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The people we are ministering to in Mexico are more culturally modest than we are. For this reason, while we are in
Mexico, we will respect their culture and comply with a very reasonable dress code. Please be aware that our worksites
are in the midst of the community and the families we are building for will be at the worksite throughout the day.
Please read, respect and adhere to the following guidelines as you prepare for the trip. Do not bring tank tops! T-shirts
must cover your shoulders and belly and cannot be too tight or too low. Regarding shorts: your shorts must be mid thigh
or lower, absolutely nothing higher than that. As well, you will be doing physical labour and it would be to your
advantage to wear jeans and runners that can get dirty and protect your legs.
The following is an extensive list of what to pack based on previous trips. Bring what you will need and leave what you
won’t. In order to maximize travel comfort and space we ask that you limit your personal belongings to one carry on bag
(like a small backpack), a 24”x 16”x 10” suitcase, your sleeping bag and 1 pillow. * Excess will be left behind. Our
goal is to help these people—not flaunt our extravagance.

Work clothes, comfortable, able-to-move-in stuff and runners for when you are on the jobsite. Sandals are not Work gloves. Cool clothes for hotter weather and warmer clothes for cooler weather. It will still be getting cool at night. PJ’s, extra socks, lots of underwear. There are no laundry facilities at the compound. There is a small Laundromat nearby, but you use it at your own risk. We will have some liquid laundry soap for those who need to do it by hand. As we will be attending a church service, please bring something semi-formal to wear on Sunday. Bring your Bible! You’ll be using it! A couple of pens, we will be giving you a journal at the beginning of the trip Spending $$ US Dollars (you shouldn’t need more than $200.00) 1 Pillow and sleeping bag Spanish dictionary Camera, film, memory cards, etc. (bring a case as it can get very dusty down there) Swimsuit and beach towel—Remember! No Bikinis! (Bring a t-shirt if you don’t have a one-piece swimsuit) Flashlight with fresh batteries if you are still nervous of things that go bump in the night. Books, magazines, deck of cards or travel games for the road trip. If you think you’re gonna miss your Mom, your dog or the kid from down the street, bring a picture of them, it Gravol, TUMS, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Imodium, etc… If you have any prescribed medications, they MUST be in the original container with the original prescription on Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss Soap, shampoos, conditioner, etc. Face cloth and don’t forget your towel! Wet wipes and liquid antibacterial cleaner, as we may not always have access to water Sunscreen & lip balm Girls, bring whatever make-up and all the other girl stuff you might need. Sunglasses (nothing too name brand) Brimmed hat, you’ll be working outside! When choosing music to bring on this trip, only bring music that has good content. That means no swearing, no violent or sexual content. If you do, chances are we will throw it out the window and confiscate your player (CD, MP3, iPod, whatever) for the rest of the trip. We are serious about this! You are allowed 20 CDs and 5 DVDs across the border. (Not our rule—customs!) Do not bring anything that you would be horribly upset if it was lost, stolen or broken. (bringing your little Do not bring blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, lash curlers, manicure set, etc Mr. Reems will
be bringing his and will be happy to loan it to you!!!


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General Information about Take Shape For Life What is Take Shape For Life? Take Shape For Life, a division of Medifast, Inc., is a nationwide network of Health Coaches and Health Professionals committed to and driven by a mission of making Optimal Health a Reality for the lives of millions of people across America. Take Shape For Life’s comprehensive approach seeks to promote health

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Civic Leadership Institute 2008 Civic Education Project Center for Talent Development Health Information Form For signature by student AND parent/guardian EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION *A person other than a parent/guardian who will be available to contact during the course of the program PHYSICIAN & INSURANCE INFORMATION *Please bring health insurance and phar

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