Six-Gas Detector

Weight (Alkaline)
Weight (Alkaline) + Pump
Weight (Lithium-Ion)
Weight (Lithium-Ion) + Pump
Dimensions w/o std belt clip
6.63 x 3.13 x 2 in./16.83 x 7.94 x 5.08 cm Dimensions with std belt clip
6.63 x 3.13 x 2.5 in./16.83 x 7.94 x 6.35 cm Dimensions w/o std belt clip, with pump
8.5 x 3.13 x 2.38 in./21.59 x 7.94 x 6.03 cm Dimensions with std belt clip and pump
8.5 x 3.13 x 2.63 in./21.59 x 7.94 x 6.66 cm Rechargeable Lithium Ion or Alkaline (3 x AA size) battery pack options Environmental Ratings
Dust & Water Resistance Rating
Drop Testing
Dropped 100+ times from 1 meter to concrete fl oor RF Immunity
RF Emissions
ESD Immunity
Charger (all models) @ 68ºF (20ºC)
Certifications (All certifi cations include pump, charger and IQ docks (with approved chgr bds)
SGS/USTC Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C SGS/USTC Class II, Division 1, Groups E,F,G, Class III CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C (CSA approval does not include IR sensor) Capabilities
Sensor Channels
Gas Types
Available Sensors
O , LEL, PID, Duo-Tox, CO, H S, CO-H, SO , Cl , NO, NO , NH , PH , HCN, IR-CO , IR-CH User adjustable alarms
Oxygen: Danger Low/Danger High; Combustible: Warning/Danger; PID and Toxic: TWA/STEL/Warning/Danger Calibration
Fresh air and gas calibration with one button Calibration dates
Most recent for full instrument calibration and for each sensor Motorized pump
Optional external pump, standard length 10 ft. (3 m), maximum length 100 ft. (30 m) Security Beep
User adjustable interval from 5 seconds to 60 minutes Latching Peak Alarms
Blackbox datalogger that can be upgraded to a full datalogger at any time. Activation code and BioTrak PC software required. Full datalogger has user adjustable interval from 1 second to 60 minutes.
Datalogging capacity
Computer Interface IrDA
Event Logger
20 events including max, min, and average for all sensors, time and duration Bright red LED alarm visible from top and sides Dual Piezoelectric audible alarm, 92 dbA @ 1 foot (30.5 cm) PhD6 Alarm Loudness Test Vibrating Optional
Duo-Tox CO
Duo-Tox H S
Warning Low alarm 19.5%*
Danger High alarm 23.5%
STEL alarm N/A
TWA alarm N/A
Ranges 0-999
Warning Low alarm 35
Danger High alarm 100
STEL alarm 100
TWA alarm 35
*Danger Low Alarm for O **Compatible with single sensor channel confi guration only Battery Life
Alkaline @ 70ºF/22ºC 17
Li-ion @ 70ºF/22ºC 22
Alkaline (with PID & LEL) @ 70ºF/22ºC 13
Li-ion (with PID & LEL) @ 70ºF/22ºC 15½
Pump added to above
Shelf Life
Alkaline 60
Li-ion 60
Datalogger Capacity
1 sensor = 15,296 datapoints = 254 hr 56 min @ 1 Minute intervals 2 sensors = 7,648 datapoints = 127 hr 28 min @ 1 Minute intervals 3 sensors = 7,648 datapoints = 127 hr 28 min @ 1 Minute intervals 4 to 6 sensors = 3,824 datapoints = 63 hr 44min @ 1 Minute intervals Instrument
Pump Tubing length
100 feet PhD6 Extended-length Tubing Test Front mounted graphic LCD, 1.4 in. x 1.4 in., simultaneously displays readings for all gases being monitored Display Backlight
Bright white LED backlight. User adjustable to be always on, on in dark environment, or activated by Mode button for an interval adjustable from 5 seconds to 60 minutes.
Temperature range
Operating: 0 to 110ºF/-18 to 43ºC, Intermittent: -20 to 120ºF/-29 to 49ºC Temperature range (Certifi cation)
Humidity Range
15 - 95% RH, non-condensing (0-95% < = 4 hours) Pump Flow Rate
Find out more
Toll-free: 800.711.6776
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