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Mill Site Study Committee
Committee Members: Kurtis Amidon, Jerrilyn Bozicas, Stephanie Cronin, Roger Goscombe,
Albert Harris, Ronald Karr, Michael Landino, Matt Nesbit, Jeff Sauer, Joseph Sergi, and Stephen
Members absent: Jeffrey Chabot and Gary Giguere
Also present: Jay Donovan (Assistant Director, NMCOG)
The Committee attended a site visit at the Mill Site at 7:00pm, led by Perry Videx representative, Max Grieg, and joined by Selectmen Patrick McNabb. Following the site visit, the Committee members and Mr. Donovan reconvened at Town Hall at approximately 8:40pm. Approval of Minutes from June 25, 2008:. On a motion from Mr. Goscombe and seconded by Mr. Sergi, the
minutes of the June 25, 2008 meeting were accepted unanimously as drafted.
General Business: Members of the Committee expressed appreciation for the opportunity to visit the Mill Site and
to Mr. Grieg for leading the walkthrough. The Committee tabled a discussion about the visit until the next meeting.
Mr. Donovan solicited comments regarding the Chapter 43D application, noting that it would be due by October 2008. Mr Sergi asked members to respond by August 7, specifically with regard to individual’s areas of knowledge and expertise. Following a discussion of potential Open Meeting Law questions, it was agreed that comments could be submitted via the MSSC email list. Mr. Sergi recommended that the Committee draw up a formal schedule of important deadlines and meeting dates. Such a schedule would include an outline of potential Committee project and analysis reports, application due dates, proposed dates for Pepperell’s Special Town Meeting this fall and Annual Town Meeting next spring, and upcoming Selectmen and Planning Board meetings related to the Mill Site. Mr. Sergi asked Mr. Landino to organize this schedule. Mr. Landino agreed. Mr. Sergi noted that the Board of Selectmen will discuss the ETA (Economic Target Area) at its August 11 meeting, by which time it is possible that the State legislature would have approved it. If so, the ETA will include all of Pepperell, allowing the Selectmen to then designate Economic Opportunity Areas within the town. The Planning Board will meet on August 25 meeting with Peg Barringer, the author of the DHCD’s Preliminary Analysis Report on the Mill Site and Downtown Business Area. Mr. Sergi reiterated his suggestion to establish sub-committees that might leverage professional expertise currently on the Committee; such as, engineering, finance, real estate, etc. Mr. Sergi noted that several other townspeople wanted to be on the Mill Site Study Committee and suggested Committee members continue to encourage those who might be interested to submit a Citizen Activity Form so that they might participate on a sub-committee. Mr. Donovan outlined a potential process for creating a community vision for the Mill Site, saying that NMCOG could serve as facilitator for a focus group. Mr. Nesbit suggested the Committee conduct its own vision meeting prior to a broader community discussion. Items for the next agenda: Discussion about the site visit. Report on environmental and engineering reports.
Review of schedule. Assignment of subcommittees.
Action Items:
Item #1 – Site-Related Documents: There are several site-related documents for the committee to review prior to
the next meeting. All present confirmed the website would be the most expeditious method. Mr. Sauer will work
with the Selectmen's office to get them online.
Item #2 – Correspondence: Mr. Sergi will send a thank you letter to Perry Videx for their participation in setting
up and leading the site visit. Mr. Sergi will also draft a memo to Perry Videx confirming our understand that the
company has offered the Town $25,000 for a market study.
Item #3 – Schedule: Mr. Landino will create a schedule of related meetings and events relating to the Mill Site, as
well as target dates for planning projects and reports.
Item #4 –Review of engineering documents: Mr. Amidon and Mr. Nesbit will review existing environmental and
engineering documents.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 27, 2008.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Jeff Sauer, Mill Site Study Committee Secretary


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