rodrigo echevarr’a gast—n
General Information
Nationality: Mexican - Spanish (European Union).
Phone number: (44) 7766212430 (mobile) London, UK.
Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts). Visual Effects Diploma.
Universidad del Val e de México (UVM), Campus Lomas Verdes. BA, Science of Communications.
Advanced Software Knowledge
Nuke, Shake, Maya, Mocha, Photoshop, Final Cut, Premiere, Boujou, Ftrack, Showrunner.
Professional Experience
VFX Supervisor for the film 'KM31-2', Mex (201_) Rigoberto Castañeda.
Stereo conversion compositor for the film 'World War Z', USA (2013)
Marc Forster.
Roto/prep supervisor for the short 'Soundbwoy', Can (2012) Aaron
Mal in.
Compositor for the HBO series 'Parade's End' and 'Strike Back'.
VFX supervisor, planning and execution of various shots as well as
responsible for a team of prep/clean up, compositors and 3D artists for
the film 'Post Tenebras Lux',
Mex (2012) Carlos Reygadas.
On Set VFX supervisor, planning and execution of various shots for the
film 'Heli',
Mex (2013) Amat Escalante.
Prep/clean up stereo conversion artist for the film 'John Carter', USA
Andrew Stanton.
Compositor for the film 'Tower Block', UK (2012) J. Nunn / R. Thompson.
Compositor, prep/clean up artist and 3D generalist for films, series,
TV commercials and events. Assistant to the VFX supervisor for the
Corona 2010 campaign.
Studios: Kinetik Design, FX Shop, Oxido, Gretel, Pixels by Me.
CommercialsAdes, Mexicana de Aviación, Zest, Mamut, Corona,
Mirinda, Bref, Mr. Músculo, Crunch, Choco Milk, Pemex, Televisa, Scotiabank, Banamex, Telcel, Sabritas, Poder Judicial de Federación (PJF), Telmex, Bud Light, Chedraui, Coca Cola.
Series 'Estado de Gracia', Once TV. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5 y 6.
'Me Mueves', Once TV. Final credits.
'Studio DC: Almost Live',
Disney Channel. First show.
Films 'El Ánima', Mex (201_) Rafael Lara,
'Viernes de Ánimas', Mex (2011) Raúl P. Gámez,
'Sangre de Familia', Mex (2012) Eduardo Rossoff,
'Father Vs. Son', US (2010) Joe Bel arini,
'The Black Panther', Mex (2010) Iyari Wertta,
‘Bajo Tierra’, Mex (2009) Eduardo Covarrubias Díaz,
‘X-mas, Inc.’, Mex (2008) Fernando Rovzar,
‘The Burning Plain’, US (2008) Guil ermo Arriaga.
ITESM Campus Morelia - BA, Digital Art (LAD). Basic Nuke instructor (48 hrs.)
Intermediate Nuke instructor (48 hrs.)
Compositor, 3D generalist and 2D supervisor for an internet
campaign of four stereoscopic commercials by Gillette. One shot one
minute each full CG, and at the end they all transition to live action.

Had to coordinate and work with in-house as well as freelance artists to
meet tight deadlines of an ambitious project.

ITESM Campus Morelia - BA, Digital Art (LAD). Basic Shake instructor and Intro to Nuke (48 hrs.)
ITESM Campus Morelia - BA, Digital Art (LAD). Basic Shake instructor (48 hrs.)
Compositor, and 3D generalist for TV commercials. Also did the VFX
supervision for the Calimax campaign and the on-set assistance to the
VFX supervisor for the Tecate project.
ITT, Interjet, Telcel, Saba, Calimax, Knorr, Banamex, HEB, Claritin, Kelloggs,
Triviamania, Tecate, Gas Nautral, Bimbo.
Compositor, on-set assistant to the VFX department and 3D
generalist for TV commercials. By mid 2007 also started as 2D
supervisor of some projects and VFX supervisor for minor shots.
Cemex, Aeroméxico, Comercial Mexicana, Corona, Grupo Modelo, Tecate,
Cerveza Estrella, Nido, Palacio de Hierro, Cazadores, Nestle, Pontiac,
Tersso, Cafiaspirina, Kelloggs, Lala, Telcel.
Additional Education
3D animation course (introduction to Maya).
AMCI (Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers). Filmmaking course.
Claymation course.
(claymation) 16mm. (Props and Animation) Languages


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