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Rules are important to make sure that we keep a good half-way house, and are made by the Danish
Prison- and Probation Service to ensure that everyone in Lysholmgaard shows consideration towards
each other.

Please read the house rules carefully. Failure
to abide by the rules may lead to your

1: Your room, timekeeping, personal belongings etc.

a: Departmental:
Residents shall make sure that kitchen, bathrooms and corridors are kept clean and tidy at all times. Please co-operate, and show consideration. It is your duty to ensure that our common areas are kept clean and tidy indoors as well as out. c: Your room:
1: On arrival we check the state of your room and complete an inventory. You may bring, possess and
use your own belongings, unless they are against order and security, and you can only bring with you
what is reasonable for your room.
You will be issued with a key to your room. Make sure that your room is locked when you are away,
as all your belongings are your responsibility. Lysholmgaard cannot be held responsible for stolen,
lost or damaged property. (If you are insured, check that the insurance covers your stay in

Your room must be kept clean and tidy.
According to The Prison Act (Straffuldbyrdelsesloven) § 60 point 1, staff may search your room, if
considered necessary for reasons of order and security. If you refuse to co-operate it may lead to your
The staff may – without you being present – run an energy check of your room, if necessary with
external assistance (checking electricity, water, heating, windows etc.). The staff may also in your
absence, if necessary with external assistance, search your room and its contents if the presence of
illegal articles or substances is suspected.
Furthermore you may be subjected to a body search. See point 10 e.
3: When you finally vacate your room, you must empty it, and return the key. A member of staff will
inspect the state of your room in your presence. You will be liable to pay any damage incurred – apart
from normal wear and tear. Objects left by you are kept for at least 3 months, whereupon they can be
confiscated for use in the institution, sold at a public auction or destroyed. Lysholmgaard is obliged to
inform you of the above on your arrival.

If you leave Lyshomgaard for any reason without permission and do not return to the institution, your
belongings will be stored for at least one year, whereupon they can be transferred to the police. If the
effects are clearly without value, they may be destroyed.
You wash your own clothes, and for this purpose washing machines are at your disposal daily from
3.30 pm – 10.30 pm. Please empty the machine immediately after washing making the machine
available for other users. Clothes are left at your own risk in the laundry.
Lysholmgaard provide you with towels and bed clothes.
e: Night time:
To ensure that all have the possibility of rest, the ward must be quiet from 11 pm. Loud music from radios, TV’s etc is forbidden. f: Rights of Leave
1: Terms for half-way houses
If your stay in Lysholmgaard is in accordance with the rules for half-way houses, you are permitted weekend leave every Friday from 3pm to Sunday 10.30pm. On weekdays you may leave Lysholmgaard at 3.30pm and return at 10.30pm the same day. Unless otherwise agreed with the staff, you are free to leave at the end of normal working hours the day before a holiday and expected to return at 10.30pm on the holiday. If during Lysholmgaards normal working hours you are in work or attending classes outside the halfway house you are free to leave when work or classes finish until 10.30pm on weekdays. . Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you are free as stated above. If you are taken ill during your stay, you are obliged to inform staff. During illness you must stay at the institution. After illness you must report yourself fit for work to a member of staff 2: Terms for open prisons
If your stay in Lysholmgaard is in accordance with the rules for open prisons, you are permitted
weekend leave every third Friday from 3pm to Sunday 10.30pm. Application for weekend leave must
be received by the staff no later than Wednesday of the same week.
If agreed with staff you may on weekdays leave Lysholmgaard 1½ hour for shopping between the
hours of 3.30pm and 8pm.
If you are attending work or education outside the institution, you must have an agreement with staff
regarding working hours, travelling time etc. Generally extraordinary leaves under ” Orders about
Leave” (udgangsbekendtgørelsen) § 31 for appointments with dentists, doctors, union
representatives, council officers etc. must be applied for and accepted two days before the required


a: Activity duty:
1: During working hours you must participate in the planned activitiesmeaning classes, work, sport,
other leisure arrangements etc.
The daily routine and the normal working hours at the institution are as follows:
08.00 am
Work/Class/activities end (Fridays 2.30pm). Changes in the schedule might appear in connection with special arrangements, programmes or
changes in the educational methods. Such changes will be discussed by the spokespersons.

In the case of participation in the institution’s external activities special schedules must be
If you are occupied outside the institution by an external employer or school your scheduled time is
planned and agreed with by the staff.
You are responsible for your daily shopping and cooking, except breakfast. You pay all expenses
for your daily cooking. Residents with no income (wages or social security) will be paid an amount
for food and other necessities.
Breakfast is arranged for all. In cases where you are occupied by an external employer or school, you
may be exempted from participation in the compulsory breakfast arrangement if you have to leave the
institution before breakfast. The price of breakfast is set by the institution.
2: Owing to limitation of space and tools in the kitchen, you must agree and plan with your group
and the staff when it is possible to use the kitchen.
Delivery of food, such as pizzas, hamburgers etc. on weekdays is only allowed by co-ordering from
11.45 am – 12.30 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 am – 10 pm.
Please advise the deliverer of your room number and instruct the deliverer to report to reception.


You are obliged to participate in morning meetings, common meetings and ward meetings and other
meetings indicated as being compulsory.
b: Spokespersons:

Residents serving a sentence are entitled to have influence on their stay at the institution through chosen spokespersons. The manager of the institution determines the rules for the participation. These rules are laid down and given at the interview before your arrival to the institution and at your time of arrival. You may also read the rules on the noticeboard.

Referring to the Ministry of Justice’s Executive Order (Justitsministeriets bekendtgørelse ) of 17th May 2001 about payment for lodging in institutions run by The Danish Prison- and Probation Service you must , pay rent to Lysholmgaard, if you receive wages or social security for living expenses. The rent, covering heating, electricity, laundry etc. is set by the institution’s manager and agreed by The Danish Prison- and Probation Service and will be informed on enquiry. The rent and breakfast must be paid in advance. Payment of the rent for the arrival month is payable when you get your first wages or social security payment. The following rent must be paid before the 5th of every month.

You are not allowed to have children staying with you, but your children and family are permitted to
visit you.
Unless otherwise agreed by the staff, you can have no more than two guests at the time – and only one
guest staying overnight.
All visitors must report to reception on arrival to check in and inform their name, address and
relationship to you. When the visitors leave they must report to reception to be checked out.
Your visitors must behave in a reasonable way and follow the staff’s instructions.
OBS: Overnight visitors are recorded in your electronic file with name, address and civil registration
number (CPR).
Referring to the Ministry of Justice’s Executive Order (Justitsministeriets bekendtgørelse) of
17thMay 2001 overnight visitors under the age of 18 can be asked for a document from parents or
guardian permitting their stay

b: Visiting hours:
Weekdays : 4.00 pm - next morning 8.00 am Sundays : 08.00 am – next morning 8.00 am : The day before 4.00 pm – next morning 8.00 am Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
6: PETS:

Generally pets are not allowed in Lysholmgaard. 7: MEDICINE:

a: Doctor and dentist.
You can, where possible, see your own doctor or dentist. The institution cooperates with the local medical centre and the local dentist. If you want to see a doctor or a dentist, you must make arrangements with the staff, and you are not allowed to make appointments within the working hours unless the disease is acute Medicine.
You are obliged to inform the staff about any medicine in your possession.
Prescription medicine is stored by the staff unless otherwise agreed.
Prescription medicine is given by the staff according to prescription.
If you are taking prescribed medicine you may be asked to consult the institutions doctor to have the
prescription re-evaluated. .
If you are under antabuse treatment, you are obliged to request it from the staff in accordance with the agreed schedule. Prescription Methadone is generally given at a clinic, pharmacy or similar after appointment with the staff.


We would all like Lysholmgaard to be a pleasant place, where you can develop and learn. For this
reason it is imperative that you follow the house rules.
Gross or repeated violation of the house rules or other conditions of your stay may lead to your
exclusion from Lysholmgaard. Threatening or violent behaviour can also lead to your exclusion.
The manager, or the person he authorises, decides the exclusion.
In case of exclusion you would generally be returned to the prison or remand centre in which you
served time or to your referring institution.
You have to accept warnings or limitations to your freedom if you break the house rules, or if you
display unacceptable behaviour inside as well as outside the institution.
Furthermore you can be excluded if you refuse to cooperate in any room or body search. .

b: Transferring.
If the purpose of your stay in Lysholmgaard changes or if you do not live up to the purpose, you may be transferred back to the institution from where you came, or you may be excluded if you are not serving a sentence.

a: Right of access to documents and complaints procedure.
The procedure for exclusion is described in the circular (cirkulære af 4. juni 1993 om pensionernes
anvendelse ) of 4th June 1993 about the operation of half-way houses
A note about the exclusion is made, and excluded inmates have the right to view the note and can,
via the manager, make complaints about the exclusion or other decisions made by the institution’s
staff to The Danish Prison- and Probation Service
b: According to the Penal Law (Straffuldbyrdelsesloven) § 111 point 2 complaints to The Danish
Prison- and Probation Service must be made within two months after the decision has been related to
the inmate.

Common activities are arranged in cooperation between the staff and the inmates. Participation in
these arrangements is voluntary.
If you are interested in sport you must bring clothes and shoes for the purpose.
Please show consideration to others in the leisure centre. Please keep the room tidy and avoid noise and disruption. You are liable to pay compensation to the institution for any damages (to TV, VCR, furniture, lamps, games, equipment etc.) caused by you. c: Alcohol.
You and your visitors are not allowed to drink or be in possession any kind of alcohol in Lysholmgaard. The manager may on special occasions and holidays grant a dispensation from this rule. If any member of staff suspects you to have consumed alcohol, you must on demand co-operate in an alcohol test. Drugs.
You and your visitors may not be under influence of, consume or possess euphorics or any other kind
of narcotics during your stay in Lysholmgaard. If you are seen in a room, where cannabis is being
smoked or equipment for smoking cannabis is found, you will be considered a user.
If the staff suspects you to be under influence of any kind of narcotics or forbidden stimuli, you are
obliged to leave a specimen of urine for examination.
You have the same obligation if the institution decides to make random urine tests.
e: Examination of your body.
Examination of your body can, according to Law about Accomplishment of Punishment § 60 stk. 1, take place if it’s considered being necessary from an order and security point of view. If you refuse to co-operate it can lead to your exclusion. An examination of your body can be made by the staff, if you in a given situation are suspected to have illegal substances on your person. Please keep your medical card (National Health Service card) with you during your stay in Lysholmgaard. National
Generally you stay registered in the borough, in which you were registered before your arrival to Lysholmgaard. If you do not have an address you can register with The national Register Office in Hvidovre Kommune.

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