Awards voted upon by class of 2010
Best Dressed

Class Clown

Biggest Flirt

Most Likely to Succeed

Best Smile

Friendliest Person

Most Talkative

Most Interesting

Most Athletic

Proudest Patriot

Prettiest Eyes

Einstein Award

Most Like to Date

Cutest Couple

Each award is phrased as follows: “This document certifies that NAME has earned the distinction of being (named or granted) AWARD
Alexys Parker
The “Grass is Always Greener” Award for consistently being able to find the good in any situation The “Renaissance Man” Award for being both artistic AND athletic The “Stammers and Lockhart” Award for knowing the most literary devices and how to spot them Most Likely to build a fashion empire in which every outfit centers around a gray hoodie The “Cerebral Hard Drive” Award for being likely to remember the most people at the 10 year reunion Most Likely to be organizing the Anime Detour 10 years from now “The Queen of Lazy” for taking IB classes, being a basketball team captain, working two jobs, and spending hours researching colleges Most Likely to hustle naïve freshmen or a lunchroom cop in a cafeteria Poker game Most, like, Likely, to like, say “Like,” like, 10 thousand times, in like, a minute The “Good Samaritan” Award for most volunteer efforts on behalf of the Senior Class Most Likely to spin her years of service on Citywide Student Council into a career in politics Most Likely to take over the Presidency of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America The only person who spent 4 years of high school believing that school only runs from Tuesday to Friday The “Gentle Giant” Award since we’re glad he’s friendly, seeing as he could knock any one of us down in about one punch The “Edina Boy” Award for perpetually riding around on either a skateboard or snowboard The “Wish You Were My Mom” Award for providing guidance, support, love and kindness to everyone she knows The “Minnesota Nice” Award for being impossible not to get along with The “Snow White” Award for being the most pure of heart in the class of 2010 Most Likely to organize the after-party after the after-party Most Likely to drive her man to madness with unrealistic expectations learned from reading too many romance novels The “Magician’s Assistant” Award for disappearing halfway through senior year only to reappear just in time to graduate with us The “Arthritic Thumbs” Award for being likely to destroy his joints through overuse of a videogame controller The “Diva in Disguise” Award For going 4 years without anyone knowing she can sing like an angel The “Mmm-mmm, No She Didn’t” Award for having the most attitude in the class of 2010 The “Unique Perspective” Award for seeing the world about 4 stories higher than the rest of us Most Likely to extend her syllables when saying either “Okayyyyyy….” or “All Riiiiiiiiight…” The “One of Us” Award for coming to an American high school and fitting right in like she’d been here all along The “Tortoise” Award for always behind behind schedule but always managing to finish the race The “Closeted Cheese Head” Award for hiding his love for the Packers behind all those Vikings Jerseys The Most Likely abuse the phrase, “We were childhood friends” in order to get what he wants The “X-Ray Vision” Award for being able to see through the bangs that constantly cover his eyes The “Creative Texting” Award for her ability to send text messages faster when typing with a pencil rather than her thumbs The “Arianna Huffington” Award for being unapologetically left-wing and liberal in her politics The “Asian Taylor Swift” Award for having exceptional soul in her voice and serious guitar skills The “Baby’s Bottom” Award for always staying smooth in a time of crisis or panic Most Likely to be struck by lightning that becomes attracted to her upper lip piercing The “We Love Her (but kinda hate her)” Award for being accepted at every college to which she applied The “Glass is Half Full” Award for her unfailing optimism and positive spirit The “Mother Theresa” Award for doing the most service work in the Senior Class Most Likely to make millions creating an Anime character based on a hybrid of Ciara and Beyonce Most Likely to not stop playing guitar when you’re trying to have a conversation with him The “Grandmother in a Teenage body” Award for being mature beyond her years The “Zoloft Award” for being like a human antidepressant that always raises your spirits with her cheerful smile The “Junior Bob Marley” Award for having the most unique dreadlocks in the class of 2010 The “Pants on the Ground” Award for having a gravity-defying Volleyball ready position stance The “Rainbow Top” Award for having the most hair color changes in Senior Year Most Likely to make you wonder why a fashion model is treating your child at the Pediatrician’s Clinic Most Likely to do something unexpected and crazy, because, after all, it’s always the quiet ones…. The “What Have You Been Looking At” Award for getting 50 computer viruses in the first week of owning a laptop The “Crocodile Smile” Award for making you wonder exactly what she’s thinking behind that mysterious smile The “Golden Racket” Award for being most likely to make a Most sick and tired of being confused for being Hmong when he is clearly Lao The Most Likely to believe anything you tell her, at least for a minute The “Dull Razor” Award for being capable of a full beard as early as the 9th grade The “Plastic Architect” Award for his ability to construct any existing object out of LEGOs The “Can You Hear Me Now?” Award for having the most complications with cell phone service The “What The Heck is a Creole?” Award for the most confusing cultural heritage Most Likely to escape the curse of the “freshman 15” when she heads off to college The “Invisible Friend” Award for saying more to you in text messages than in person The “Cool as Ice” award for being impossible to provoke into anger The “You’re in Our Class?” Award for going PSEO as a junior and convincing everyone she graduated in ‘09 Most Susceptible to unstoppable fits of giggling Most Likely to return to Patrick Henry as the sports statistics guru for our teams The “Femme Fatale” Award for being the most mysterious female in the class of 2010 Most Likely to attend Hogwarts School of Magic for a college edcucation The “Nkauj Hmoob” Award for best representing her culture in traditional song and dance Most Likely to experience a life of frustration from dealing with people who utterly fail to pronounce or spell his name correctly The “Auctioneer” Award for reading aloud in class at astonishing speeds The “Al Gore” Award for being most likely to put his environmental skills to use saving the world from global warming Most Likely to respond to whatever story you tell with an enthusiastic “Me Too!” The “Big Kahuna” Award for being more likely to spend time surfing the web than studying at college The “Human Megaphone” Award for having the most volume in the class of 2010 The “Stealthy Texter” Award for her ability to text in class and sneak her phone back into her boot without being caught. The “Pen is Mightier Than The Sword” Award for running the Legacy and bringing Hmong Language to Henry The “Right Hand Man” Award for helping set up almost every school event since his freshman year The “Not to Be Messed With” Award since due to her Chess expertise, she’ll always be thinking 10 moves ahead of you The “Mmm-Mmm!” Award for being most able to shut down your nonsense like a sassy grandmother The “What’s Your Name, Baby” Award for constantly running game on the females The “Come on, We Were Classmates” Award for being most likely to hear this phrase while being asked for a discount on a hairdo The “Ping Pong Ball” Award for having the most rapidly shifting attention span The “Human? Or Robot…?” Award for most convincing Pop and Lock dance moves The “Philanthropist’s” Award for helping anyone who’s short on cash buy what they need Most Likely to become the first Asian NASCAR champion with his high speed driving skills The “Evil Genius” Award for cleverly masking his sinister plans to conquer and destroy the world behind a disarming smile

Source: http://henryhistory.mpls.k12.mn.us/sites/40ffb804-cceb-41db-92d5-ed0b7a6eb987/uploads/SENIOR_AWARDS_2010.pdf

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