Quick Installation Guide
3.5" form factor Embedded VIAEden CPU Core Modulewith 128 MB SDRAM, CRT SVGA,Dual Fast Ethernet, AC97 3D Audio,PC/104 and Compact Flash Socket Copyright 2002
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EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Single Board Computers and their components contain very delicateIntegrated Circuits (IC). To protect the Single Board Computer and itscomponents against damage from static electricity, you shouldalways follow the following precautions when handling it : 1. Disconnect your Single Board Computer from the power source when you 2. Hold the board by the edges and try not to touch the IC chips, leads or 3. Use a grounded wrist strap when handling computer components.
4. Place components on a grounded antistatic pad or on the bag that came with the Single Board Computer, whenever components are separatedfrom the system Replacing the lithium battery
Incorrect replacement of the lithium battery may lead to a risk of explosion.
The lithium battery must be replaced with an identical battery or a batterytype recommended by teh manufacturer (BR2335).
Do not throw lithium batteries into the trashcan. It must be disposed of inaccordance with local requlations concerning special waste.
Technical Support
If you have any technical difficulites, please consult the user's manual firstat: Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail our customer service when you stillcan not find out the answer.
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
General Specifications
CPU : VIA Ultra Low Power Embedded Eden 667MHz processor (400 ~800
MHz for option) with FSB 66/100/133 MHz EBGA package.
Chipset : VIA VT8606 TwisterT with Integrated Savage4 AGP 4X Graphics
core and VT82C686B Super "South Bridge"
Green Function : power saving supported in BIOS. DOZE / STANDBY /
L1 Cache : Integrated on CPU (128KB)
L2 Cache : Integrated on CPU (64 KB)
DRAM Memory : Onboard 128 (256MB option) SDRAM, and up to 512MB
of SDRAM on SODIMM (Total of 768MB Memory)
Enhanced IDE with UltraDMA : supports 1 port and up to 2 ATAPI
devices, Ultra DMA transfer 33 / 66 and 100 MB/sec. One 40-pin (2.54
pitch) box header.
Watchdog Timer : 127-level timer generates RESET or NMI when your
application loses control over the system.
Real-time Clock : built-in chipset with lithium battery backup. CMOS data
backup of BIOS setup and BIOS default.
High Speed Multi I/O
Chipset : VIA VT82C686B
Serial Ports : One high speed RS-232C ports (COM1). One high speed
RS-232C/422/485 port COM2 (jumper selectable). Both with 16C550
compatible UART and 16 byte FIFO.
USB : Two onboard USB ver 1.1 ports
SIR Interface : onboard IrDA TX/RX port
Floppy Disk Drive Interface : 2 floppy disk drives, 3½ " (720 KB, 1.44
MB or 2.88 MB).
Bi-directional Parallel Port : SPP, EPP and ECP mode.
Keyboard and Mouse Connectors : external PS/2 KB/Mouse port (2-in-
1 mini DIN) onboard AT Keyboard port (5-pin box header)
Audio Chipset: VIA VT82C686B, AC97 2.0 compliant, Multistream Direct
Sound and Direct Sound 3D acceleration. (Line-in, CD Audio in, MIC in,
Speaker out)
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Network Interface Controller
Chipset : 2 x Realtek 8139C, 10/100 Mbps (EmCORE-v611VL2/R Series)
Connector : Duak external RJ-45 with LEDs on bracket
Display Controller
Chipset : 4x AGP S3 Savage4 3D and S3 Savage 2000 2D engines
integrated in VT8606 supports up to 32MB of Shared Memory
Display Type : CRT (VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA) and LCD Type
Connectors : external DB15 for CRT on bracket
Resolution: Single Channel of LVDS / 36-bit of TTL and 12-bit of TMDS; all
resolutions are supported up to 1280x1024.
Flash Disk
Compact Flash Card (CFC)
- Compact Flash Socket : supports Type I/II CFC
- Capacity : up to 512MB CFC
Environmental and Power
Power Requirements : +5 V @ 1.8 A (typical), +12 V @ 0.13A (typical)
;(Low Power Embedded 667MHz and 128MB SDRAM)
System Monitoring and Alarm : CPU and System temperature, system
voltage and cooling fan RPM.
Board Dimensions : 145mm x 102mm
Board Weight : 0.18kg
Operating Temperature : 0 to 60° C (32 to 140° F)
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Packing list
Before you begin installing your single board, please make sure that thefollowing materials have been shipped: > 1 x EmCORE-v611 3.5" Embedded VIA Eden SBC > 1 x Cable Kits (CBK-09-0611-00) contains the followings: Ordering Codes
3.5" form factor Embedded VIA Eden 533MHzSingle Board Computer with 128MB SDRAM,CRT SVGA, Dual Fast Ethernet, AC97 3D Audio,PC/104 and Compact Flash Socket EmCORE-v611VL2R/E667
3.5" form factor Embedded VIA Eden 667MHzSingle Board Computer with 128MB SDRAM,CRT SVGA, Dual Fast Ethernet, AC97 3D Audio,PC/104 and Compact Flash Socket EmCORE-v611VL2R/E800
The same as above with VIA Eden 800MHz CPU(option) 6
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Board Layout Front
Twister T
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Board Layout Front

EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Jumper/Connector Quick Reference
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Jumper/Connector Quick Reference
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
CMOS Jumper Settings
CMOS Operation (J1)
If the EmCORE-v611 refuses to boot due to inappropriate CMOS settings hereis how to proceed to clear (reset) the CMOS to its default values.
CMOS Setup (J1)
Watchdog Timer
Mode Setting (J2)
Watchdog Mode
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Serial Port Selection (RS232C/422/485)
RS-232/422/485 Mode select (J4)
RS-422/485 Mode on COM2
The onboard COM2 port can be configured to operate in RS-422 or RS-485modes. RS-422 modes differ in the way RX/TX is being handled. Jumper J4switches between RS-232 or RS-422/485 mode. When J4 is set to RS-422 or485 mode, there will be only +12V output left while J4 is set. All of the RS-232/422/485 modes are available on COM2.
Pin Defined: RS232 RS422
J4 Selection
1-2 3-4 5-6
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Voltage select
LCD Voltage Select (JV9)
LCD Voltage
RS-232c Standard and POS Modes (JV1~JV4)
All onboard COM ports can be configured to operate in standard RS-232cmode or in POS (Point-of-Sale) RS-232c mode. POS devices normally need anadditional power supply signal (5V or 12V) to be able to power the device(LCD, cash drawer or printer) without additional wiring.
- RS-232 with 5V on pin 1 and 12V on pin 9 COM1 RS-232 Mode
COM2 RS-232 Mode
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
16-bit Digital I/O
16-bit General Purpose I/O (DIO1)
Connector : DIO1
Type : Onboard 20-pin header
Output Port I/O Address: 208hex and from Pin1 to Pin8Input Port I/O Address: 200hex and from Pin11 to Pin18 LANLED Connector
Connector: LANLEDType : 8-pin onboard Wafer connector Description
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Power Connector
ATX power control (ATX1)
Type : 3-pin onboard Wafer connector
Power Connector (PWR1)
Connector : PWR1
Type : 4 pin
CPU Fan Connector
Connector : CPUF1
Type : onboard 3-pin wafer connector
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation
Switches and Indicators
Power Switch
Reset Switch
SMI Switch
Connector : FRT
Type : onboard 20-pin header
EmCORE-v611 Quick Installation

Source: http://www.josvandijken.nl/images/computer/Arbor_EmCORE-v611/Arbor_EmCore-v611_QIG.pdf


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