Seasonal C anine Illness
Since the autumn of 2009 there have been reports of dogs becoming seriously ill having been for a walk in the countryside, and in particular woodland. Tests have been carried out which have ruled out man made poisons but so far the cause of the illness is still unknown. The symptoms of this illness normally present within 24 hours of walking in the countrys ide and include vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy. Most dogs will recover within 10 days following treatment however i n some cases dogs have died. Cases of the illness have mainly been reported in Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, shire and East Anglia, within our locality cases have been reported in Sandringham Estate and Thetford Forest. The Animal Health Trust are co-ordinating a study into Seasonal Canine Illness and have a questionnaire on their website ( which they are asking people who have walked their dogs in these areas to complete, whether their dog has had SCI or not. This illness is usually most common in the autumn so if your dog has any of the above menti oned symptoms after walking in woodland please contact us as soon as possible. Alex Dalla
s (Veterinary Surgeon and owner
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up from either practice or at various shops …… Clare Connolly MRCVS
Pop in to stock up and protect your pets against fleas, ticks and Clare has recently started working at London from Ireland. She studied at University College Du working with street dogs and also did an Is your pet insured?
externship at an equine hospital in Kentucky. Pet insurance works on the same principle as car or house Clare has a particular interest in internal insurance, you pay a premium and should your pet have an medicine an d neutering surgery; she also accident or fall ill your insurance company should cover the costs enjoys worki ng up cases in hospital. In her for that condition. Although pet insurance covers your pet against accidents and illness it will not cover preventative or routine travelling and going to the gym. She also treatment such as vaccinations and worm treatment. There are likes to bake cakes for everyone at London many things to consider when choosing pet insurance, policies Road which are always gratefully received! differ in the level of cover they offer as well as having different Clare has a grumpy westie called Ben who additions and exclusions. Most insurance companies will not ensure your pet for a recurring condition from which they have previously suffered. When looking for a pet insurance policy we would recommend that you look for a lifetime cover policy which will cover your pet for long term, recurring or chronic illnesses such as Don’t forget…
arthritis and diabetes. Time limited policies cover your pet for illness or injury for a specific time period, usually a year; however you Annual boosters protect your pet against a range of inf would not be able to claim for the same condition once the specified time has elapsed. It is important to compare pet insurance dog’s vaccines have lapsed contact us and policies so that you can find the one that meets your needs and we can restart the vaccination course for the London Road Veterinary Centre
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Natural treatment Grapefruit seed extract is very helpful in treating this and other parasites. For gastro intestinal disorders in pets use one drop of the concentrate per 10 lbs. of body weight. Up to 3-5 times a day when there is known infection. 1 tab/capsule is recommended for each 10lbs of body weight. Each capsule equals 10-15 drops of the liquid. The dro

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