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Rita le Roux
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Capped with solid 21 years experience in the TV commercial industry in America started in a Craft
Service position and worked my way up through the different levels within the industry. I have been
working as a Producer for the last 13 years, working with well-known Directors from various
production companies.
I have excellent interpersonal skills, being able to manage groups from 35 to 150 cast and crew. My
level headedness and ability to get on with people from diverse backgrounds have resulted in close
relationships with production companies and advertising agencies, often leading to repeat business.
I succeed very well under pressure and enjoy being of service to the industry.
As Producer I have managed budgets ranging from $300 000 to $2, 5 million and I have been
successful in bringing the majority of project in under budget. Shootings days have ranged from one
day to three weeks. I have extensive experience in equipment such as the Red camera,
Photosonics, Phantom camera, D5, D7, Ultimate arm crane, Motion control, Super Techno and up to
5 camera units.
I have worked extensively with MJZ Productions - Sean Thonson over the last 12 years and in
between produced for a number of other directors and production companies as well.
I have been with Supply and Demand for the last 3 and a half years.
I have work all over the USA and many international countries such as Ireland, Iceland, Canada,
Brazil, Argentinia, South Africa, India, Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong, China New Zealand and
My full resume with detail is available on request. Attached is an overview of some of the TV
commercials I produced for Sean Thonson as well as an abbreviated list of other directors and
production companies I have worked with over the last 9 years.
Rita le Roux

Personal information

 Nationality: South African/USA Greencard Education
1979 Matriculated Pretoria Noord Hoerskool
1983 BA University of Pretoria
Work Experience

(1) MJZ Productions - Sean Thonson

Motor Campaigns
Chrysler ; Firestone; Hyundai; General Motors; Kia; Chevrolet; Dodge; Nissan; Cadillac; Lexus; BMW; Mercedes; Porsche; Yamaha; Ford; Jeep; Dunlop; Toyota. Other Campaigns
Corona; (last 3 campaigns) Dove; Sears Optical; Sears Dishwashers; Macy’s; TJ Maxx; Loreal; Lipton; Nike; Reebok; Budweiser; Heineken; Oral B Toothbrushes; Crest, 3D: Alavert; Advil; Amgen; Alamo Car Rental; Budget Car Rental; Wellsfargo Bank; Bank of America; Hartford Insurance; British Airways; Southwest Airlines; Travelocity;; Coppertone; Gilette; HSNB; USVI; GLAD, Brita, Disney Cruise line,: Disney waterparks and Dow Industries.
(2) Other Production Companies
Radical Media Hungry Man Cucoloris Films Artist Company Smiley Films Propoganda Satelite Films HSI Farenheiht Bedfordfalls Reactor films McGuff Films (2) Other Directors


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