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Masoud Poureisa, m.D.
Masoud Poureisa was born in Iran-Tabriz on 16th October 1961 and received his medical diploma and Radiology Subspecialty from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences on 1996 and 1999 respectively. He was overachiever of 37th Iranian Board of Medical Specialization with top scores. His thesis was Correlation of Radiologic Signs with Pathologic Types of EsophageaL Cancers. His supervisor was Professor Said Rad M.D. He started his academic work from 1999 in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine as radiology and ultrasonography instructor for radiology residents, medical and paramedical students. From 1992, he started CT scan courses at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. He has received as an Observer Fellowship in the M.R. Imaging Section of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Montreal GeneralHospital, McGillUniversity, for the period September 10 to December 9, 1998. He continues his academic work at M.R.I section as instructor of physic and clinical M.R.I. for radiology residents and M.R.I. Observer Fellowships. He is chosen as a top instructor of paramedical and medical faculties for several times. Now he is associate professor of Tabriz University of Medical sciences. Presentations:
M. Poureisa, S. Rad; Correlation of Radiologic signs with Pathologic Types of Esophageal Cancers. The Iranian Regional Congress on Prevalent Cancers, Tabriz 1988:27. M. Poureisa; Ultrasonographic evaluation of 40 anomalous fetuses. Iranian congress of obstetric and gynecology , Tabriz 1993: 32. M. Poureisa; Ultrasonographic evaluation of anomalous fetuses.12th Iranian Radiological Congress& post Graduate Course, Tehran 1995 :24 M. poureisa, A. Mostofynia; Ultrasonography for evaluation of bile ducts dilatations. 14th Annual Radiology Congress, Tehran 1996: 118. M.Poureisa ; The role BHCG and ultrasonography at ectopic pregnancy. Annual Radiology Congress,Tehran 1997 M. Poureisa; Ultrasonographic evaluation of face anomalies at 22000 fetuses.6th Annual congress of obstetric and gynecology, Tehran 1998:45-46. M. Poureisa; The Role of Ultrasonography at genetic diseases. 4th International Congress of obstetric and gynecology, Tehran 1999:35-37 M. Poureia;The Effect of Fetus Audio Stimulation at The Length of Biophysical Profile Score.4th Congress of Obstetric and gynecology, Tehran 1999. M.Poureisa; ultrasonographic evaluation of encephaloceles and its associate anomalies. Annual Radiology Congress , Tehran 1999 M. Poureisa;Ethical and Legal issues of ultrasonography and radiology at Obstetric and gynecology. conferences of legal issues at obstetric and gynecology , Tabriz 2000 M. Poureisa; prenatal diagnoses of fetal anomalies by ultrasonography. Genetic seminar ,Aasfahan 2001 M. Poureisa , Soheila Refahi; Ultrasonographic evaluation of 22045 fetuses for determination of anencephaly and its associate anomalies.17th Annual Radiology Congress, Tehran 2000:104. M. Poureisa;The role of M.R.I. at lower limb trauma. Orthopedic group conferences , Tabriz 2001. M. Poureisa; The Role of M.R.I. at Spinal Canal Tumors.Local Seminar of Radiology , Tabriz 2002. M. Poureisa ;The role of C.T. scan at staging of esophagus and stomach cancers. Conferences of gastrointestinal cancers,Tabriz 2004. M. Poureisa ;Imaging of renal tumors. Conferences of renal Tumors, Tabriz 2004. M. Poureisa ; Ultrasonographic evaluation of skeletal anomalies. First annual symposium of ultrasonography at abstetric and gynecology, Tehran 2005. M. Poureisa; An introduction to C.T. scan for Radiology Technicians. Local Symposium of Radiology, Tabriz 2006 M.Poureisa; M.R.I. Findings of multiple sclerosis.2th Local Symposium of Multiple Sclerosis, Tabriz 2008:17-18 Publications:
A. Zolfaghari, M. Poureisa, Sh. Hajialilou,M Amjadi:True Complete Diphallia Case Report: Scand J Urol Nephrol 29: 233-235, 1995. E. Fattahi, M.R. Nahaie, F. Mahdavi, Sh. Talghini, Y. Bafandeh, M. Poureisa;Helicobacter pylori Infection in Patients with Ulcer Dyspepsia In Imam Khomeini Medical Center of Tabriz. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 34:63-70, 1997. A. Meshkini, A. Fakhrju, M. poureisa: Intraventricular Tuberculoma : Report of A Rare Case. Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences 26:164-166, 2001. M. Poureisa : An Ectopic Thyroid Gland Simulating a Thyroglossal Duct Cyst. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 31:115-118, 1997. M.Poureisa, M. Daghighi, H. Koushavar, m. Javid Mehr: The Effect of Fetal Acoustic Stimulating on Biophysical Profile Testing Time. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 34:21-24,2000. M. Poureisa, S. Refahi: Evaluation of prevalence and Etiology of Encephalocele and Coincidental Abnormalities by Ultrasonography in Patients of Fajr Clinic of Tabriz. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 53:9-13, 2002. Mh. Daghighi, M. Poureisa, S. Aslanabadi: Efficiency of the Ultrasound (US) in Detection of Intussusception and its US-Guided Saline Reduction. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 56: 45-51, 2003. M. Poureisa and S. Refahi: Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation of The Lung Associated with Mediastinal Shift. Acta Medica Iranica the Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 39:51-53, 2001. M. Poureisa, S. Refahi,H. Nazari:Evaluation of The Incidence and Outcome of Fetal Hydronephrosis Prenatally Diagnosed By Ultrasound. Acta Medica Iranica the Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 43:336-338, 2005. M. Poureisa, S. Refahi, N. Garaaghagi: Prenatal Diagnosis of Robert/Sc Syndrome in a Diabetic Mother with a History of Mebendazole and Glibenclamide Intake. . Acta Medica Iranic The Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 41:147-149, 2003. M. Poureisa, S. Bidadi: Prenatal Screening Methods of Down Syndrome via Sonographic Markers.Clinic 6:10-12, 2004. G. Shokouhi, G. Daghighi, M. Poureisa: A Study of 29 Cases of Brain Intratumoral Hemorrhage. Medical Journal of TabrizUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 55:43-49, 2002. M. Poureisa, F. Nami, S. Refahi: The Prrevalance of Anencephaly and Coincidental Abnormalities,Tabriz(1977-2003). The Journal of Faculty of Medicine 63-6:438-443, 2005. M.H. Daghighi, R.S. Tubbs, M.M. Shoja, A.B. Shakeri, M. Poureisa, E.G. Salter,W.J. Oakes:Bilateral Accessory Middle Cerebral Arteries Associated with an Aneurysm of the Anterior Circulation. Folia Morphol. 65-2:1-3, 2006. I. Lotfinia, A. Khallagi, A. Vahedi, M. Poureisa H. Esmaily: Epidural Hemangioma Extended from posterior lamina of vertebra with pressure effect to cord. Medical Journal of UrmiehUniversity of Medical Sciences & Health Services 17-4:320-324, 2005. M.Poureisa, S. Refahi, R. Pezeshky, A. Aghazadeh: Radial Amniotic fluid Index as a New and Accurate Method for Measurement of Amniotic Fluid Volume. Acta Medica Iranica the Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 44-2:101-105, 2006. I. Lotfinia, S. Hassani, P. Vahedi, H.Esmaily, M. Poureisa: Case Report: Intradural chondroma with Invasion to Superior Sagittal Sinus and Review of Literature. Neurosurg Q 16-2:104-106, 2006. M. Poureisa, M.H. Daghighi, M.Z. Pezeshki, S. Pezeshki,and S. Purisa: Effect of Diagnostic Brain MRI on Depression Score in Patients with Major Depression. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 2(7): 687-690, 2007. M. Poureisa, S. Refahi, K. Hoseinzadeh and M.H. Dehghan: Cerebral Lesions Diagnosed by Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery (FLAIR) Imaging in Epileptic Patients. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 2(7): 784-786, 2007. M. Poureisa, S. Refahi,M.H. Dehghan: Report and Review of Spinal Cord Tumors. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 2(6): 654-657, 2007. M. Asghari, G. Shokouhi, S.H. Hasani, M. Poureisa: Intracisternal Spinal Accessory Nerve Schwannoma.Neurosurgery Quarterly 16(4): 205-206, 2006. A. Mohammadi, M.H. Daghighi, M. Poureisa: Color Doppler sonographic Accuracy in Acute Appendicitis. Urmia Medical Journal M. Poureisa, S. Refahi, F. Moghangard: The Diagnostic Accuracy of Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging for Detection of Ovarian Masses. Iran. J. Radiol., 4(2):103-107, 2007. A. Mohammadi, M.H. Daghighi, M. Poureisa, K. Afrasiabi, A. Pedram:Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasonography in Blunt Abdominal Trauma. . Iran. J. Radiol., 5(3): 135-139, 2008. M.Poureisa, S. Refahi, M. Javid-majd and A. Mardi: Effect of Acoustic Stimulation on Biophysical Profile Testing Time. Acta Medica Iranica the Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 46(1): 1-5, 2008. M.Z. Pezeshki, M.H. Daghighi, M Poureisa, S. shahin, S. Pezeshki, M.abdkarimi:Is There any Association Between Maternal Depression and Biophysical profile? . Acta Medica Iranica the Journal of Medicine, TehranUniversity of Medical Sciences 46(5): 395-398, 2008. ADMINISTRAION:
Head of Radiology Department, Para medicine Faculty since 1372. Member of research committee of medicine faculty. Member of prevention of congenital anomalies committee.



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