Paul Dassen, Athlon Car LeaseWe drive credit management efficiency with OnGuard functions. We knew from OnGuard’s deployment in our Dutch operations that this was something its software could provide. The capabilities of its platform were further validated with the acquisition of Masterlease Italy in 2009, which was an existing Athlon Car Lease is undergoing a sustained period of growth and internal transformation and thus evaluating the technology employed across OnGuard’s solution has been implemented at Athlon’s operations its operations. OnGuard has proven to be effective in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and in delivering business benefits and real return Spain. According to Dassen, its experience with using the system on investment for years in the Dutch head office. in the Netherlands has proved crucial to an effective rollout Today it has therefore been implemented to five at its other global divisions and has ensured that a customised other countries and preparing more global divisions platform is delivered. “It was important for us that the OnGuard team recognised the knowledge our staff were able to contribute, and they have drawn on this experience to ensure the solutions deployed are highly-tailored to our local needs.” Athlon’s Athlon is an established user of OnGuard’s credit management operations differ in size across countries, with some leasing as software, having first deployed OnGuard’s technology at its many as 125,000 vehicles, whereas others operate much smaller headquarters in the Netherlands in 2002. Now undergoing fleets of about 5,000. However, using OnGuard, the company is a sustained period of growth and internal transformation, able to support any size of operation, whilst the cost efficiencies the provider of operational car lease services, is evaluating remain consistent. “An important factor is the efficiency gains the technology employed across its operations, and aims to we have been able to make in several countries, and also those consolidate by selecting the platforms that have proven to that we expect to make once the new systems are operational,” be effective and deliver business benefits and real return confirms Dassen. “We now have one tool that steers our staff on investment. Paul Dassen, Vice President of Credit Risk Management at Athlon Car Lease International, explains “Our strategy has been to adopt an international approach to our operations, and follow best practice, especially within business- Proactive, positive credit management is playing a key role in critical areas such as credit management and credit risk.” Dassen allowing Athlon Car Lease to manage its financial exposure and continues “As we have grown internationally it has become stimulate cash flow, while also providing it with closer control crucial to have a centralised oversight of credit management over debtors’ portfolios and minimising time spent chasing unpaid invoices. “Risk management has become an increasingly important area for us following the economic downturn and, in credit risk particularly, it is essential that it is handled professionally and customers given the contact required” says Dassen. Implementing OnGuard’s software solutions has enabled Athlon to build a sophisticated profile of customers, including payment terms, historic payment behaviour, disputes raised and credit scores. It has also helped predict when its customers may be getting into difficulty by spotting – and anticipating – early warning signs or red flags. “OnGuard allows us to follow an effective debtor strategy. ” says Dassen. “These parameters processes versus smaller private companies, need to be dealt can be set according to local requirements. For example, much with in different ways. OnGuard can accommodate these tighter controls can be implemented in regions harder hit by the subtleties whilst providing a consistent approach at a group level. recession and where credit risk is higher. Certainly, we need to be “In OnGuard we have a solution that not only performs well, but more alert in certain countries, and are able to adjust our credit allows us to be proactive in our approach to credit management. This allows us to keep arrears as low as possible, and identify at an early stage if there is an issue with a customer, and handle the situation with sensitivity to ensure we maintain our close The OnGuard software includes parameters that ensure red relationships,” concludes Dassen. “The end result is that we can flags are raised according to specific business models and in keep any potential losses to a minimum, apply late payment respect of local credit conditions and payment processes. Credit charges efficiently, and improve the bottom line.” and payment periods vary from country to country and in some countries late payments are a simple business reality. Payment methods including direct debit, cheques and drafts vary across regions and certain countries employ distinct practices entirely, for example the Italian RIBA (Electronic Bank Receipt) and the French TBF (Transferts Banque de France). Payment cultures are • Able to support any size of operation also discrete, including the point at which collection agencies are • Closer control over debtors portfolio’s engaged and the perceived acceptable length of the collections • Minimising time chasing unpaid invoices process. Furthermore, certain types of customers, local governments with multiple layers of management and approval OnGuard. A decent way of doing business.

Source: http://www.icredit.be/media/27165/case%20athloncarlease_en.pdf


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