injections For Erectile
Dysfunction” of CME program – Male Sexual Dysfunction,
– 141008, Punjab – 1st April 2006.
56. Invited Faculty- National Faculty (Pfizer’s) talk on “Indian Perspective of Sildenafil” on 22nd April 2006, Mumbai . 57. Invited Faculty – North zone chapter of The Urology society of India
and live (Video) hi tech workshop on sexual and voiding dysfunction
New Delhi –1st and 2nd July 2006.
58. Invited Faculty in Forum by Pfizer’s – talk on “Contemporary
Management on Erectile Dysfunction – Practical Approach” Thane,
Mumbai.15th July 2006,
59. Invited Faculty – Symposium on Inhibin-talk on “Inhibin B and Male 60. Invited Faculty and Panelisttalk on “Male Sexual Dysfunction” Recent
Advances in OBGYN, Air Force Auditorium Subroto Park Delhi Cantt. New Delhi -18th –20th August 2006. –International
Controversies In Reproductive Medical at Hotel renaissance, Powai ,
Mumbai, 15th – 17th September 2006. (DR.Dhuru Shah)
62. Attended – (Rotunda) the Indo-French Congress On Gynecologist
Endoscopy, Ultrasound and Infertility at Hotel Clarks, Varanasi on 23rd
to 26th November, 2006.
63. Invited Faculty - 2nd Scientific Conference of the Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicines (APSSM) & 1st Aging, Gender, Andrology, & Sexual
(Sciences) Society of India (AGASSI) for Pre-Conference Workshop V –
on “Multi–quadrant Aspiration Testis Biopsy” at Hilton Towers,
Mumbai – on 1st to 3rd December 2006.
64. Invited Faculty - 2nd Scientific Conference of the Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicines (APSSM) & 1st Aging, Gender, Andrology, & Sexual
(Sciences) Society of India (AGASSI) for Pre-Conference Workshop V –
on Techqniue of Seager Electroejaculation at Hilton Towers, Mumbai –
on 1st to 3rd December 2006.
65. Invited faculty – MASICON, Erectile Dysfunction for General Surgeons
66. Invited faculty – Patna, USICON 2007 7TH to 10th Feb 2007.
67. Attended Annual Conference AMCON 2007 AMC at J W Marriot Hotel,
68. Invited faculty – to Ostomy Patients Meeting by Hinduja Hospital for talk
on “Socio – Sexual Relationship, Mumbai, on 21st April 2007,
69. Faculty member for the CME on “ Male Infertility” on topic Non-
Consummated Marriage on 22nd April, 2007, Navi Mumbai. 70. Invited speaker – talk to the GP’s forum on 19th May 2007, Ghatkopar,
71. Lecturer – Teaching Sessions to the Exam Appearing Post-graduates,
72. Invited Faculty – Andrology Workshop- Muljibhai Patel Urological
Hospital, 25th to 27th May , Nadiad ,Gujrat.
73. Guest Speaker – (Cipla) Erectile Dysfunction for Dermats at Royal
Orchid on 22nd July 2007, Chembur Mumbai . 74. Invited speaker – Andropause in CME “Endocrinology” for A Ward
75. Invited faculty - SIU/ICS Instructional Courses in Urology/
Incontinence for the talk on (1) “Penile Implant Surgery” and (2)
“Surgery in ART
” on 16th to 18th November, 2007 at J W Marriot Hotel
Juhu, Mumbai.
76. Attended 41st Annual Conference of The Urological Society of India
USICON 2008, 17th to 20th January 2008, Chennai.
77. Invited Faculty for scientific symposium on ART by Parakh Hospital talk
on ART and Male Infertility on 15th March 2008, Mumbai.
78. Invited speaker – to staff and Research Society LTMG Hospital and Medical College on “Changing trend in management of erectile
on 28th March 2008, Mumbai.
79. Invited speaker at “ Sharing Scientific Knowledge” meet for “Changing Trends in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction” on 11th April 2008, Mumbai . 80. Invited Speaker – “Mend the Bend”: treatment of Penile Curvatureon 25th
May 2008 venue at Basement Auditorium, K.M.F. Trust Hospital, Ganeshwadi , Thane. 81. Invited Faculty – For “ Video presentation on Electro-Ejaculation” at
the International congress on PCOS held from the 14th to the 17th of August, 2008 at Holiday Inn, Goa, 82. Delivered a Lecture on the topic “Erectile Dysfunction : Looking
beyond PDE-5 Inhibitors “ at the 2nd Organon Symposium on Aging
Male held on September 12-14,2008 at GOA


1. Penile Revascularistion: An overview, 749-754 Annals of Academy of
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1. “Impotence is Curable” (in varnacular), Vaishampayan medical college,
2. “On “ Newstrack” National – T.V. Channel – February, 1995.
3. “Impotence”, Public talk – Kama Research Institute for Sexual Sciences,
4. “Impotence” Public Talk – Kama Research Institute for Sexual Sciences,
5. “T.V. Programme” – Live Question & Answer Session on Male Infertility,
6. “T.V. Programme”- Live Question & Answer Session on Male Infertility,
7. “T.V. Programme” – Live Question & Answer Session on Andropause on
8. “T.V. Programme” – Live Question & Answer Session on Andropause on
9. “T.V. Programme”- Live Question & Answer Sessions on Andropause on

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