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If you have any questions concerning our products, or if any problems arise during use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have found a quick call is often sufficient to solve many small problems and complaints. Our confidential Helpline is staffed by people who have personal experience of living with and managing continence problems.
Confidential Helpline: 0191 291 0166
Below and on the following pages we have listed the most common problems and our suggested Urinary sheath dosn’t adhere for 24 hours
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Adhesive and/or urinary sheath do not meet - Change the adhesive type and/or urinary - Ensure you have the correct size urinary sheath and check that penile retraction is not a problem. If the penis is retracting when the bladder is full or during voiding of the blad- der, use the extra thin urinary sheaths (see - Check the pH of urine- Drink more water- Change urinary sheath type- Use less skin adhesive.
- Move the adhesive further down the shaft of • Slight skin secretion, extreme sweating e.g.
- Ask your doctor for an alternative medication caused by medication for urinary tract infec- 52 Helpline: 0191 291 0166
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Skin irritation caused by use of adhesive for - Change urinary sheath and/or adhesive type – always test a new product on a neutral area of skin such as the inside of your wrist to en- - Try to go without a urinary sheath for a period • Medications with large amount of vitamin E - Ask your doctor for an alternative medication • Medications or cream containing cortisone - Ask your doctor for an alternative medication - Try to avoid extreme heat. Use a skin prepa- ration fluid like Preventox to increase the ad- • Skin too damp because the sheath has been - Wait at least 15 minutes after a shower or bath before applying the sheath. Use a skin • Liquid soaps, foam baths, oil based products, - Use unscented soap – do not use other toilet- - Consult your specialist nurse or doctor – a hydrocolloid tape or dressing is best to pro- tect broken skin under a urinary sheath and generally does not affect the adhesion of the sheath. Anti fungal creams & powders are available from your local pharmacy. However, if in doubt, always seek medical advice. 53
Other factors that can affect urinary sheath adhesion include:
Diabetes: the characteristics of the urine caused by this condition can have a negative effect on the
strength of the adhesion.
Spices, Food: we have noticed that the use of strong spices or certain food like curry, chilli,
horseradish, garlic – and also beer yeast can reduce the strenght of the adhesion, in some cases.
We have even heard that a change of diet from meat eater to non-meat eater can affect the strength Skin redness
First of all, try to find out whether the reason for the redness comes from a urinary tract or fungal
infection, soap, medication, or some other cause.
Possible cause
Possible solution
• After using adhesive for the first time, be- - Occurs very rarely – goes away after a few - Vary the adhering zones – this is not possible • Urinary sheaths – due either to the talcum - Use a urinary sheath made from a different powder or to the material the urinary sheath is made from i.e. latex, synthetic polymer or sheath, try our standard latex or extra thin latex sheaths. Alternatively try our synthetic sheaths available on the UK market – Call our helpline for free advice on: 0191 291 0166 • Removing adhesive residue with solvents - Refrain from using solvents – there are adhe- sive remover pads available in the UK without any solvent base – Call our helpline for free • Allergy to lanolin in the skin adhesive - Use adhesive without lanolin content – Manfred Sauer has 8 different skin adhesives available on prescription in the UK so you can be sure to find a suitable adhesive for all types of skin 54 Helpline: 0191 291 0166
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Skin irritations, abrasions, mycotic infections - Always consult a specialist nurse or doctor to • Allergy to latex in the adhesive or in the uri- - A true latex allergy is quite rare. Usually it is the impurities in the latex or talcum powder used that cause people allergies. Manfred Sauer latex products are made of the highest quality medical grade latex. If the problem still persists, use a latex free adhesive and syn- • Some devices and pharmaceuticals used to - Always consult a specialist nurse or doctor to treat erectile dysfunction can cause irritation check there is no underlying problems.
to the skin e.g. vacuum pumps, penile injec- tions, penile suppositories and viagra.
cause a little redness the first few times they are used. With any pharmacuiticle drug an allergic reaction is always possible.
See “Skincare and protection”, page 51.
Penile retraction – the solution?
This is often a problem for elderly men and people with a strong detrusor-Sphincter-Dys-Synergy when the urine flows. It can be so extreme that there is no part of the penis visible to attach a sheath.
Depending on the severity of the phenomanon, you can take the following action: • Empty the bladder as much as you can before putting on the urinary sheath (for example, through self catheterisation or expressing, tapping or triggering, see pages 58 & 59) • Use the correct size urinary sheath (Manfred Sauer has 11 sizes to ensure a perfect fit)*. If the retraction is severe, use extra-thin latex urinary sheaths which are identified by the letter “D” at the end of the product code e.g. 53.26 D.* • Use a SAUER Comfort self-adhesive sheath and remove the remaining ring once the sheath is • Intermittent Catheterisation and, if necessary, extra urinary sheath supply (see also the KIC 55
• Some clients tell us they exercise their penis regularly with a vacuum pump and, as a result, get a bigger adhesion area. A vacuum pump can also be used to stop the penis from retracting and generating an erection which is maintained by constriction rings at the base of the penis when the vacuum device is removed. Once the urinary sheath has been fitted* the constriction ring • Implantation of a penis prothesis – this requires specialist surgery – discuss this procedure with * Once the urinary sheath is properly fixed, you must cut off the remaining rubber ring behind the adhering area and, using a skin adhesive, glue any remaining parts of the sheath to the skin (see page 23). The extra-thin urinary sheath fits like a second skin and retracts with the penis rather than Alternatives
As a rule, “Original” latex urinary sheath and skin adhesive are sufficient to ensure reflux-free drainage.
If individual circumstances lead to unsatisfactory results, consider the following alternatives: • Preventox (skin protection). see page 51• Other latex based urinary sheaths (extra-thin “D” type). see page 17• Synthetic urinary sheaths . see page 17• Other latex-based adhesives . see page 21• Synthetic adhesive . see page 22• Double sided adhesive tapes . see page 26• SAUER Comfort self-adhesive sheath . see page 27 Contact the Manfred Sauer Helpline for free advice on
Tel: 0191 291 0166
If we do not have a solution to your problems, we will make every possible effort to refer you to somebody who can.
56 Helpline: 0191 291 0166


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