1. Science Fund: 305/PPSP/6113206 "Artesunate & amodiaquine: tolerability & pharmacokinetics study in healthy normal volunteers of non-fixed and fixed combinations & their correlation with the CYP2A6 and CYP2C8 gene. 2. Geran Jangka Pendek: 304/ PPSP/ 6131480 "Stereoisomer concentrations of amphetamine, amphetamine derivatives & metabolites in saliva and urine in comparison with blood plasma levels utilizing a validated stereoselective gas chromatography ion-trap mass spectrometry assay" 15 March 2007- 14 March 2009. 3. Research University Grant: Niche Area PPSP (1001/PPSP/8120205): “Antimicrobial properties of honey”. "Population pharmacokinetics of repaglinide in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and genetic polymorphisms of CYP3A4 and CYP2C8". Amphetamine and Methamphetamine in Urine using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)”. “Artesunate and amodioquine tolerability & pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers of non-fixed and fixed combinations”. Genetic polymorphisms of CYP3A4 & CYP2C8 in healthy volunteers administered with repaglinide. 8. Research University (RU) Grant: Niche Area (1001/PPSP/8120201). “Identification of chemical constituents & standardization of madu lebah tualang” 9. Research University (RU) Grant: Niche Area (1001/PPSP/ 8120213). “An open label randomised control trial comparing honey with ciprofloxacin as prophylaxis against febrile neutropenia” 10. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 203/PPSP/6171105. "Expression in vitro of TGF-B in honey treated Human Skin Fibroblasts". 11. Research University (RU) Grant: Potential Project (1001/PPSP/815022). “Genetic polymorphism of drugs, the in vitro metabolisms of MDMA, artesunate & amodiaquine and interindividual variability to their responses”. 12. Incentive grant for supervising a postgraduate candidate (Ms Wardah Yusof, PhD candidate): (1001/PPSP/8121005). “Development and evaluation of CYP2A6 & CYP2C8 E. coli model systems to study the in vitro metabolism of artesunate and amodiaquine”. 13. Research University (RU) Grant: Fundamental Project (1001/PPSP/811082). "The Omega-3 & Omega-3 index blood levels and their association with demographic, clinical characteristics, fasting blood sugar & lipid profiles among Health staff's populations". 14. Postgraduate research scheme Research University Grant (USM-RU-PRGS) for Ms Tang Suk Peng:(1001/PPSP/8142002). GC/MS method development and validation for quantification of paraquat. 15. Short term grant (304/PPSP/6139064). High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method Development & Validation for the determination of imatinib’s serum concentrations 1. Exploration of Real time PCR as a new diagnostic method for fragile –X syndrome. USM short term grant ( no. 304 / PPSP/ 6131471 ). In vivo Chromosome aberration test for hydroxyapatite in mice (2004 to 2006): Principal Researcher (304/PPSG/6131299) – USM Short Term Grant. Geran Insentif USM (Optimasasi teknik PCR langsung tanpa melibatkan pengekstrakan DNA) (Jun 2008 – Dec 2009) 1. Geran Insentif Detection of Mutations in the Multi-drug Resistance (MDR1) Gene using denaturing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (dHPLC) in Malay Patients with Leukemia – RM 16.200 (Postgraduate Research Fund, USM 2004 - 2006). ONGOING RESEARCH

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gan Siew Hua
1. Short term grant (304/PPSP/61310003). The effect of Centella Asiatica on viral replication and cytokine production during in vitro dengue infection. 2. Short term grant (304/PPSP/61310011). High Performance Development & Validation for simultaneous determination of Arabinoside-C and doxorubicin concentrations in human plasma. 3. Short term grant (304/PPSP/61310014). Anti-Hepatitis A Seroprevalence Among Patients With Chronic Viral Liver Disease In HUSM And Its Association With CYP3A4 Polymorphism. 4. RU Grant 1001/PPSP/812094: Analysis of Genetic polymorphisms as risk factos for Type II diabetes mellitus among Malaysian Malays: A Pharmacogenetics Study. Co-investigator (1/5/2011 – 30 Apr 2014). May 2010 – May 2013. RM 15000.00 5 Incentive grant. (1001/PPSP/8121005). ''HPLC Method Development & Validation of Therapeutic Cancer Drug Monitoring and Mechanism Study of Imatinib Mesylate Drug Resistance in Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia'' June 2010 - June 2012. RM 10000.00 6. Research University ( RU) Grant: Potential Project. 1001/PPSP/815058. ''Identification ofChemical Compounds in Ten Malaysian Honey Samples and Determination of Their Purity in Comparison to Manuka Honey''. Aug 2010 - Jul 2012. RM 248,720.90. 7. Research University (RU) Potential Project. 1001/PPSP/815073.''The Effects of Vitamin supplementation and MTHFR (C677T) and A1298C genotypes on vitamin B12, homocycteine, folate levels and stroke disability in a Malaysian population.'' 15/8/11 - 14/8/14. RM 249, 818.00. 1. 1001/CIPPT/813005. Analysis of Gemline mutation Spectra and Abnormal Protein Expression Profile of DNA Mismatch Repair Genes in Clinically Diagnosed HNPCC patients in Malaysia – A multicentric study. Predisposition Genotypes That Contribute to Colorectal Cancer in Malaysian Population.3. 1001/PPSP/812001. Influence of Genetic Variation of NFKBIA Genotype in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Risk Among 3 Ethnic Population Subgroups of Malaysia. 4. 1001/PSKBP/8120242. A Genome-Wide Analysis of Allelic Imbalance in Malayian Patients with Sporadic Colorectal Cancer. 5. 1001/PPSP/812032. Genetic Polymorphisms of Inflammation Response Genes and their Influence on Colorectal Cancer Predisposition Risk in Malaysian Population 6. 203/PPSP/6171104. Molecular Mechanism of Primary and Secondary Resistance to Imafinib Mesylate Treatment in Chromic Myeloid Leukemia Patients. 7. 1001/PPSP/812001. Infuence of Genetic variation of NFkB1A genotype in sporadic colorectal cancer susceptibiliy Risk Among 3 Ehnic Population subgroups of Malaysia (April 2008 - March 2011), funded by Research University grants, USM. 8. 20080763. A Randamized, Multicenter, Open-label, phase 3 study to compare the efficacy and safety of Panitumumab and cetuximab in subjects with previously treated , wild type K-RAs metastatis Colorectal Cancer. 9. Relevance of Genetic Polymorphism of Thiopurine Methyltransferase (TPMT) among the patients treated with 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP). (As collaborative research investigator in UiTM funded 10. 1001/PPSP/812067. Influence of Multidrug resistance ATP binding Cassette B1 (ABCB1) polymorphism in mediating resistance to Imatinib Mesylate in Chronic Myeloid Leukimia patients. Hypermethylation induced HOX gene silencing in the mediation of resistance to Imatinib mesylate in Chronic Myeloid Leukimia patients. 1. 1001/PPSG/812017. Microsatellite Instability & Loss of Heterozygosity in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Malaysia Population. 2. 305/PPSG/6113201. Mutational Analysis of Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3 and Jessed 2 Genes in Non-Syndromeic Cleft Lip With or Without Cleft Palate. 3. Characterization and Gene Expression Analysis of Rabbit Primary Epidermal Keratinocytes. USM RU Grant 4. Genotoxicity Evaluation of Locally Produced Dental Restoration Nanocomposite Using Comet Assay and Chromosome Aberration Tests. USM Short Term Grant. 5. RU Grant: Characterization and gene expression analysis of rabbit primary epithermal keratinoctes. Jan 2011 – Dec 2012. 6. Short Term Grant. Genotoxicity Evaluation of Locally Produced Dental Restoration Nanocomposite using Comet assasy and Chromosome Aberration Test . 1. USM Short Term Grant (Principal Investigator) - Determination of Hypermethylation Status in Tumour Suppressor Genes (p16INK4a and p15INK46) and 2 New Candidate Genes (PCDHGB7 and ADAM12) Among Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Patients and Normal Individuals (15/5/2011 - 14/5/2013). RM 36,895.00 2. Research collaboration: Genetic, biochemical and behavioral determinants of neurodegerative diseases (IIUM/504/Res/g/14/3/RMGS/08-01); As co-investigator in research collaboration with Kulliyyah of Medicine, international Islamic University Malaysia (Oct 2009 – continuing. 3. Principle investigator for USM Short Term Grant (15 May 2008 -14 May 2011) Validation of TERTgene amplification using quantitative Real-Time PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) in a cancer cell line model, K 562 (RM 39,800.00) 4. Research University (RU) Grant (Principal Investigator): influence of TERT gene copy number status and its mRNA expression level in association with telomerase activity in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) patients resistant to Imatinib Mesylate treatment (1 Ogos 2010 – 31 Julai 2013) – RM 190,148.00 5. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FGRS) (as co-investigator; collaboration with University Malaya); Investigating the Effects of Down-Regulation of Telomerase Activity by knocking Down TERT and/ or TERC by RNA Interference (RNAi) (15 April 2010 – 14 April 2012) – RM 95,500.00. 6. Research University (RU) Grant (co-investigator): Role of DNA hymermethylation induced HOX gene silencing in the mediation of resistance to Imatinib Mesylate in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) patients (1 Ogos 2010 – 31 Julai 2013) – RM 238,903.00 investigator): TheClinical Epidemiology Study of Orofacial Clefts and Genome Wide Linkage Analysis Among Large Extended FamiliesWith Nonsyndromic Orofacial Cleft. investigator): Alternation of Gene Expression in Scalp Hair Follicle During Cancer Chemotheraphy. (15/6/2011 – 14/6/2014). 9. Understanding Molecular Signature of Leukemia Stem Cells by Targeting Genes Regulating Self-Rewing, Differentiation and Apoptosis of Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Benzene As A model (6/6/2011 -5/6/2014). Co-investigator, FRGS UKM. 10. Incentive Grant for supervising a postgraduate candidate (Mr. Ahmad Syibli Othman, MSc candidate) (1001/PPSP/8123011). 1. Principle Investigator for Research University (RU) USM Grant. Development of mutation screening for the molecular diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC). 2. Principle Investigator for Research University (RU) USM Grant. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of SMN2 gene expression upon exposure with alpha-fluorinated VPA. 3. Co-investigator for USM RU grant. Significance of Exonic Splicing Enhancer (ESE) Motifs in the Splicing Mechanism within internal exons of SMN genes. 4. Co-investigator for USM RU grant. Codon-Correction Inframing Approach For The Repair Of Dystrophin Gene Mutation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients. 5. RU Grant 1001/PPSP/812094: Analysis of Genetic polymorphisms as risk factos for Type II diabetes mellitus among Malaysian Malays: A Pharmacogenetics Study. Co-investigator (1/5/2011 – 30 Apr 2014). 1. Principle Investigator for Incentive Grant (Oct 2010 – Oct 2011). Blood Coagulation Factor Activity 2. Principle Investigator. 304/PPSP/61311018. Short Term Grant Scheme (USM) – RM 39,7000.00/ March 2011 – pathophysiological changes of the airway epithelium during regenaration and repair following tracheal brushing in rabbit. 1. Short Term Grant: Association of Genetics Variants in SLC2A9 with Gout in Malay population (304/PPSP61311050) 2. Incentive Grant: Optimization of multiplex PCR in detection of SLC2A9 gene polymorphisms. Nov 2010 - Nov 2011 International Ismalic University (IIU) entitiled ''Genetic Susceptibility of Schizophrenia DISC-1 and DRD-2 region''. Aug 2010


Systemic sclerosis (ssc) is a multisystem disease characterized by autoimmune phenomenna, vascular abnormalities, and fibrosis

The gastro-intestinal tract in systemic sclerosis Professor László Czirják Department of Immunology and Rheumatology, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a disease abnormality affecting the vessels and the connective tissue. Besides the skin, joints, muscles, several internal organs can also be involved in SSc including the gastrointestinal tract (GI).

Child Health Information Nottingham School Child's Name: _______________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________ Grade: ___________ Please note that the information on this form is documented on your child’s school health record and the school nurse will share this information with the appropriate school staff as needed. 1. Does your child have allergies

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