Romain Gauvin wins the Renault Design competition
"Imagine Espace in 2024"

The competition to "Imagine Espace in 2024" has been won by Romain
Gauvin, a fifth-year student at Strate College.
Renault Design organized the competition to coincide with Espace's 20th
anniversary, inviting entries from students at its partner schools in France
(Issy-les-Moulineaux) and Germany (Pforzheim).
Espace takes off

"The intention was to design a car that travels on the ground yet feels like it is
soaring through the sky, like flying a hang-glider", explains Romain Gauvin.
The "suspended" cabin features illustrate this idea, with a pared-down
dashboard and two rows of three seats, each on a central support. The hybrid
engine takes up less room in the engine compartment to free space in the
cabin. The seats are arranged "lounge-style" around a low table, inviting
passengers to relax and chat. The discreet low-slung dashboard allows for
exceptional forward visibility through the sloping windscreen, giving a full view
of the road.
The streamlined profile and the shape of the rear end mirror aerodynamic flow
to reinforce this sensation of flight. The side windows roll down below the
feature line to give passengers the impression they are hovering above the
Romain Gauvin's Espace of 2024 combines light and space in a concept that
takes its cue from flight.
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"Imagine Espace in 2024"

The aim of the competition was to inspire creative interpretations of a powerful
and innovative concept that has made its mark among automobiles over the
past 20 years: Espace.
The first round of the competition in France comprised a "creative
brainstorming" session for fourth- and fifth-year students at Strate College. Their
brief was to imagine the vehicle's interior and exterior design which they
illustrated with drawings (excluding mock-ups).
In mid-July, an initial selection was made by Patrick le Quément and a panel of
judges appointed by Renault Corporate Design. Four projects were shortlisted.
The second stage was held on October 13 at Renault Corporate Design. Patrick
le Quément and the panel chose the three finalists whose proposals were
considered the most attractive of the four.
The final was held on November 9 at the Atelier Renault where the three
finalists' projects were presented to journalists at a mini press conference.
Patrick le Quément concluded the day by announcing the winner as Romain
Gauvin. Romain's prize was a graphic tablet and the loan of a Modus.
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