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Settings are made by pressing down on the Calibration Indicator
button and setting to the desired number on the Control Cable
Calibration Indicator
TO OPEN SLIDE PLATE: Push the Control Lever forward until it
stops against the button.
TO CLOSE SLIDE PLATE: Pull the Control Lever fully back toward
How To Measure Lawn Application Total
AFTER EACH USE: Wash unit thoroughly and let dry.
CAUTION: Care must be taken with any weed killer, pesticide or
combination product. They can be harmful to other plant life in TIPS:
* Always follow directions indicated on this instruction sheet.
* Never apply a lawn care product by hand.
* Walk at a steady pace to ensure even application through- - _____________Non-Lawn Areas (House, Drive etc.) out the lawn. The faster you walk, the thinner the coverage.
* To avoid gaps and streaks, first spread the border of lawn and then fill in center with uniform parallel passes.
* For best results, apply in two passes, using a crisscross pattern and 1/2 of setting number given below.
* All fertilizers should be watered in after application.
* In case of accidental over application, increase watering.
To calculate how many pounds of fertilizer to put down, you first need to read on the fertilizer bag how manysquare feet the fertilizer will cover. For example: you have purchased a bag of fertilizer that states it will cover General Instructions for properly setting your Spreader
15,000 square feet, and weighs 46.56 pounds. To figure coverage simply divide the bag weight by the suggested coverage to get how many pounds per square feet. This example would be 46.56 / 15,000 = .003104 pounds per square feet. To convert up to 1,000 square feet simply multiply .003104 1. Use the settings under “Standard Settings” Section for most by 1,000 to equal 3.104 pounds. CAUTION: These settings are intended for reference only. As there are many
applications by figuring lbs. per 1000 square feet.
variables involved with setting any spreader; including physical composition of the material being applied, 2. These numbers are for a one pass application.
walking speed and terrain; settings may have to be adjusted. Because of these conditions, Precision Products, 3. A two pass application is recommended, using a crisscross Inc. makes no warranty as to the uniformity of coverage actually obtained from the settings listed. pattern. If using this method, use half the setting number The following settings can be used to apply products not found in the application chart. These are general information settings intended to be used as references.
4.There are too many variables involved with setting any spreader to perfectly grade the settings. Differences will STANDARD SETTINGS
exist between fertilizers, even if they are the same brand 5. If you think too much is being applied, cut down your setting.
The antidote for too much fertilizer is water.
6. Close Spreader at the end of each pass. Open again at the 7. Gravity and motion are critical forces influencing the Spreader.
The faster you walk, the thinner the coverage.
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1000 Sq. Ft.
Greenlawn 29-2- 4 Team
Stage 3 Fertilizer with Insect Control 25-3-3 SHUT OFF HERE
Pounds per
Pounds per
1000 Sq. Ft.
1000 Sq. Ft.
Forever Green
Golden Turf Supreme Weed & Feed 26-2-6 Scotts Turf Builder w/Halts Crabgrass Preventer Best Turf Supreme Crabgrass & Lawn Fertilizer Best Turf Supreme Fall & Winter Feed 20-3-13 Insect Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer 23-3-9 Crabgrass Preventer Plus Fertilizer 21-3-3 Earl May
Fred Meyer
200 Plus Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer 28-3-3 Stein
K-Mart Products
Kgro Crabgrass Preventer & Lawn Fertilizer 28-3-4
Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer & Lawn Fertilizer Vigoro Winterizer Weed & Feed 22-4-11 Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer & Insect Control 28-4-6 Lebanon Chemical
Vigoro Lawn Weed Control (w/o fert.) 0-0-0 Meijer
Ultra Vigoro St. Augustine Weed & Feed 30-3-4 For VIGORO Lawn Products (Canada ONLY)
Full Rate
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