Initiatives of Change…
The days “ between the years ” offer a great oppor- tunity to look back, to look ahead and to gather new You are warmly invited to come and spend these days of exchange and reflection with participants from all over We would like to define our joint responsibilities and to see how we can turn our shared hopes for the future into reality : for a Europe that is at the same time working on its own identity but also manages to look 10 ) ; children under 5 years are free.
The conference centre
The Initiatives of Change international conference cen- tre in Caux ( Switzerland ) is an ideal location for such an Registration
- Responsibility
The conference begins on December 26th 2008, 5pm, and ends on January 1st 2009 ( after breakfast ). Please register by EUROPE - Hope
November 25th 2008 by filling out the form on our website www.caux.ch or by writing to the Conference Secretariat.
Caux Winter Conference
Photos : Heinrich Pick, except discussion group : Altaf Mohammed AbidGraphics : Sylviane Borel / june 2008 Everybody counts !
New Year’s Eve
The plenary sessions encourage reflection and the discussion The culmination of all cultural activities will be the last evening groups offer time for personal exchange.
By creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and freedom, Here the creativity of all participants is called for – and inevita- everyone can contribute the values and ideals that are derived bly that range of talents will make us laugh ; we’ll sing and dance from their culture and innermost conviction.
and raise our glasses as we welcome the New Year.
The topics touch the heart of the matter and are often pre- Of course everyone is welcome to pass this evening in quiet sented in a humorous way ; this leads on to interesting group discussions or private conversations. In this way, participants are Certain topics will be covered in workshops or short seminars.
Time to listen
We don’t only want to listen to each other, but some of us may also wish to enter into dialogue with our Creator.
The moments of silence where we listen to our conscience can The encounters between the self and God’s creative force can in this way become a source of inspiration and energy in our Community living
Free time!
Together we’ll tackle all the tasks that are necessary to make Even if we can’t promise that there will be snow, there is a good chance that once again the “ white gold ” of the mountains In fact, the informal exchanges that take place around the pre- will delight us, given the season, the altitude ( 1050 m ) and the paration of meals, whilst serving in the dining room or elsewhe- re, are always much appreciated by the participants. Strong The snowy slopes around Caux are perfect for sledging, winter friendships have developed from those moments of conviviality walks or even some boisterous snowball fights.
where people get to know each other better.
Inside the house, you can play table tennis and there are a Instructions are simple, so everyone can join in easily. The time number of rooms for creative activities, e.g. playing music, arts spent on these tasks won’t interfere with participation in the and crafts and many more. In the evenings, films can be viewed

Source: http://www.iofc.org/sites/all/files/docs/public/websitedocs/caux/22678-final_program_en_web.pdf

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