You can be assured of your personal safety here. No responsible operator will risk danger to his
clients, and the troubles you read about in Zimbabwe are localised and mostly out of sight.
Season: There is no legal restriction but we do not hunt much during the rainy season, November
through March, though hunting can be good if the rains are not too heavy. May to August are our
winter months, dry and sunny (up to 65-70F) though nights and early mornings can drop to
freezing and below. Be prepared for warmer weather from mid-August onwards and really hot
days in October/November (95F / 35C)
Clothing: Warm jacket and gloves are essential. For hunting wear cool khaki clothes and really
comfortable, ankle-supporting boots. Remember your hat, sunscreen and moisturizer for our very
dry winter weather. June, July and early August early mornings and evenings can be very cold
(32F). However it soon warms up in the morning to pleasant warmth later. Please do NOT bring
army-type camouflage clothing. If you are hunting leopard we recommend that you bring your
quietest clothing to wear in the blind. We recommend cotton or woolen tights or leggings.
Health: Malaria is rare in the winter months, especially on the highveld where we are, but we
nevertheless recommend that you start a recognized prevention course two weeks before arrival.
We strongly recommend that you DO NOT take Larium. The vast majority of our clients who have
taken Lariam suffer very bad side-effects. We suggest that you take Malarone or Deltaprim.
Immunisations are not required by Zimbabwe (though we recommend anti-tetanus and hepatitis B)
but if you are going to other parts of Africa you should check the requirements of those countries.
Travel: You should come to Bulawayo airport, which is an hour’s drive away, where we will collect
and deliver you. In general travel agents will route you through Johannesburg and due to
connections you will be required to spend one night there. We can provide you with contact
details of a very good B&B who will provide you with all meals and prepare all documentation
required for the temporary import of your firearms. They can also arrange any local tours you may
be interested in.

Firearms and ammo should be declared to Customs on arrival as being for safari
purposes, and Customs will issue a temporary import permit. It is usually very hassle-free. If you
are coming through South Africa you will be required to apply for a gun import permit. Details will
be provided to you on confirmation of your hunt.
Bow entry permits must be applied for by us well in advance of your hunt. The bow entry permit is
US$400 in 2011.
If you will be paying for the balance of your hunt in cash you are required to fill in an F47 form at
your port of entry into Zimbabwe and have it stamped and then give it to us. If we don’t have it the
government will not clear your trophies to be shipped!

: Nationals of most major countries can obtain visas at port of entry to Zimbabwe for a
payment of US$30 for single entry, US$45 for double entry. We will advise at time of booking
according to your nationality.
Tipping: Gratuities are very much appreciated by staff who deal directly with our guests. It is an
important pleasure in their work to know that good input is rewarded by appreciative guests.
The camp staff, the skinners and your trackers work long hours for you and as such a tip is greatly
appreciated. If you are unsure as to the amount to give we would recommend that if you are happy
with the service you have received, that approx 10% of your total daily rate would be appropriate.
At Rosslyn Safaris we have a system that has been used for many years. Firstly we take out 20%
of your tip and keep this aside to distribute at the end of the season amongst the game scouts, the
workshop and the labour gang who maintain the vehicles, roads, fences and veldt. The remaining
money we split according to hierarchy amongst the ten camp staff, skinners and trackers.
For your PH the amount is again very dependent on how you feel your hunt has gone. Most
outfitters would recommend around US$75-100 per day.
Finally the amount you tip is also dependent on your budget as well as the level of service you
have received.
Liability: Any safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and
advice of the safari operator or his professional hunter be followed. Rosslyn Safaris accept no
responsibility for any illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari or for
any expense arising from such illness, accident or loss. We suggest that you take out insurances
against illness, accident or loss before you leave home.
Cancellation Policy: There shall be no refund on any deposit paid if a hunt is cancelled within six
(6) months of the date of commencement of the Safari. In the event of a hunt being cancelled
prior to six (6) months of the date of the safari, then 50% of the deposit will be refundable.
In the event the safari is cancelled by the Safari Operator, or the area is closed to hunting or travel
for any reason prior to commencement of the safari, the client will receive a full refund.
No refunds will be made if the client leaves the safari before the scheduled completion date.
For postponed hunts, the deposit will be carried forward, LESS 30% to cover the costs of guide
and staff.
Professional Hunters:
Allan van Rensburg
is our primary Professional Hunter and has worked for us since 2003. He
has been hunting full time in Zimbabwe since obtaining his PH licence in 1997. Allan is ably
assisted by Frank, who is our senior tracker and is also in charge of our team of game scouts.
Graham Mayger has been hunting with us for the last ten years and does a fair amount of other
support work for us. Graham has hunted most of his life. His wife Alice efficiently supports us in
the office.
Sean Nicolle has held his licence since 2001 but has been hunting on his family farm since his
pre-teens. Sean has hunted mostly with Matapula Hunters and has also freelanced.


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