The official bulletin of the SANE conference.
. . . Richard Stallman’s halo? After yesterday’s bazaar Richard came back, because apparently his famous Saint IGNUcius halo (a harddisk platter in a previous life) wasgone. Needless to say, our saint was quite upset when hefound out. So, what happened? We don’t know. Was it a GNU groupie that wanted to take a trophy home?Was it divine intervention? Did one of the cleaners trash It’s SANE time again! Isn’t time flying? It just seems it? If you know what happened, please let us know atso short ago, but it is already two years since we saw ea-
chother in Maastricht. Compared to the previous SANEthere are a few changes. First of all, we’re no longer in Zen and the art of T-shirt folding Maastricht (if you hadn’t noticed, the editor in chief ismore than happy to tell you everything he knows about And all of a sudden everything was clear. This is thethe geography of the Netherlands), second, the weather only true way of efficiently fold your T-shirts withoutis not as nice, which the people who forgot to bring ironing and within 30 seconds. No, we’re not talkingtheir early bird gift when they went out for dinner ex- about some new tel-sell product, but the art of T-shirtperienced.
folding, as practiced in Japan. Even though it seems You might notice that there are slightly less people than very easy, it is not. Well, not if you don’t put yourlast time. We keep wondering why that is. Is it because mind into it and become one with the T-shirt. We triedof the bad economy? Are people tired of conferences? Is it ourselves after a few beers and got it wrong all theeverybody swamped with work, or is that UNIX is just time.
too efficient and less and less admins are needed? We Don’t know what we are talking about? Jan-Christiaanreally don’t know. What we do know is that there is a ‘JC’ van Winkel is happy to give a demo.
great program, with talks to suit everybody’s needs.
If you want to contribute to the SANE Times don’t Review: Implementing [Open]LDAPhesitate. We can usually be found somewhere in thecorridor or the Internet Access Room and if you can’t Jerry introduced himself to the audience and made ex-find us, ask for us at the infodesk.
cuses for his accent (“Sweet Home Alabama” – ed), butI think it is always nice to hear a typical American voice Also, don’t forget the social event on Thursday night, telling about an subject which has his interest. Start- which should, once again, be one of the highlights of the ing with a brief overview of LDAP , Jerry brought back memories about the good old times of X.500, but he alsowarned about what a LDAP directory is not: it is not a replacement for specialized directories such as DNSand it is not a file system (don’t store a lot of blobs).
Did you know that SANE conference pictures are Soon the tutorial was about Object Classes, Search fil-already online at ters and Distinguished Names (remember Novell?). Theconference/sane2004/index.html problem of creating an openldap installation is not theinstallation of the software (it’s as easy as a configure && make install) but the design of the database: you never get it right at once. Personally I always skip the security parts of software, but Jerry explains a lot about the implementations of SASL and TLS in (or not in) OpenLDAP. After the lunchbreak, replacing NIS with (Open)LDAP is explained. It seems nobody likes run- ning NIS but everybody does, luckily it looks like it is fairly easy to go from NIS to LDAP, but use StartTLS or else you just moved the problem from NIS to LDAP unencrypted password data transfers over the network.
After NIS, Samba was the topic, Jerry held a tutorialabout Samba yesterday, so he was brief about it. LikeNIS (Free)Radius is easily replaced by LDAP. Accesscontrol can be done by the OpenLDAP server, but someextra security (like firewalls) has to be implemented. Soeverything is running: now you want to replicate anddo backups. This is explained and like other subjectsdemonstrated live (including typos). The heads of theaudience are already very full, but still we are introducedto more services (sendmail, postfix, Address books andDHCP/DNS) that can use LDAP and how to do it. Inthe end there was too much to do and Jerry couldn’tfinish everything. But the main questions remain unan-swered: Cats and Dolls, what do they do to Jerry.
– Alain van Hoof Did you know Peter Honeyman is in Forbes Magazine? Want to be a participant in the InSANE Quiz? Then drop off your business card at the conference desk andbe included in the completely fair quiz candidate draw!! On this grid you are looking for ships of varying length.
These ships are not allowed to touch each other, noteven diagonally. At the bottom of the puzzle you can see the ships you are to find in the grid.
The contents of some of the squares in the grid are given away: they show wavy lines for water, or a (part of a) ship as shown at the bottom of the page.
Along the right hand side of the grid are numbers indi- cating the number of squares in that row that are occu-pied, by ships or ship parts. Along the bottom of the grid are numbers indicating the number of squares inthat column that are occupied, by ships or ship parts.


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