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competing in sports is a
sure prescription for
wearing out your body -

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There are great alternatives to using these drugs. Wobenzym (a product from Germany) is composed of naturally occurring enzymes. alternatives to the drugs they may be taking. I make recommendations, regarding vitamins optimal health is to be fully informed about head studies to be as effective as Ibuprofen, and other compounds, that may be wise to the drugs that you take. Some drugs seem without any negative side effects. This product supplement with, in order to make up for any miraculous when first taken, but often they has been used in Europe for over 40 years! slowly cause imbalances in your body, that lead to disease and disability. One common glucosamine. This is another case where this example is the drug Ibuprofen. It is one of naturally occurring substance has been shown the most widely used drugs on the market. to not only control inflammation, but also promotes the full healing of arthritis. Again, inflammation, often on the advice of their there are no side effects. Also see our article Another important way to say no to drugs is to medical doctor, even for chronic conditions like arthritis. The problem is that the anti- contaminated with drugs. One of the most inflammatory effects are good for only as serious health risks facing people today is the long as the drug is in your body. You must over-use of antibiotics in livestock. Bacteria, continue to take the drug to control the pain like Salmonella, develop resistance to the that the inflammation produces. The rub is antibiotics when they are in prolonged contact with them . A report in the April, 2004 issue of stomach. An article in the June 17, 1999 medical journals) , warns of a multi-drug New England Journal of Medicine (the most read medical journal in the world) declared Taiwan. In this case there was no antibiotic that, "conservatively" the drug Ibuprofen -- effective against this strain. For those who feel that they are not at risk, because they don't consume meat; think again. This bacteria is One of the more serious problems with drug Feldene, to name a few) -- kill some 16,500 present in many places in the environment and taking, in general, is that some people take people per year in the U.S. Also, in the can attack vegetarians as readily as those who consume the livestock. It is a good time to studies have shown the dangers of this; with remind you that keeping your optimum health increasing with each additional drug being protection. I use my skills to help people be strong and healthy, and in this way they can


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