Our lady

Our Lady
This Sunday is Peace Sunday, the annual day of prayer for peace. Pax Christi is an international Catholic movement for peace. They encourage Catholic Christians to try to take responsibility for peace in their own lives and in the world. Every year, Help of Christians
Pax Christi helps to promote Pope John Paul’s annual World Peace Message on Peace Sunday. Pax Christi works with others to respond to the teaching of Jesus Parish Priest: Fr David Melly
about peace: by experiencing in our own lives the peace promised by Jesus, by Deacons:
offering this peace to others through witness, sharing and nonviolence, by working Rev Vincent Anderson
to transform our communities through action and advocacy for justice, work for the Rev Gerald Marsh
Portico Lane, Prescot, Merseyside L34 2QT
abolition of war and for an end to all forms of violence. To join Pax Christi, or to Tel: 0151 426 6251
find out more about our work, write to: Pax Christi, St Joseph’s, Watford Way, QUIZ NIGHT AND HOT POT
Live webcam: www.mcnmedia.tv
A date for your diary: a Quiz Night in aid of FOMO, Friday 27 January. Cottom’s 2nd SUNDAY OF THE YEAR (B). 15 JANUARY 2012
hot pot will be provided. Please bring your own drink and glasses. Run by our glamorous and intelligent Portico Quiz Team!!!! Always a night to remember. (Prayer of the Church Week 2, Parish Mass Book Page 127) Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend and next. MASSES THIS WEEK
Work is being carried out on local bridges over the next few months. This will cause road closures and diversions for cars and buses. If you would like to know where and when it will be taking place, please send an e-mail to Cllr Teresa Sims and she will let you have the information electronically. Her email address is: I went to see the cardiologist on Tuesday. The racing heart beat needs to be slowed down considerably with the aid of beta blockers and warfarin therapy. Amazing the number of people I have discovered on warfafin in the last few days. One man in his nineties has been on it for over forty years. So maybe I will get the card from the MASSES NEXT WEEKEND
King/Queen after all. Sadly warfarin and the liquid pain killer are not totally compatable and that is a blow as the pain in the collar bone is as bad as ever. I saw the orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday. Seemingly the scan has shown that the breaks are more complicated than previously thought and are proving a challenge to him. He said that it is a one off!!! Are you surprised? I must wait now while he SERVICES
does some research and decides the best course of action. DISCOVERING GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU!
Meditation – Monday after Mass & Saturday 10.15am (ARE YOU AGED 13-18 AND THINKING ABOUT THE PRIESTHOOD?) CONFESSIONS
On Sunday 5th February the Vocations Team will be holding its monthly discernment meeting a St Mary’s Lowe House, St Helens, The meeting begins at Saturday – 11.00am to 11.30am & 5.30pm to 6.00pm 5pm and after the meeting we go into Church for the monthly Youth Alive Mass. This meeting is aimed at young men aged between 13-18. The group allows young Counters Team Next Sunday - Team F
men to pray, socialize and learn more about the vocation of the priesthood. If you Pat Marsh, Martin Kernick, Josie Simms, Brian Keeley
would like to attend this event or would like more information then please contact

Source: http://www.ourladysportico.co.uk/index_files/Newsletter%2015%20January%202012.pdf


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