Yes, the third term has now arrived; my how the year passes. Because of the large number of deadlines and that only one and a half weeks of this term make up April, we are going light on events. This also means having too many deadlines is no excuse! As you all know, your wonderful committee has put a lot of effort into making the society the best it can be this past year. In fact, this effort has now been recognised, having just tonight won the NUS LGBT 2013 Award for With this hearty achievement under our belts, now is a better time than ever to get involved and think about running for committee. Our elections are less than a month away now! Feel free to speak with any of our committee members if you have any questions.
Thank you all for helping us become LGBT Society of the Year! And of course, we hope to see you all at our events this term.
LGBT+ Society Committee 2012/2013x x x x x x x x x  Games Night – The Hill (31-35 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JY), Tuesday 23rd April, 8pm  LGBT+ Support Group – The Just Ask Centre (4th Floor of the Students' Union),  Caffeine Break – Friska (70 Queens Road, BS8 1QU), Sunday 28th April, 3pm  Babes of All Genders Benefit Git for One25 – The Mothers' Ruin (7-9 St Nicholas Street, BS1 1UE), Thursday 25th April, 8pm Games Night at The Hill (31-35 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JY) Fun and games for all the family! Come to the Hill for classics like Twister, “Heads Down Thumbs Up” and Wink Murder! With alcohol on tap, and the best games from your childhood, this will be a night to remember.
This event will be taking place upstairs.
LGBT+ Support Group at The Just Ask Centre, UBU Our LGBT+ support group will be holding 2 more sessions on 25th Apr & 9th May (both Thursdays) at the UBU Just Ask Office (4th floor of UBU). Drop into our confidential and safe space any time between 6.30pm - 8.30pm, where our facilitators will be happy to chat through any questions or worries you might have about your sexual orientation or gender identity. If you've always wanted to come to an LGBT+ Society event, but could never find the courage to, this could be an excellent alternative for you!These will be the last 2 sessions of the academic year 2012/13.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Caffeine Break at Friska (70 Queens Road, BS8 1QU) Come take a well-deserved break from revision/coursework with your favourite LGBT+ Committee members will also be there to answer any questions you may have about our job roles, so make sure you come along if you are thinking of running for a committee Babes of All Genders Benefit Git for One25 at The Mothers' Ruin One25 is a Charitable Organisation in Bristol who reach out to young women trapped in street sex, offering advice, food, hot drinks and access to many other things to help these women. Babes of All Genders is a gig to raise money for the charity for girls that dig chicks (and everyone else). Drinks are cheap and some stellar acts follow; all that you need to do is donate at the door.


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