Cam Lock
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The Videx CyberLock cam lock is an electronic version of a 3/4" Double-D cam lock and is ideal for installations in cabinets, drawers, showcases, and cash boxes. The lock inner cylinder and outer shell is made of nickel- plated brass, and the locking cam is stainless steel. Custom designs and modifications are available withthe entire CyberLock product line. For the cam lock,modifications can be made to the overall design anddimensions of the lock, including the lock length, lockingcam design, locking cam length, thread drive stud design,and cam design. Please contact Videx for more informationregarding special modifications or custom lock designs.
Cam Lock Configuration
The CyberLock cam lock can be configured for twomethods of operation. In one method, the key rotates360° and the locking cam rotates 90°; the key is released from the lock when the lock is in the open position. In the other method, both the key and the locking camrotate 90°; the key is not released from the lock when it is in the open position.
Two additional cams are included with the package.
Placement and orientation of the stop and drive cams allow for different key actions and latch orientations. To change the action of the standard cam, follow these steps: 1. Remove Nylock nut, drive cam, cam latch, CyberLock Cam Standard Configuration 2. With the locking boss at the 6 o’clock position, orient stop cam as shown on the chart and place on thread drive stud.
3. Place locking cam on thread drive stud with latch pin retained by stop cam.
4. Select the drive cam and orientation from the chart and place on thread drive stud.
5. Install Nylock nut. Tighten only until a slight movement of cam latch is still possible. Verify intended operation.
Key Status
Latch Orientation
Key Rotation
Drive Cam
Part number: CL-C1N
Notes: All dimensions in inchesDrawing not to scale Specifications
Finish Nickel plating
Operating Temperature -40º to 160º F; -40º to 70º C
Power Requirements None; power supplied by battery in key
Access Schedule Individual schedule programmed into CyberKey provides complete
control over specific days, times during selected days, and holidays Access Options Standard one key access; multiple key custody of up to four keys to
Key Limitation No limit to number of keys that lock cylinder can support
Audit Capacity in Lock Last 1100 events with date and time
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