The McMurdo R2 GMDSS
fully featured 19 channel
VHF radio fits securely and
comfortably in the palm of
the hand. The R2 GMDSS
has been built to meet the
latest stringent IMO, GMDSS
and ETSI standards. This
reliable and easy to use
radio is 100% waterproof
and drop tested to cope
with the toughest marine
Fully featured all
19 Simplex channels
as permitted by
GMDSS legislation
Superior voice
quality and fully
2.5 watts RF output
Selectable dual/tri
watch function
Priority channel
All channel
memory scan
8 hour battery life
at -20°C
Variable LCD
display illumination
Approved to latest
General Performance
and Approvals:
RF output power:
Number of channels
channels ((6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,67,68,69, R2 GMDSS:
Frequency range:
Channel spacing:
Receiver A.F.
output power:
Maximum usable
sensitivity for 20
Spurious response:
Harmonics and
spurious emissions:
Operational function:
Weight R2 GMDSS:
R2 GMDSS Radio (No battery or charger)
R2 GMDSS Lithium Battery
R2 850mAH Nicad Rechargeable Battery
Operating temperature
R2 12V DC Trickle Charger
R2 12V DC Rapid Charger
R2 Trickle Mains Adapter (available for UK,
Please specify
Storage temperature
Euro and USA Mains)
R2 Rapid Mains Adapter (available for UK,
Please specify
Euro and USA Mains)
To comply with UN regulations for transportation, as of January 2003 any products containing lithium batteries will be classified as UN Hazardous Class 9 Other equipment in the McMurdo range includes EPIRBs,
Drop resistance:
PLBs, SARTs, AIS, VHF radios, DSC VHF radios, survivor
location lights, ICS NAVTEX equipment and Pains Wessex®
Battery life:
Battery charger for
Nicad battery:
Battery charger
Mains adaptor:
McMurdo Limited, Silver Point,
Airport Service Road, Portsmouth
PO3 5PB United Kingdom

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