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Bairy KL et al,J Biosci Tech, Vol 3 (1),2012,446- 448 ISSN:0976-0172
Bairy KL1*, Deepa Ayyappa3, Chandrashekar BR3, Avinash M Holla3,
Pawan kumar A.V3 , Purnima Sirigiri3, Avin D’Souza1, Satish Kumar MC2
1. Professor and Head, 2. Assistant professor, 3. MSc student Kasturba, Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka- 576104, India. ABSTRACT
There is always a need for better antiflammatory drugs for conditions like atopic Keywords:
dermatitis. A newer formulation is biopolymer based fluticasone propionate .This study was done to compare the efficacy of mometasone furoate with biopolymer with mometasone furoate (Elocon) and betamethasone valerate with biopolymer with betamethasone valerate(Betnovate) in animal models of superficial skin inflammation in rats. The inflammatory model croton oil ear edema of topical administration in rats was used. In this model, the animals treated with mometasone furoate with biopolymer showed a significant decrease in inflammation as compared to mometasone furoate (Elocon) and betamethasone valerate with biopolymer as compared to betamethasone valerate (Betnovate). 1. INTRODUCTION
In this study we are comparing the anti- inflammatory activity of Elocon with a new Inflammation though a protective formulation mometasone furoate with mechanism, in some situations if untreated biopolymer on superficial skin inflammation can lead to serious complications. To know the efficacy of drugs used in inflammation various animal models are used. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS
Inflammatory changes can be induced in 2.1. Animals
these animals by administration of various
agents and anti-inflammatory efficacy of Adult male Wistar rats weighing between different drugs can be compared. 150-200g were used. Animals were Inflammation is a complex biological acclimatized to the laboratory environment response of vascular tissues to harmful for 5-7 days before entering in the study. stimuli, pathogens or irritants1. Exposure to They were allowed free access to water and chemicals, irritants and allergens leads to were maintained on standard rat diet under various inflammatory disorders. The laboratory conditions. 12- hour light/dark treatment for such disorder includes cycle was maintained. All procedures were avoidance of allergens, irritants, adequate carried with approval of Institutional Animal cutaneous hydration and judicious use of low to moderate potency corticosteroids.
There is always a search for more 2.2. Drugs
efficacious preparations.
Elocon (mometasone furoate), mometasone
Fluticasone propionate is moderately potent glucocorticoid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. This drug is available in various forms and one of them is mometasone furoate marketed as Elocon. Bairy KL et al,J Biosci Tech, Vol 3 (1),2012,446- 448 ISSN:0976-0172
2.3. Anti-inflammatory studies
significant increase in ear plug weight. The Croton oil ear edema in rats:
eight treatment groups were compared with control. The difference in weight between rats. The irritant croton oil was prepared by dissolving 4 parts of croton oil, 10 parts of ethanol, 20 parts of pyridine and 66 parts of calculated as percent inhibition of edema ethyl ether. The test compounds were using the equation2 dissolved (5mg/ml strength) in the croton oil. The animals were divided into Seven groups of 10 animals each. The control and
the test animals were anaesthetized with 4. DISCUSSION
ether and then received the drugs in Corticosteroids play an important role in
established that inflammation induced by Group I - 0.02ml of croton oil solution
Group II - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
croton oil is related to the activation of Group III - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
arachidonic acid from the cell membrane. Mometasone Furoate Cream A with biopolymer Arachidonic acid, in turn, is metabolized to prostaglandins (PG’s) and leukotrienes. Group IV - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
Mometasone Furoate Cream B with biopolymer
Substances able to inhibit edema could be Group V - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
inhibitors of cyclooxygenase (COX) and/or GroupVI - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
action of glucocorticoids is mediated mainly Betamethasone valerate Cream A with biopolymer (5mg/ml) Group VII - 0.02ml of croton oil solution containing
phospholipase A2 on the arachidonic acid Betamethasone valerate Cream B with biopolymer cascade4 resulting in decreased synthesis of The drug was applied externally to the outer In this study there was a significant decrease surface of right ear of each rat. The animals in edema in rats treated with Mometasone were sacrificed by cervical dislocation after four hours and discs of 8mm punches were made with a cork borer. Each ear disc was 2.4. Statistical analysis
Results are expressed as mean ± SEM and were analyzed statistically by analysis of Biopolymer based drugs play an important role in development of drug formulations as 3. RESULTS
they have specific advantages6. Biopolymers Croton oil edema in rats:
are generally nontoxic and biocompatible. It Topical application of croton oil induced Bairy KL et al,J Biosci Tech, Vol 3 (1),2012,446- 448 ISSN:0976-0172
The percentage of edema in seven groups
Groups (n=10)
Mean ± SEM
Elocon 22.92+11.64
Mometasone Furoate Cream A
                                              * Significant p< 0.05 is most probably the better pharmacokinetics [7] Biotechnology. Mater Sci Eng R Rep. 2008; 62: of the biopolymers that gives them an [8] Sinha V.R., Kumria R. Polysaccharides in colon advantage over the conventional specific drug delivery. Int. J. Pharm 2001; 224:
preparations. In conclusion, advances in drug delivery improve the pharmacokinetics of promising drugs for many diseases and biopolymers have great potential for delivery of pharmaceuticals. Biopolymer based formulations can be promising candidates for various types of inflammation in which conventional preparations have shown less efficacy. 5. REFERENCES
[1] Meena MK, Jain AK, Jain CP, Gaur K, Kori ML, Kakde A etal. Screening of anti-inflammatory and [2] Analgesic activity of Cassia grandis Linn. Academic Journal of Plant Sciences 2009; 2: 51- 55. Antiinflammatory and antispasmodic activity of Ipomoea imperati (Vah) Griseb (Convolvulaceae) [4] Benito PB, Abad Martinez MJ, Silván Sem AM, San Gómez A, Fernández Matellano L, Sánchez Contreras S & Diaz Lanza AM. In vivo and in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of saikosaponins. [5] Goulding NJ, Guyre PM. Glucocorticoids, lipocortins and the immune response. Curr Opin
Immunol. 1993; 5:108-113.
[6] Chow D, Nunalee ML, Lim DW, Simnick AJ, Chilkoti A. Peptide based biopolymers in


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