This is a condition shared by dogs, cats and people that involve inflammation and immune response in the structures of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This is not to be confused with another condition called "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" which is not inflammatory or immune mediated but is thought to be stress related. It does not show any pathology in the lining of the GI tract, but merely an increased motility of the lower intestines (lower small intestine and colon or large intestine) causing some of the shared symptoms with IBD: profuse, chronic
IBD is a serious disease, which produces a thickening of the bowel lining, with inability to
absorb food or water and prevents normal movement of food through the tract. The disease can involve the stomach, and upper small intestine, whereby chronic vomiting results. Or it can occur in the lower small intestine. Here it produces a watery diarrhea with weight loss. Mucous diarrhea with fresh red blood (colitis) involves ulceration of the large intestine or colon. In some cases the entire GI tract from stomach to colon are involved. Pain, inappetance, chronic diarrhea and vomiting over a long period of weeks or on and off for months, steady weight loss, weakness and anemia from chronic blood loss can be symptoms of IBD. Occasional diarrhea and vomiting can occur with fermented food (bacterial infections from Salmonella or E. Coli), deficiencies of digestive pancreatic enzymes, lymphatic cancer (lymphosarcoma/lymphoma of the intestine), fungal infection, or a lymphatic condition called " lymphangiectasia ", parasites, hairballs in cats, early signs of liver or kidney disease. So a fecal and blood test should be run to eliminate these possibilities. Other tests to determine tumors IBD is diagnosed on biopsy of tissue samples taken from several areas of the GI tract under light, short-acting anesthetics. This can be done either surgically or with an endoscope Endoscopy involves the use of a very thin tubular instrument that has a tiny fiber optic or video camera at the end. It is inserted down the throat into the stomach, then small intestine. Small pinches of tissue are taken with small forceps. To view the colon, a series of enemas are given prior to the procedure as well as a relatively long fast to empty out the colon so viewing and biopsy of tissues will be easier. This procedure is not as invasive or as risky as surgery, patients go home the same day. Disadvantages are expense, (a specialist is necessary) and one's view of the rest of the abdominal organs is limited. Growths seen via endoscopy cannot be removed and a second procedure must be planned whereas if surgical exploration is used to obtain the biopsy, any growths can be removed at that time. One has to weigh the benefits of the What Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Experts don't really know. They theorize that "something" is causing a chronic signal to produce an inflammatory response. This could be an allergy against a food protein, the continuing presence of a parasite like Giardia or whipworms (which are difficult to diagnose and take special procedures of testing bowel movements minutes old.) Other immune mediated factors underlying the entire immune system have been suspected. An infection in the stomach with a special bacterium called Helicobacter is associated with inflammatory bowel disease. But what comes first the parasite or the weakness in the host???? What Is the Orthodox Treatment for IBD? 1. The link pin treatment is against the inflammation process. This is with steroids, prednisone 2. Immunomodulation with Flagyl (metronidazone) might be adequate for moderate IBD. In more severe IBD, stronger immune suppression is needed than prednisone can give. Doctors prescribe cyclosporine or azathioprine in tapered down doses. Some patients have responded with only treatment during flare-ups. Others require some medication at all time, but long term use of prednisone should be accompanied with periodic monitoring tests due to producing immune suppression and weakening the host to infections, electrolyte/water imbalance, endocrine glandular imbalances, osteoporosis, and bone marrow depression with resultant 3. Dietary management with high fiber, low fat. Use of a variety of proteins so the patient cannot develop a food allergy to one type protein fed repeatedly. Duck, venison or rabbit is The body's natural response to ingestion of "foreign" or toxic material is vomiting and diarrhea. This is the fastest way to get it out of the body. Self-preservation. Repeated exposures and increasing concentrations of these toxins produce repeated bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. The lower intestine and colon with repeated diarrhea is like a constant flowing river churning up its " banks". This sets up a breakdown in the integrity of the wall of the intestine, causing an inflammatory process and ulceration. I believe the GI tract goes through stages of pathology: early development produces a, "Leaky Gut syndrome", and then if exposures continue, it I think one of the major chronic stimulating "something" is related to the standard commercial pet food diet fed to our dogs and cats in this country. 1. Constant exposure to pollutants in non-organic commercial pet food by pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides sprayed on foodstuffs used in the diet. Contamination of food and water by polluting heavy metals. Aluminum particularly is becoming omnipresent in our environment. The biggest source is in our soils and water. Please refer to my article on "Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity- the Silent Killer". Addition of toxic chemical preservatives to commercial pet food such as Ethoxyquine, which is carcinogenic. It may not be on the label but it's in the product. Other noxious additives are petroleum product aniline dyes of red and yellow to produce a product that appeals to the buyer not the animal, who is color blind. Spiking the diet with addictive hidden sugars and the high ratio of cereal grains can over-stimulate the pancreas and adrenal glands and result in Diabetes Mellitus. Have you noticed how many pets 2. Abnormal ratios of carbohydrates to protein, alien to a carnivore's true natural diet. The carnivore (cat and dog) in the wild feed on muscle, skin, ligament, tendons and bones of their prey primarily, and consume very little of the fermented cereal products found in the prey's stomach. The physiology and anatomical structure of a dog or cat is made up of 60% of their GI Tract devoted to protein digestion, 25% to carbohydrate (cereal) digestion. Yet commercial pet food manufacturers have reversed this ratio. You would be hard pressed to find a "high" protein diet of more than 16% and that usually comes from plant sources not animal protein, which is the "prima facta" protein source needed by dogs and cats. 3. Commercial pet food is COOKED not raw food. There is a Chi or Life force to raw food. Cooked food is dead food. If you are afraid of feeding raw food, for fear of bacterial infection, there are ways to treat raw food to prevent exposures to E. Coli or Salmonella. 4. Radiated-preserved foods-yes, cobalt radiation has been used for years to preserve chickens, strawberries and bananas. Radiation is destructive and cumulative and is passed on to the consumer of these foods. There may be more on this list, radiated foods are not FDA controlled labeling. Nor is (God-Help Us) genetically engineered grains. Man's tinkering with Mother Nature is coming back to haunt him and his animals. 1.Over use of oral drugs, antibiotics, dewormers, anti-inflammatory agents etc. are all foreign chemicals to the body's metabolism mechanism. Our bodies were never meant to be chemical factories. There is a theory of how food allergies develop in people called the "Leaky Gut Syndrome." This describes the process of the integrity of the lining of the intestines being damaged by chemicals, whereby foreign metabolites (end products of digestion of substances eaten) enter the blood stream and set up an allergic reaction to that substance. For example corn sprayed with the pesticide Malathion, would cause the body to react to the Malathion, being the foreign substance, but the body would be "tricked" into recognizing all corn
products to be foreign and would result in vomiting and diarrhea whenever a corn product is eaten in that individual. I believe the same process is operating in dogs and cats and may be the more severe form resulting in IBD. The same process could be operating with drugs, heavy 2. Antibiotics have a triple whammy in that not only can they produce "Leaky Gut Syndrome" (LGS), but cause digestive imbalances from killing off all the necessary normal intestinal bacteria. These bacteria are necessary to perform certain digestive functions. What happens when these are missing is that abnormal end products of protein, and carbohydrates are formed that adds to the allergic process developed. It also prevents the normal nutritional support of the body's organs and immune system. 3.Stress has a proven relationship to the detriment of the immune system. Our pets are sharing the same stresses of poor nutrition, overcrowding, little exercise, noise and loneliness that we 4. Lack of proper tissue oxygenation. Our planet's oxygen content of the air we breathe has been steadily decreasing since the industrial revolution. This reduction has come about from aerial chemical pollution from burning fossil fuels, and destroying the large oxygen producers of the earth, (i.e. massive cutting of the tropical rainforests, and polluting the oceans' plant life with chemical dumpage.) Oxygen is necessary for the enzymatic processes to fuel energy in the body. Without the proper concentration of oxygen, the milieu of the environment around the cells becomes breeding grounds for parasites (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and cancer cells. They thrive in low oxygen concentration, but cannot live in higher oxygen environment. There is another level of disturbance in health and that is at the energetic level. It involves the Chi or Life Force energy that flows into and out of every physical structure of the body. This is the acupuncture energy flowing along meridians known for 5000 years of Oriental Medicine. The combination of all these meridians is what produces the body's electromagnetic field that Any energetic disturbance, (imbalance or blockage) in the Liver Meridian has a weakening affect to the heart and small intestine, and a destructive force flow to the immune system and Everything has an electromagnetic energy field- even a rock, and certainly food, chemicals, and drugs do. Doesn't that compute with what I was saying about the Liver being the organ of detoxification? Today this is the most overworked and unbalanced organ in the body with its increasingly heavier toxin burden in the body. When we physically overburden the liver, its Chi flow becomes blocked or imbalanced with the resultant affects described. Stress and negative emotions are toxins too and specifically affect the liver deleteriously. 1. STOP THE EXPOSURE TO CONSUMED TOXINS. Stop feeding commercial anything to your pet. Make up your own diet with fresh organic foods whenever possible: 60% protein (lean animal meats, milk products, eggs and legumes), 20% cereals, (most easily digested is rice but ferment by soaking in water overnite), 20% veggies and add a small amount of Virgin Olive oil. I have newsletter #4 that is devoted to diet for your dog or cat, recipes, proportions, etc. Start introducing the new food gradually with the old until by one week your pet is on 100% fresh diet. Start with cooked first, and then gradually progress to raw. Since heavy metals have been found even in organic foods I have tested in California, I propose detoxing all fresh foodstuffs. See newsletter #7 how to do this. This detoxification process kills all bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and their eggs. For dogs I recommend a raw marrow bone weekly --be sure to get the tendon and fascia attached so that your dog has to really chew on this tissue- it scrubs the gums and keeps the teeth clean so you have benefit of good dental health too. Throw the bone out in the yard and let him be a dog. For cats, they do well with ingesting raw chicken carcasses, bones and all. They hunt and eat mice and birds in the wild. Some don't even leave a whisker or feather behind. I do recommend giving a hair- ball preventative though. If you do just this one thing of changing the diet, you will have gone a long way in preventing and 2. Minimize the use of drugs. Never give any drug vaccination boosters to your IBD pet. I prefer to immunize with Vaccine nosodes and I prefer not to use steroids at all but substitute homeopathic anti-inflammatory remedies such as my homeopathic "Colitis" which helps normalize the energy field of the bowel, and uses homeopathic Arsenicum to counteract the 3. Oxygenate the tissues with oral oxygen twice daily in drinking water. It will kill all fungal and 4. Use of Bovine Colostrum: this is Mother Nature's Perfect food and protective agent against bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is instant antibody protection, and has several immune system mediators to balance and strengthen the immune system-, which many researchers feel is at 5. Balance and strengthen the Chi with acupuncture treatments- especially the Stomach Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Large Intestine, and Small Intestine Meridians. 6. To potentiate the Chi balance and support, measure your pet for my Healing Halter. It acts like a needless acupuncture 24 hours a day. There are 6 healing principles built into this halter. It has been healing animals for all kinds of conditions for over 21 years. 7. Detoxification of the pesticides, drugs and heavy metals with my Nosodal Homeopathic Detox 3 bottle Series. Support organ structures (especially the GI Tract organs) with homeopathic Total Organ for Female or Male (according to sex of your animal), and Endocrine Balance Homeopathy for Female or Male. One has to detox the body before it can take advantage maximally of the good nutrition, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. 8. Give supplementation of a balanced Vitamin-Mineral rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc that are the minerals depleted by heavy metals. Minerals are the "spark plugs" of enzymatic processes in the body. Without proper levels of nutiritional minerals, the body goes into a tailspin of decreasing health. 9. Use pancreatic digestive enzymes aids, like Advanced Digestive Enzymes by Rainbow Light, to lighten the workload on the pancreas and insure proper digestion of foods. 10. Give probiotics like Kyodophilus, which replenishes the normal gut bacteria to insure proper digestion by these needed organisms. 11. give replacement water and electroytes lost in diarrhea with Pedialyte, an over the counter liquid given to infants and toddlers. Give on basis of body weight and amount of dehydration 12. Stress busters like Bach Flower Calming Essence or Rescue Remedy orally daily. 13. Color therapy of Yellow Light from a clear yellow 25-watt bulb shining on your pet within a 3-foot distance for as many hours as possible. Yellow is the color vibration of the Solar Plexus Chakra: location of liver and GI tract organs. It helps to balance and strengthen too. 14. Play Mozart- for your pet- you'd be surprised how music soothes. Mozart especially normalizes all 7 chakras of the body. Music is the inverted energy wave- form of color. Both are 15. NEVER GIVE UP- EVEN IF YOUR PET IS VERY SICK --as long as your pet is breathing, he has Life. And with Life there is always Hope. 16. Treatment - Diarrhea Control Formula 5M, Pain Control Support Formula 5M.

Source: http://www.holisticvetpetcare.net/pdf/inflammatory-bowel-disease.pdf


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