KL Heritage Walk

Old High Court Building
National History Museum
Flanking to Panggung Bandaraya is the Old In front of the old fountain is the National High Court located along the banks of Sungai History Museum. The building was built in 1888 and was once used by the Standard Chartered Bank. Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Cross the bridge over Sungai Gombak, and
Kuala Lumpur Memorial Library
you can see the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad Next to that is the Kuala Lumpur Memorial Building which has been featured in millions Library. As it once served as a Government of photographs of Kuala Lumpur. The building printing centre, it was built to hold large printing press machines and there are no columns in this building. The next time you have a bit of time, gather Industrial Court Building
your family or friends together and go on a Royal Selangor Club
heritage walk in the city centre. There are, The Royal Selangor Club is on your left. of course, various tours you can map out. Mahkamah Perusahaan / Industrial Court. A From here, expatriates once used to watch The following is a walk that will take a half long time ago, the Loh Chow Kit Emporium history unfold in Kuala Lumpur. Although day. It’s best to start early in the morning. was located here. Keep an eye out for the most members are now Malaysians, this club Masjid Jamek
Old Post Office Building
Cathedral of St Mary
Next, check out the Old Post Office which is After the club, you can see the Cathedral of St Mary, one of the oldest Anglican churches in Textile Museum
Masjid India
Sessions Court Building
Walk along Jalan Raja until you reach the Finally walk across Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman junction with Lebuh Pasar Besar. Right in front and make your way to Masjid India. Till this come to the heritage buildings that house the of you, on the left side of the road, is the day, this mosque is used mainly by the Indian Muslims who live and run businesses around it. Panggung Bandaraya Building
Dataran Merdeka
At Dataran Merdeka, check out the huge flag End your tour by eating at one of the many theatre at the junction between Jalan Tun Nasi Kandar that can be found along Jalan Perak and Jalan Raja. Turn left and look for Merdeka Fountain. This fountain was brought Tunku Abdul Rahman.
all the way from England and installed here. HEALTH
Protecting Yourself Against the H1N1 virus.

At time of writing, no vaccine is available to protect against the Stay at home if you come down with flu like symptoms and isolate A(H1N1) virus. There are however steps that you can take to protect yourself as much as possible from others in your house. These include your self (and others) from getting sick.
fever, headaches and running nose. The vast majority of people will Start by ensuring that you cover your nose and mouth with a recover from H1N1 influenza on their own without seeking medical tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue into a trash assistance. If you must go out, use a face mask.
bin after you use it. Wash your hands often with soap and water If symptoms become serious, seek medical assistance especially after you have touched surfaces. Do not share towels with immediately. Watch out for fever that does not go away after three others. Do not rub your eyes or touch your nose and mouth with your days or returns after three days, body aches, runny or stuffy nose, hands as germs can enter your body that way. Ensure that there is sore throat, nausea, or vomiting or diarrhea, Those in the high risk ventilation in your living and work spaces. Keep windows open so category include children below five years old; those aged 65 years that air is circulated well. Keep your distance from people as much as and above; children and adolescents (below 18 years) on long-term possible – at least 1 metre distance from someone who is not well.
aspirin therapy; pregnant women; adults and children with asthma, Prepare for the possibility that someone in the house may fall ill chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, organ failure, cardiovascular by stocking over the counter medicine for fever, cough and cold and disease, hepatic, heamatological, neurologic, neuromuscular or items such tissues, face masks and other related items.
metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus; adults and children If you do fall ill, make sure that you take lots of liquids such who have immunosuppressant; and residents of nursing homes and as water, fruit juices and isotonic drinks to prevent dehydration. FOOD
Dipping into steamboat

Malaysians are no doubt bound by food, with prefer to have it at a leisurely pace, dipping their various cuisines influenced by individual their food into the heated broth as they go cultures from all across Asia. Prominent in along, whilst others prefer to dump everything this list is the well-known steamboat, which in and wait for it to cook. Another type of hot involves the dipping of food into a pot of pot involves a circular hot plate surrounding a single pot, where patrons who don't want to boil their food can fry them instead.
and lesser known as the Chinese fondue, the One of the most famous variations of this steamboat has a thousand-year old history, cuisine is Lok-Lok. Normally served in open-air and was generally eaten during the winter restaurants involving a table with a hole in in China. Spread to this country by migrant the middle, some traders have taken to a more Chinese groups during the colonial period, the mobile version, by using their vans. Much like steamboat has evolved to a cuisine of its own, the standard steamboat, you dip your food adapting to local influences.
into a pot of boiling soup before lathering them with peanut sauce, except that instead of a pot in the middle of a table with two of scooping them out, your food is skewered sections, containing either a soup and curry on a stick. Lok-Lok choices are more diverse, base, though the latter can be substituted for with choices involving cockles, quail's eggs tom yam kung. As the pot is left to boil, you are usually served with a number of platters charged according to the number of sticks you to enjoying steamboat, and that is to never that are filled with all sorts of foods, ranging dip your food into the cooking pot twice, from prawns to beef strips, fishballs to for hygiene reasons. Also, to avoid food meatballs, eggs to squids and even noodles to celup. Substituting the usual broth, satay poisoning, stick your chopsticks into the mushrooms. When the soup is ready, all you celup makes use of a steaming pot filled boiling soup after using them to handle raw have to do is merely drop those pieces in and to the brim with a thick and aromatic spicy meat. Like almost all Malaysian cuisine, peanut sauce, and is sometimes referred to as steamboat sessions can get quite messy There are two schools of thought involving steamboat satay. towards the end, and like all messy food, your standard steamboat fare, where some would PRODUCTIVITY
Get Creative, Enhance Your Productivity

television is another; take special interest in your creativity. Plan to switch environments by tivity is to tap into a quality all humans are documentaries and programmes on travel and meeting people, going out on an assignment born with – creativity. Everything else we and so on. You’ll learn to recognize when you are most creative and it’s likely to be in an to do things with. But the mind is limited Allow time for your mind to reflect.
environment that is not your usual one.
only by choice. The power of creativity is If you make yourself busy handling tasks all truly unlimited and when put to use, man the time, you probably won’t have time to Record Your Ideas
focus your mind on problems or new ideas. We all have brainwaves; the trouble is that Set aside time every day to give yourself we don’t record them. Start writing down an idea or solution that comes to you, no matter problem solving, brainstorming, or finding A day of complete rest from work at least how crazy or impossible it may appear. You new ways to do tasks. Here are some ways to once a week also refreshes the mind. Life could do it by simply carrying a notebook is pretty hectic and it pays to take a break around or using Post-It notes. Or you could weekly. That seeming free time will allow harness technology using the various devices Stimulate Your mind
your mind to recharge and also get creative. that are around you. All phones have memo The more you are exposed to innovative ideas, In a year, do also plan for a longer break recording capabilities. Most phones also fresh thinking and new experiences, the better when you can travel, participate in some new allow you to carry out voice recording. Your your mind becomes at unleashing creativity. activities or read that book you have been computer is another powerful tool to leverage sights. Meet new people and listen to new ideas. Eat new stuff and travel to broaden Get Variety Into Your Environment
work on unleashing creativity and you will no doubt find that your mind is a lot more esting. Spending your whole day in front of a computer, for instance, may be hindering


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