Ubung 4: Lights which differ in colour differ also in Ubungen bis Do, 01.04.10, 12:00 an
Werk Optics vorgestellt. Mit einem Experiment (proof by experiment) be-weist Newton, dass sich Licht, das sich in der Farbe unterscheidet, auch inder Brechbarkeit unterscheidet. Newtons Beweis lautet wie Lights which differ in Colour, differ also in Degrees of Refrangibilit Experiment 1. I took a black oblong stiff paper terminated by parallel sides, and, with a perpendicular right line drawn cross from one side to theother, distinguished it into two equal parts. One of these parts I paintedwith a red colour and the other with a blue. The paper was very black, andthe colours intense and thickly laid on, that the phenomenon might be moreconspicuous.
This paper I viewed through a prism of solid glass, whose two sides through which the light passed to the eye were plane and well polished, andcontained an angle of about sixty degrees; which angle I call the refractingangle of the prism. And whilst I viewed it, I held it and the prism beforea window in such manner that the sides of the paper were parallel to theprism, and both those sides and the prism were parallel to the horizon, and 1Der hier verwendete Text stammt aus einer sp¨ateren Edition als der in der Vorlesung atzlich finden sie hier auch ein Diagramm, das in der Originalausgabe nicht the cross line was also parallel to it: and that the light which fell from thewindow upon the paper made an angle with the paper equal to that anglewhich was made with the same paper by the light reflected from it to the eye.
Beyond the prism was the wall of the chamber under the window coveredover with black cloth, and the cloth was involved in darkness that no lightmight be reflected from thence, which in passing by the edges of the paperto the eye, might mingle itself with the light of the paper, and obscure thephenomenon thereof.
These things being thus ordered, I found that if the refracting angle of the prism be turned upwards, so that the paper may seem to be lifted upwardsby the refraction, its blue half will be higher lifted by the refraction thanits red half. But if the refracting angle of the prism be turned downward,so that the paper may seem to be carried lower by the refraction, its bluehalf will be carried something lower thereby than its red half. Wherefore inboth cases the light which comes from the blue half of the paper throughthe prism to the eye does in like circumstances suffer a greater refractionthan the light which comes from the red half, and by consequence is morerefrangible.
Illustration. In the eleventh Figure, MN represents the window, and DE the paper terminated with parallel sides DJ and HE, and by the trans-verse line FG distinguished into two halves, the one DG of an intensely blue colour, the other FE of an intensely red. And BACcab represents the prismwhose refracting planes ABba and ACca meet in the edge of the refractingangel Aa. This edge Aa, being upward, is parallel both to the horizon andto the parallel edges of the paper DJ and HE, and the transverse line FG isperpendicular to the plane of the window. And de represents the image ofthe paper seen by refraction upwards in such manner that the blue half DGis carried higher to dg than the red half FE is to fe, and therefore suffers agreater refraction. If the edge of the refracting angle be turned downward,the image of the paper will be refracted downward; suppose to δ , and theblue half will be refracted lower to δγ than the red half is to φ .
• Rekonstruieren Sie nach dem bekanntem Schema Newtons Beweis der atzlich zu Newtons Experiment notwendig, um die


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